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June 29, 2016 The natural world will be transformed by the supernatural very soon

An interesting discussion is taking place in this video below between Gary Stearman and Bill Salus over the coming prophetic events and how they will transform the inhabitants of the world.

In their discussion they postulate that these earthshaking events are about to happen and that the results will be a catastrophic intrusion of the supernatural with the natural.


Nando end

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  1. Brief SPEC Review of SATURDAY, JULY 9 as a possible Rapture:

    NISAN 17, Apr 25, 2016 (FIRSTFRUITS) +75 days delay = Sat, July 9

    The pre-Rapture 75 days will be canceled by the post-Return 75; thus the Rapture is on FIRSTFRUITS after all (“….Firstfruit of all who sleep”).

    NISAN 17, 2015 – NISAN 17, 2016 = the 1-yr warning (Jerem 51:46)

    JULY 9 + 2520 = RETURN, June 3, 2023

    June 3, 2023 +3 days to straighten = June 6, 2023 (earth straight)

    June 6 + 30 days mourning = July 6, 2023 (FAST of TAMMUZ 17), Isa 63.

    Tammuz 17, 2023 is also exactly 280 days ‘gestation’ (Remnant) past ROSH 2022 (end of a FULL 20 yrs/uncounted past ROSH 2001 (6001…..start of 121st Jub/7th Millen…..Lev 25:9). 20 FULL yrs is 20 yrs +364.99999 days.

    June 3 Return +52 days (75 minus 23-day tilt loss) = FAST of AV 9 (trib end)

    June 3 Return is Gemini 12 (10×12=120), +3 days = Gemini 15….’twins’ hand in hand (earth straight)

    Gemini 15 +30 days mourning is CANCER 15 (Isa 63, praesepe/protected Remnant ‘in God’s hand’)

    Add 45 more days judg of Nations to arrive at trib end, VIRGO 1, 1st day of Mazzarot cycle.

    AV 9, 2023 (July 28) is exact end of 2300 days Temple Desecration from PASSOVER 2017 (Apr 10).

    SAT, July 9 (Rapture?) plus 1260 days = mid-trib/1st SAT of Hanukkah, 2019 (Dec 21), Capricorn 1.

    CAPRICORN 1 (top body sacrificial goat/tail of live fish) will be TEVET 1 in Millennium…..the original 8th cay of 8th Feast when COUNT started after Creation AND the CONCEPTION day of Jesus because +280 days gestation is SUCCOTH, His Birth.

    June 3 RETURN minus 23-day tilt loss is MAY 14 (75th anniv Statehood).

    Rapture +57 days world chaos/N. Invasion of Israel = ELUL 1 (Ezek 38 Victory?) +7 months burying = NISAN 1, the CLEANSING of the 3rd Temple (Ezek 45:18)……then plus 13 days to PASSOVER (Lamb slain/blood shed/desecration)….then +2300 days to AV 9, 2023, trib end (w/ tilt loss considered).

    JULY 9, 2016 (RAPTURE/SIGNING) is CANCER 18 (11th sign, 666).

    All else is accurate as per former letter.

    Again, COULD BE!

    Janet Herscu

    July 6, 2016 at 12:02 pm

  2. TUESDAY, JULY 12..???

    The previously-shared spec scenario is even MORE accurate if we look to TUESDAY (July 12). It may have a lot to do with Turkey & Israel.

    Turkey is promising to ‘help’ Israel rebuild the Temple and a possible signing may occur Sat, July 9, which is 75 days past FIRSTFRUITS 2016 (Apr 25).

    TUESDAY (3rd day, ancient Groom-arrival/Wedding Day) is CANCER 22…….triple 11…’triple judgment!!!??’

    For sure, the RAPTURE will cause world chaos….seeming mega-JUDGMENT over the earth, matching the Mazzarot sign of CANCER (‘crab’s grip’…+ a ‘SNATCHING’ of the believers from the earth by God’s Hand).

    SATURDAY, July 9 ‘may be’ a kind of ‘signing’ between Turkey & Israel. 2520 days later is SAT, JUNE 3, 2023 (RETURN?)….then plus 3 days for earth to straighten is June 6. Add 30 days mourning to arrive at TAMMUZ 17 (July 6).

    The RETURN at June 3, 2023 minus 23 days is May 14, then plus the 75 days is AV 9.

    The reason a TUESDAY Rapture is better is that the ‘covenant’ (w/ Turkey????) will be ‘kept’ for 1260 days……July 9, 2016 to Dec 21, 2019….

    ….BUT…..Elijah and Moses’ ministry must last 1260 days til they are killed by the ‘risen’ a.c…….July 12, 2016 to Dec 24, 2019 (Hanukkah).

    …………..then ALL ELSE is the same as the previous letter.

    We know that the trib/Return number spans MUST harmonize, which IS the case if the above is true.

    1260 days a.c. ‘keeps’ covenant, then BREAKS covenant w/ Israel

    1260 days Elijah and Moses’ ministry until KILLED by ‘risen’ a.c.

    1260 days Petra Protection (flee to Petra when they “SEE ABOM of DESOL in Holy Place”)

    1260 days GREAT TRIB (from ‘rising’ of a.c/Satan to earth to the day earth is straight)

    1290 days from ABOM DESOL to the ISA 63 Temple Entrance 30 days past Return

    1335 days from ABOM DESOL to trib end (Dan 12:12)

    SEVEN mths (205 days) burying bodies/bldg 3rd Temple

    2300 days Temple Desecration (Passover 2017 to trib end AV 9)

    The 3rd TEMPLE must be CLEANSED on NISAN 1 (Apr 10, 2017…Ezek 45:18), followed by 13 day til the lamb’s blood is shed (beginning of the 2300 days DESECRATION…..Dan 8:13-14).

    So, nothing has changed from the last letter except for the understandable 3-day OVERLAP to TUESDAY, July 12.

    Know that the 3 days are virtually NOT COUNTED as the entire scenario is viewed as one notes that God did NOT COUNT NISAN 14-17 in the count to Pentecost. The 3-day overlap is also evident in the 3 mid-trib days when a.c. is dead and the 3 days are ‘made up for’ when the earth straightens.

    Remember that this is all spec amidst an attempt to explain the delay to the RAPTURE.

    Janet Herscu

    July 8, 2016 at 11:15 am

  3. Spec addendum: BOTH equal 2595 days!!!

    TRIB SPAN of 2520 days +75 days (post-Return) = 2595

    Signing +57 days to EZEK 38 Victory Sept 4 (Elul 1), +7 Jewish mths burying (205 days) to the NISAN 1 Cleansing of the 3rd Temple (Ezek 45:18) +13 days to PASSOVER when lamb’s blood is shed +2300 days to trib end of AV 9, 2023 (July 28). So 57+205+13+2300+20 (that will minus) = 2595.

    WITHOUT the tilt loss (virtually a 20-day loss), the TRIB END is ELUL 1, 2023 which is the end of 2595 days from SIGNING. So BOTH equal 2595 days.

    WITH the tilt loss considered, trib end is AV 9.

    Also, ELUL 1, 2017, Sept 4 (Ezek 38 Victory?) to ELUL 1, 2023 is SEVEN JEWISH YRS FUEL USE by Israel of Russian weaponry (Ezek 39:9).

    Interesting as well: The 280-day ‘GESTATION’ of the FIRST MILLENNIAL YEAR after Jesus Returns spans SIVAN 14, 2023 (RETURN, June 3) to NISAN 1, 2024 which is APRIL 9; and APRIL 9 is ARIES 17 which will be NISAN 17 in the MILLENNIUM!!! (because NISAN 1 will be MARCH 1 and Aries 1……8th sign/LAMB).

    Of course NISAN 17 was: flood end, Red Sea Crossing, Entrance into Canaan & Jesus’ Resurrection. At flood end at Nisan 17 God said “This shall be the beginning of mths” (Gen 8:4).

    Also, if one adds the 75 days to NISAN 17, 2016, one arrives at the day of the possible SIGNING, July 9, 2016……meaning the trib begins on FIRSTFRUITS after all (& the 75 will be canceled by the post-Return 75).

    Janet Herscu

    July 9, 2016 at 4:24 pm

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