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Archive for February 17th, 2016

Feb 17,2016 Russia and Saudi Arabia on a collision course

Frank has given us this link to a very good article that is based on solid intelligence analysis detailing the details and logistics of all the participants in the Syrian conflict.

The troop movement by the Saudis seem very big and in today’s nuclear capable armies it is foolish to amass the quantity of troops and weapons in groups that can be eliminated with the use of tactical nukes.

The Bible makes no reference prophetically to these two mations fighting each other, but Psalm 83 does involve Saudis and other neighbors of Israel going against Israel at the latter times.

Are these armies poised to enter Syria or attack Israel?

In any case these are dangerous events.


Frank (14 Feb 2016)
Escalation of conditions in Middle-East

Here is an article from Hal Turner warning of Russian limited nuke war with Saudi Arabia:

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