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Feb 12, 2016 The number 15,871.49 in the Dow is a prelude to God’s economic judgment

I have written several articles concerning this 15,871.49 +/- 0.05 as the number God could use to bring about a Dow drop of 49% and with 7,777 points to authenticate His authorship.

Will we see the day today closing there or will it not happen today but some time in the future.

In the comments today Ken places a chart that when you open it reveals the closing numbers for a year. If you open the chart and navigated to the biggest closing drop in August you can see that it shows on that day 15,666.44 and the day before God’s Dow closing number 15,871.35.

This event happened as God used the number to confirm the identity of the Antichrist the 666 and the 44th president Barack Hussein Obama.

Next time it closes at this number whether today or some other day in the near future it will be to announce a drop of 49% and 7,777 points the next day and His authorship.;range=

The first time I posted about the number was in a reference to the end of the Shemitah year on Elul 29 of the year 2015 or September 13 Sunday.

The Shemitah ended, but the Jubilee started on Yom Kippur of 2015 and will end on 2016 Yom Kippur.

The only safe place is at the hands of Jesus Christ.

Nando (posted at 2:35 PM)

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