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March 13, 2016 Satanic societies, numbers, March, Nissan, Passover related together.

Thanks to Andy Hunt a very important fact relating to this month was brought to our attention.

This year the Passover is on March 24 Thursday and if the last week of years of the prophet Daniel is going to start on the same day that the 69 preceding weeks ended, then that day could be the day that Obama makes the seven year covenant that starts the Tribulation.

As the Illuminati and the Masons have stated the year 5776 and the number 322 are very important to them. We only have a few more days to see what it all means.


Andy Hunt (6 Mar 2016)
March 22nd 2016: illuminati / masonic date / skull&bones DATE??

Know thine enemy! Pyramids & Secret Societies…

We’re all familiar with the concept that God will not reveal the Rapture date because He would never give satan a heads up on when He’s going to take us away…

And that’s when it hit me…!! What’s that old saying about war – Know thine Enemy!!

I understand that what I’m typing here is quite controversial and may get a few people’s backs up, but I ask you just to contemplate this before Our Father!

Well, Great Pyramid at Giza is 5776 inches tall, and the illuminati have been using the uncapped pyramid as their seal for 100’s of years and this all points to the year 5776 (2016). Also the freemasons and skull and bones and all the other secret societies have their number 322 in their logos pointing to March 22nd!

So there you have it March 22nd 2016, satan and the occult have been working towards this date for decades!! he’s known for ages!! Now I’m NOT saying this IS the Rapture, but whatever the illuminati have planned this is probably the start date!!

And my thinking is that we should have been raptured before any of their plans kick off… I’m hoping that Our God is One Step Ahead of satan and that we will be out of here way before then…

Andy (humblehorse)


Nando end

Thanks to BG Ellis we have this video about the same subject as before



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  1. Nando, According to all information I am finding, it seems that Passover 2016 will begin on or about April 21-22, not March 24. Would you dispute that?Don

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    March 8, 2016 at 11:15 pm

    • The Jewish calendar has an extra month every 19years this year they added a month of Adar which gives your Passover date. On the sacred calendar you use the Torah calendar which puts Passover on March 24 as stated. I hope this answers your question.


      March 9, 2016 at 9:45 am

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