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Feb 29, 2016 Are we seeing the signs that the big earthquake is going to hit California and Oregon in the next few days?

A brother in Christ send me this information with the links to follow the whole story.

It shows the amount of carbon monoxide that was seen over the West coast of the USA on Feb 25, 2016.

The amount covers the whole State and parts of adjacent areas and there is a link to a PHD from India that observed this phenomenon in India six days prior to a major 7+ earthquake. His theory is that the earth releases this gas in big quantities a few days before a major earthquake strikes.

This is not a proven theory but in being cautious I am posting it here to alert the people of those areas of the possibility that the theory is correct and a major earthquake is about to hit California.


This is new science based upon a Satellite that was launched in 2009.  A Geo-Physicist noticed that right before a massive quake in India there was a huge Carbon Monoxide (CO) emission about one week before, that was picked up by the satellite.  20,000 people died in that quake.  They are theorizing that the faults give off this CO emission right before a major quake. 

NOW it has happ
ened for California, just in the last few days, there was a MASSIVE Carbon Monoxide emission that went the entire length of CAThis happened on Feb 25 (Thurs), 2016.  So if this scientist is right, we are in a window for a major quake in CA, and from the looks of it, it could involve the entire state (the San Andreas).Read/View and pass the word.

WARNING Carbon Monoxide California(MUST SEE!)



Nando end

Written by twelvebooks

February 29, 2016 at 4:40 pm

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  1. (Where to put this letter…..o.k. – a ‘shaky’ letter…..???)

    MARCH 12-15, 2016

    A VERY possible spec scenario……TRIB ‘STARTS’ at KISLEV 24, 2015 and ENDS at NISAN 10, 2023!!! Here’s HOW and WHY:

    KISLEV 24, 2015 +22 +75 = Signing/Rapture (II ADAR 2) +2520 days (+3) = RETURN + 75 minus 22 tilt loss = NISAN 10, 2023.

    Somehow the Haggai 2:7 promise….”Desire of Nations Comes/Shakes Nations”…..has to be fulfilled in my opinion. Well, Dec 6, 2015 was KISLEV 24…..then plus 22 days (that will minus when earth straightens…i.e. a ‘loss’ of 22 days) was Dec 28, 2015 and plus the 75-day delay (that will be ‘canceled’ by the post-Return 75 days) is Signing/Rapture SAT, MAR 12, 2016 which is also Pisces 21…..7,777…..if signif. Kislev 24, 2015 to Mar 12, 2016 is 97 days (22 + 75 = 97).

    PALM SUNDAY/NISAN 10 was the day Messiah’s Kingdom ‘could have’ begun IF the Jews had accepted Him as King (Jesus on donkey/LAMB into Temple). Well, the TRIB END (w/ the 22-day tilt minus) is NISAN 10, 2023. It is also APRIL 1 which ‘could be’ the ‘new & continuing’ NISAN 1 on the Millennial calendar. New Year’s Day (Nisan 1) is TAURUS 1, the BULL (Deut 33:17) since Jesus will reign w/ a ‘rod of iron’ (a kind of ultra-strict ‘Christian Judaism’). The Temple has to be cleansed on NISAN 1 (Ezek 45:18) as well.

    If the calendar begins its new year at TAURUS 1, NISAN 1, APRIL 1, then Dec 24 will be the yearly Kislev 24 as well (as was originally at Creation) and Oct 15 will be TISHREI 15/TABERNACLES, the probable solar anniv day that Jesus was born……since Jan 9-10 (orig TEVET 1, 8th day after Kislev 24 Creation) + 280 days gestation was Oct 15.

    There are 2550 days (1260+1260+30) from the RAPTURE (Pisces 21) to the Isaiah 63 Temple Entrance 30 days past the Rapture on PISCES 15 (middle of the great ‘multiplication of believers’ sign)…………the procured REMNANT (primary reason for the trib)…..i.e. the ‘final CATCH of fish.’

    SUCCOTH/TABERNACLES 2016 (Oct 17) will likely be the start of the 2300 days Temple Desecration (70 anima/bloodl sacrifices during Succoth) because plus 2300 days (Dan 8) is the RETURN (Feb 6-7, 2023…….2520 days past the Rapture plus mid-trib’s 3 uncounted days when a.c. is dead). TABERNACLES 2016 is 7 mths past II ADAR 15 (Shushan PURIM). Thus Purim to Tabernacles may be the 7 mths burying bodies after the Ezek 38 a PURIM Divine Victory in Israel (?) perhaps occurring about 10 days after the Signinashg/Rapture.

    The 7 yrs fuel use by Israel of Russian weaponry (Ezek 39:9) could easily be Apr 1, 2016 to Apr 1, 2023/trib end.

    Mid trib (Av 23-30, 2019) doesn’t reach ROSH Hashana 2019; thus the COUNT STAYS at Rosh 2018 which ends all the great modern FIG TREE PATTERNS from 1898, 1918, 1938, 1948, 1968……………..120 yrs, 100 yrs, 80 yrs, 70 yrs, 50 yrs respectively.

    If the two 280-day spiritual ‘gestations’ are signif, then: CHURCH’S 280 is NISAN 1, 2015 to Dec 28, 2015 (22 days past Kislev 24, 2015) & the REMNANT’S 280 is NISAN 10, 2022 to Jan 16, 2023, the day the earth is straight (Return minus 22 taking 2 days…..Hos 6:2-3).

    NISAN 10 is not yet reached at the RETURN (Feb 6-7, 2023, Shevat 16); so the COUNT may STAY at NISAN 10, 2022 which is 6 mths past TISHREI 10 (YOM KIPPUR), 2021….LEGAL END of the 6,000 full yrs/Gen 6:3…..then minus the 20 uncounted yrs = 2001 (6001)….start of the 121st Jub/7th Millen. 34 A.D. plus 1967 is 2001 and 519 B.C./Haggai plus 2520 is also 2001.

    Another 2001: 1996 A.D. was the end of all the great O.T. patterns (1996 B.C. Abr born to 1996 A.D. end of all O.T. patterns) PLUS the 7-yr trib is 2003 which is really 2001 due to the 2-yr error in our calendar. Those great patterns were all 360’s, 280’s, 80’s, 70’s, 400’s, etc….all reviewed by Whisenant, long since unread. Know that 20 yrs are not counted:

    Numbers 19/tribe count
    End age of accountability (loosely age 13-20)
    20 yrs God did no “STRIVE” w/ fallen man (Gen 6:3).

    The year 2021 (Rosh/Yom), legal end of the 6,000 yrs (120 Jub’s) is 5782, as the orig ht in inches (5782″) of the Gr Pyramid before erosion and the avg temp of the sun (5782 degrees Kelvin)…..spec.

    The RETURN is virtually’ AQUARIUS 15 (middle of ‘Age of Aquarius’), 30 days later is PISCES 15 then plus 45 days judg of the Nations is TAURUS 1. The Signing/Rapture is virtually PISCES 21 (7,777) and mid trib is virtually VIRGO 1, 1st day of the Mazzarot cycle…..spec.

    Again, we know we’re at the end of time due to the JUBILEE spans from CREATION to the end of the 6,000 full yrs (all = 120 Jub’s):

    60 to David, 60 to end
    30 to Flood, 90 to end
    80 to Jesus, 40 to end
    40 to Abr, 40 to Jesus, 40 to end…………(i.e. 40 no Law, 40 Law, 40 Grac

    If Signing and Rapture are 3 days apart, then the RAPTURE ‘could be’ TUESDAY, Mar 15, three days past Signing……remains to be seen; but the 2520-day scenario remains the same………J.H.

    Jan Herscu

    March 9, 2016 at 4:35 pm

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