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June 4, 2016 Will this summer bring all out war in the Middle East?

As we approach the summer months and the end of spring the question in my mind is are we going to see war against Israel now?

Bill Salus has written extensively on this subject as it relates to several unfulfilled prophecies that appear to coalesce at this time.

France is trying to ram a middle east peace plan to both the Palestinians and Israel and God is responding in kind by sending severe floods to Paris at the same time the conference is going on, but France and the world are incapable to link cause to effect and they will keep acting contrary to God’s Will. They will keep getting hurt more and more. In Genesis 12:3 I will bless those who bless you and will curse those who curse you.

Very good article by Bill Salus.


Is Israel Preparing for War Soon?

By Bill Salus


Over seven years ago, Bible prophecy teacher Dr. David Reagan told me, “Israel will need to get new leaders in place before the Psalm 83 Arab-Israeli war can find fulfillment.” David was interviewing me on his Christ in Prophecy TV show about my book entitled, “Isralestine, The Ancient Blueprints of the Future Middle East.” The book was published in the summer of 2008, and its central theme was the concluding Arab-Israeli war prophesied in Psalm 83.

Isralestine, is the book that got Bible prophecy experts like, Hal Lindsey, Chuck Missler, Dr. David Reagan, Gary Stearman and many others talking about this major biblical war that had been vastly overlooked. The book has since been updated into the “Psalm 83: The Missing Prophecy Revealed, How Israel Becomes the Next Mideast Superpower.”

At that time of our TV interview the Prime Minister of Israel was the Ehud Olmert of the left wing Kadima party. His Defense Minister was the former Prime Minister Ehud Barak of the liberal Labor party. This political tag team was prepared to concede major portions of land to the Palestinians in order to achieve peace. Reagan and I realized that this type of leftist political leadership would not likely lead Israel into a major war like the one described in Psalm 83.

However, presently that type of appeasement oriented leadership has been replaced. With the recent appointment of Avigdor Lieberman to the post of Israeli Defense Minister, Israel is now in a position to engage in a Mideast war if necessary. Prime Minister Netanyahu and his new Defense Minister Lieberman represent the type of conservative leadership that won’t buckle under international pressures to divide the land of Israel.

An Israeli diplomat once informed me that, “Netanyahu and Lieberman often seem to be at odds with each other overtly, but covertly these two leaders are very much on the same political page.” However, another prominent Israeli politician cautioned me in a May 27, 2016 email that, “While they are susceptible to joint effort, they may also profess contradictory positions, which could lead to another rupture.”

The future of the Netanyahu / Lieberman alliance may be uncertain, but their present relationship is causing political shockwaves in Israel and around the globe.


Promptly after Lieberman’s appointment as the Israeli Defense Minister, Ehud Barak said on the Israel’s Channel 10 TV station that Israel has been “infected by the seeds of facism.” He further stated, “What has happened is a hostile takeover of the Israeli government by dangerous elements. And it’s just the beginning.” Promptly thereafter, Israel’s Environmental Protection Minister Avi Gabay (Kulanu) resigned from his post.

Chiming in on the controversy, one op-ed headline read,

With Lieberman as Defense Minister, Israelis Should Head for the Bomb Shelters.” (Haaretz News – May 19, 2016)

Additionally, several members of the international community have expressed their outrage about this bold political move made by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. A few headlines are generally reflective of the global and regional concerns.

Egyptians furious over Israel’s ‘political bazaar’ at ‘expense of the peace process (Y Net News – May 19, 2016)

Palestinians: Lieberman in Cabinet Means No Israeli Partner for Peace.” (Haaretz News – May 19, 2016)

Calls to boycott Israel among Arab reactions to Lieberman in Defense portfolio.” (Jerusalem Post – May 19, 2016)

U.S.: Lieberman appointment ‘raises serious questions’ about Israel’s direction.” (Newsweek – May 26, 2016)

Lieberman’s appointment comes at a time when the French with the strong support of America, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Palestinians and others are attempting to rekindle the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks. Israel has rejected these talks because they are based upon the Arab Peace Initiative of 2002, which Israel has never accepted as a viable plan for peace. Now with Lieberman standing beside Netanyahu it is safe to say that there will be no peace talks under the French proposed plan.

ISRAEL VS. THE PALESTINIANS (The wasp on the wall)

In the scheme of Israel’s dilemmas, the pesky Palestinian problem mostly resembles a mere annoying wasp on the wall. Periodically, the wasp buzzes overhead threatening to attack Israeli citizens. The insect makes a lot of sound but packs a little sting.

As a prerequisite for Mideast peace with this pest, Netanyahu and Lieberman expect the Palestinians to recognize Israel as the Jewish State with Jerusalem as its capital. This non-negotiable demand was the hurdle that collapsed the fruitless efforts of Secretary of State John Kerry’s peace push in 2013-2014. The Palestinians won’t accept this because as part of the Arab Peace Initiative they expect to get East Jerusalem handed to them as the capital of a Palestinian state.

Furthermore, Arab recognition of Israel as the Jewish state eliminates the “right to return” of hundreds of thousands of displaced Palestinian refugees into Israel proper. The logic is, “what rightful claims could returning Palestinians have over a Jewish state.” As such, the Palestinians will never recognize Israel as the official Jewish state!

Avigdor Lieberman has made it clear that he opposes a Palestinian state under the present precepts of the Arab Peace Plan and he has made controversial statements about disloyal Arab-Israelis. With statements like the one below, it’s inconceivable to think that Lieberman would tolerate the right of return of any refugees that could potentially spawn terror inside of Israel.

Lieberman: Disloyal Arab-Israelis ‘Should Be Beheaded” (Israel National News – March 8, 2015)
Anyone who’s with us should be given everything – up to half the kingdom. Anyone who’s against us, there’s nothing to do – we should raise an axe and cut off his head; otherwise we (Jews) won’t survive here.”


Israel is hearing some encouraging messages from the Republican presidential front runner Donald Trump. Trump has made the following statements concerning matters most important to Israel:

  • He told the Associated Press that getting a deal to end the prolonged (Arab-Israeli) conflict is “something I’d really like to do.”
    • He has pledged to acknowledge Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish state.
    • He plans to move the US embassy to Jerusalem.
    • He opposes the current JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) Iranian nuclear deal. Trump believes that it’s a “bad” and “suspicious” deal. (Netanyahu agrees that this is a very bad deal).

Statements like these might encourage Israel to forestall Mideast peace talks until after the results of the November 8, 2016 US elections are known. If the Republicans gain control over congress and the presidency, then perhaps Israel can play the “Trump” card to their favor in the Middle East in 2017.

However, what if Trump loses to a liberal Democrat? What might that mean for Israel in 2017? Could it mean more of the Obama style foreign policy? Can Israel handle four more years of the similar scenario? A recent poll headline addressing this matter summarizes present Israeli concerns:

Israelis Overwhelmingly Rank Obama ‘Worst President for Israel in The Last 30 Years’” (Breitbart – February 2, 2016)

ISRAEL VS. IRAN (The elephant in the room)

If the Palestinian issue is a wasp on the wall for Israel, then the existential threat Iran’s nuclear program poses to the Jewish state is the elephant in the room. Below are a few recent headlines, which are extremely troubling for Israel.

Iran supreme leader touts 9-point plan to destroy Israel.” (Times of Israel – Nov. 10, 2014)

Iranian commander: We can destroy Israel ‘in under 8 minutes.” (Times of Israel – May 22, 2016)

Iran pledges $70 million to Palestinian Islamic Jihad.” (Israel National News – May 26, 2016)

Russia to deliver several S-300 missile divisions to Iran by year-end.” (Reuters – May 19, 2016)

Avigdor Lieberman is prepared to make hard decisions about preventing Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. He believes that Netanyahu’s handling of the issue only proved how isolated Israel is. Lieberman said,

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s way of dealing with Iran’s nuclear issue is “proving how isolated we are.”… “Netanyahu … was obsessed with the (Iranian) nuclear issue. But it’s too much for him. To handle this issue you have to be creative. Determined. To know how to make hard decisions,” Lieberman stated, adding, “Netanyahu has none of those things.” (i)

What does this imply? What hard decisions are Netanyahu and Lieberman ready to make? Will Israel attack Iran’s nuclear sites? Israel does have a history of attacking nuclear sites. On September 6, 2007, Israel conducted a stealth attack on Syria’s Al-Kibar nuclear facility. Prior to that, on June 7, 1981, which was the 14 year anniversary of Israel’s capturing of the Old City and liberation of the Western Wall, Israel performed a surprise attack on Iraq’s Osirak nuclear facility. Will Israel do another such attack on Iran on June 7, 2017 on their 50 year anniversary of taking the Old City?

Concerning the question of Israel striking Iran’s nuclear program, Israel has already been attacking Iran’s nuclear program covertly. In 2010 they employed cyber warfare through the Stuxnet virus and subsequently there was a rash of killings of Iranian nuclear scientists for which Israel has been blamed.

Is Lieberman planning an overt military attack on Iran? At a breakfast meeting in Dallas on December 3, 2013, White house correspondent Bill Koenig and I met with former Israeli diplomat Yoram Ettinger of theEttinger Report. We asked him, “Do you think that Netanyahu will strike Iran’s nuclear program?

Yoram was the Consul General of Israel to the Southwestern States and Ambassador in charge of Israel Congressional Relations in Washington DC. What Yoram said was quite intriguing. His answer was reconfirmed via email on May 27, 2016 and is quoted verbatim below.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has the similar difficult decision to make like his predecessor Menachem Begin. Menachem Begin was the first elected Prime Minister from the Likud party. (1977-1983). While Begin was the Israeli Prime Minister, Iraq’s Saddam Hussein was developing a nuclear program in Osirak.

Between 1980 – 1988 Iran and Iraq were in a war and much of the Western World was supporting Saddam Hussein’s efforts over Ayatollah Khomeini’s. Most of the West had previously supported the Shah of Iran, but when he was deposed by the 1979 Iranian revolution, the West turned toward Saddam and against Iran’s repressive Islamic regime.

On the eve of the bombing of the Osirak nuclear plant, Prime Minister Begin assembled his elite officers and confidants into a confidential closed door meeting concerning Iraq’s nuclear program. Begin asked them the question. “What is your best intelligence on the results and repercussions of an Israeli strike on the Osirak nuclear reactor?”

The responses received by Begin were overwhelmingly opposed to the idea. The concerns expressed by – the heads of the Mossad, IDF Intelligence and Israel Atomic Energy Commission – were, that an attack was doomed to zilch or slim chance of success, would cause a rupture with the USA which may not heal, would bring the entire Muslim world against Israel. Also, it would turn the Western World against Israel because of their support for Saddam Hussein, and would doom Israel to economic and national security isolation and disaster. The chief of the IAF (Israeli Air Forces) – who planned the bombing – was the only determined supporter of the bombing.

Prime Minister Begin thanked each of them for expressing their sincere concerns, but then asked them this single question; “What is the consequence of a non-action against Osirak?”…“Then he answered his own question and said,” “It COULD BE A NUCLEAR WARHEAD HITTING ISRAEL, AND THEREFORE WE WILL STRIKE OSIRAK!”

Indeed, Israel did successfully attack and destroy Iraq’s Osirak reactor. Will Netanyahu and Lieberman attempt to do the same thing in Iran? Interestingly, there is a prophecy in Jeremiah 49:34-39 that may be dealing with this very issue. Jeremiah says that Iran experiences a disaster, which from the details of the prophecy, appears to be the result of a nuclear catastrophe. I unveil this prophecy in my book “Nuclear Showdown in Iran, Revealing the Ancient Prophecy of Elam.”

ISRAEL VS. SYRIA (The bear in the backyard)

If the Palestinians are the wasp on the wall and Iran the elephant in the room, then Syria represents the ferocious bear in Israel’s backyard. Syria is the home of the Syrian Brown Bear. Although this unique bear is mostly indigenous to Syria, some also reside in Israel. However, unlike the Syrian Brown Bear, the Syrian revolution is not welcomed inside of Israel. This conflict in Israel’s backyard to the Northeast has been going on since early 2011 and has caused Israel continued concerns. Israel has had to strike inside of Syria over one-half a dozen times since 2013 in order to prevent Iranian missiles from reaching Hezbollah’s hands.

Early on during the revolution, Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad warned Israel to stay clear of the Syrian conflict. Assad warned that if Israel struck Syria, that Syria would react in like manner.

Syria’s Assad warns Israel on air strikes.” (BBC News – May 31, 2013)

As of yet, Syria has not retaliated against Israel’s aggression. However, with each passing Israeli air strike into Syria, the possibility exists that Syria could strike back. This would likely prove detrimental for Syria now with Netanyahu and Lieberman teamed up together. Lieberman has addressed prior Syrian threats against Tel Aviv by saying that he would destroy the Syrian capital city of Damascus. The rumors of wars headlines below take on a reinvigorating new meaning in light of Lieberman’s new powerful cabinet position.

Assad: Syria Will Shower Tel Aviv With Rockets if Attacked by Foreign Powers.” (Haaretz News – October 4, 2011)

Lieberman warns Assad: War Will End Your Regime.” (Haaretz News – February 5, 2010)

Lieberman: We will destroy Damascus if Hezbollah attacks northern Israel.” (Now Media – June 18, 2008)

This last headline is of particular prophetic interest when you consider the Isaiah 17:1, 9, 14 prophecies, which predict that Israel Defense Forces will some night utterly reduce Damascus to rubble!


The prospects for Israel engaging in a major war continue with ISRAEL VS. ISIS, whose future plans are to destroy Israel and liberate Jerusalem.

Islamic State aims to destroy Israel, ‘liberate’ Jerusalem with Sinai Peninsula terrorist force.” (The Washington Times – May 22, 2016)

This scenario, should it gain momentum, could have prophetic implications and you are invited to read my article called, Is ISIS in Psalm 83?, for more information concerning this possibility.

Referencing Psalm83, that identifies ISRAEL VS. THE ARABS, which was mentioned at the onset of this article, is it possible that this biblical war could find fulfillment as soon as 2017?

Since the Arab Spring, the advent of ISIS and the Iranian nuclear deal the Middle East is imploding and prospects for Israel being drawn into a regional war have increased dramatically. Even Jordan, Israel’s neighbor to the east, is panicked by what’s taking place all around its borders. The fear and torment of Jordan is prophesied about in Jeremiah 49:1-6.

Behold, “I will bring fear upon you (Jordan),” Says the Lord GOD of hosts, “From all those who are around you; You shall be driven out, everyone headlong, And no one will gather those who wander off.” (Jeremiah 49:5)

Diplomacy is failing on every front around Israel and when diplomacy fails war usually ensues! All the various ISRAEL VS. concerns specified above may have factored into Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s decision to appoint the hawkish Avigdor Lieberman as his new Defense Minister.

Should an epic biblical war occur in the Middle East soon, are you prepared for what could follow? If the war is one of the prophetic wars of the Bible, like Psalm 83 or Jeremiah 49, it will profoundly affect everyone on the planet! End time’s prophecies are globally impacting!

You are invited to order a copy of The NOW Prophecies book and DVD to familiarize yourself with the prophetic implications of everything written about in this article. Don’t be destroyed for lack of knowledge. Order your copies today!





Nando end

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  1. I still think the RAPTURE could be WED, June 8. Read if interested:

    75 days ‘NOT COUNTED’ on THIS SIDE of the trib ‘cancels’ out the POST-RETURN 75 days (30 mourning, 45 judg Nations) because Jesus will already BE BACK ON EARTH. Know that a 280-day gestation plus 75 more days is 355 days (shana) and Israel will be 75 yrs old in 2023.

    As per God’s mathematics, it works ‘as an equation’ w/ both 75’s canceled.

    APR 5, 2015 was NISAN 16, a SUNDAY, when count BEGINS, so virtually as NISAN 17, FIRSTFRUITS.

    APR 5, 2015 +355 days (shana…1-yr warning/Jerem 51:46…and 280+75=355) ended at Mar 25, 2016 (Shushan Purim, II Adar 15).

    Mar 25, 2016 +75 days is Wed, JUNE 8, 2016, the presumed RAPTURE (and 49th anniv Temple Mt Reclamation as well as SIVAN 2, the Hebrew date of the END of the 6-day War (Sivan 2, June 10, 1967).

    Thus, w/ the 1-yr warning NOT COUNTED and the 75 days NOT COUNTED, the Rapture is ON FIRSTFRUITS after all! (….”all who sleep….” I Corin 15:20).

    SUNDAY, JUNE 5, 2016 is the probable covert SIGNING (GEMINI 15……middle of the ‘twins in harmony’…..’Israel signs w/ a.c.’). June 5 is also 23 days past May 14 (the tilt # difference).

    SUNDAY, JUNE 5, 2016 (Signing) plus 2520 days (7 x 360, seven perfect yrs, the trib span) is the RETURN SUNDAY, April 30, 2023, Iyyar 11.

    SUNDAY, APRIL 30, 2023 is TAURUS 10, the Millennial NISAN 10………since NISAN 10 on the Millen calendar will be APRIL 10 and TAURUS 10…..MINUS THE TILT is NISAN 17, Apr 8, 2023……same day ARK touched down (Gen 8:4).

    TAURUS is the ‘BULL’ (Return of Jesus as a ‘BULL’….not as a ‘LAMB’……Deut 33:17) since one notes that on NISAN 10, 34 A.D. He rode in as a LAMB; but on the ‘new’ NISAN 10 when earth is straight, He Returns as a BULL…………….to “GORE the Nations.” Jesus “redeemed the donkey”…….

    Earth ‘reverts’ (loses 22-23 days) back to APRIL 8, STILL TAURUS 10 (since Mazzarot date STAYS the same) & SETS on the ‘NEW’ NISAN 10. The tilt loss (earth straightening) will likely take 2-3 days.

    Thus, the Millennial Kingdom BEGINS on the new/Millen ‘NISAN 10’ (because it’s TAUR 10 and APR 10) as it ‘should have’ when Jesus entered the Temple on the donkey on NISAN 10, 34 A.D…….+ Jesus REDEEMED the firstborn donkey (Exod 13:13).

    30 days mourning past the TAURUS 10 RETURN is GEMINI 10…….the Isaiah 63 Temple Entrance/Jesus + Remnant….10th sign/10th day. That day (w/out the tilt minus figured) will be JUNE 1, 2023 which will be 1290 days past mid trib.

    As for EZEK 38, SHAVUOT, 2016 (Sunday June 12, 2016) plus 7 perfect mths BURYING (210 days) is FAST of TEVET 10 (Jan 8, 2017), start of the 2300 days Temple Worship (+3 to account for mid-trib’s 3 uncounted days). FAST of TEVET 10, 2017 (Jan 8) +2300 +3 = RETURN SUNDAY, APR 30, 2023; see Dan 8:13-14.

    If the 7 mths will span 7 ‘moons’ (196 days, 7 x 28), then SHAVUOT 2016 (EZEK 38 Divine Victory) plus 196 days is Hanukkah, DEC 25, 2016, Temple Dedication…..remains to be seen

    The ENTIRE TRIB from the day the COUNT STARTED (APR 5, 2015, virtually NISAN 17) to the day the earth is straight (NISAN 17, Apr 8, 2023 earth straight) is ‘ONE DAY’……possibly referring to the “DAY of the LORD”…..and NISAN 17, 2015 to NISAN 17, 2023 is virtually NOT COUNTED (…the 1-yr warning plus the 7-yr trib).

    TRIB END is CANCER 24…..JUNE 23-24, 2023 straight earth date……and CANCER is the ‘protective Crab/Jesus,’ day 24 (888). In other words, the 45 days Judg of Nations is finished and ISRAEL (‘as the Praesepe/beehive nebulae/manger’) is SAFE & the JEWISH MILLEN REIGN BEGINS (John 10:28-30)…..end of the 1335 days past mid trib. W/out the tilt minus considered, trib end date is JULY 16, 2023 which is 1335 days past mid trib (Dan 12:12).

    MID TRIB (1260 past signing) is NOV 17-20, 2019…………..& NOV 20 when a.c. ‘satanically’ rises is SAGITTARIUS 1…..’Hero/Conqueror/Messiah’….likely a Mazzarot point coveted by Satan when he is thrown down to earth at mid trib…a.c. kills Elijah and Moses. NOV 21 is Sagit 1; and it seems SATAN WON’T get that day on the Mazzarot as his ‘earth-arrival’ day (when he indwells the risen a.c.).

    SUNDAYS (commanded ‘count start’) seem to be ‘across the board:’

    ………SIGNING (SUN, June 5, 2016)

    ………Abom Desol (SUN, Nov 17, 2019….1260 days past Signing)

    ………RETURN, 2520 days past signing (SUN, May 2, 2023) minus the tilt, then +30 days mourning:
    Sunday, May 7-9, 2023.

    ………SUNDAY, TEVET 10 (Jan 8, 2017) +2300 +3 days to the RETURN SUNDAY, APRIL 30, 2023.

    The entire trib scenario plus the 1-yr warning virtually spans:

    ……….ROSH 2014 + 1-yr warning to ROSH 2015 +7-yr trib = ROSH 2022……………plus the 6 mths so
    that the Millen begin in NISAN..

    ……….ROSH/YOM 2022 minus the 21 UNCOUNTED yrs (see below) is ROSH/YOM 2001, Lev 25:9.

    ……….ROSH 2014 ended these patterns in ‘full yrs’: 40 (Abortions), 46 (from 1967), 65 (from 1948)
    40 = Abortions, 46 = Jn 2:20, 65 = Isa 7:8 & Enoch’s age as a father of Methuselah

    RAPTURE on June 8 is GEMINI 18 and +2550 days (as the 2550 yrs 583 B.C. – 1967) = GEMINI 10 (June 8, 2016 – June 1, 2023, the ISAIAH 63 Temple Entrance). 2550 is 1260+1260+30.

    Two more spans: 34 A.D. + 1967 yrs…………… = 2001 (6001)
    519 B.C. (Haggai) +2520 yrs = 2001 (6001)

    When all is figured, YOM KIP 2001 starts the 121st Jubilee/7th Millen. 2001 is the Jewish year 5782………….same # as the avg Kelvin temp of SUN (5782 degrees) and the orig ht of the Gr Pyramid w/ cap (5782 “). The 6,000 full yrs (120 Jubilees…..120 x 50) promised to fallen man in Gen 6:3 will be finished…..then of course +6 mths to NISAN for the EZEK 45:18 start of Millennium.

    The 7 ‘uncounted yrs’ were reviewed previously (just as Nisan 14-17 was NOT COUNTED in the 49-day count to Pentecost/Shavuot):

    4…..Jesus’ ministry of 3.5 yrs +6 mths Jn Baptist’s ministry (both started when they were 30 yrs old).
    Those 4 yrs were Millennial in nature (infinite possibilities for salvation, healings & resurrection AND
    God was not “STRIVING w/ MAN” for those ministry yrs but counted it “ALL JOY to go to the Cross.”
    7…..trib (Satan’s yrs)
    4…..’gestations:’ Jesus, Church, Remnant, Jn Baptist,280 days ea w/ only one 75 needed (post Return)
    to equal 355 days (all 4 are the BODY of Christ………….Jesus/Church/Remnant/John the Baptist).
    1…..the one-yr warning (as to Abr, Neb, Hana, Shulamite woman, Esther, Eliz…etc)
    2…..Creation, then the Fall, then God started the 120-Jub count (Gen 6:3)….but only on a year
    ONE….thus our calendar is 2 yrs ahead of actual
    3…..Age 0-1 not counted in a child’s age: Jesus, Church, Jn Baptist

    TOTAL 21……………..Know that in NUMBERS 1 (count of tribes), age 20 could also be 20 yrs plus 364 days…i.e. virtually 21, but still ’20’

    We know Ezek 38 Gog-Magog is close; and it seems there may be only 4 days of world chaos/N. Invasion of Israel from the Rapture to Shavuot, 2016 (SUNDAY, June 12, SIVAN 6)…..remains to be seen.

    If applic, the mid trib when a.c. satanically rises is CHESVAN 22 which is double 11 (double judg)……spec.

    1996 B.C. (Birth of Abr)…… 1996 A.D. is the entire scenario w/ awesome patterns throughout. 1996 plus 7-yr trib is 2003 (really 2001).

    Review the 120 JUBILEES as well:

    ……..40 no law, 40 law, 40 grace…………………120
    ……..30 to flood, 90 to end…………………………120
    ……..80 to Jesus, 40 to end………………………..120
    ……..40 to Abr, 80 to end……………………………120
    ……..60 to David, 60 to end………………………..120
    ……..30 to Flood, 30 to David, 60 to end………120

    Some other obvious signs:

    …….VILNA GAON (study/Judaism) that when Russia takes CRIMEA, Messiah is coming
    …….giant asteroid is hurtling toward earth (although not a mega threat according to NASA)
    …….NO earthly solution to the ISIS problem and not a normal ENEMY as in past wars history
    …….Transgender bathroom issue is child abuse/reprobate behavior/no turning back w/ society too far
    …….political protests amidst Presidential campaigns….different kind of society now…RIOTERS
    …….Mid trib (2019…end of 2018) is end of modern FIG TREE PATTERNS: 1898, 1918, 1938, 1949, 1968
    which is 120,100,80,70,50 respectively…..the signs Jesus told us to “watch”
    …….April 2016 hottest month in world history
    …….Rampant homosexuality +agenda for schools
    …….Plagues…e.g..ZIKA, DENGUE
    …….Enormous DRUG problem
    …….Enormous judgment on SYRIA (escapees), Israel former/ancient WORST enemy
    …….Evolution-saturated minds now allow euthanasia/abortions & an unnatural love of animals
    …….Every reason for believers to now SCOFF w/ SO many previous false Rapture dates
    …….Ramadan is this month
    …….Big Peace Conference in France this mth (& perhaps the 7-yr covenant will be ‘forced upon’ Israel)
    …….Child & Teen Cell Phone use…..addictive/out of control

    Janet Herscu

    June 5, 2016 at 7:51 pm

  2. Yep! It’s likely SHAVUOT!:
    FIRSTFRUITS of wheat harvest
    2 loaves w/ leaven (barley & wheat…….Gentile, Jew)
    Marriage Day (Book of Ruth…..Gentile into covenant)
    Only feast with a known COUNTDOWN (“…purify yourselves as you see the DAY approaching”)
    Middle of the 7 Feasts
    Birth of Church, Birth of Law
    49th yr Statehood (1967), 49 days Resurrection to Pentecost 49

    Signing was likely THUR, June 9, 2016 with +3 days ‘not counted’ (since COUNTS have to begin on SUNDAYS) = SUNDAY, SHAVUOT, June 12….probable Rapture.

    Mid trib is still SAGIT 1, Nov 21, 2019 (Abom Desol/a.c. killed).

    RETURN in 2023 (2520 days past signing) is likely May 4 (TAURUS 14) +3 days is TAURUS 17 (May 7), earth straight, the ‘new’ NISAN 17…..same day as ARK touchdown (Gen 8:4), Red Sea crossing and Jesus’ Resurrection.

    NISAN 17, 2015 + 355 days (shana) plus 75 days is Signing, JUNE 9, 2016 (w/ COUNT beginning on SUNDAY). Note that all events concerning perfection or Christians occurred on a SUNDAY. 355+75 = 430.

    So the entire trib (w/ the 355-day one-yr warning and the +75 not counted (to balance the post-Return 75) is NISAN 17 to the ‘new’ NISAN 17……FIRSTFRUITS.

    Those 355 days +75 days are ‘not counted’…..thus trib start is ‘as occurring’ on NISAN 17, 2015……and earth is straight by the ‘new NISAN 17 (APRIL 17 and TAURUS 17, 2023). TRIB END is LEO 1 (12th sign).

    All is pretty much the same as last letter. Many prophecy students previously were WAY ahead of me with this one! MANY thought SHAVUOT would be the Rapture and now I agree with them.

    Janet Herscu

    June 9, 2016 at 2:07 am

    • Janet It could be on Shavuot as you say also.


      June 9, 2016 at 11:01 am


    It’s DIFFERENT than I thought (…..said THAT at least 100 times!). The 75 post-Return days ARE counted because Daniel 12:12 specifies the end of the 1335 days from mid trib. This LAST JEWISH YR was a 385-day year with two ADARS.

    HOWEVER, NISAN 17, 2015 – NISAN 17, 2016 is the ONE-YEAR WARNING (Jerem 51,:46) and plus 49 DAYS is the probable RAPTURE, SHAVUOT/SUNDAY, June 12 (Sivan 6).

    The 2520 days span TWO different ways (w/ a 3-day difference, since the earth will likely take 3 days to straighten Isa 13 & 24). Know that there will be 1290 days from the Abom Desol (a.c.’s image in Temple/killed) to the Isaiah 63 Temple Entrance (1260 + 1260 + 30 = 2550 days). June 9 (Signing?) to June 3, 2023 (Temple Entr) = 2550 days.

    1260 days a.c. ‘keeps’ covenant w/ Israel (‘forced’ upon them via last wks Peace Conference?)

    1260 days Elijah & Moses’ ministry (& the 144,000) until they are KILLED by the RISEN a.c. (Elijah and Moses arrive at the RAPTURE. Their death is the start of the Great Trib.

    1260 days Abom Desol (a.c.’s image in Temple/killed) til the RETURN

    1260 days GREAT TRIB (from satanic ‘rising’ of a.c./devil indwells him to day earth is straight

    1290 days Abom Desol to Isa 63 Temple Entrance…start of 45-day judg Nations

    1335 days Abom Desol to trib end

    You can see that there are FOUR DIFFERENT 1260-day spans….involving a 3-day overlap throughout.

    RETURN is May 4 (TAURUS 14) and 3 days for earth to straighten is May 7 (TAURUS 17……’bull’ and the ‘new’ NISAN 17 and APRIL 17 in Millennium. Know that Taurus is the 9th sign and the 17th day = #153… 153 fish AND number 1-17 added = 153…..if signif. Jesus RETURNS as a ‘BULL’/Deut 33:17….”gores the Nations”……to set up His Kingdom.

    The RETURN plus the 75 days (30+45) is LEO 1….12th sign = ‘perfect gov’t,’ end of 45-day judg of Nations.

    The Devil would have done ANYTHING to prevent Jesus’ Conception………TEVET 1, EIGHTH Day Hanukkah/8th Feast/Immaculate…etc…& +280 gestation = SUCCOTH, Jesus’ Birth. Christmas has been kept at DEC 24-25-Jan 1 (8 days) which is TODAY JAN 5-12 (Greek Orthod/orig date) due to the 12-day addition in the 1500’s by the Pope.

    Well, if His Conception was Jan 11-12, then His BIRTH would be OCT 15; and THAT is Succoth in the Millennium….Tishrei 15, Oct 15, Scorpio 15…..all in sync.

    If that is the case, then JAN 12 (solar anniv date of Jesus’ conception)…2017…could easily be the date Satan ‘chooses’ to begin the 3rd Temple Worship, 7 mths burying after the Ezek 38 Divine Victory in Israel (Gog-Magog). JAN 12, 2017 plus 2300 days (Dan 8:13-14) is the RETURN, May 4, 2013. The 3 extra days account for mid-trib’s 3 uncounte days when a.c. is dead.

    SHAVUOT is 49 days past NISAN 17, 2016 and 1967 to 2016 is 49 years.

    SHAVUOT signifies:

    Barley & Wheat Harvest (believers)
    Huge SOUND at Pentecost when Holy Spirit was given, HUGE SOUND at Rapture (trumpet blast)
    Marriage Day…..Jew & Gentile (RUTH)…& Rapture is OUR Culmination of Redemption; thus 2 loaves
    50th Day; and a Homer of barley was worth 50 shekels of silver (Exod 9:31-32)
    Birth of Church (3,000 believed)
    Birth of Law (3,000 died)
    Only Feast w/ an exact COUNTDOWN of days (“…purify yourselves as you see the DAY approach”)
    MIDDLE of the 7 Feasts as Chuppah over wedding couple
    FIRE on Mt Sinai, as flames of ‘FIRE’ on tongues at Pentecost
    Mt Sinai/redeemed from SLAVERY, Rapture/redeemed from SIN
    Mt Sinai = great FEAR, Rapture = great JOY
    LOTS of proof that ENOCH (first Raptured human) was born & raptured on SIVAN 6….spec/needs study

    +probably many other reasons, including:

    536 B.C. End Babylonian Captivity & construction of 2nd Temple began
    536 B.C. to 2016 is a difference of 1480 yrs…….Greek for CHRIST
    36 A.D. to 2016 is 1980 yrs…..minus the 13 ‘uncounted’ yrs (before the trib 7 yrs is added) is 1967 yrs

    …+ the additional spans in the former letter.

    MID TRIB is SAGITTARIUS 1 (Nov 21, 2019) when a.c. decides he is ‘god’ and enters the Temple/killed. Since the trib will emulate a reverence for astrology (Satan’s use of the 12 Mazzarot signs), it stands to reason that the a.c. would choose SAGITTARIUS as the start of his ‘Kingdom’ at mid trib…….the 4th sign symbolizing a CONQUEROR/ARCHER/MESSIAH/HERO….etc.

    If the RETURN is May 4, earth ‘backs up’ to APRIL 14 and 30 days mourning later is MAY 14 (75th anniv Statehood), if signif.

    The May 14-15, 2023 Isaiah 63 Temple Entrance of Jesus ‘hand-in-hand’ w/ the Remnant is GEMINI 15, middle of the 10th sign (‘twins’). May 14-15, 2023 is the ‘same day’ as June 3-5, 2023 (due to tilt subtraction).

    As for the two 280-day ‘spiritual gestations’ of Church and Remnant, TEVET 1 (same day as Jesus’ Concep) of 2013 +280 days (Church Gest) is Succoth 2014 and TEVET 1, 2021 +280 days (Remnant’s Gest) is SUCCOTH, 2022, then plus the 6 mths is NISAN 17, 2023. Succoth 2022 minus 20 FULL YRS/”fullness of time” is SUCCOTH 2021 when the 121st Jub/7th Millen starts (2021 minus 20 uncounted FULL yrs = 2001…6001…….Lev 25:9..YOM KIP). See Exod 30:14 and Numbers 1 to ponder 20 FULL yrs not counted (since a kid is STILL age 20 at 20 yrs plus 364 days and 23 hours).

    ALL events concerning Perfection (Creation +8th day count start) or Christians occurred on a SUNDAY. RAPTURE is a SUNDAY, a.c. ‘rises’ on a SUNDAY (Nov 24, 2019) and the earth is STRAIGHT by SUNDAY, May 7, 2023 (TAURUS 17…..the ‘new’ NISAN 17 and APRIL 17).

    Earth is STRAIGHT by APRIL 14, 2023 (May 4 Return minus 23 days); and if one gets technical, the FIRST 360-day Millennial year ends at APRIL 9, 2024 which ‘happens to be’ NISAN 1……Ezek 45:18……spec.

    You would be wise to review the 20 full ‘uncounted yrs’ and the JUBILEES in my former letters IF you ‘waste time’ as I do! Remember, I’m pretending that you READ all that I write (not YOU, Nando!). You’d better be READY to give me an answer for ‘ignoring’ my letters when I meet you in the sky! (kidding).

    To go PAST SHAVUOT this year means more than 50 or more spans will go TOO FAR into time as far as I can surmise. I’ve been wrong many times (but I NEVER heard from the Lord for ANY of it!…….no visions or dreams either!!!….darnet!!!!); and all of the former letters are likely part of the ‘clarification/clearing-of-the-dark-glass’ process that Daniel spoke of. Although my approach to all of this has been ‘weird/presumptuous/bothersome,’ giving up on the subject just wasn’t an option due to so many obvious spans throughout history, many of which this present generation received ‘on a platter’ (Birth of Israel, Temple Mt reclaimed, etc).

    Janet Herscu

    June 10, 2016 at 4:44 pm

    • Janet I skim over most of your letters and I agree that this Shavuot looks very promising for the Rapture.
      If it is we will see and meet in the clouds Sunday.


      June 10, 2016 at 5:38 pm

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