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Dec 11, 2016 Castro’s death and Jonathan Cahn’s proclamation of the Jubilee in Cuba

I was in Cuba at the time that Fidel started his revolution and for my family and friends it was the beginning of a long exile that is still going on.

For the people of Cuba and the world the cancer of Fidel’s communist ideology has and is festering and multiplying throughout the whole world where it is still ingrained and destroying nations and people, as in Venezuela.

Thanks to Denis Hart for such a good article.

The Lord Jesus will reign in the whole world soon.



Denis Hart (11 Dec 2016)
Will the Son of Man find FIDEL (FAITH) on the Earth?

Will the Son of Man find FIDEL (FAITH) on the Earth?

Luke 18:8  (Amplified)  I tell you that He will defend and avenge them quickly. However, when the Son of Man comes, will He find [this kind of persistent] FAITH on the Earth?

The passing of Fidel Castro may be far more important as a prophetic signal than we realise!!  During the week I came across a truly remarkable article by Jonathan Cahn on  Cuba on the World Net Daily website (  The article is titled The Day Jonathan Cahn Gave a Prophetic Sign to Fidel Castro – the direct link to the article is below:

This article is primarily about a one month opportunity for evangelism in Cuba in 1999, that has had to be hidden until now.  For those Doves who have not seen the article, I strongly recommend reading the full article.  It includes the shofar, the Magi, Jubilee timings for Fidel Castro and a meeting in the presidential palace between Johnathan Cahn and Fidel!  The ashes of Fidel Castro have been laid to rest in the Santa Ifigenia Cemetery, with a lone memorial a grey/white boulder and a black plaque engraved simply with FIDEL!    

The name FIDEL has the meaning of FAITH (derived from FAITHFUL).  What an amazing example of God’s sovereignty over nations that He causes just one word (FAITH!!) to be written on the grave of one who ruled as a dictator for so long over Cuba.  And the poignant question in Luke 18:8 – will He find Faith on the Earth!! 

FIDEL or Faith – one word on the grave of a dictator.

Maranatha!!  Denis

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As the ashes of Fidel Castro are now laid to rest in Santiago, Cuba, I am at liberty to tell the story that’s waited years to be told.

In 1999, for the first time since he took power in 1959, Fidel Castro agreed to open up the island of Cuba for the Gospel, under much control and surveillance, and for only one month. By this he would show the world that there was ‘freedom’ in Cuba – an evangelical celebration that would span the island from the east, where Castro’s revolution began, to Revolutionary Square, Havana, where he began his rule.

Fidel Castro speaking in Revolutionary Square, 1959, after the revolution

Fidel Castro speaking in Revolutionary Square, 1959, after the revolution

Word was sent to me to open the celebration with the sounding of the shofar. I agreed.


One week before leaving, a man from Cuba came to us. He was a pastor who had been imprisoned on the island for his faith. He gave us a strange word. He said we would walk the island of Cuba as the magi, bearing gifts, and we would enter the king’s palace.

We were told we would go to Cuba as the magi, bearing gifts, and enter the palace of the king

We were told we would go to Cuba as the magi, bearing gifts, and enter the palace of the king

I prayed as to what word I should bring to the people of Cuba. What came to me was the message of Jubilee. The Jubilee concerns those who have lost their land, their family’s possession, their freedom. That was Cuba. So I came to Cuba proclaiming the God’s Jubilee, His power to set free those in bondage and to bring restoration.

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But I came also with something for Fidel Castro. I purposed that if God would open the door, I would give Castro a Bible, a letter, and a shofar, the Trumpet of Jubilee, the vessel used in biblical times to proclaim freedom throughout the land.

When we landed in Cuba we had to pass through an inspection with Cuban police going over everything in our luggage. The one thing that held us up was the Jubilee shofar. They didn’t know what it was and approached it as if it was a dangerous weapon. I decided to take the shofar, and show them how it worked. I sounded it. They looked stunned, but then let us go.

In the following weeks, I spoke in churches and gatherings throughout the island to give hope and encouragement to the believers of Cuba. In place after place, Cubans came up to me and those with me to tell us that they saw visions of us coming specifically as the magi.

It was then that I realized the full significance of the word given to us before we left. As the magi had come to an unlikely place to witness the newborn life of God, so had we now come to Cuba to witness God’s newborn presence there, a revival was about to break forth. Our gift to the believers of Cuba was to strengthen and encouragement them in the Lord.

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At the same time, as in the account of the magi, there was opposition to that new life. There was a throne and an aging king on that throne who was fearful that the presence of Jesus in his land would be a threat to his regime. To the people of God, the magi’s visitation was a sign of hope and blessing. But to the king it was a sign of alarm, something to be closely watched, and ultimately a portent of the end of his reign.


The month long celebration of the Gospel opened up at the island’s eastern end as I sounded the shofar in the first public evangelical gathering in the public squares of Cuba since the revolution. The communist officials watching all around me inquired why I was blowing the “Jewish horn.” Someone else was watching – Fidel Castro.

The Evangelical Celebration of Cuba – 1999

The Evangelical Celebration of Cuba – 1999

The events were being televised throughout the island. The word soon came back to us that Castro wanted to know “Who is this man with the beard causing such a ruckus? And “What is this Jewish man doing in the churches?”

It turned out we were retracing the footsteps of Castro’s revolution – but with a very different message and of a very different revolution. I was proclaiming the Gospel and the power of God for Jubilee, for freedom and restoration.

Jonathan Cahn opening up the first public evangelical celebration in Cuba

Jonathan Cahn opening up the first public evangelical celebration in Cuba

As I spoke of these things, my translator, a man named Felix, would hesitate at times to repeat them, knowing that in virtually every place, there were secret police and informers planted in the gathering, ready to report any word considered suspicious. And just as potentially dangerous, all over the island, on church buildings, houses, walls, and taxi cabs there were now posters plastered proclaiming the words ‘El Jubileo Vienne!” “the Jubilee is Coming” or “Freedom and Release is Coming,’ above a photograph of me sounding the shofar.


Fidel Castro as a boy

Fidel Castro as a boy

On the way to Havana, I picked up a book about Fidel Castro and religion. Most people don’t’ realize that his name, ‘Fidel,’ means ‘faith.’ But as a young boy, Fidel had begun to lose faith. He told the story of how each year, at Christmas time, he would write a letter – to the magi. And every year he would get a cardboard trumpet. When he realized the magi didn’t exist, he began to lose his faith. So it all started with a boy named ‘Faith,’ who first began to lose his faith over the magi. From this would ultimately come atheism, a revolution, prison camps, firing squads, and years of suffering for an entire nation – even the banning of the celebration of Christmas. And now here we were, coming to Havana, as magi and I happened to be led to bring Fidel Castro the gift of a trumpet – of Jubilee.


The last stop before Havana was the province of Camiguey. It was my translator’s last night of ministry. He had to return to America the next day. I had no idea when I first asked him to join me that he had been born in Cuba, and that his family lost everything in the revolution, their possessions and their ancestral land. They fled to America where he grew up. There he came to the Lord. His dream and prayer was that one day he would return to Cuba and to his family’s land and his lost inheritance, and there build a church in which he would preach the Gospel. It was ironic that as I was preaching the Jubilee to Cuba, the restoration of every man to his ancestral land, the one translating that message had himself lost his ancestral land in the Cuban revolution.

Everything you’ve always wanted to know from “The Harbinger Man.” See WND’s complete collection of books and DVDs by biblical teacher Jonathan Cahn!

That night, they took us to the place they had chosen for us to minister in, a farm in the middle of nowhere, so much in the middle of nowhere that they had to transport the people to us by cattle car. Before ministering, I looked for my translator. He was wandering around the farm in a daze. I asked him what had happened. He had just discovered that the land to which we had been brought to minister – was his ancestral land. It was his family’s farm, the inheritance he had lost in the revolution, the place he had for years prayed he would one day return to.

So here on his last night, God had brought him home. It was what I had been preaching all along throughout the land, and what he had been all along translating – the Jubilee, the restoration – “And every man shall return to his property.” And so his journey ended with the fulfillment of that Scripture, and that prayer. And as for the church he had dreamed of building there, it had already been built, and was waiting for him to enter it. That night he preached inside the church of his ancestral land. He didn’t realize it until that moment but he had been a sign to Cuba, all along, with every footstep, of restoration.


We arrived in the capital city of Havana. Every day there, I would gaze out my hotel room to see a centuries-old Spanish castle by the sea.

The Castle by the Sea, El Morro, Havana, Cuba

The Castle by the Sea, El Morro, Havana, Cuba

I was strongly led that we had to go to the castle and see what was inside. So we did. We walked through its ancient chambers. As we turned a corner, we suddenly beheld a massive painting that stunned us. The painting depicted the magi. It turned out that the castle we were in was one of the central national symbols of Cuba. And it was called “The Castle of the Three Kings.” And in the painting, standing next to the magi was a boy holding in his hand an object that looked like a shofar – the very thing I was now bringing to Havana.

The magi followed a star. That was the one thing missing from our journey. We joked, wondering if we would somehow see a star in Havana. We decided to go to Revolutionary Square, to pray on the site on which the evangelical gathering would take place the following day. We entered the Jose Marti Memorial, the towering monument that marks the square. The government official inside began to reveal that the tower had been built so that from the sky it would form a star.

Jonathan Cahn sounding the Jubilee shofar in front of the star monument of Revolutionary Square, the day before the gathering

Jonathan Cahn sounding the Jubilee shofar in front of the star monument of Revolutionary Square, the day before the gathering

The tower was built as a star – and as the star of the magi, it would mark the final destination of our journey – actually the final two destinations: the square in which God’s people would gather together the following day, and the Presidential Palace from which Fidel Castro ruled the island. And as in the nativity account, the star would be linked to the presence of Jesus on one hand – and an aging king and a dying kingdom on the other. And it was then that we realized that we had been gazing at the star every night as we looked out the window of our hotel room in Havana, ablaze with light in the darkness, marking our final destination.

The following day we stood in the midst of the multitudes gathered for the first evangelical celebration in Revolutionary Square. Fidel Castro also stood there witnessing the gathering that filled the plaza that had once been filled with Cubans welcoming his revolution to Havana. Now it was filled for a different purpose. It was there that arrangements began that would open the doors for the fulfillment of our mission.


I received an invitation to enter the Presidential Palace. I walked past the guards and was greeted by one of Castro’s assistants, who informed me that the “Comandante” was very much aware of me and was watching my journey through Cuba. I was brought inside and presented the gifts, the Bible, a note with a message I had written him, and the shofar, the Trumpet of Jubilee. Castro would later send word thanking me for the gifts. He also wanted to know how I could be Jewish and believe in Jesus. The Central Communist Committee also sent word inquiring into the shofar.

Giving the Trumpet of Jubilee to Fidel Castro was a biblical reminder of the power of God for freedom, and a prophetic sign that His power was greater than the bondages of man. The Cuban revolution had caused millions of Cubans to lose their land, their homes, their ancestral possessions, their inheritances, and their freedom – the very thing the Jubilee touches and undoes. It had all begun as the Batista government collapsed and Castro and his guerillas swept into the city of Havana at opening of 1959.

But the Jubilee Trumpet was linked to a mathematical formula to the ending of bondage The Jubilee contains a very specific countdown: “You shall count off seven sevens of years – seven times seven years – so that the seven sevens of years amounts to a period of forty nine years. Then you shall sound the trumpet….” (Leviticus 25)

What happens if one takes the biblical countdown of Jubilee and applies it to Castro’s reign, starting with the year 1959, the moment Cuba lost its freedom? Count “seven sevens of years, seven times seven years – so that the seven sevens of years amounts to a period of forty nine years.” And to what does that bring us? It brings us to the year 2008. Did anything significant happen in 2008? 2008 was the year that ended the rule of Fidel Castro. His entire reign, from 1959 to 2008, comprised the seven sevens of years, the 49 years of the countdown, ordained by God of the Jubilee – to the release of bondage.


Funeral for Fidel Castro, Revolutionary Square, Ruler of Cuba 1959-2008

Funeral for Fidel Castro, Revolutionary Square, Ruler of Cuba 1959-2008

What if one gets even more specific – to days and dates? What if we begin the countdown from the specific day Castro came to power and count a Jubilee of years and a Jubilee of days, seven sevens of years and of days. Castro’s reign began specifically on New Year’s Day, January 1, 1959 in the wake of Batista’s fleeing the island. If one starts the countdown from that day, January 1, 1959, and counts a Jubilee of years and a Jubilee of days, seven times seven years and seven times seven days, the countdown culminates on February 19, 2008. Was there anything significant about that day? After nearly a half century, the rule of Fidel Castro came to its end on February 19, 2008, the exact day. On the day of release, Castro was released from power, and Cuba was released from his reign.

The poster that appeared throughout Cuba: Jonathan Cahn sounding the Jubilee Trumpet and the prophetic words "The Jubilee is Coming"

The poster that appeared throughout Cuba: Jonathan Cahn sounding the Jubilee Trumpet and the prophetic words “The Jubilee is Coming”

When I asked the Lord for what word I was to give to Cuba, when I proclaimed the Jubilee throughout the communist nation, when I gave to Castro the Trumpet of Jubilee, and when the posters were plastered throughout the island proclaiming “El Jubileo Viene!” “The Jubilee is Coming!” behind it all was a mystery and a precise prophetic countdown to the end. The Jubilee was indeed coming, and it would come for Castro’s rule at its biblically appointed time. His reign would be timed to the end of the 49th year and to the 49th day, and not a day longer – the mathematics of the release from bondage ordained three thousand years earlier. That day would bring the most enduring iron grip of power held by any man over any nation in modern history to a definitive end.


I have sometimes wondered since then, when Fidel Castro looked at the Jubilee Trumpet I gave him, did he ever realized its significance. I pray that before he left this life he turned back to the One from the boy named “Faith” once turned away, and found forgiveness for his sins.

In the Biblical account, the aging king Herod dies, but the new born life of Bethlehem, the life of Messiah, goes on – to overcome kingdoms and change the world.

Cubans lining up to enter the Jose Marti, 'star' monument, Revolutionary Square

Cubans lining up to enter the Jose Marti, ‘star’ monument, Revolutionary Square

As I watched the thousands of Cubans paying their last respects to their aged leader, as they lined up to enter the Jose Marti Memorial, I wondered if they realized that they were heading to a star. Fidel Castro’s funeral took place at that same star monument which marked the destination of our journey and which, as the star of Bethlehem had marked for the magi, had marked for us both the ending of a dying kingdom, and the birth of God’s presence, the light of hope, a light shining in the darkness.

Castro has passed away, as did King Herod, and as do all the kings and rulers of this world, and as do all those who, as Castro once did, tried to stamp out the Gospel. But the revival that began under Castro’s rule has not been stamped out. For kings and kingdoms, rulers and tyrants, all pass away, but the name of Messiah remains.

Cuban believers worshiping their king – Jesus

Cuban believers worshiping their king – Jesus

Castro has died – but Jesus lives. And as the dictator’s ashes were laid to rest in the city of Santiago, the presence of Jesus was and is as alive throughout the island as much as it ever was. It is even at this moment transforming the lives of Cubans in a way that Castro’s revolution, with all its guns and powers of state, never could. The Jubilee that began on our visit to the island has not stopped, but continues.

The King lives … and the Revolution goes on.

– Jonathan Cahn


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  1. KEN

    December 11, 2016 at 6:54 pm

  2. Our Sovereign Lord Still ruling and Reigning, HALLELUJAH !!!!!


    December 25, 2016 at 4:17 pm

  3. non-applicable, but only place to place this letter

    ……still hope via spec for a TUES, DEC 27 RAPTURE because the HAGGAI 2 review of KISLEV 24 is likely the START of the trib….i.e.start of the horrific 2520 days. Thus, there is likely the 3-day ‘overlap’ just as The Cross +3 days was the Resurrection………..i.e. Redemption ACCOMPLISHED and 3 days later REALIZED…………..also as Passover/Hebrew out of Egypt & 3 days later on other side of Red Sea.

    The 3-day ‘overlap’ is the only way the 1260’s work:

    1260 days a.c. ‘keeps’ covenant til breaks it and he is killed (Abom of Desol)
    1260 days Elijah and Moses’ ministry and killed by a.c. when he rises 3 days after the Abom of Desol
    1290 days from Abom of Desol to the Isa 63 Temple Entrance
    1335 days from Abom of Desol to trib end.

    Covert SIGNING/SAT, KISLEV 24, 2016 (Dec 24) +2520 days = RETURN Sat, Nov 18, 2023/Scorp 27 +3 days = SAGIT 1.

    RETURN at Sat, Nov 18, 2023 is EXACTLY 2300 days past FAST of AV 9 (Aug 1, 2017)……and minus the tilt will be TAMMUZ 17.

    ADD 3 days straightening to arrive at TUES, Nov 21, 2023 which is SAGIT 1 (‘Messiah/Conqueror/Hero/Victor’).,,,,EARTH STRAIGHT.

    1260 past Signing is SAT, June 9, 2020, Sivan 17 a.c. breaks covenant (Abom Desol/image in Temple) Gemini 18 (666)…..a.c. killed.

    Three days later (a.c. satanically rises) on Sivan 20 and he kills Elijah and Moses who rise 3.5 days later on Gemini 24 (888). SIVAN 20 minus the 20-day future tilt minus (at the Return) will be IYYAR 29, Jerusalem Day……coveted day for Satan to start the GREAT TRIB (1260 to Return, 1290 to Isa 63 Temple Entrance and 1335 to trib end at SHEVAT 22 ….11,11,11).

    RETURN +3 days to straighten is NOV 21, 2023 and plus 30 days mourning = DEC 21 (CAPRICORN 1), and minus the tilt is DEC 1, the future/Millen TEVET 1 (anniv of Jesus’ conception, 8th Day of the 8th Feast…..i.e. 8th day after the Kislev 24 Creation). The tilt loss is a minus of 23 days taking 3 days, thus minus 20 days.

    The most fearful day on the Hebrew calendar is TISHREI 11 (day after Yom Kippur….’return’ of the azazel/goat..???) and TISHREI 11, 2016 (Oct 13) plus 75 days is TUESDAY, KISLEV 27 (9,999), the probable RAPTURE. The pre-trib 75 days will ‘cancel out’ the post-Return 75 days.

    TUESDAY is the 3rd day (ancient Groom-arrival/Wedding day) and Hosea 6:2-3 & Isa 2:2…..”Israel raised up on the 3rd day.”

    The RETURN at SAT, NOV 18, 2023 plus the 3 days straightening is a TUESDAY, Nov 21…..”Israel UP as a plane”….ISA 2:2….on the “3rd Day”….Hos 6:2-3.

    Millennial calendar (straight earth/360-day yr/12 mths 30 days ea) is likely:

    TISH 1……Sept 1….LIBRA 1
    CHES 1… Oct 1…..SCORP 1
    KIS 1………Nov 1…..SAGIT 1 (so Nov 24 will be Kislev 24)

    TEVET 1….Dec 1….CAPRIC 1
    SHEV 1……Jan 1….AQUAR 1
    ADAR 1……Feb 1….PISCES 1

    NISAN 1……Mar 1…ARIES 1 (Nis=1st mth, Aries/Lamb/8th sign of Mazzarot, Ezek 45:18…Jesus, the 1 & 8)
    IYYAR 1……Apr 1….TAURUS 1
    SIVAN 1……May 1…GEMINI 1

    TAM 1………June 1…CANCER 1
    AV 1…………July 1……LEO 1
    ELUL 1…….Aug 1…..VIRGO 1

    The SIGNING (Dec 24, 2016, Kislev 24) minus the future 23-day tilt loss will be DEC 1 and DEC 1, 2016 to DEC 1, 2023 (the Isa 63 Temple Entrance/Jesus leads Remnant) is 2550 days (as the 2550 yrs 583 B.C. to 1967). 2550 is 1260+1260+30.

    1480 (‘Christ’ in Gk) plus 536 B.C. (Purim) = 2016.

    1776 is 888 +888 & July 4, 1776 (Indep Day) was Tammuz 17….coincidence

    1776 +240 yrs = 2016

    240 yrs = diff betw Hebrew yr (5776) and Greg yr (2016)

    240,000 mi = distance to moon

    519 B.C. (FEAST of DEDIC that Jesus also attended, John 10) plus 2520 yrs is 2001 (6001)….start of 121st Jub/7th Millen…..but we’re dealing w/ Ezek 45:18…NISAN 1 start of each Millen yr instead of Tishrei 1, thus 6002…………….so 2023 minus the 20 FULL yrs (Num 1, end age accountability) = 2002 (6002)….spec.

    Rapture +12 days world chaos/N. Invasion of Israel = Ezek 38 Divine Victory in Israel (hail/quake), FAST of TEVET 10, plus 9 days to Jan 16, 2017………………..+196 days/7 ‘moons’ Burying Bodies = FAST of AV 9, 2017….then plus the 2300 days Temple Desecration (Dan 8:13-14) is the RETURN.

    If TEVET 10, 2017 (Jan 8) is the Ezek 38 Divine Victory (a.c. may ‘get the credit’ because DECEPTION will reign & Israel will begin to ‘adore’ the guy), then the 7 Jewish FUEL USE by Israel (Ezek 39:9) ends at DEC 21, 2023 (TEVET 9-10)…………….which is the RETURN plus 3 days straightening plus 30 days mourning = DEC 21………………so TEVET 10 to TEVET 10.

    KISLEV 24 is 9, 888, but KISLEV 27 is 9, 999……….awesome #’s as well.

    Sabbath reigns…………..Signing/mid-trib/Return

    ….could be

    Janet Herscu

    December 26, 2016 at 11:34 am


    ….as if I would quit now????….Sorry, no way! There’s more:

    Friday, Dec 30, is TEVET 1…..10th mth, 1st day…………………Jesus’ Conception anniv and the count-start day after Creation (Kislev 24 was Creation/originally Dec 24 and 8th day was TEVET 1………and +280 gestation was SUCCOTH, Jesus’ B-day, Tishrei 15).

    Conception is the FIRSTFRUITS (start of Jesus’ gestation); and Jesus is the “FIRSTFRUITS of all who sleep” (I Corin 15:20)…….all dead & living Christians.

    TEVET 1 is 75 days past SUCCOTH (Tishrei 15), the pre-trib 75 that will ‘cancel out’ the post-Return 75.

    RETURN, 2520 days past TUES, Dec 27 SIGNING (covert) is Tues, NOV 21, 2023, SAGITTARIUS 1 (‘Hero/Messiah/Rescuer/Conqueror/Victor’)……………Zech 14:4, Rev 19:11. Sagittarius is ‘RIDER on a white horse.’

    30 days mourning later is DEC 21, CAPRICORN 1, the new TEVET 1 from then on. Minus the tilt loss is DEC 1.

    Mid trib is June 16-19, 2020 (a.c. killed…..satanically rises 3 days later) and minus the future tilt loss is SHAVUOT (May 29).

    FRIDAY, TEVET 1, 2016 (Dec 30) is CAPRICORN 10 which will be TEVET 10 in the Millen (see calendar below).

    TISH 1……Sept 1….LIBRA 1 (so Succoth will be Sept 15)
    CHES 1… Oct 1…..SCORP 1
    KIS 1………Nov 1…..SAGIT 1 (so Nov 24 will be Kislev 24)

    TEVET 1….Dec 1….CAPRIC 1 (& Tevet 10 will be Dec 10 & Capric 10)
    SHEV 1……Jan 1….AQUAR 1
    ADAR 1……Feb 1….PISCES 1

    NISAN 1……Mar 1…ARIES 1 (Nis=1st mth, Aries/Lamb/8th Mazzarot sign/Ezek 45:18, Jesus,1 & 8)
    IYYAR 1……Apr 1….TAURUS 1
    SIVAN 1……May 1…GEMINI 1

    TAM 1………June 1…CANCER 1
    AV 1…………July 1……LEO 1
    ELUL 1…….Aug 1…..VIRGO 1

    Tues, Dec 27, 2016 Signing (?) was 3rd Day (ancient Groom-Arrival/Wedding/’Ketubah’-signing day) and 2520 days later is the RETURN at TUESDAY, Nov 21, 2023 (Hos 6:2-3, Isa 2:2…..Israel “raised up on third day”).

    TEVET 10 (Jan 8, 2017) is still likely the Ezek 38 Divine Victory in Israel, since that FAST DAY needs to be “turned to joy;” and the Burying of Bodies will likely start on Jan 12-13, lasting 210 days (7 mths) until the start of 3rd Temple dedication/sacrifices on AV 9 (which minus the future tilt loss is TAMMUZ 17); so all 3 remaining FAST DAYS are turned to joy (Zech 8:19). Tishrei 10 (Yom Kip) was already “turned to joy” when the VEIL tore.

    AV 9, 2017 (Aug 1) plus exactly 2300 days/Dan 8:13-14 (+3 mid trib uncounted when a.c. is dead) is the RETURN at NOV 21, 2023.

    The two ‘spiritual gestations” (Church & Remnant):
    TEVET 1, 2015 +280 = SUCCOTH 2016….then +75 to TEVET 1, 2016 (Rapture)
    TEVET 1, 2022 +280 = SUCCOTH 2023….then +75 to the ‘new’ TEVET 1, 2023 (see calendar above).

    Know that 280 +75 = 355 days…..’SHANA’/a Jewish YEAR (sheen 300, nun 50, heh 5).

    The RAPTURE on Friday, Dec 30, 2016 is CAPRICORN 10 which will be TEVET 10 and DEC 10 in the Millen.

    ….’nuf said. It’s probably Friday…………

    Janet Herscu

    December 27, 2016 at 6:31 am

  5. ….still hoping……and via spec, WED January 4 looks good.

    Jan 4 minus the 11-12-day calendar error is REALLY DEC 24 (KISLEV 24)…..Hag 2…..”Desire of Nations comes/shakes nations, etc.” The Greek Orthodox Christmas (as orig) is JAN 4 to JAN 12.

    Mid trib is CANCER 1 (‘grip of crab’/God….with paresepe/Beehive nebulae/protected Remnant….. ABOM of DESOL when the 1260 days Petra Protection begins (Sunday, June 21, 2020). CANCER is the 11th sign/’judgment’ and “no one is able to ‘snatch them’ from my hand”…..i.e. supernatural protection for the Remnant for 1260 days.

    Return (2520 days past RAPTURE) is SAGIT 8 (‘Hero/Conqueror/Victory/Messiah’….#8)….Nov 29, 2023 (which is NOV 8 when the tilt is considered……….CHESVAN 24….8,888… straight…..AND NOV 8 will be CHESVAN 8 in the Millennium…………….so all 8’s!!!! Jesus is 888 (Gk letters) + 50 other connections to Jesus via #8.

    30 days mourning later is KISLEV 24 (Hag 2), the Isa 63 Temple Entrance………”Desire of Nations comes/shakes the Nations”….i.e. the 45-day judg of the Nations begins.

    PURIM 2017 (Adar 13-15) is likely the Ezek 38 Divine Victory in the mts of Israel, then +7 mths burying is TISHREI 15, SUCCOTH, 2017 (Oct 5)……..the first animal sacrifice (of 70)…..+2300 days Temple Desecration (Dan 8:13-14) is trib end at Jan 22, 2024 (w/ tilt minus considered and will be AQUARIUS 22 when all is considered).

    Hanukkah 1-8 (Dec 25, 2016 thru Jan 1) was likely the ‘7-day delay’ (as Noah) til the Signing (Jan 1)……then plus the 3 days is the Rapture (Jan 4)…..the 3-day ‘overlap’ necessary for the 1260’s to work.

    NISAN 1, 2023 (Millen start/Ezek 45:18) is 6 mths past ROSH 2022; and +280 Remnant spiritual ‘gestation’ is the Isa 63 Temple Entrance, Tevet 14 (30 days past Return), 2023. Rosh 2022 minus the 20 FULL yrs (uncounted) still = ROSH/YOM 2001, start of the 121st Jub/7th Millen.

    Church ‘gestation’ is likely Tevet 1, 2015 +280, then +75 to Signing/Rapture.

    The huge, present, seeming ‘DELAY’ is likely because the Millen must start on NISAN 1, not ROSH/YOM…..Ezek 45:18…..namely NISAN 1, 2023 (+280 = Isa 63 Temple Entrance, TEV 14….REMNANT BORN into the Millen Kingdom).

    Millen calendar (4 seasons, 360-day yr) now is likely:

    TAUR 1…..NIS 1…..APR 1 (Ezek 45:18..Deut 33:17..’rod of iron rule/BULL’).
    GEM 1……IYY 1……MAY 1
    CAN 1…….SIV 1……JUNE 1
    LEO 1…….TAM 1…..JULY 1
    VIRG 1……AV 1…….AUG 1
    LIBR 1…….ELUL 1…SEP 1
    SCOR 1….TISH 1….OCT 1 (Tabernacles will be Oct 15)
    SAGIT 1….CHES 1..NOV 1
    CAPR 1…..KIS 1……DEC 1 (Kis 24 will be Dec 24)
    AQUA 1…..TEV 1…..JAN 1
    PISC 1…….SHEV 1..FEB 1
    ARIES 1….ADAR 1…MAR 1

    75 on THIS side of the trib (Succoth 2016 +75) ‘cancels’ the post-Return 75.

    SUNDAYS (when counts begin) are ‘across the board:’ signing…..mid-trib…..Return.

    Capricorn 14-15 (Rapture, Jan 4) plus 2550 days (as 2550 yrs 583 B.C. – 1967) is the Isa 63 Temple Entrance, Capricorn 7-8, DEC 7-8, 2023. 2550 is 1260+1260+30 mourning.

    I know it’s hard to anticipate a Rapture day at this point since so many of my presumed dates failed; but as long as I see ‘something,’ I feel I have to keep sharing. The above scenario either produces ‘disgust’ OR HOPE; and I take that chance. So, be ‘glad’ I surmise any date at all. The above seems to make sense and I apologize if again nothing happens. The ‘waiting’ that you do and how you approach it is between you and God anyway.

    Janet Herscu

    January 2, 2017 at 10:45 pm

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