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July 10, 2016 Are Obama’s words on ISISL true, naive or pure evil?

Well my thought is that his words are evil to the core and come directly from his father and mentor Satan the father of lies.

Radical Islam is the problem and Islam is also the problem because it is not only a religion that worships Allah who is none other than Satan, the moon god that the tribes of Arabia worshiped before Islam, but when more than 30% of the population in a nation is devoted to this religion they will plan to control and destroy the rest of the population to impose Sharia law which is ingrained and inseparable to Islam.

Once this is done the most brutal of a dictatorship will be established and those who refuse to abide by it will be either enslaved or killed.

So yes we are at war with Islam and all its manifestations and Obama is the Antichrist described in the book of Revelation and will dominate the world for seven years when his rule will end with the coming of Jesus Christ who will send him and his false prophet to the lake of fire.

Thanks to Fay we have this extremely good video of a Jewish Rabbi that has nailed the truth right on. Yes Israel will be isolated and the “whole” world will be against it, but they will persevere as the true God creator of the universe is with them and will support and protect them supernaturally.


Fay (10 July 2016)
Israeli Rabbi Nails Zero

This Rabbi absolutely nails the truth – analysing Zero’s speech where he “explains” why he will NOT use the phrase Radical Islam. The video clip is short – just over 7 minutes. And well worth your time. It’s incredible just how blatant satan has become. Calling good evil and evil good,. Astonishing.
Things are heating up – nearly at boiling point. I am convinced that our starting point was the so-called arab spring in February 2011. Where the pale green horse (chlorus) was seen in Egypt during the riots. We then had the waters breaking in March 2011 with the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.
Take all the signs together and add in young Nathan’s vision and it’s breath taking how close we are. This whole war in the Middle East is about the devil gunning for possession of Jerusalem. He is prepping the rest of the world for his future reign. Total control via technology and the destruction of Christianity. He will not regard any god – even the god of his forefathers (Islam). The muslims are just his handy thugs. The devil wants a gender less world where homosexuality rules. Islam doesn’t fit into that mold. Christianity will never ever accept that mold either. I pray that all the good people are getting out of Damascus. There is not much time left.

An Israeli Rabbi’s Response to Obama’s Speech on Radical Islam


Nando end

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  1. Not all Americans are with the b.s. America has done in fact majority of us have also been deceived and betrayed by usa too. I believe that Obama is the Anti Christ too but Americans have been brainwashed not realizing how dangerous this terrorist demon Anti Christ really is…I have been saying it for his entire 2nd term and no one believes me. I’m afraid for my kids and myself. What as a born again Christian can I do?

    Rose Benjamin

    July 19, 2016 at 7:46 am

    • Rose, pray for your family a lot.
      I saw this mans evil on the primaries of 2008.


      July 19, 2016 at 8:01 am

  2. Aside from the subject….

    SAT, AUG 6….??.

    Via continuing MEGA SPEC and if you are interested, SAT, Aug 6, 2016 is still a possible RAPTURE date; and via the following scenario, the focus is mainly on the two FAST DAYS that still have to be “turned to joy” (Zech 8:19)……namely TAMMUZ 17 and AV 9.

    Via the scenario below, RETURN (2520 days past Wed, Aug 3, 2016 Signing/LEO 12) = Wed, JUNE 28, 2023/Tammuz 9.

    30 days mourning later (Zech 12:10, 13:6) is FAST of AV 9 (July 28, 2023) which is also exactly 2300 DAYS TEMPLE DESECRATION (Dan 8:13-14) past PASSOVER 2017/lamb’s blood shed (Apr 10). AV 9 is the Isaiah 63 TEMPLE ENTRANCE (Jesus w/ Remnant from Petra via Bozrah). PASSOVER is 13 days past NISAN 1, 2017, the probable CLEANSING of the 3rd TEMPLE….Ezek 45:18.

    AV 9, 2023 minus the 22-day tilt loss as earth straightens brings the AV 9 date back to TAMMUZ 17…..both FAST DAYS ‘as’ the same day (Isa 63 Temple Entrance). Thus both FAST DAYS will be “TURNED to JOY.” The other 2 FAST DAYS, YOM KIPPUR & TEVET 10, were already “turned to joy”……Tishrei 10 at the Cross when the VEIL TORE and TEVET 10 when the fertilized egg (of Jesus) implanted itself into Mary’s uterine wall…..i.e. 10th day of gestation…..spec. Know that TISHREI 10 (Yom Kippur) was only observed once a year when the High Priest entered the Holy of Holies which was hidden by the VEIL.

    Also, the number 2595 must coincide both ways via the trib spans:
    ……1260 + 1260 + 75……………= 2595
    …….32 +205 +13 +2300 +45…..= 2595

    …..1260 days a.c. keeps covenant w/ Israel
    …..1260 days Satan rules earth via a.c. til Jesus Returns
    …..30 days mourning
    …..45 days judg of nations
    TOTAL 2595

    …..32 days from Signing to the Ezek 38 Divine Victory in Israel…?
    …..205 days (7 Jewish mths/Elul 1 – Nis 1) burying bodies/bldg 3rd Temple
    …..13 days from Temple Cleansing on NISAN 1 (Ezek 45:18) to Passover (lamb’s blood shed, NIS 14, 2017)
    …..2300 days from Nisan 14, 2017 to AV 9, 2023 when Jesus+Remnant enter Temple (Isa 63), same day as TAMMUZ 17
    with tilt loss.
    …..45 more days judg of the Nations to trib end
    TOTAL 2595

    The MILLEN ‘should’ start on NISAN 1, 2016 (Apr 9…Ezek 45:18) & minus the 14 ‘uncounted’ yrs (before the 7-yr trib is added) is NISAN 1, 2002 (6 mths past ROSH, 2001 (6001), the start of the 121st Jub/7th Millen….Lev 25:9. 20 yrs are NOT COUNTED (& 20 FULL yrs is 1 second short of 21 yrs…NUM 1 tribe count: all full age 20 were NOT counted). In the Millennium, NEW YEAR’s DAY will be MARCH 1, ARIES 1, NISAN 1. Aries is the 8th sign/LAMB and Nisan is the 1st mth (8 and 1 since the LAMB of GOD will reign in the Millen)…Ezek 45:18 Temple Cleansed. See EIGHTS below if interested.

    NISAN 1, 2016 plus FOUR MONTHS is the presumed RAPTURE, Sat, AUG 6, 2016……..and LEO 15 (‘middle of LION’S teeth’…”no one can SNATCH the prey/Church from the ‘LION of JUDAH’). The earth will ‘lose’ 22 days (only by solar-day count, not Mazzarot cycle) and LEO 1 is JULY 23 (-22 = July 1) and the 15th day of LEO is AUG 6 and will be JULY 15 when earth is straight.

    Perhaps the 4 mths delay refers to “FOUR MTHS then the HARVEST” (Jn 4:35) and 118 days is FOUR JEWISH MTHS…..spec.

    Interestingly, Apr 9, 2016 (NISAN 1) was ARIES 17, which will be MARCH 17 and NISAN 17 in the Millennium; and at flood end on NISAN 17 God said Nisan 17 should be the “beginning of mths.” I.e., NiSAN 1 and NISAN 17 will be ‘as the same day’ in that respect. Note too that in 2024, NISAN 1 will also be ARIES 17, APR 9 (minus the tilt = March 17)………….a total of 8 yrs from NISAN 1, 2016 to NISAN 1, 2024.

    Note again NISAN 17: flood end (Gen 8:4), Hebrews entered Egypt Exod 12: 40-41 (stayed 430), Red Sea Crossing, Israel entered Canaan/ate Firstfruits Josh 5:10-12, Walls of Jericho fell Josh 5:13, Cleansing of Temple/Hezekiah II Chron 19, Esther saves Hebrews Esther 3:12, 5:1, Jesus AROSE……and virtually, the RAPTURE if above paragraph occurs thusly.

    8 yrs is significant as attention to the ‘count’ comes into play……………….1-yr warning +7-yr trib = 8 yrs…spec.

    As for the two 280-day ‘spiritual gestation’ spans of Church & Remnant (as Jesus’ 280-day gestation span):

    ……CHURCH: SUCCOTH (Tish 15), 2015 + 280 days is SIGNING (trib start), Aug 3, 2016 (+3 days to Rapture, not

    ……REMNANT:: ROSH HASHANA 2022 plus 280 days to TAMMUZ 17, 2023 (July 6), the Isaiah 63 Temple Entrance
    Remnant ‘born’ into the Millennial Kingdom)

    Jesus’ and John the Baptist’s physical GESTATION were NOT COUNTED in history either because Biblical ages always began on WHOLE NUMBERS. BIRTH to age ONE was not counted either…….just as a baby isn’t age TWO until the end of age ONE +364.99999 days more.

    All FOUR (Jesus, John the Baptist, Church, Remnant) are the BODY of CHRIST with only one 75-day span to finish a 355-day year (280+75=355….shana). John the Baptist is included because he had the Holy Spirit in him from the womb, different from any other fetus. Interestingly, NISAN 1, 2023 (Mar 23) plus 75 days is June 6, 2023, the day the earth is straight.

    The 21 uncounted years (i.e. 20 FULL years……20 yrs +364.99999 days) so that ROSH 2022 minujs 21 yrs = 2001… start of 121st Jub/7th Millen: Know that under age 20 (even a FULL 20….military age) was not counted (Numbers 1). That’s why we find ourselves in the year 2016 now.

    2 yrs Creation to the FALL, then the 1st Jubilee beginning at year ONE (Gen 6:3)
    4 yrs Jesus’ 3.5-yr ministry + 6 mths John the Baptist’s ministry
    7-yr trib (Holy Spirit restrained, Satan ‘in charge’)
    4 gestations….never counted in one’s age (Jesus, Jn Baptist, Church, Remnant)
    3 yrs: Birth to age one of Jesus, John the Baptist, Church (but not for Remnant)
    1-yr warning (Jerem 51:46)….as for Abr, Hana, Neb, Esther (prep), Shulamite woman, Eliz

    Thus ROSH 2022 (legal trib end before the Remnant’s 280-day gestation is added, ending at TAMMUZ 17, 2023) minus 20 full yrs (virtually minus 21 yrs) is ROSH 2001….6001, beginning of the 121st Jubilee, 7th Millen (Lev 25:9).

    Interestingly, the RETURN at June 28, 2023 (CANCER 6) plus exactly 280 days (‘gestation’ of 1st Millen yr, but via 30-day perfect mths/straight earth) = NISAN 1, 2024 (Apr 9, ARIES 17)….spec.

    If the EZEK 38 Divine Victory in Israel occurs at ELUL 1 (Sept 4, 2016), approx 32 days past Signing, then the 7 Jewish FUEL USE by Israel of Russian weaponry (Ezek 39:9) may span ELUL 3, 2016 to ELUL 3, 2023 (trib end, Aug 20, 2023, w/ tilt minus considered)…spec.

    ROSH 2015 +6 mths = NISAN 1, 2016……+4 mths to HARVEST (Rapture) and ROSH 2014 – ROSH 2015 was likely the legal ‘1-yr warning.’ ROSH 2014 was the full end of:

    40 yrs from 1973 (Abortions/Roe-Wade), & the last of the 3 wicked forties = 120 (Gen 6:3)
    46 yrs from 1967 (Jn 2:20)…and # of human chromosomes
    65 yrs from 1948 (Isa 7:8..”Israel shattered”….+ Enoch’s age as father of Methuselah). 1948 degree F is the melting pt of gold.

    Note 2550 days from SIGNING to Isa 63 Temple Entrance (Aug 3, 2016 to July 28, 2023, AV 9) matching 2550 years from 583 B.C. to 1967.

    When earth is STRAIGHT, the RAPTURE date will be ‘as having occurred’ on JULY 14, 2016. Add exactly 2520 days to arrive at JUNE 6, 2023, the day the earth is STRAIGHT.

    Also, note the 1480-yr difference between 536 B.C. (Purim) and 2016……and 1480 = CHRIST in Greek.

    Also, note 34 A.D. (the Cross) +1967 yrs = 2001.

    Also note 519 B.C. (Haggai) +2520 yrs = 2001.

    As well, the year 2022 is Hebrew yr 5782 matching the 5782″ orig ht of Gr Pyram & 5782 degrees K avg temp of sun…..spec.

    The MILLEN CALENDAR (360-day, straight earth yr as at Creation & pre-flood……& 4 seasons@3 mths ea) will likely be:

    MAR 1…………..NIS 1…………..ARIES 1………………so MAR 17 will be NIS 17 and ARIES 17
    APR 1…………..IYYAR 1……….TAUR 1
    MAY 1…………..SIVAN 1……….GEM 1

    JUNE 1………..TAM 1…………..CAN 1
    JULY 1………….AV 1…………….LEO 1
    AUG 1…………..ELUL 1………..VIRGO 1

    SEP 1…………..TISH 1…………LIBRA 1……………… YOM KIP will be TISH 10 & SEPT 10 and LIBRA 10
    OCT 1…………..CHES 1……….SCOR 1
    NOV 1…………..KIS 1…………..SAGIT 1

    DEC 1…………..TEV 1………….CAPR 1
    JAN 1……………SHEV 1………..AQUAR 1
    FEB 1……………ADAR 1……….PISCES 1

    MID TRIB (1260 days past RAPTURE) = SAT, Jan 17, 2020 when the a.c. satanically RISES and kills Elijah and Moses who rise 3.5 days later on JAN 21, AQUARIUS 1…….and minus the future tilt loss is DEC 31, the original 8th day of the 8th Feast (i.e. KISLEV 24 +7 days), TEV 1, Jesus’ conception…..spec.

    MID TRIB (1260 days past SIGNING) = WED, Jan 14, 2020…….TEVET 17, which, MINUS the future tilt loss, is KISLEV 24, the original 1st day of the 8th Feast/CREATION DAY……. because KISLEV 24 plus 7 days is TEVET 1 (8th Day of 8th Feast), Jesus’ Conception Day since +280 days gestation is SUCCOTH, His BIRTH (He “TABERNACLED among us”).

    MID TRIB (Jan 14-17, 2020) is still in the ROSH year of 2019 which is the FULL end of the modern FIG TREE PATTERNS (via God’s MATHEMATICS):

    1899 +120 yrs = 2019
    1919 +100 yrs = 2019
    1939 + 80 yrs = 2019
    1949 + 70 yrs = 2019
    1969 + 50 yrs = 2019

    And w/ the in-between spans, note:
    1899 to 1969 = 70
    1919 to 1969 = 50
    1939 to 1969 = 30
    1899 to 1949 = 50

    Note again the virtual 120 promised Jubilees (Gen 6:3)….and the 121st Jub/7th Millen will begin on the real 6001 (w/ the uncounted yrs considered):

    80 to Jesus, 40 to end
    40 to Abr, 40 to Jesus, 40 to end (i.e. 40 no law, 40 law, 40 Grace)
    40 to Abr, 80 to end
    60 to David, 60 to end
    30 to flood (Ark instruc), 90 to end

    Also, the end of all the great O.T. patterns is 1996 A.D. (began 1996 B.C. birth of Abr)…..then plus 7-yr trib is 2003 which is REALLY the year 2001 since our year is 2 ahead of actual (so 36 A.D. was really 34 A.D.). The entire span from 1996 B.C. (start of the O.T. patterns) to 1996 A.D. (end of the O.T. patterns) also includes 1960 yrs on each side of the 0 year (Jesus’ birth) and 1960 is 4 x 490 and 7 x 280. 490 is the # of yrs of punishment for the Jews (483 yrs completed at the Cross…Dan 9) and 280 is gestation #. The year 2001 (6001) is the THIRD DAY/3rd THOUSAND (Hos 6:2-3) when “Israel shall be RAISED UP”…….the 3rd 1000 from Jesus’ birth.

    Briefly, the OLD TESTAMENT PATTERNS (w/ the 2-yr calendar difference) all ending at 1996 A.D.:

    1994 B.C. Abr born +70 +1960 = 36 A.D. +1960 = 1996 (+7 = 2003…which is really 2001).
    1924 B.C. Abr called at age 70 + 1960 = 36 A.D. = 1960 = 1996
    1874 B.C. Abr into Canaan, age 120 + 7 x 490 = 1996
    1864 B.C. Abr age 130, offered Isaac (age 30) + 1996
    1474 B.C. Exodus Nisan 14017, minus 40 +7 x 490 = 1996 (7 x 490 = 3430)
    1434 B.C. Jews into Canaan 40 yrs after deliverance via Moses + 7 x 490 (3430) = 1996
    1244 B.C. Ruth, 1st Gentile into Covenant +9 x 360 = 1996
    1084 B.C. Eli’s sons remove ARK from Temple + 1996 = 40 x 77 (7 x 11 = perf judg)
    +MANY more signif patterns

    Also 1027 CRUSADES to 1517 (Ottoman) is 490 yrs and 537 B.C. Temple foundation/Dedic plus 490 is 1017 CRUSADES.

    1960 yrs on EACH side of HISTORY (1960 = 7 x 280 and 4 x 490);

    1996 B.C to 1926 B.C. (Abr called at age 70)….then plus 1960 years is 36 A.D. (the Cross, and actually 34 A.D.). 36 A.D. to 1996 A.D. is 1960 years as well (so 1960 yrs….7 x 69….on BOTH sides of history)………….then 1996 plus the 7-yr trib is 2003 (really 2001 since calendar is 2 yrs off). All of the in-between O.T. patterns are 490’s, 360’s, 120’s, 40’s, 70’s, 400’s, 430’s…..etc……perhaps 50 patterns, all to and from the most significant Bible events…..way too much to review at this point.

    Another interesting span is that of 49 years from 1967 to 2016…….as the 49 DAYS from Resurrection to Pentecost; and at the RETURN minus the 21-22-days tilt loss is JUNE 5-6, 2023 which is 56 yrs from 1967 (as the 1956 Sinai Campaign). JUNE 2023 is STILL 75 yrs past 1948 as well.

    THIS is a ‘STRETCH,’ but perhaps applicable as one considers an AUG 6 Rapture:

    A perfect (& original/straight earth) Millennial year is 360 days; and a 280-day gestation +80 days completes the perfect year. Well, NISAN 17, 2016 (Apr 25) + 103 days (80+23) is Sat, Aug 6, 2016 (Rapture…?). The 23 days will MINUS when the earth straightens, losing its tilt. So with the 360-day perfect year in mind, we are raptured on NISAN 17, FIRSTFRUITS, after all!….”Jesus, the FIRSTFRUITS of all who sleep.”

    Since the Church is seen as ‘perfect,’ then the ‘cursed-tilted-earth’ year of 355 days (280 + 75) doesn’t apply to the remainder to complete a full year……but instead 280 + 80 days…….spec.

    Also, AUG 6, 2016 minus the future tilt loss is JULY 14, 2016; and plus 2520 days is JUNE 6, 2023, the day the earth is straight (22 days tilt loss back from the June 28, 2023 RETURN).

    Here’s an extra interesting fact: The moon is 240,000 miles away from earth and the difference between the Hebrew year and the Gregorian year is 240 years (i.e. 2016…..actually 6016…… is the Hebrew year 5776). Note that 1776 to 2016 (America) is also 240 yrs. Also, the sun is 93 million miles from earth on one side and 93 million miles from earth on the other side equaling 186 million miles total and 186,000 mps is the speed of light.

    How can the seeming DELAY last much longer?? Jesus said to “LOOK UP” when things get REALLY BAD (& sure enough, they ARE!!!)…..SORE NECK or not!….cause ‘looking back down’ gets downright SCARY!!!

    …….hottest day in earth’s history (Kuwait & Iraq) was 129+ F this past week and at the end of the trib there will be “great heat, no rain & no wind”…..thus mega evaporation to ‘re-form’ the water canopy above earth’ (?); so we are starting to see the increased heat already. Increase of earthquakes, etc, are likely signs of a soon-coming ‘Pole Shift’ of sorts to prepare for earth to straighten and the gigantic fire in S. California is historical, to say the least.

    GAY PARADE in JERUSALEM!…..July 21, 2016…..on the streets of the future CAPITAL of the UNIVERSE…GOD’S HOLY CITY!!!!…..UNimaginable ABOMINATION!, the huge THREAT/FEAR of ISIS, TRANSGENDER BATHROOMS!, RAMPANT ABORTIONS, GOVERNMENT GREED/CORRUPTION, TRANSGENDER children, DRUGS!, fear of ECONOMIC COLLAPSE, unseen ILLUMINATI/lBILDERBIRGS control over us, the OCCULT via movies/TV, growing anti-semitism, large cities preparing for Marshall law……!!! It’s OBVIOUS God’s ANGER is soon to be unleashed!!…just as when Israel was immersed in its WORSE sins (even sacrificing babies to Molech), God allowed the CHALDEANS to invade (worst enemy). God never changes & He is angered at the SAME THINGS as in the ancient PAST! So many false Rapture dates have been announced in the recent past (including me) that the Church is understandably SICK of the subject (scofferism); but it surely is CLOSER than ever!!!

    Making big plans on earth is becoming difficult for Christians and the need to WIN SOULS at all costs is now the top priority. THAT is the reason I write these letters… that the PROPHETICALLY-KNOWLEDGEABLE Christian (& hopefully myself) will have the ‘end-times NERVE’ to verbally & prayerfully BLAST the GOSPEL to EVERYONE they know……likely involving enormous awkwardness & embarrassment, even DANGER. Remember the ancient WATCHMAN on the WALL who seemingly ‘CRIED WOLF’ too many times and the village ignored the ‘crazy/overly zealous’ guy after awhile…………..BUT…..haz veh halilah!!!…. his LAST CRAZY WARNING was the REAL THING!

    When Jesus said to “LOOK UP,” I’m sure He meant to STUDY all the SIGNS, PATTERNS, SPANS & the ‘FIG TREE’ (Israel & its modern history).. I already KNOW that I’m taking a CHANCE at negative reception to constantly SHARE a plausible Rapture date; but if I don’t, then the important calendar points will ‘sink’ into oblivion and the Church will be fooled into lethargy or indifference….and winnable souls may be lost. TOO MUCH has been provided for us to notice! If I’m wrong again, WHO CARES!??? To ponder a certain Rapture date doesn’t hurt anyone. We should already be living AS IF the Rapture is the next SECOND! What to do!!??? Just GLEAN & ask the Lord if you should take ANY of the above seriously! He knows how your mind should be occupied and what WASTES your time. If the patterns no longer work, then I’ll allow the subject to sink into oblivion as well.

    A repeated REVIEW: JESUS, the ‘ONE and the EIGHT’ (FIRST & LAST)…….ALPHA (1) & the OMEGA (800)….thus Hebrew New Year’s Day in Millennium = NISAN 1 (1st mth), ARIES 1 (8th sign/Lamb)….Ezek 45:18). VIRGO (1st sign of the 12 signs in Mazzarot is VIRGO/purity/virgin) as Mazzarot (Virgo thru Leo) is viewed as the ‘GOSPEL STORY in the STARS’ (Seiss/Chuck Missler):


    8 is a NEW day, 7 in a week

    8 is a NEW color, 7 in spectrum

    8 is a NEW note, 7 in scale

    8th Feast, Creation (when all was perfect, no sin)

    8th Feast Conception of Jesus (because +280 is Succoth, His Birth

    8th Feast is 8 days long (Temple Dedic/519 B.C. Haggai 2/real Hanukkah)

    8th day blood clots (prothrombin)…thus Jesus circumcised on 8th Day which was the 8th Day of Succoth/TISHREI 22 (Shmeni Atzeret)….a Holy Sabbath

    8th Day Jesus Arose (up to that day SUNDAY was only FIRST DAY of each wk

    8= value of 8th letter in Hebrew alphabet/word SIN (“He became SIN for us”).

    80 Jubilees (4000 yrs/80 x 50) from Creation to Jesus’ Conception

    8000th yr New Heaven and New Earth (Greek ‘new’ means new in atomic structure)

    8th day Flood began (after last 7-day warning)

    8th day (Sunday) Jesus arose

    8th day Jesus brought to Temple to be circumcised (8 days old)

    8th day (Sunday) Jesus rode into Jerusalem on donkey (Palm Sunday)

    8th sign in the Mazzarot is LAMB (Jesus)

    8 on its side = INFINITY in math (Jesus is from everlasting to everlasting)

    8 is only number, when written, that has no beginning or ending point

    8 people saved in the Ark

    8th son of Jesse was David

    80 yrs Moses at beginning of leadership over Hebrews’ 40 yr wandering in wilderness

    80 yrs Peace in Israel (40 David, 40 Solomon)

    800 is ‘Omega’ in Greek (Jesus said, “I am the FIRST/1) and the LAST/800)

    888 total of Jesus’ name in Greek letters (only Hebrew and Greek have number for each letter)

    8 and 1, atomic weight of the bldg block of all physical creation (hydrogen 1.008)

    8th day, SUNDAY, was Pentecost

    8 min for light of sun to reach earth

    10,080 miles radius of combined diameter of earth and moon

    1080 miles radius of moon (4 x 108 = 432,000 radius of sun)

    8880 hours Noah and family in Ark (370 days x 24=8880)

    88,800 mi diameter of Jupiter, a HYDROGEN planet, and rotates 888 times in an earth yr

    8 is first cubed number

    8.1818181818 to infinity = Grand celestial cycle of the sun = 25,920 yrs divided by 3168 (another whole study)

    888 sq ft. area of Tabernacle

    8 x 108 = 864,000 miles diameter of sun

    8 Beautitudes on Sermon on the mt

    88 constellations (observable)

    88 by addition (in Hebrew) yeled yulad (a child is born)

    888 “The light dwells in Him” (Hebrew) Dan 2:22

    888 = 37 x 24 = 888 (study #37)

    8th power (3 x 10 to the 8th power = mps speed of ligt)

    8 God went through the sacrifices (covenant w/ Abraham) in a figure 8 while Abraham was in a trance.

    8880 “Behold a virgin shall conceive & bear a son, & shall call His name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is God with us”….Matt 1:23

    10,080 “His work” (by addition) peh, ayin, lamed, vav

    80 yrs 1940 – 2020 (end trib)

    888 every 7th letter of Isaiah 9:6 = 888

    888 every 7th letter of Isaiah 11:1-2

    8th day ACCEPTED…..Ezekial 43:17

    8 x 888 Galatians 4:4 (Greek) “When the time had come, God sent forth His Son, born of a woman”

    8888 (Greek) “He must reign until He has put all enemies under His feet” (I Corin 15:25)….by addition

    888 ‘His Bones’…..Human body: 650 muscles + 206 bones + 32 teeth = 888

    8 days after Resurrection, Jesus appears to Thomas: John 20:25

    888 “As a Lamb to the slaughter He was led & as a ewe before her shearers = 888 by addition (Hebrew)
    8……Hebrew 1:8 “And about the Son, God says: Thy Throne, O God, will last forever and ever…..;” Jesus is the 1 and the 8.

    80 days impurity after birth of a son (2 wks blood out + 66 more days)

    8 x 108 = 865 (864,000 mi diam of sun)

    888 x 12 = 10,656 combined miles of earth & moon; and 10,656 = 18 (1+8)

    8 miracles performed by ELIJAH (16 by ELISHA…asked for ‘double’ portion)

    888 in Greek ‘A Priest w/ Urim and Thumin” (light & perfection)

    888 in Hebrew “Salvation of our God”

    888 in Greek “I am the Life”

    808 in Greek ‘I AM” (Jehovah in Greek)

    1008 “Work of Thy Fingers” (maaseh etzbotechah)…Hebrew

    888 hrs. If earth’s orbit is laid in a straight line (595 million miles), & if one determines the time it takes for light to traverse its length: 595,000,000 divided by 186 (numerals speed of light)….seconds divided by 60 min = 888 hrs

    8880 I Peter 3:10 (“eight saved in ark”) = 8880 (Greek)

    1008 in Greek = ‘Holiness’

    888 “I am God, I change not” Mal 3:6…by addition (“Ani Adonai lo shaniti”)…yud,sheen,yud,ayin,tav,aleph,lamed,heh,yud,nun,vav

    88 in Hebrew: “The Majesty of Jehovah”

    1080 in Greek = “The Holy Spirit”

    1080 in Hebrew: “Heaven is My throne & the Earth is My Footstool”

    1080 in Hebrew: “The Lord is in His Holy Temple, let all the earth keep silence before Him (by addition)

    108 in Greek = ‘truth’

    1008 in Hebrew = ‘Tree of Life (Etz HaChaim)

    1008 in Hebrew = “The Lord is high above all the nations, and His glory above the Heavens” (Psalms 113:4)

    1080 x 8 = 8,640 (as 865,000 miles diam of sun)

    1080 in Hebrew “God Himself that formed the Earth and made it” (Isa. 45:18)

    10,080 minutes in the 7 days of creation (1 week)

    8 = 8 electrons complete a shell of an atom (full shell, valence)

    8 + 1 the atomic wt of the bldg. block of all physical creation, the hydrogen atom 1.008

    108: width of vesica (Nile Delta)

    1080 miles: perimeter of rectangle surrounding Nile Delta (w/ Great Pyramid: Isaiah 19:19) & its corresponding equal area above. Also 4 x 216 (diam moon #’s) = 1080.

    88.8 cubits, circumference of circle around the Holy of Holies (a square)

    8 furlongs in 1 mile (8 x 660 ft = 5280 ft)

    108 “They shall be white” (yalveenu) +108 “He was pierced” (mahalel) = 216 “Sparkling Red” (haclelee). 216 is LION in Hebrew and 2160 miles is the diameter of the moon. Stand in a dark room w/ only a red light. Wear a white shirt w/ red spots. All red spots disappear; so red spots ‘disappear.’ So red cancels red and red on red produces 216 (“Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow”).

    8 x 1.8 = 144 (1.8 mi – a furlong)

    JERUSALEM (yud, resh, vav, sheen, lamed, yud, mem sofeet……10,200,6,300,30,10,40 by multiplication = 10,800,000

    1080 x 8………864,000 miles sun’s diameter and 8×1080 =8640. 864 also = CORNERSTONE in Gk

    888….Three 8’s = 24……Kislev 24 Creation, 24 elders, 240 difference betw Heb & Greg yr, 24 = 12 disciples & 12 sons of Jacob, 24th day of Shevat UFO over Jerusalem/Jan 29, 2011 (spec).

    Great Pyramid (Isa 19:19-20) has 8 sides (each of the 4 sides is concave)

    8th day……full symptoms appear from an infection/malaria/pneumonia (medical)……..needs study
    8th day……full healing appears after the above (i.e. body takes 7 days to HEAL or to get SICK)…medical, needs study

    Pluck a string and the sound (when visually recorded) is in a NUMBER 8 shape

    Via God’s MATHEMATICS, HISTORY is virtually FINISHED. Look at a condensed history of only Israel:

    1517 Ottoman Empire conquers Palestine………………….+400 to 1917
    1917 British conquer Palestine (Allenby/Balfour)………….+30 to 1947
    1947 Dead Sea Scrolls/proof 2nd half of Isaiah is Jewish (Statehood considered)….+20 to 1967
    1967 Israelis take Temple Mt in Jerusalem…………………..+50 to 2017
    2017 Israelis start 3rd Temple Worship (2300 days)1517 +400 = 1917 + 100 = 2017
    1517 Ottoman Empire conquers Palestine……………………+500 = 2017

    1517 + 500 = 2017
    1517 + 430 = 1947
    1917 + 50 = 1967
    1967 + 50 = 2017
    1917 + 100 = 2017
    1917 + 30 = 1947
    1947 + 20 = 1967

    God said in Gen 6:3 that he would STRIVE w/ man 120 yrs (one meaning is 3 x 40)…..holding back his greatest ANGER…..and involving the KILLING of BABIES. There are three 40’s related to the killing of babies:

    40…. Pharoah kills all under 2…….followed later by the 40 years wandering under Moses
    40…..Herod kills all under 2………..followed later by the 40 yrs Jn Baptist’s ministry to 70 A.D. (yr 30-70)
    40…..Roe/Wade 1973 to 2013 Millions of Abortions here and abroad….+ the delay to onset of God’s anger

    Of course 40 = testing……….50+ Biblical events involved the NUMBER 40….too much to review.

    I could go on and on. Since we know God handles the universe in perfect MATHEMATICS, pray tell me, WHAT ELSE was the Church supposed to NOTICE when Jesus said, “Look up”?….just at the CLOUDS??? We even have books, videos, TV & internet that validate the above events! We’re so privileged to be the recipients of this INCREASED KNOWLEDGE that God promised in the last days…..knowledge that is SUPPOSED to motivate us to :WITNESS non stop LIKE the DISCIPLES did……..the REAL reason we’ve been LEFT here on earth. I once tried to share a few great numbers with my wonderful Sunday School group and one lady said, “Oh, so you’re a NUMEROLOGIST?!” That’s why I only forward these letters to YOU!!! Numerology is occultic use of numbers. The Devil has made sure that even the Christians avoid history’s numbers & spans.

    Janet Herscu

    July 24, 2016 at 10:18 am

    • Janet I have no time to read this long and detailed article today, but will try to do soon.I scanned over it and your 8 are dominant to the extreme. Good work.


      July 24, 2016 at 10:17 pm

  3. ….three ‘errors’ above:

    One date written as 1017 A.D. should read 1027 A.D. (CRUSADES)..

    As for the 24’s and 240’s, 1776 plus 240 yrs is also 2016……if applic.

    In the list of EIGHTS, 1940 +80 yrs to 2020 holds no signif for me at this point…..only the fact that HOLOCAUST 1939 +80 yrs = ROSH year of 1919 (which is the mid trib year).

    Janet Herscu

    July 25, 2016 at 11:45 pm

  4. Hi eono . through metal box yes.


    July 26, 2016 at 5:53 pm

  5. Attempted CLARIFICATION of the 490’s…..& a REVIEW of 1960 yrs on EACH SIDE of the CROSS (36 A.D.).

    Abraham called (at age 70) 1924 B.C…..+1960 yrs = 36 A.D. (really 34 A.D. w/ 2-yr error)

    36 A.D. + 1960 yrs = 1996 A.D. (end O.T. patterns) +7-yr trib = 2003 (really 2001/6001, end 6,000 full yrs).

    1960 yrs is 4 x 490.:

    1924 B.C. +490 yrs = 1434 B.C. (end of 40 yrs wandering)

    1434 B.C. +490 yrs = 447 B.C.(Artexerxes edict…Dan 9:25)

    447 B.C. +490 yrs = 36 A.D. (the CROSS)…..short of 7 yrs (i.e. 483 yrs, not 490 yrs…..Daniel 9) since the LAST SEVEN yrs is the trib.

    There is NO WAY that these four 490’s don’t hold enormous historical/mathematical significance.verifying the end of history. Know that I continually research to try to ‘back up’ the info I share…..thus keeping inaccuracies at a minimum which may lead the reader astray.

    Janet Herscu

    July 26, 2016 at 6:52 pm

    • Janet good work on the 490 yr cycle!


      July 29, 2016 at 8:00 am

  6. ….left out one of the 490’s:

    1434 B.C. +490 yrs = 944 B.C., Solomon’s Temple Finished/Dedicated.

    Janet Herscu

    July 26, 2016 at 9:09 pm

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