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Aug 13, 2016 Is war coming to the middle east due to bottom prices for oil?

Economic collapse and war are the second and third seals of the book of Revelation with the red horse and the black horse coming in series.

Is this article below a preamble of the tragedy that is coming? Will the collapse of the price of oil precipitate a war that has been taking shape for quite some time now and that will bring total devastation to the whole area?

The question is: are we weeks,months or years away from this unfolding?


If Oil Prices Don’t Rise, the Middle East Will Sink

 | Aug 13, 2016 | 12:00 PM EDT

Stock quotes in this article:












The ongoing collapse in oil prices that began two years ago is setting the stage for a catastrophic situation in the Middle East if it continues. That catastrophe could come in three stages of war: civil war within the boundaries of each sovereign; war between sovereign states; and most broadly, for the intra-Islamic fight between the Sunnis and Shias to devolve into a war of finality between them, with one side vanquishing, conquering and perhaps even attempting to extinguish the other.

I first addressed the potential for oil prices to be caught in a secular decline and its implications shortly after the collapse in prices began in 2014 in the column, “Oil and the Limits to Growth.”

Although the process I laid out has largely occurred over the past two years, one part of that process has glaringly not occurred, and has enormous implications for what happens from this point forward.

That issue is that U.S. alternative oil producers have not been driven out of business to the extent I envisioned was probable; not even close.

As I discussed in the column, “The Biggest Current Threat to the Markets” last November, my expectation was that as the Saudis held oil prices down, the U.S. alternative producers would have to severely reduce production, loan defaults would spike, bankruptcies requiring the transfer of assets would follow, and the time it would take for all of this action to play out legally would preclude the ability of the U.S. alternative E&P industry from raising capital to restart production, even as the Saudis allowed oil prices to begin increasing again.

It would have been a temporary situation but would have provided an immediate reprieve of the fiscal issues facing all the OPEC countries, and in the process relieve the social tensions caused by the lack of economic activity in the region.

That hasn’t happened and economic activity throughout the Middle East has plunged as a result.

The most daunting aspect of this is that the Saudis are running the largest fiscal budget deficit of all the OPEC members, with the exception of Libya, and as a result must produce oil, regardless of OPEC-mandated limits, in order to meet fiscal budget requirements.

The fiscal spending is required to fund the social welfare programs the citizens have come to rely upon. The government is fearful that reducing these programs could lead to social unrest and even civil war.

However, this is causing the other countries to suffer economically and raising the possibility of social unrest and civil war in them.

I don’t know how the U.S. alternative oil sector has been able to achieve the financial efficiencies allowing companies not only to continue to produce for the past two years but with many of them experiencing big rebounds in their stock prices.

Year to date, Continental Resources (CLR) is up by 100%, EOG Resources (EOG) 30%, Hess (HES) 17%, Marathon Oil (MRO) 13% and Statoil ASA (STO) 17%.

The only one of this group that’s down is Whiting Petroleum (WLL) , by 19%, which is also by far the smallest of them.

I don’t know if it is possible for the alternative producers to continue operating with oil prices at these levels, but it is beginning to appear that they are the marginal producers of oil globally, which means they, not the Saudis, are the group with the capacity to determine the price of oil.

If that is the case, it is probable that oil prices will never again move above the fiscal break-even prices required to allow OPEC to continue to function or for the member countries to avoid fiscal, economic and social crises.

The research I’ve read pertaining to the viability of the alternative oil sector to continue operating falls in two basic categories. One group insists that technological and financial efficiencies achieved over just the past two years have allowed the industry to become the marginal producer, displacing Saudi Arabia permanently.

The other group insists that the efficiencies are illusionary, have been achieved by way of temporary reductions in capital investment, and will disappear as the industry is forced to make those investments or reduce production.

I don’t know which is right, perhaps there is a bit of truth in both.

The one thing that appears certain, however, is the Middle East is on a path toward social upheaval that will make the Arab Spring pale in comparison, if oil prices don’t at least start rising toward where they were before the collapse began two years ago.

Nando end

Written by twelvebooks

August 13, 2016 at 2:22 pm

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  1. Sorry to veer off the subject……but time is short!

    Via math/spec………………….SAT, AV 9 SIGNING, TUES, AV 12 RAPTURE….?!! (3-day ‘overlap’)

    TUESDAY (AV 12, Aug 16, 2016)…..Rapture?….is the 3rd Day (Hos 6:2-3), TUESDAY, the original Groom-Arrival/Wedding Day (& as Wedding in Cana)…..and also 120 days (4 mths to Harvest) past Nisan 10……anniv of Decision/Division Day (Palm Sunday, Jesus into Temple on donkey)

    THIRD DAY (Hos 6:2-3) is the 3rd 1000 from Jesus’ Birth (2001/6001….start of Millen when the 20 full uncounted yrs are subtracted) AND a TUESDAY Wedding Day.

    AV 9 was SATURDAY and fits EVERYTHING….BEFORE & AFTER!; and AV 9 minus the future tilt loss (as earth straightens) is TAMMUZ 17………2 of the remaining FAST DAYS to be “turned to joy” (Zech 8:19). It’s likely that God meant for us to NOTICE that there is a 22-day difference (the future tilt loss of earth) between those 2 Fast days.

    NISAN 1, 2017 (the end of 7 Jewish mths burying past Elul1, the Ezek 38 Divine Victory?), 3rd Temple Cleansed +ashes of Red Heifer (Zech 45:18, Num 19) plus 2300 days/Dan 8:13-14 TEMPLE DESECRATION is the Isaiah 63 Temple Entrance 30 days past the Return, JULY 15, 2023 (the future, Millennial AV 15 as well as LEO 15 (‘middle of LION…12th sign/perfect gov’t’).

    July 15 will be the Millennial AV 15 even though the actual Av 15, 2023 is AUG 3; but the 2 calendars & the Mazzarot will be IN SYNC once earth is straight. Desecration of the Temple is the offering the RED HEIFER ashes (Num 19)……a symbol of Jesus Christ…

    Isa 63 Temple Entrance plus 45 days judg of the Nations is SEPT 1, 2023 (trib end), the new, Millennial TISHREI 1 and LIBRA 1 (see calendar below)….all in sync. (W/ the tilt loss considered, the trib end date is Sep 22, our present LIBRA 1). LIBRA is the sign of ‘BALANCED JUDGMENT SCALES’….since the 45-day judg of the Nations will be OVER……………..and plus 14 days is TABERNACLES. There MUST be a Tishrei 1 and 10 for there to be a Succoth celebration.

    Mid trib 1260 days past RAPTURE (a.c. rises/indwelt by Satan) is SHEVAT 2, 2020 (TUES, Jan 28) and SHEVAT is the 11th mth (#11 = judgment). It is also AQUARIUS 8, may or may not be significant.

    Jan 28, 2020 minus the future tilt loss will be JANUARY 6-8 (Gk Orthod Christmas) and the actual DEC 24 (due to the 12-day 1500’s calendar change). JAN 8, 2020 is also the FAST of TEVET 10…….a more likely fulfillment (to joy) of the FAST of Tevet 10 than the 10th day of gestation/fert’zd ovum implanted into the uterine wall of Mary.

    Jan 6-8 is REALLY Dec 24 which was KISLEV 24, CREATION DAY; and Jesus was conceived on the 8th day after CREATION (TEVET 1…as 8th day of 8th Feast/Hanukkah today) because +280 days gestation is SUCCOTH/TABERNACLES, His Birth. JAN 6-8 on our present calendar is REALLY DEC 24-25.

    “FOUR MONTHS to HARVEST” (120 days, 4 perfect/Millen mths) spans NISAN 10 (Apr 18, 2016) to the RAPTURE at Tuesday, AV 12, Aug 16.

    ROSH/YOM 2015 to ROSH/YOM 2022 is the LEGAL 7-yr count (when Gen 6:3, 120 Jub’s is figured w/ the 20 uncounted full yrs). 20 FULL yrs (uncounted) is 20 yrs +364.99999 days… 2022 minus 21 yrs ends at ROSH/YOM 2001 which is 6001, start of the 121st Jub/7 Millen.

    ROSH/YOM 2023 IS NOT YET REACHED at Jesus’ Return, so the count STAYS at ROSH/YOM 2022 anyway. Remember that in the Bible, age 20 and under (even a FULL 20) and was NOT COUNTED in military or tithing responsibilities. Thus Rosh/Yom 2022 minus 20 FULL yrs (20 yrs +364.99999 days) = 2001, 6001, start of 121st Jub/7th Millen.

    ROSH/YOM 2022 +280 days (Remnant’s spiritual gestation) = RETURN of Jesus (at ‘CALL BACK’ Day) plus 80 more days to trib end………because via the Millen system, 280+80 days is 360 days, ONE YR. The 280 +75 will occur, but the tilt loss straightening, etc, will likely create a 5-day difference in the scenario. The 280 also spans YOM KIP (Oct 5, 2022) to the Isa 63 Temple Entrance, July 15, 2023. From the start of the Millennium, a YEAR will then be 360 days (not 355 anymore).

    SIGNING (AV 9) +22 days of world chaos & N. Invasion of Israel is ELUL 1 (Sept 4), the possible EZEK 38 Divine Victory in N. Israel…..then plus 205 days (7 Jewish mths Burying bodies/Bldg 3rd Temple) is NISAN 1, 2017 (Mar 28)……Cleansing of the Temple +ashes of Red Heifer/Ezek 45:18, Num 19. The DIVINE VICTORY in Israel on ELUL 1, 2016 MINUS the 22-day future tilt loss is also the FAST of AV 9. So when the earth is straight, the Ezek 38 Divine Victory will be ‘as having occurred’ on AV 9….a DAY of JOY, for sure.

    NISAN 1, 2017 starts the 2300 days Temple Desecration (Dan 8:13-14) ending at the ISA 63 Temple Entrance (Jesus + Remnant….from Petra via Bozrah) JULY 15, 2023…..which will also be LEO 15 & the ‘new’ AV 15. W/out the tilt minus considered, the July 15, 2023 date is the ‘same’ as August 7, 2023.

    To explain the 5 extra days involved at the Return (80 vs 75), any TAMMUZ 19 (Return, SAT, July 8, 2023) +75 days is TISHREI 6 (Sept 21, LIBRA 1); but SEPT 16 is the actual ROSH HASHANA of 2023; and since a year will be 360 days, NOT 355 days (a Jewish yr….280+75 = 355), then the ROSH year 2023 is LIBRA 1 which will be Sept 21….5 days PAST Sept 16, the actual Rosh Hashana 2023……then Sept 21 MINUS the tilt loss is SEPT 1….all in sync (see calendar)…..then plus 14 days is TABERNACLES (Tishrei 15….Zech 14….the SEVENTH FEAST obediently attended by the ‘judged’ Nations, or no rain for them).

    Virtually, the RETURN is CANCER 15…then +30 days mourning is LEO 15 and +45 days judg of Nations is LIBRA 1….trib end………………both calendars & the Mazzarot IN SYNC (360 days each). CANCER (crab) has within it the praesepe (beehive nebulae in the protective ‘grip’ of the crab)……”No one can snatch them from My hand”……since the a.c. (via Satan) will be trying to kill the protected Jews in Petra, the ones who will CALL MESSIAH BACK.

    SIGNING at AV 9 is LEO 22 (12th sign/LION, double 11/double judgment/ANGRY LION, thus trib start) and plus 2550 days (2520 +30 mourning) is LEO 15 (MIDDLE of LION’S MOUTH….”No one able to snatch the Remnant from God’s hand”), the Isa 63 Temple Entrance of the procured REMNANT. 2550 days match the 2550 yrs from 583 B.C. (Temple Destruc) to 1967. 2550 days is Aug 13, 2016 to Aug 7, 2023.

    LIBRA 1 will be TISHREI 1 (& SEPT 1) in the Millen and the entire trib, starting at AV 9, ENDS THERE!).


    Mar 1………Aries 1………Nisan 1…………8 and 1/eighth sign/LAMB, 1st mth
    Apr 1………Taur 1………..Iyyar 1
    May 1……..Gem 1……….Sivan 1

    June 1…….Cancer1 ……Tammuz 1
    July 1………Leo 1…………Av 1
    Aug 1………Virg 1………..Elul 1

    Sept 1……..Libra 1……….Tish 1
    Oct 1……….Scorp 1………Ches 1
    Nov 1….,.,..Sagit 1……….Kis 1

    Dec 1………Capr 1………..Tev 1
    Jan 1……….Aquar 1………Shev 1
    Feb 1……….Pisces 1……..Adar 1

    The full legal count (w/ attention to YOM KIP….Lev 25:9) actually spans TISH 10, 2015 to TISH 10, 2022 (7 yrs). Note that SIX mths past TISH 10, 2015 is NISAN 10, 2016….and plus the 4 mths delay (120 days is AV 12, 2016, possible Rapture.

    NISAN 10 is when Messiah’s Earthly Kingdom was ‘supposed’ to begin when Jesus (the LAMB) entered the Temple on a donkey….Palm Sunday. Those who BELIEVED that Jesus was the real KING of KINGS were virtually the ‘FIRST HARVEST.’ FOUR mths from NISAN 10, 2016 is the ‘SECOND HARVEST’…..the RAPTURE; and note that at the RAPTURE all believers, ALL human fetuses, embryos, babies, children & all under a full age 20 (depending on spiritual maturity between ages 13 & the full 20) will be RAPTURED (HARVESTED).

    The earth may take 2-3 days to straighten…?…(Hos 6:2-3, Isa 13:13, 24:1,19,20) +75 days (30+45) is trib end at Sept 21 (Tish 6), 2023, LIBRA 1. Fourteen days later will be LIBRA 15 & the new TISHREI 15 (& SEPT 15 when all is figured), TABERNACLES. God’s FEAST DAYS don’t change; so Rosh & Yom Kip (5th & 6th Feasts) are forever and ROSH & YOM 2023 MUST precede TABERNACLES/SUCCOTH (Zech 14). The only change in the 7 Feasts is the canceled use of the HOLY of HOLIES at Yom Kippur since the veil tore at the Cross.

    SATURDAYS are across the board as well….the SIGNING, MID TRIB ABOM DESOL, RETURN & the ISA 63 Temple Entrance (w/ tilt loss considered).

    All is accurate concerning the two 1260’s, 1290, 1335, 2300, 7 mths burying, 30 days mourning, 45-day judg Nations & the 7 yrs fuel use/Ezek 39:9 if burying begins approx Sept 10, 2016 to Aug 7, 2023 (Isa 63 Temple Entrance) and the significant Mazzarot points throughout.

    YOM KIPPUR (Tishrei 10, 2022) will be “turned to joy” (Zech 8:19) as the ‘start’ of the 280-day spiritual gestation of the REMNANT (count SAT – SAT)……and 280 days past Oct 5, 2022 (Tish 10) is JULY 15, 2023, the Isa 63 Temple Entrance (Remnant ‘born’ into the Millennial Kingdom).

    SHEVAT is the 11th Hebrew mth (Jan 28, 2020)…..(a.c. ‘rises’/indwelt by Satan) is still in the 2019 ROSH yr and all the FIG TREE PATTERNS (FULL yrs) still hold: The days from ROSH 2019 up until the day BEFORE Rosh 2020 are NOT COUNTED because the Jewish year COUNT begins only at Rosh Hashana.

    NOTE the following modern FIG TREE PATTERNS:

    ZION CONF……………………..1898 – 9 = 2019
    ALLENBY/BALFOUR………..1918 – 9 = 2019
    HOLOCAUST…………………..1938 – 9 = 2019
    STATEHOOD…………………..1948 – 9 = 2019
    TEMPLE MT…………………….1968 – 9 = 2019

    Note also:

    1898 – 1948 = 50
    1898 – 1938 = 40
    1898 – 1968 = 70
    1898 – 1918 = 20


    1918 – 1938 = 20
    1918 – 1948 = 30
    1918 – 1968 = 50

    1938 – 1968 = 30…………………etc, etc.

    All the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 70’s hold great Biblical significance many times over…..even the various Biblical MEASUREMENTS! In addition, the great O.T. Patterns beginning at 1996 B.C. (Abr born) & ending at 1996 A.D. (+7 yr trib = 2003 which is actually 2001, 6001 since our yr is 2 yrs ahead of acrual) are awesome as well………..spans of 280’s, 360’s, 400’s, on and on….perhaps 30 spans. The 120 Jubilees (6,000 full yrs promised in Gen 6:3……NOT counting the 20 full yrs) were reviewed previously with number spans at the most significant points in Hebrew history (Abr’s birth, Jesus’ birth, ark instruc/flood, David etc….all equaling 120 Jub’s):

    60 + 60
    80 + 40
    40 + 80
    40 + 40 + 40
    30 + 90

    Note also between the Jewish year 5776 (2016) and 1776 = a number difference of 4000. Also 1776 plus 240 yrs is 2016 (and 240,000 miles is distance to moon….and note all the 24’s/elders/Kislev 24), 24 hrs in a day and 536 B.C. (Purim) +1480 yrs (CHRIST in Greek…………….LORD JESUS CHRIST = 3618 (another huge study).

    Remember how God mercifully kept Methuselah (Heb: ‘at his death judgment to be sent’) ALIVE for 969 yrs………….longest lifespan in history……………since God did NOT DESIRE to send the flood and waited til the last possible moment allowing humans to turn to God; but, alas, only Noah was considered righteous in the WHOLE EARTH (MERCY, ONE MAN??!!…..lucky family, though!….the 3 sons & their wives!).

    So RAPTURE may be TUESDAY, AUG 16…..3rd Day…..’Groom-Arrival/Wedding Day’ (Hos 6:2-3 “Israel RAISED UP on the 3rd day”… meaning, other is 3rd 1000 from Jesus’ birth). There MUST be the 3-day delay to account for the two witnesses’ 1260-day ministry span ending at mid trib when they are killed.

    There has to be 1260 days Elijah and Moses’ ministry til they are killed by the RISEN (Satan-indwelt) anti christ. Those 1260 days span the SIGNING (Sat, AV 9, 2016) to Sat, Jan 25, 2020, covenant BROKEN/a.c. killed.

    THREE days later on TUESDAY, Jan 28, 2020 when the a.c. rises (w/ supernatural/Satanic power), he finally has the POWER to kill the 2 witnesses……….which is 1260 days past TUESDAY, Aug 16, 2016, the day that Elijah and Moses ARRIVE (same day as RAPTURE).

    The SIGNING may likely be covert, since the “man of sin won’t be revealed until AFTER the Church (Restrainer in the Church) is taken out of the way.”

    So all FOUR FAST DAYS (Zech 8:19) are fulfilled (“turned to joy”) in the above spec scenario when earth is straight: Tammuz 17, Av 9, Tishrei 10, Tevet 10

    Note again also 34 A.D. +1967 = 2001 and 519 B.C. (Hag) + 2520 yrs = 2001 (6001). Also the year 5783 (2022) matches the sun’s avg K temp (5783 degrees) and the orig ht of the Gr Pyramid w/ capstone (5783″) before erosion.

    All seems to be on schedule; and for the Jews, an AV 9 SIGNING (trib start) may be the 10th tragic event for them in Jewish history, the primary PURPOSE of which is the Lord’s PROCUREMENT of the REMNANT & the tribulation saints; but it HAS to be DONE since the LORD is perfect and JUST (and MATHEMATICAL)….even though it likely BREAKS GOD’S HEART to REMOVE HIS HOLY SPIRIT (the RESTRAINER) from earth & ALLOW Satan to reign for the last half of the trib. What a SORRY, SORRY generation this is…………..’could have had’ SO much!!! I hope it’s not the primarily the FAULT of the CHURCH……lukewarm and immersed in the world….and NOT ready to DIE for the witness. I keep telling the Lord that I’m a SISSY (one reason I write these letters!). I hope I ‘get away with it!

    Janet Herscu

    August 14, 2016 at 6:35 pm

  2. All still seems accurate, but add a day………to WED, AUG 17…….RAPTURE

    Of course scofferism has set in. I’m almost there myself! But, get this:

    YOM KIP 2015 +280 +22 that will minus (Church’s spiritual ‘gestation’) = WED, Aug 17 RAPTURE.

    YOM KIP 2022 +280 (Remnant’s spiritual ‘gestation’) = WED, July 12, 2023 RETURN (Remnant ‘BORN’ on ‘CALL BACK DAY’).

    YOM KIP 2023 = trib end ( Rapture Aug 17, 2016 +2520 + 75 = YOM KIP, 2023 (Sept 25).

    ……………..(so YOM KIP is “turned to joy”)

    SIGNING was likely SUNDAY, AV 10 (counts start on SUNDAYS) which was 22 days past TAMMUZ 17…………… both AV 10 and TAMMUZ 17 were “turned to joy.” But 17 days past the Rapture at ELUL 1 (Sep 4) the EZEK 38 Divine Victory in Israel may occur (7 mths burying before Nisan 1) and Elul 1 minus the future 22-day loss will be AV 9…….”turned to joy.”

    Mid trib (a.c. ‘rises’) is Wed, JAN 29, 2020 which is 22 days past the FAST of TEVET 10… when earth is straight, that day will be ‘as having occurred’ on TEVET 10.

    JAN 26, 2020 (a.c. breaks covenant/killed) minus the 21-22 day future tilt loss will be JAN 5 which is REALLY Dec 24 (solar Creation Day anniv, orig KISLEV 24). Jan 5 is Dec 24 due to the 12-day calendar error.

    NISAN 1, 2017 (Temple Dedic/Cleansed), burying finished, plus 2300 days desecration (+3 mid trib uncounted) is TUESDAY, JULY 18, 2023, the Isa 63 Temple Entrance 30 days past the Return. WITHOUT the 22-day tilt minus considered the Isa 63 Temple Entrance is AUG 11 (then +45 days to YOM KIP 2023).

    The TUESDAY, July 18, 2023 Isaiah 63 Temple Entrance is likely the great THIRD DAY/TUESDAY mega WEDDING PROCESSION from Petra (Remnant led by Jesus….Isa 63).

    The actual SEVEN-yr COUNT (from a YOM KIP) is YOM KIP 2015 to YOM KIP 2022……then minus the 20 fulll yrs (20 + 364.99999 days) is virtually 2001 (6001), start of the 121st Jub/7th Millen (Lev 25:9).

    There are still FOUR MONTHS from NISAN 10 (day of division/decision when Jesus entered Temple on donkey) to the RAPTURE.

    The RETURN at July 12, 2023 (Tam 23) is BEFORE ROSH/YOM 2023, so the COUNT STAYS at Rosh/Yom 2022.

    IF significant, the SIGNING (Sun, Av 10, Aug 14) was LEO 24 (LION of JUDAH, 888….ultimate ‘anger’ of the Lion, thus trib start)….mega spec. Know that on AV 10, the Temple was FULLY destroyed (begun on Av 9).

    All 4 FAST DAYS are “turned to joy.” You know all the other details from the past 3 letters.

    Janet Herscu

    August 15, 2016 at 1:36 pm

  3. Addendum: If the EZEK 38 Divine Victory in Israel is ELUL 1, SEP 4, 2016 and the trib end is SEPT 25, 2023 YOM KIP), then minus the tilt loss is SEPT 4, 2023. So the SEVEN YRS FUEL USE BY ISRAEL (Ezek 39:9) could span those exact 7 solar yrs…..Sept 4, 2016 – Sept 4, 2023….spec.

    Janet Herscu

    August 15, 2016 at 2:26 pm

  4. Trib end at YOM KIP 2023 (Sept 25) minus the tilt will be SEPT 4-5, 2023……………..then PLUS 360 days (the 1st perfect Millen yr) will be SEPT 1 (2024) the new and continuing TISHREI 1 (Rosh Hashana) from then on.

    Janet Herscu

    August 16, 2016 at 1:18 am

  5. Oh my!!! I tried to ‘catch’ you in time…….a matter of 15 minutes…..not YOUR FAULT. PLEASE give note to the info BELOW. Anyway, I think we have til FRIDAY (w/ the ‘countdown’ beginning WED late P.M. (Calif time).

    FRIDAY, AV 15!!!……………almost SURE!

    …Beginning Grape Harvest (‘God deals w/ the Jews’)
    …Tribe of Benjamin re-admitted
    …Temple Woodcutting completed for the yr
    …End of 40 yrs wandering (spies job ended)
    …Israel’s Valentines Day

    AV 15 (Aug 19, 2016) is 116 days (4 ‘moons’ to Harvest, 4 x 28) past Nisan 17 (Firstfruits…..”Jesus is the Firstfruits of all who sleep” (I Corin 15:20). There are also 4 perfect mths (120 days) from NIS 10, 2016 (Apr 18) – the signing, Aug 16.

    Signing, TUES (Kettubah 3rd day/Wedding ‘covenant’), was 23 days (tilt #, will minus) past FAST of TAMMUZ 17-18.

    YOM KIP 2015 +280 days Church ‘spiritual Gestation’ (+II Adar of 30 days) +23 (will minus) is AV 15.

    MID-TRIB is JAN 28-31, 2020 and minus 23 days future tilt loss is FAST of TEVET 10 (as well as Jan 6, the real Dec 24).

    Ezek 38 Divine Victory at ELUL 1, 2016 (Sep 4) is 22+ days (tilt that will minus) past FAST of AV 9.

    TRIB END, 75 days after TAMMUZ 22 (RETURN), Tues, July 11, 2023 +75 days is FAST of YOM KIPPUR.

    YOM KIP 2022 (start of Remnant’s 280-day spiritual gestation) is the RETURN (‘call-back day’), July 11, 2023…..then +75 = Yom Kippur 2023.

    The 2300 (+3 uncounted/mid-trib) is still NISAN 1, 2017 (3rd Temple cleansing/Ezek 45:18, and ashes of Red Heifer/Num 19 = the desecration) to the Isa 63 Temple Entrance July 18, 2023.

    The legal 7 yrs is still YOM KIP 2015 – YOM KIP 2022 (then plus the 280 is the RETURN). Yom Kip 2022 minus the 20 FULL yrs is YOM KIP 2001 (6001), Lev 25:9…..start of 121st Jub/7th Millen.

    23 days BEFORE the Rapture is TAMMUZ 22 and the RETURN is TAMMUZ 22 (because time will ‘stand still’ in a sense, since Satan will be in charge of the 7 yrs).

    ALL is on schedule from my vantage point, as RE+-PE+-TI+-TIVE+ as it has all been………….pity!!!, but NOT a study to be ignored since too much still fits!

    All other details (calendar, Jub’s, Patterns, etc) coordinate w/ the last 3 letters other than this new date of AV 15……a day that also concludes the terrible ‘sadness’ of TAMMUZ 17 and AV 9. I hate to keep getting your hopes up w/ no fulfillment; but the spans/numbers/Hebrew dates….etc, etc, draw too much attention.

    Janet Herscu

    August 16, 2016 at 10:12 pm

  6. SUN, Aug 21 (Av 17)….??

    The only things going well for us at this point (via spec study) are are the following….if we enter this weekend:

    a. NISAN 17 (Apr 25, 2016 FIRSTFRUITS) +4 Jewish mths (John 4:35….”4 mths to Harvest,” & “Jesus is the FIRSTFRUITS of all who sleep”….I Corin 15:20) is Sunday, AV 17. It is also the day the ‘count begins’ (Sunday) for Av 15 (if applic….’virgins SNATCHED from field’). All significant Biblical events involving perfection or Christians occurred on a SUNDAY (Creation/Creation count start day 8/Palm Sunday, Resurrection Sunday, Pentecost).

    b. Aug 21, 2016 is VIRGO 1, the first day of the Mazzarot cycle AND the Church is the ‘VIRGIN’ Bride.

    c. Trib end now is SUCCOTH, 2023 (Sept 30…TISHREI 15)…..2520 days trib +75 to end.

    d. But Sept 30 is LIBRA 10 which will be the new/Millennial/continuing TISHREI 10 (YOM KIP) & will yearly be SEPT 10 from then on.

    e. The 2300 days of Temple Desecration begins the day the LAMB is brought into the 3rd Temple, NISAN 10 (Apr 6, 2017) +2300 days (Dan 8:13-14) is the ISAIAH 63 TEMPLE ENTRANCE, July 24, 2023.

    f. 30 days past RETURN, July 24, 2023 (w/ tilt minus considered/straight earth), will be LEO 24….’LION of JUDAH…Jesus…888′ leading the Remnant…..PERFECT GOVT via Messiah. That day w/out the tilt loss considered is TUESDAY, Aug 15, 2023 (30 days past a July 16 Return) and TUESDAY is the ancient WEDDING DAY…thus the huge ‘WEDDING PROCESSION’ from Petra up to Jerusalem (Isa 63).

    g. The ELUL 1 (Sep 4, 2016) presumed Divine Victory in Israel +205 days (7 mths) BURYING is NISAN 1, 2017, the Ezek 45:18 Temple Cleansing…then plus 9 days is NISAN 10 when a LAMB is brought into the Temple (desecration begins).

    h. SUCCOTH 2022 (minus the 20 full, uncounted yrs) is SUCCOTH 2001 (6001)…..start of 121st Jub/7th Millen……5 days past YOM KIP 2022 (Lev 25:9).

    i. SUCCOTH 2022 +355 days (shana, 1 Jewish yr of 355 days) is Succoth 2023 (trib end)…..Zech 14:14-18…………..judged Nations attend).

    j. As for the Mazzarot (if applic), RETURN is CANCER 24 (‘protective grip of Crab/Praesepe…..11th sign/888…..Jesus arrives in JUDGMENT’) and 30 days mourning later is LEO 24 (12th sign/perf gov’t/888)…….then plus the 45 days judgment of the Nations is LIBRA 10 (Sept 30, 2023, Tishrei 15).

    k. The Ezek 38 Divine Victory in Israel is still presumed to be ELUL 1 (Sep 4, 2016) and minus the future tilt loss is the FAST of AV 9………..thus “turned to joy” when earth is straight.

    l. SUNDAYS are across the board: RAPTURE (Aug 21, 2016), mid-trib Abom Desol (Feb 2, 2020), RETURN (July 16, 2023).

    m. Since YOM KIP (TISH 10) was already “turned to joy” (& FORGIVENESS was PROCURED at the CROSS) when the veil tore and it’s mega-sacrificial use was ‘canceled,’ it is possible that TABERNACLES begins the 121st JUBILEE. If that is the case, then nothing is late. After all YOM KIP +5 more days is SUCCOTH and there is a 5-day difference between a 365-day yr and the perfect 360-day, Millen yr….spec.

    n. Know that SUCCOTH 2022 plus 280 days ‘spiritual gestation of the Remnant’ to CALL-BACK DAY (‘their birth’) is the RETURN…..then plus 75 more days (30+45) is again SUCCOTH, 2023, trib end.

    o. Note again the great Biblical events of NISAN 17: flood end (Gen 8:4), Red Sea Crossing, Entrance into Canaan, Jesus’ Resurrection….+others via study..

    My ‘spec’ approach to all of this is ‘waning;’ and the only things to ‘hang onto’ are the above in my opinion. All other details are ‘gleanable’ in the the former recent letters. It’s obvious, however, that the scenario CANNOT go PAST TABERNACLES 2023, thus this ‘last-ditch’ review.

    Janet Herscu

    August 18, 2016 at 4:22 pm

  7. ….from my spec view, ALL is still on schedule. Note that the trib numbers (esp 1260 days) are 42 mths of 30 days each; so the “4 months to HARVEST” are likely 30-day months…..thus, NISAN 17, 2016 (FIRSTFRUITS) + 120 days is AV 19 (TUESDAY, Aug 23…still VIRGO 1 too).

    The #120 has mega-significance: 120 Jub’s promised/Gen 6:3……Moses’ age at death……120 trumpeters…….the 3 wicked generations of 40 yrs each (baby killing)…..120 yrs Zionism (1902 – 2022)…..etc.

    SIGNING was likely SAT, Aug 20, 2016 and + 2520 days is the RETURN SAT, July 15, 2023 (& still CANCER 24). Any CANCER 24 plus 75 days is LIBRA 10.

    Also, NISAN 1, 2017 (Temple Cleansing/Ezek 45:18, Num 19 ashes) plus exactly 2300 days is the RETURN, July 15, 2023…..desecration ends (Dan 8:13-14). NISAN 1 is 7 mths burying past ELUL 1 which is 22 days past AV 9; so when earth is straight, the EZEK 38 Victory will be ‘as having occurred’ on AV 9…..”to joy.”

    RAPTURE is on a TUESDAY (3rd day/ancient Groom-Arrival/Wedding Day) and a.c. ‘rises’ on a TUESDAY (‘weds’ the world).

    Oct 5, 2022/YOM KIP = Lev 25:9 w/ the 20 minus FULL yrs = 2001/6001…legal start of the 121st Jub/7th Millen..

    Oct 5, 2022 plus exactly 360 days (1 perf/Millen yr) is SEPT 30, 2023; and OCT 5, 2022 (YOM KIP) is the LEGAL start of the 121st Jub/7th Millen (Lev 25:9). Return is BEFORE Rosh 2023 is reached; so the count STAYS at the YOM KIP 2022 yr.

    SATURDAYS are across the board as well: SIGNING……ABOM DESOL./a.c. breaks

    The RETURN on SAT, July 15, 2023 PLUS 2 DAYS for earth to STRAIGHTEN (Hos 6:2-3) is JULY 17…..then plus EXACTLY 75 days is SEPT 30, 2023/TABERNACLES/Zech 14:14-18.

    Remember that YOM KIP was already ‘turned to joy’/canceled when the veil tore….thus trib end at TABERNACLES.

    Janet Herscu

    August 20, 2016 at 1:45 pm

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