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Feb 15, 2016 The Obama you do not know!

Thanks to BG Ellis we have this very good video that incorporates many videos together to make a case beyond any reasonable doubt of who Barrack Hussein Obama will become in the near future.

His identity will be established at the beginning of the Tribulation period and for sure at mid point 3 and 1/2 years into the Tribulation when he sits in the throne at the rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem and says that he is “god” and forces the whole world to worship him.

Why is it important to know this at this moment, why should you be concerned?

There are many reasons to become aware of the reality of who this man is, one of them is the shortness of time left till the beginning of the seven year Tribulation and the coming of Jesus Christ to take His church out of the earth to avoid the Tribulation.

Millions will not hear or take action on this trumpet blast heralding the danger that is coming and will be swept away in the destruction that is coming to planet earth. The majority will dismiss this as ramblings of a religious lunatic and ignore the warning, non the less this is for those who will hear the warning and prepare to receive the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ at the Rapture.

May I see you in the clouds soon.


Nando end




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  1. Gracias….por este mensaje…Es interesantisimo……existe un partor Antonio Bolainez a quien le he oído escuchar en su última predica en OREGON, EN DONDE EL PLANTEA LA HIPOTESIS de que Francisco es el falso profeta y Obama es la persona que mayor califica para el otro puesto… Prácticamente esto de descubrirá segun él lo revela el i de nov de este año, él dice que probablemente ocurra alguna catástrofe, natural…u otra cosa….que hará que se suspendan las elecciones en U.S.A. tiempo al tiempo , que cada vez corre más veloz…Encontre esta página buscando si este señor era descendiente de la tribu de Dan,,,y aqui ud afirma que sí…..por lo general Dios confirma las cosas.

    2016-02-15 20:23 GMT-06:00 Twelve Books – Rapture, Antichrist, False Prophet, End Time Signs, Bible Prophecy, Nando :

    > twelvebooks posted: “Thanks to BG Ellis we have this very good video that > incorporates many videos together to make a case beyond any reasonable > doubt of who Barrack Hussein Obama will become in the near future. His > identity will be established at the beginning of the Trib” >

    Nancy Mary Barahona

    February 18, 2016 at 4:16 am

    • Gracias Nancy por su comentario. Yo creo tambien que Obama va a causar la tercera guerra mundial para evitar las elecciones de NOV y perpetuarce en el poder con el mundo entero como su objetivo final tal como lo dice la Biblia.


      February 18, 2016 at 8:18 am

  2. SAT, FEB 27, 2016…????

    Whoever has been ‘crazy’ enough (or prophetically challenged) to read my frequent/updated spec letters (much less take them seriously) needs to be kept up to date because one cannot lose heart and must avoid the ‘grip’ of the big ‘S’ (Scofferism) and the possible temptation to buy a $10,000, 7-yr supply of dehydrated food (which would be stolen quickly anyway).

    We still have the great NISAN 17 to consider as our point of reference throughout history since it was a DAY LIKE NO OTHER, to be sure. Via the following presumptuous info, we have 3 remaining FAST DAYS (Tam 17, Av 9, Tev 10) “turned to joy” as well (Zech 8:19). So read on:

    As for the great promise of Hag 2:7 (Kislev 24: “Desire of Nations Comes”), Jan 4, 2016 (which is REALLY 12 days earlier, DEC 24, the original Kislev 24 at Creation) plus 54 days is the Signing/Rapture (Sat, Feb 27). 54 days is the 75 days minus the 21-degree tilt on THIS side of the trib to ‘cancel out’ the 75 post-Return days.

    On the post-Return side of the trib, the RETURN minus the tilt (which likely takes 2-3 days) is also JAN 3, TEVET 10 (2023) which is REALLY 12 days earlier, DEC 24, 2022. Thus DEC 24 is on EACH side of the trib…….w/ the trib ‘enfolded’ in the Hag 2:7 promise……….spec….don’t I WISH).

    Rapture (& Signing same day?….Sat, Feb 27, 2016) plus 2520 days is the Return at Sat, Jan 21, 2023 (Tevet 28)…..and AQUARUIS 1 (the yearned-for ‘Age of Aquarius’….spec).

    MID TRIB is exactly Sat, AV 9, 2019…ABOM of DESOL/a.c. killed. Three days later, a.c. satanically rises on AV 12 and kills Elijah and Moses who rise 3.5 days later on Fri, AV 15. So the FAST of AV 9 is “turned to joy’ at the killing of the a.c. (Zech 8:19) & the START of the 1260-day Petra Protection. Apply the future tilt loss to AV 9 to land back upon TAMMUZ 17 (21 days earlier) the FAST of the 4th Mth “turned to joy” as well…..Zech 8:19 (because when the earth is straight, the mid trib will be TAMMUZ 17.

    AV 9, 2019 ABOM of DESOL (a.c.’s image in Temple) will be the 9th horrific event in history to occur for the Jews on that same Hebrew calendar day…..worst FAST DAY…..and the murder of the a.c. will be a ‘joyful event.’

    The RETURN at Jan 21, 2023 minus the tilt is virtually JAN 3, 2023 which is TEVET 10, the FAST of the 10th mth “turned to joy.”

    YOM KIPPUR was already “turned to joy” at the Cross when the VEIL TORE. Thus ALL 4 FAST DAYS will the “turned to joy” once and for all….Zech 8:19.

    The RETURN at Sat, Jan 21, 2023 plus 75 days (w/ the 2-3-day straightening considered) is NISAN 17, April 8, 2023…..and MINUS the applied TILT LOSS is MARCH 17, the new and continuing Millennial NISAN 17 as well as ARIES 17………….both calendars & Mazzarot in sync….360 days each.

    Know that MARCH 17, 2023 is ADAR 24…..12,12,12…..’perfect gov’t’…..trib END, Millennial start…..awesome end date!

    The 2300 days TEMPLE DESECRATION (Dan 8:13-14) span YOM KIP 2016 (Oct 12) to the day the earth is straight, JAN 23, 2023, two days straightening past the Return (Hosea 6:2-3).

    The 3 extra days (i.e. 2300+3) account for mid-trib’s 3 days when a.c. is dead as Jesus’ 3 days in tomb were not counted in the 49-day count to Pentecost.

    YOM KIP 2016 (Blood on altar in Holy of

    Holies/Desecration) is 7 mths Burying/bldg 3rd Temple past the EZEK 38 Divine Victory possibly on II Adar 7-10…..OR PURIM IF the 7 mths of burying are 7 ‘moons’ (slightly less than 7 solar or Hebrew mths). Rapture to Purim 2016 is approx 20 days… chaos & N. Invasion of Israel.

    The 7 yrs FUEL USE by Israel of Russian weaponry (Ezek 39:9) may well be MARCH 17, 2016 to MARCH 17, 2023…..7 solar yrs. March 17, 2016+ (Ezek 38 Victory) to YOM KIP 2016 (Oct 12) is 7 Jewish months Burying. 7 mt can be 4 different spans….196 days (moons), 208 days (Jewish), 210 days (perf/Millen) or 213 days (solar).

    The REMNANT’S spiritual GESTATION seems to span NISAN 17 to TEVET 28 (Return in 2023)……….Nisan 17, 2022 +280 = Return (Tevet 28) and the CHURCH’S spiritual Gestation seems to span Nisan 10, 2015 plus 280 = Tevet 21…………with the added 54-55 days reaching the Rapture date of Feb 27. The 54-55 days are the post-Return 75 minus the 21-day tilt loss.

    TEVET 1 (Dec 13-14, 2015) plus 75 days is the Rapture date of Feb 27 as well. TEVET 1 (8th day of 8th Feast) was Jesus’ Conception date because +280 was Succoth/Tabernacles/Tish 15, His Birth.

    Remember that on NISAN 10 (Palm Sunday, Jesus on donkey), Jesus had not yet been crucified; so the people would have ‘accepted’ (made a DECISION) to accept a HUMAN as their KING (not realizing He was God Incarnate). BUT, the DECISION on the part of people who were witnesses to His RESURRECTION made a much BIGGER, ETERNAL DECISION. In fact the DECISION to accept or reject the Resurrection (proving Jesus is God) involves much more thought and division among the human race. Thus, NISAN 17 ‘outweighs’ NISAN 10 in this respect.


    ARK RESTED (Gen 8:4) and God said, “This shall be the beginning of days” and NISAN 17, 2023 will be the virtual START of the Millen (Dan 12:12).

    Hebrews entered Egypt (Exod 12:40-41) 430 yrs before deliverance

    Moses led Israelites thru Red Sea (Exod 3:18, 5:3)

    Israel entered & ate the FRUITS (Firstfruits) of the Promised Land

    Walls of Jericho fell (Joshua 5:13)

    Cleansing of Temple (Hezekiah) 800 yrs after entering Promised Land (II Chron 29:1-28)

    Queen Esther saved Hebrews (Esther 3:12, 5:1)

    Christ Arose

    Know that Feb 27, 2016 is PISCES 8 and the Isa 63 Temple Entrance 30 days past the RETURN completes 2550 days (2520+30 mourning) matching the 2550 yrs from 583 B.C. to 1967.

    Technically, the trib end ‘may’ be Nisan 15, 2 days short of NISAN 17, 2023; and if that is the case, then the NISAN 17, 2022 date HOLDS which is exactly 6 mths past SUCCOTH, 2021, the LEGAL END of the TRIB (because -20 uncounted yrs is SUCCOTH/TABERNACLES 2001 (climax of ROSH/YOM ….Lev 25:9, Zech 14:14-18, Numb 1).

    ANY AQUARIUS 1 plus 75 days is ARIES 15… 2 days to straighten is ARIES 17……the Millennial MARCH 17 and NISAN 17 when all is figured.

    SABBATHS are across the board: RAPTURE/SIGNING, ABOM of DESOL AV 9, 2019 and the RETURN, Sat, Jan 21, 2023.

    MID TRIB at Aug 13, 2019 is virtually LEO 24 (12,12,12) when the a.c. ‘rises’ (if applic).

    Glean the additional info from former letters as you move the scenario up a week (to Sat, FEB 27, 2016……or even to TUES, Mar 1 if there is a 3-day ‘overlap’)……remaining flexible……and ask the Lord if giving attention to the above is part of the action of LOOKING UP. If not, then ignore the above. Take care.

    February 22, 2016 at 1:17 pm

  3. In the above scenario, all 4 FAST DAYS are turned to joy (Zech 8:19) and the start of 3rd Temple Worship (Oct 12, 2016) includes Tishrei 10, YOM KIPPUR as well.

    February 22, 2016 at 10:36 pm

  4. Obvious error amidst con’t spec: YOM KIP 2016 (Oct 12) plus 2300 days (+3 mid trib) is FEB 1, 2023, the Isaiah 63 Temple Entrance 30 days mourning past the Return…minus tilt loss…..Jesus + Remnant……………via straight earth is: PISCES 1, ADAR 1, FEB 1. PISCES (x fish) is the ultimate fulfillment of the ‘multiplication of believers’/primary purpose of the trib: TO PROCURE the REMNANT. PISCES 1, 2023 is exactly 2550 days past PISCES 8, 2016 (Feb 27, 2016 presumed RAPTURE). Know too that MARCH 17, 2023 (straight-earth ‘new and continuing’ NISAN 17 & ARIES 17) is ADAR 24 (12,12,12)…..interesting, since #12 = ‘perfect gov’t.’ I.e. ADAR 24 (Mar 17) & NISAN 17 (Apr 8) are ‘as’ the same day.

    February 23, 2016 at 2:39 pm

    • Of course you take it to TUES, Mar 1………the full 2520 days from Signing w/ the 3-day ‘overlap.’

      Jan Herscu

      February 26, 2016 at 11:29 pm

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