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May 7, 2017 The soon coming one world kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ

The whole world of today is involved in a constant struggle to impose a one world government as the elite try to steer the Nations to relinquish their nationalities and into submitting to a one world government under the rule of a dictator whose body is indwell by Satan.

The struggle can be seen in France today who is electing a president and one of the two running is a globalist versus the other a nationalist.

Whatever the outcome of that election the Bible states that eventually Satan will have his say in implanting this infamous one world government that will last seven years and that will be destroyed at the coming of Jesus Christ to set up His glorious Kingdom beautifully described below by FM Riley.


F.M. Riley (7 May 2017)
The Glorious Kingdom of Christ: Part Four

The Glorious
Kingdom of Christ
Part Four
Continued from Part Three

By Pastor F. M. Riley
April 15, 2017
“After this manner therefore pray ye:  Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be Thy name.
Thy kingdom come.  Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven,”
Matthew 6:9-10.

Part Three of this series of studies was brought to a close with Christ Jesus entering the glorious millennial Temple as envisioned by Ezekiel in Ezekiel 43:1-7.  This study will resume where the previous study left off…….
God’s Kingdom on Earth
Christ Jesus entering the Millennial Temple, approximately seven years after the end of the Tribulation period,  will perhaps be the most glorious event in human history since the resurrection of the Lord. This event will usher in the Kingdom of Christ on earth, the most wonderful kingdom which will have ever existed on earth in all the history of mankind.  And it will be the Lord’s answer to the longing in the hearts of His own Jewish people throughout the centuries, and the longing and prayers of New Covenant believers in this present dispensation, for God’s Kingdom and will to be “done in earth, as it is in heaven,” Matthew 6:9-10.  Glory to God!  Praise the Lord!  Hallelujah!
For the first time in human history, there will be a government over mankind that will be totally righteous and incorruptible.  The government will be Christ Jesus Himself as King, ruling over all of mankind upon the earth,  then serving under Christ in every position of authority on earth, will be a true New Covenant believer, one who was once saved by grace, born-again” of the Holy Spirit, resurrected and glorified, and who will therefore be sinless and incorruptible, Daniel 4:3; 7:13-14; 7:18; 7:22; 7:27; Zechariah 14:5; 1 Corinthians 15:49; 15:51-58; Philippians 3:20-21; 1 Thessalonians 3:13; 2 Timothy 2:11-12; Revelation 4:4; 5:8-10; 19:13-15; 20:6; 22:3-5.   Glory to God!
Mankind on the earth will finally have a righteous and just government ruling over them, not for just a “term of office,” but for all eternity.  Praise the Lord!
Dear readers, this will guarantee that the corruption that has inevitably slipped into even the best of human governments in the past,  will never happen again in all of the eternal ages to come.  Glory to God!
The “time element” when Christ will enter the Millennial Temple and begin His reign, will be seven years after the end of the Tribulation period, likely at the beginning of the 8th year.  At that time the earth will have been totally cleansed of every wicked and incorrigible unbeliever [Psalm 37:9-10], of every dead body and bone, and of every man made item that might entice anyone still in their natural body into sin, causing them to turn away from serving the Lord, Matthew 13:41-42.
In essence, what happened to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, causing them to disobey the Lord and bringing the curse of sin upon mankind, will never happen again in all of the eternal ages to come.   From the time the Lord Jesus Christ enters the Millennial Temple to begin His reign, He will be ruling over all earthly kingdoms in absolute righteousness and peace.  Glory to God!
And how will this effect the entire earth and those living upon it?  Let’s go to God’s Word and see…….
Topography and Geography…..The land masses of the earth will no longer appear as they do today.  The inspired Word is quite clear that during the Tribulation period, the high towering, snow capped, mountain ranges that we see on the earth today will be shaken down, Psalm 46:2-3; Isaiah 2:12-14; 2:19-21; 41:15; 42:15; 54:10; Jeremiah 4:24; Ezekiel 38:20; Micah 1:4; Nahum 1:5; Habakkuk 3:6.  During this shaking, islands and mountains, and perhaps entire continents, will be moved, Revelation 6:14; 16:20,  This does not mean that there will no longer be any mountains, for there will always be mountains on the earth, but not the extremely high and jagged mountains that we see today.  The debris from the high mountains being shaken down, will literally fill up the deep gashes, canyons, and valleys that are on the earth today, Isaiah 40:4; Luke 3:5.  The surface of the earth will then be mostly gentle rolling hills, absolutely lovely to behold, and just right for the growth of abundant trees, grass, and other vegetation, and for farming and producing the food that redeemed mankind on the earth will need during “the ages to come,” Ephesians 2:7.  The prophetic Scriptures clearly state that the whole earth is going to experience vast changes in topography, geography, and climatic conditions, and become like “the garden of the Lord.” Glory to God!
It appears that the highest mountain left on the earth will then be “the mountain of the Lord’s house,” Mount Zion in Jerusalem, Psalm 2:6; 68:15-16; Isaiah 2:2-3; Micah 4:1-2;  Zechariah 14:10.
Fertility…..The Lord will be preparing the surface of the earth to grow abundant crops to feed those of mankind on the earth still living in their natural bodies.  Oh yes, there will be some redeemed survivors of the Tribulation period, still living on the earth.  Therefore the Lord God will remove the curse that was placed upon the earth after Adam’s sin [Genesis 3:17-18], causing the earth to bring forth abundantly
During the Tribulation period, every volcano on earth will be spewing forth volcanic ash clouds, making terrible living conditions for those left behind on the earth following the rapture.  But Romans 8:28 is still in the Bible, and the Lord does all things well.
Have our readers ever considered that volcanic ash is likely the very best natural fertilizer ever discovered by mankind?  For a year or more after Mt. St. Helens erupted in the state of Washington in 1980, the Washington apples were the largest, sweetest, and juiciest, they had been in years.  I know, for I was pastoring a church there at the time.
Dear readers, we look at the land of Israel today, and it is a dry, arid, desert country, with only a small portion of the land suitable for farming and raising crops.  Even the portion of the land which is farmed today, has to be irrigated in order for the land to produce.  But it was not always this way.
When the Israelites entered the promised land under the leadership of Joshua, it was a land “flowing with milk and honey,” Exodus 3:8; 3:17.  The entire land was covered with trees and abundant vegetation, and the rivers and streams all ran with abundant water.
Probably most of our readers have read the account in Numbers 13,  of Moses sending out men to spy out the land, before the children of Israel entered it.  The inspired Word clearly states that two men cut down “one cluster of grapes,” which was so large and heavy that they had to carry it on a staff between them, 13:23.  That is an example of how fertile the holy land was at that time. But look at it today!  What happened?
The Lord God plainly warned Israel, that if they did not love and serve and obey Him, He would withhold the rains.  Read it for yourself in Deuteronomy 11:16-17.  Israel went into apostasy, and ignored the Lord’s warning, nevertheless the Lord did what He said He would do, 2 Samuel 1:21; 1 Kings 8:35; 2 Chronicles 7:13-14.  It is a historical truth that for centuries, Israel received only enough rain to keep the cactus and other desert plants barely alive.  But it is also a truth, that since the re-establishment of Israel as a nation in 1948, the rainfall in Israel has been steadily increasing with the passing years.  Oh, glory to God!  Praise the Lord!
Water…..During the kingdom of Christ, the Lord God will “….cleave the earth with rivers,” Habakkuk 3:9.
“And there shall be upon every high mountain, and upon every high hill, rivers and streams of waters in the day of the great slaughter, when the towers fall,” Isaiah 30:25.  Every presently dry stream and river bed in Israel will once again flow with water; abundant water for producing the crops the people will need for their ever increasing population.  Read Isaiah 33:21, and 35:6.  Glory to God!
And what will be…..
The Earth’s Response to Such Blessings?
REST…..”The whole earth is at rest, and is quiet: they break forth into singing,” Isaiah 14:3-7.
When the Lord Jesus Christ sets up His Kingdom on earth, there will be no more wars, no fighting, no rioting, no rebellion and no wickedness allowed to be practiced, and the earth itself will no longer be used to grow noxious plants, from which wicked men produce alcohol and drugs, which cause men today to cheat and lie and fight and make war.  The earth itself will literally be at rest from the sins of mankind.  And this living earth will respond in rejoicing and singing, Isaiah 35:1-2.
PEACE…..”And He shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many peoples: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more,” Isaiah 2:4; Micah 4:3.
“For ye [Israel] shall go out with joy, and be led forth with peace: the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands,” Isaiah 55:12.
Fallen mankind’s solution to every major disagreement between nations and peoples has always been to go to war.  But that kind of reasoning will cease forever as Christ Jesus establishes His Kingdom upon the earth.  Immediate correction to any problem between nations and peoples will be the Lord’s solution, for the Scriptures are quite explicit that He will rule “with a rod of iron,” Revelation 2:27; 12:5; 19:15.  Christ Jesus will only have to speak the Word, and the problem will be solved immediately and peacefully.
VEGETATION…..”The wilderness and the solitary place shall be glad for them; and the desert shall rejoice, and blossom as the rose.
It shall blossom abundantly, and rejoice even with joy and singing: the glory of Lebanon shall be given unto it, the excellency of Carmel and Sharon, they shall see the glory of the Lord, and the excellency of our God,” Isaiah 35:1-2.
“Instead of the thorn shall come up the fir tree, and instead of the brier shall come up the myrtle tree: and it shall be to the Lord for a name, for an everlasting sign that shall not be cut off,” Isaiah 55:13.
Today there are vast areas of the earth’s surface which are nothing but desert, unfit for producing food for mankind, animals, or birds, and mostly worthless.  But when Christ establishes His Kingdom all of this will change.  Streams will break forth in the deserts, and the deserts will become fertile and productive, as they begin to produce vegetation and food for the benefit of mankind and all living creatures.
WATER…..”And there shall be upon every high mountain, and upon every high hill, rivers and streams of waters in the day of the great slaughter, when the towers fall,” Isaiah 30:25.
“Then shall the lame man leap as an hart, and the tongue of the dumb sing: for in the wilderness shall the waters break out. and streams in the desert,” Isaiah 35:6.
Fresh water is absolutely necessary to the survival and health of mankind, and all other living creatures.  As I write today, there is great concern among the governments of the world about the depletion and pollution of fresh water sources on the earth.
There is no need for concern about this problem, by those who are true believers in Christ.  Our Lord God knows exactly where the water sources are, and how, and when, to provide the needed water, and He will!  The Scripture reference in Isaiah 30:25 appears to be referring to the time when the battle of Armageddon occurs and all man-made structures on earth are destroyed, at or near the end of the Tribulation period.  If this is correct, then the Lord is going to begin restoring the earth back to prime condition, immediately upon the defeat and destruction of the armies of the anti-christ, and of the incorrigible wicked.  How great is our God and Savior!   Glory to God!
PHYSICAL HEALTH…..”And the inhabitant shall not say, I am sick: the people that dwell therein shall be forgiven their iniquity,” Isaiah 33:24.
Don’t fail to notice that sickness in this Scripture,  is clearly related to the “iniquity” of the people of Israel [33:20-22].  When the Lord God forgives their “iniquity,” then they will no longer experience sickness.
“And I will raise up for them a plant of renown, and they shall be no more consumed with hunger in the land, neither bear the shame of the heathen any more,” Ezekiel 34:29.
“And by the river upon the bank thereof, on this side and on that side, shall grow all trees for meat [food], whose leaf shall not fade, neither shall the fruit thereof be consumed: it shall bring forth new fruit according to his months, because their waters they issued out of the sanctuary: and the fruit thereof shall be for meat [food],  and the leaf thereof for medicine [healing; health], Ezekiel 47:12.
A careful study of the context in which this latter Scripture occurs will reveal that a stream of “living water” [47:9] will begin flowing from beneath the Millennial Temple; that it will become a great river, and that on each side or bank of the river, “the tree of life,” [Genesis 2:9] will once again be planted by the Lord, and caused to grow and produce fruit.  These trees will bear fruit every month, providing an abundance of extremely nutritious food for the people, and the leaves of the trees will be used for medicine [healing; health].
This will guarantee perfect physical health [and more] for every person who eats the fruit from those trees and drinks the water from that river, but it will also bring them…..
SPIRITUAL HEALTH…..”The remnant of Israel shall not do iniquity, nor speak lies; neither shall a deceitful tongue be found in their mouth: for they shall feed and lie down, and none shall make them afraid,” Zephaniah 3:13.
“But Judah shall dwell for ever, and Jerusalem from generation to generation.
For I will cleanse their blood that I have not cleansed: for the Lord dwelleth in Zion,” Joel 3:20-21.
Dear readers, even many true believers have never given much thought to how we humans acquired a “sin nature.”  Every human being is presently born with such a “sin nature,” whether they are willing to believe it or not, Psalm 58:3; 14:2-3; 53:3;  Ecclesiastes 7:20; Romans 7:18.  But how did we get this “sin nature?”   The inspired Word clearly indicates that we living today inherited it from our parents, and they from their parents, etc., all the way back to Adam himself, Romans 5:12.
Folks, when Adam ate of the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil,” [Genesis 2:16-17], in disobedience to the Lord God,  he received physical and spiritual blood poisoning.  Yes, I said “blood poisoning!”   Sin is real, and it is in the blood stream of mankind, passed on in the birth process from father to child,  Romans 5:12.
Our readers should notice, that immediately after Adam had ate the fruit of the forbidden tree, the Lord God took measures to prevent him from having access to “the tree of life,” Genesis 3:22-24.  Notice also that the Lord God Himself clearly stated that eating the fruit from “the tree of life” would cause Adam to “live for ever,” 3:22.
So what does all of this have to do with our “sin nature”?  Everything!
When the Lord Jesus Christ sets up His Kingdom on the earth, the “tree of life” will be restored to the earth, and to access by the survivors of the Tribulation period.  These survivors will be redeemed people still in their natural bodies.
These “trees of life” will first be caused to grow again in the land of Israel, at the foot of the mount on which the Millennial Temple will be built, Ezekiel 47.  So it will be the redeemed of Israel who first have access to eat the fruit from these trees.  God’s principle at work, Romans 1:16.
However, the Scriptures state quite clearly that the Gentile peoples of the earth will be required to come to Israel every year to observe the Feast of Tabernacles, Zechariah 14:16-21.  Therefore, they too will have access to eat the fruit from these “trees of life,” and drink the “living water” from the river flowing from the Millennial Temple.
And what will be the result of eating the fruit from these trees?  The blood stream of both Jew and Gentile will be cleansed, as stated about Judah in Joel 3:20-21.  The “sin nature;” the tendency to sin, presently in the blood stream of mankind, will be cleansed from the blood and flesh of mankind “for ever.”  Therefore there will be no more sin and no more sickness among mankind on the earth.   Glory to God!  Praise the Lord!  Hallelujah!
Dear readers, there is more; much more, about the coming glorious Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ that I want to share with His people, and with lost seeking souls.  What a glorious future the Lord God is preparing for redeemed mankind in “the ages to come,” Ephesians 2:4-7.  And unless the reader is a true believer, saved by faith through the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, they will miss it all!  Take heed!
The Lord permitting, I want to write and send out at least one more study in this series.  But I am not physically well!  Like the Apostle of old, I feel in my body that my time of departure is drawing near.  I certainly need the prayers of my brothers and sisters in Christ.  Thank each of you so much.  I do hope and pray that our Lord Jesus comes for us all, before anymore of us have to meet the angel of death.
May our gracious Lord add His blessings to this Bible study.
<<<<<<<       O       >>>>>>>
<<<<<<<       O       >>>>>>>
Permission is granted to any true believer, or Bible believing Christian ministry to reproduce this study to share with others, or to quote from it in context as written.
Thank you again dear readers, for your prayers for me and for this ministry, and for your gifts from time to time to help in sending out these studies.   Both are appreciated so very much.
Please address all comments, questions, and correspondence to:  Pastor F. M. Riley, 14275 County Road 8120, Rolla, Missouri 65401.
If you have called, desiring to speak with me personally, and have not been able to get through, please forgive me.  My old cell phone wasn’t that great when new, and now it needs replaced badly.  Due to circumstances, I just haven’t felt that I could replace it right now.  Keep trying!  Sometimes it does work and folks get through.  573-201-0491.
God bless you all!
<<<<<<<       O       >>>>>>>
Nando end


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  1. RAPTURE VERY likely TUES, May 16

    ………toss the last letter and read on! (or DELETE, which SHOULD come naturally at this point unless semi ‘scofferism’ is too deeply entrenched……understandable):

    RESURRECTION SUNDAY was SUNDAY, Apr 16, 2017 and +27 days (20 tilt +7) is SATURDAY, May 13, 2017 (the IYYAR 17/Resurrection of the Second Passover….if applic), possible SIGNING. The tilt loss is considered as 20 days since the minus 23 loss will take 3 days (so that the two 1260’s coordinate…..1260 Petra Protection and 1260 Great Trib).

    The ancient Groom-Arrival/Wedding Day was always a TUESDAY (third day)….since the 3rd day of Creation was blessed twice by God. Wedding in Cana was a Tues & most Jewish weddings are Tuesdays (+Ketubah/Wedding Contracts).

    Since the earth’s tilt is 23 degrees and Noah had a 7-day warning before the flood, the total days from Resurrection Sunday (Apr 16, 2017) is 30 days to TUESDAY, MAY 16, 2017 RAPTURE (& TAURUS 24..’BULL’/888). Thus the I Corin 15:20 (“Jesus, Firstfruits of all who sleep”) holds since the 30 days ‘won’t count’ in the big picture.

    “Israel shall be RAISED UP on the THIRD DAY” (Hos 6:2-3) holds as well.

    Note too that the actual NISAN 17 (Apr 13, 2017) plus 30 days (23 + 7) is Sat, May 13, 2017 (Signing).

    The spec “4 mths to Harvest” may be JAN 13, 2017 (really Dec 31, the orig Tevet 1, 8th day 8th Feast) to May 13, 2017 (Signing)…………….TRIB START of the 2520 days.

    SATURDAY, May 13 (Signing) +2520 days is the RETURN, SATURDAY, Apr 6, 2024……..3 days BEFORE NISAN 1, 2024 (Apr 9). Since the RETURN is BEFORE Nisan 1, 2024, the COUNT STAYS at NISAN 1, 2023 which is 6 mths past ROSH/YOM 2022…………which minus 20 full uncounted yrs (20 +364.999 days….still 20) is 2001/6001, start of the 121st Jub/7th Millen (Gen 6:3, Lev 25:9).

    MID TRIB (1260 days past Signing) is SATURDAY, Oct 24, 2020, a.c. breaks covenant, enters Temple and is killed. OCT 24 is SCORPIO 1 (death sign). It’s obvious that the a.c. would enter the Temple on a Sabbath. The 1260 days from Sat, Oct 24, 2020 (Abom Desol) to the Return at SAT, Apr 6, 2024 is the PETRA PROTECTION.

    Three days after Sat, Oct 24, 2020 when a.c. is killed, he satanically RISES & kills Elijah & Moses who rise after 3.5 days. The day a.c. RISES (Satan indwells a.c.) is a TUESDAY, the third day…….as a ‘wedding day.’

    A.c. satanically RISES on TUES, Oct 27, 2020 and +1260 days GREAT TRIB is TUESDAY, NISAN 1, Apr 9, 2024, the day the earth is STRAIGHT (3 days AFTER the Apr 6, 2024 RETURN)…..Ezek 45:18.

    TUESDAY, Nisan 1, 2024 (Apr 9) is the THIRD DAY……..Israel RAISED UP as a plain & on the 3rd Day (Zech 14:10, Hosea 6:2-3…..also Isa 13:13, 24:1,19, 20).

    SABBATHS are across the board: Signing…….a.c. breaks covenant/enters Temple……Return.

    TUESDAYS are across the board as well: RAPTURE….Satan indwells a.c… straight (Nis 1, 2024).

    The 2300 days (Dan 8:13-14) of Temple Desecration precisely span the SATURDAY of Hanukkah (Dec 16, 2017) to the RETURN, April 6, 2024. Hanukkah is the FEAST of TEMPLE DEDICATION. The 3 extra days are the 3 uncounted days when a.c. is dead at mid trib (just as Jesus’ 3 days in tomb were not counted in the 49-day count to Shavuot/Pentecost).

    The 7 mths burying (210 days) easily span May 20, 2017 (Ezek 38 Divine Victory in Israel?) to Dec 16, 2017, the start of the 2300 days Temple Desecration.

    That means the Ezek 38 quick Victory in Israel may occur within just 4 days past the Rapture.

    May 20, 2017 is Iyyar 24 and TRIB END (with the tilt minus considered) is also Iyyar 24……Ezek 39:9 seven Jewish yrs fuel use by Israel of Russian weaponry.

    TRIB END is CANCER 1…….protective CRAB grip of Praesepe/beehive nebulae cluster (Job 38:32). Note that Job challenged the reader to “understand the Mazzarot.”

    The RETURN is ARIES 17 (Apr 6) and 30 days mourning later is TAURUS 17, the likely Nisan 17 of the Millen (if Nisan 1 is Apr 1 and Taurus 1…’Bull’/Jesus/iron-rule….not Grace via Rule of a Lamb). Aries 17 was likely the original Nisan 17 during Grace; but during the Millen, Taurus 17 will likely be Nisan 17.

    The 2550 days (1260+1260+30) span the Signing, Sat, May 13, 2017 to the Isaiah 63 Temple Entrance on May 6, 2024 (30 days past Apr 6 Return)……matching the 2550 YEARS from 583 B.C. to 1967.

    The 1260 days a.c. ‘keeps’ covenant w/ Israel (Dan 9:27) span Signing SAT, May 13, 2017 to Sat, Oct 24, 2020.

    The 1260 days Elijah & Moses’ (Mal 3:1, Rev 11:3-13) ministry & the 144,000 world Jewish evangelists span TUES, May 16, 2017 (Rapture) to the day a.c. satanically rises and kills the two witnesses….TUES, Oct 27, 2020.

    The 1290 days (Dan 12:11) span the Abom Desol SAT, Oct 24, 2020 to the Isaiah 63 Temple Entrance, May 6, 2024…..note: 30 days mourning Zech 12:10, 13:6.

    The 1335 days (Dan 12:12) span the Abom Desol SAT, Oct 24, 2020 to the trib end, JUNE 20, 2024 (before the 3 days straightening are added). Trib end also completes the 45-day judg of the Nations as well as completing the 75 days from the Return. 75 days also completes a Jewish yr (280 gestation +75 = 355 shana).

    The 2300 days (Dan 8:13-14) span Sat of Hanukkah 2017 (Dec 20) to the Return, Sat, Apr 6, 2024. The 3 extra days account for the mid trib 3 days when a.c. is dead (days not counted).

    The 7 mths (210 days…Ezek 39:12) burying bodies/bldg 3rd Temple in Jerusalem span May 20, 2017 to Dec 16, 2017.

    The 7 yrs fuel use (Ezek 39:9) span Iyyar 24, 2017 to Iyyar 24, 2024 (trib end……w/ tilt loss considered)

    Earth is STRAIGHT by NISAN 1, 2024 (Apr 9) according to EZEK 45:18, Cleansing of Temple, official START of the Millennium (even though the RETURN was 3 days previous, keeping the date at Nisan 1, 2023 which is 6 mths past Rosh 2022, legal end of 7 yrs from Rosh 2015……in my opinion).

    The 1-yr warning for the Church (Jerem 51:46) was likely ROSH/YOM 2015 to ROSH/YOM 2016 (…..then +6 mths to NISAN of 2017)… the 1-yr warnings to Abr, Hana, Neb, Shunamite, Elliz (+ others……as to baby/position/judg.

    Try to ‘numerically worm’ your way out of the above! Don’t tell me your ideas, though; because I’ll likely not agree or compromise.

    Janet Herscu

    May 14, 2017 at 5:59 am

  2. RAPTURE is VERY likely WED, May 17 (TAURUS 27 (9,999)….the absolute LIMIT of my lame/presumptuous/maniacal figuring. Signing is 3 days BEFORE Rapture, SUNDAY, May 14…..and COUNTS begin on SUNDAYS.

    Add one day to the last letter and read on! (or DELETE, which SHOULD come naturally at this point since ‘scofferism’ is likely now deeply entrenched……understandable):

    NISAN 1, 2017 (Mar 28) +40 days (as Noah/Ninevah) +7 days (as Noah) is Signing, May 14, 2017.

    If applic, KISLEV 24 (Hag 2) +144 days = Rapture, Wed, May 17.

    RESURRECTION SUNDAY was SUNDAY, Apr 16, 2017 and +28 days (20 earth tilt +7) is SUNDAY, May 14, 2017, the SIGNING (the Resurrection Sunday of the Second Passover as well as Israel’s Statehood anniv….if applic). The minus 21-day loss at the Return will take 2 days.

    Since the earth’s tilt is 21 degrees and Noah had a 7-day warning before the flood, the total days from Resurrection Sunday (Apr 16, 2017) to WED, MAY 17, 2017 RAPTURE is 28 days. Signing is TAURUS 24….9,888) and Rapture is TAURUS 27…..9,999….if applic.

    Since the 28 days will ‘cancel,’ I Corin 15:20 (“Jesus, Firstfruits of all who sleep”) holds and trib start of the 2520 days will be ‘as having occurred’ on Resurrection Sunday, Apr 16, 2017 (Nisan 20). Know that Nisan 17 was Apr 13, but Counts began on the SUNDAY following Passover.

    “Israel shall be RAISED UP on the THIRD DAY” (Hos 6:2-3…”after 2 days….”…etc) holds as well since the earth will be STRAIGHT by NISAN 1 (TUESDAY, Apr 9, 2024) which is 2 days past the Apr 7 Return. See also Zech 14:10 & Isa 2:2.

    The spec “4 mths to Harvest” may be JAN 14, 2017 (really Dec 31, the orig Tevet 1, 8th day 8th Feast) to May 14, 2017 (Signing)…………….TRIB START of the 2520 days. There is a 13-day error in our calendar & the present calendar day is 13 days ahead of actual.

    SUNDAY, May 14 (Signing) +2520 days is the RETURN, SUNDAY, Apr 7, 2024……..2 days BEFORE NISAN 1, 2024 (Apr 9); and since the RETURN is BEFORE Nisan 1, 2024, the COUNT STAYS at NISAN 1, 2023 which is 6 mths past ROSH/YOM 2022…………which minus 20 full uncounted yrs (20 yrs +364.999 days….still age 20) is 2001/6001, start of the 121st Jub/7th Millen (Gen 6:3, Lev 25:9, Num 1, all uncounted UNDER a full age 20).

    MID TRIB (1260 days past Signing) is SUNDAY, Oct 25, 2020, a.c. breaks covenant, enters Temple and is killed. The 1260 days from SUN, Oct 25, 2020 (Abom Desol) to the Return at SUN, Apr 7, 2024 is the PETRA PROTECTION.

    Three days after SUN, Oct 25, 2020 when a.c. is killed, he satanically RISES & kills Elijah & Moses who rise after 3.5 days on OCT 31, SCORPIO 11. Know that when a.c. successfully kills the 2 witnesses, the world will CELEBRATE……but, after 3.5 days, they rise on SCORPIO 11, the most ‘deadly’ day on the Mazzarot (#11 = judgment). It’s also Halloween (Celtic/Druid/occultic), if applic.

    Earth is STRAIGHT 2 days AFTER the Apr 7, 2024 RETURN…..”raised up on 3rd Day”…..Hos 6:2-3…..Ezek 45:18.

    TUESDAY, Nisan 1, 2024 (Apr 9) is the THIRD DAY……..Israel RAISED UP as a plain & on the 3rd Day (Zech 14:10, Hosea 6:2-3….”after 2 days”…..also Isa 13:13, 24:1,19, 20).

    The 2300 days (Dan 8:13-14) of Temple Desecration precisely span the 8th day of Hanukkah (Dec 20, 2017) to the RETURN, SUN, April 7, 2024. Hanukkah is the FEAST of TEMPLE DEDICATION.

    The 7 mths burying (anywhere from 196 – 213 days….?) easily late May 2017 (Ezek 38 Divine Victory in Israel?) to Dec 20, 2017, (8th day Hanukkah), the start of the 2300 days Temple Desecration ending at the Return….Dan 8:13-14. (Note that seven moons are 196 days, 7 Jewish mths are 205 days, 7 Greg calendar mths are 213 days and 7 prophetic mths are 210 days)….remains to be seen.

    The Ezek 38 quick Victory in Israel may occur very soon after the Rapture…..between May 17 & 31 (Shavuot)…..even perhaps May 25, Jerusalem Day, Iyyar 29.

    If applic, May 21, 2017 is Iyyar 25 (Ezek 38 Victory?) and TRIB END (with the tilt minus considered) is also Iyyar 25……Ezek 39:9 seven Jewish yrs fuel use by Israel of Russian weaponry…..spec.

    TRIB END is CANCER 1…….protective CRAB grip of Praesepe/beehive nebulae cluster (Job 38:32). Note that Job challenged the reader to “understand the Mazzarot.” Cancer is the 11th sign and #11= judg.

    The RETURN is ARIES 17 (Apr 7) and 30 days mourning later is TAURUS 17, the likely Nisan 17 of the Millen (if Nisan 1 is Apr 1 and Taurus 1…’Bull’/Jesus/iron-rule….not Grace via Rule of a Lamb). Aries 17 was likely the original Nisan 17 during Grace; but during the Millen, Taurus 17 will likely be Nisan 17.

    30 days after the Return (w/ tilt loss considered) is NISAN 10, Apr 18, 2024…..the Isaiah 63 Temple Entrance/Jesus +Remnant from Petra….approx 64-mile distance…………and NISAN 10 was.the Hebrew calendar date when the Messianic Kingdom was ‘supposed’ to begin (Jesus into Temple on donkey/Palm Sunday, 4 days before Crucifixion).

    Nisan 10 was:
    …..1st day recorded (Exod 12:1-3)
    …..Ezekials’ vision of Millen City (Ezek 40)
    …..Hebrews entered Promised Land (Josh 4:19) & Jordan River parted.
    …..Miriam died (Moses’ sister)
    …..Jesus entered Temple on donkey (Palm Sun)….firstborn donkey need LAMB redemption too

    The 2550 days (1260+1260+30) span the Signing, SUN, May 14, 2017 to the Isaiah 63 Temple Entrance on May 7, 2024 (30 days past Apr 7 Return and 1290 past mid trib)……matching the 2550 YEARS from 583 B.C. to 1967.

    The 1260 days a.c. ‘keeps’ covenant w/ Israel (Dan 9:27) span Signing SUN, May 14, 2017 to Sat, Oct 24, 2020.

    The 1260 days Elijah & Moses’ (Mal 3:1, Rev 11:3-13) ministry & the 144,000 world Jewish evangelists span WED, May 17, 2017 (Rapture) to the day a.c. satanically rises and kills the two witnesses….WED, Oct 28, 2020.

    The 1290 days (Dan 12:11) span the Abom Desol SUN, Oct 25, 2020 to the Isaiah 63 Temple Entrance, May 7, 2024…..note: 30 days mourning Zech 12:10, 13:6… for Aaron/Moses, etc.

    The 1335 days (Dan 12:12) span the Abom Desol SUN, Oct 25, 2020 to the trib end, JUNE 21, 2024 (before the 2 days straightening are added). Trib end also completes the 45-day judg of the Nations as well as completing the 75 days from the Return. 75 days also completes a Jewish yr (280 gestation +75 = 355 shana). The Church (virtually consisting of John the Baptist/Jesus/Church/Remnant….total of 4….each had a 280-day gestation (not counted in one’s age) with ONE 75-day span to complete the Jewish year of 355 days. Also, Birth (0) to age 1 was never counted in one’s age either.

    The 2300 days (Dan 8:13-14) span 8th Day Hanukkah 2017 (Dec 20) to the Return, SUN, Apr 7, 2024.

    The 7 mths (196 – 213 days…??…Ezek 39:12) burying bodies/bldg 3rd Temple in Jerusalem span late May, 2017 to Dec 20, 2017.

    The 7 yrs fuel use (Ezek 39:9) could span Iyyar 25, 2017 to Iyyar 25, 2024 (trib end……w/ tilt loss considered).

    Earth is STRAIGHT by NISAN 1, 2024 (Apr 9) according to EZEK 45:18, Cleansing of Temple, official START of the Millennium (even though the RETURN was 2 days previous, keeping the date at Nisan 1, 2023 which is 6 mths past Rosh 2022, legal end of 7 yrs from Rosh 2015……in my opinion).

    The 1-yr warning for the Church (Jerem 51:46) was likely ROSH/YOM 2015 to ROSH/YOM 2016 (…..then +6 mths to NISAN of 2017)… the 1-yr warnings to Abr, Hana, Neb, Shunamite, Elliz (+ others……as to baby/position/judg.

    Janet Herscu

    May 15, 2017 at 8:19 pm

  3. Amidst continued study, RAPTURE could well be Friday, May 19.

    Whenever a proposed date passes, I ALWAYS have to ponder WHY the scenario didn’t work. For some reason, everyone else just ‘tosses’ the subject and settles into a scoffer attitude w/ an increased aversion to ‘date setters.’ I don’t know why I cannot toss the subject aside…..SO unnatural! One shouldn’t be so disgusted/uncomfortable with the subject as long as he/she hasn’t ‘announced’ a date via the media, books, etc….. making a fool of him/herself (as did Harold Camping & others). But, what’s wrong with continued study as new light may be shedding on the subject? Remember that the Prophet Daniel said the subject would continue to CLARIFY. Anyway, here’s what seems plausible at this point…..and to me, somewhat more amazing than ever.

    Note these interesting spans:

    At the RETURN there will be an additional 75 days til trib end (Daniel 12:11-12). The 75 days will ‘lose’ 23 days when earth straightens; so the additional post-Return days will total 52 days (75 – 23 = 52).

    NISAN 1 is when the Millennium is supposed to begin (Ezek 45:18); but by Fri, May 19, 52 days will have passed since NISAN 1, 2017. Why 52…???…..because the 52 days is the post-Return 75 minus the 23-day tilt loss. 52 days on THIS side of the trib will be canceled out by the post-Return 52. Know too that the 7-yr trib is NOT COUNTED (since the Holy Spirit is restrained & Satan is ‘in charge’).

    So the whole picture is: NISAN 1, 2017 +52 +2520 (minus the 3 from signing to Rapture) = NISAN 1, 2024. The 7-yr trib span of NISAN 1 to NISAN 1 (w/ the -52 days) should catch ANYONE’S attention.

    NISAN 1, 2017 (Mar 28) +52 days (the post-Return 75 minus 23 tilt loss at Return) is Fri, May 19.

    Another great pre-Signing/Rapture span is that of Resurrection Sunday, Apr 16, 2017 + 30 days (23 tilt +7) = TUESDAY, May 16, Signing/count start. The 23 will minus at the straightening and the 7 is the last warning as to Noah……both uncounted. Thus I Corin 15:20 holds since the 30 days will be uncounted.

    TUES, May 16, 2017 (TUES = 3rd Day/Ketubah-signing day) +1260 = TUES, Oct 27, 2020 (a.c. is killed)….then plus 3 days is OCT 30, 2020 (a.c. satanically rises & kills Elij and Mos), SCORPIO 8.

    3.5 days later is SCORPIO 11, the two witnesses rise.

    RETURN is TUESDAY (Hos 6:2-3), NISAN 1, 2024……… So NISAN 1, 2017 +52 days = RAPTURE. Add the 2517 days (2520 short of 3 days because the 2520 COUNT begins at the Signing) = the RETURN, NISAN 1, 2024.

    The loss of 21 days (23 loss taking 2 days) reverts the date back to MAR 19…..then plus 30 days mourning is NISAN 10, Apr 18, 2024, the Isaiah 63 Temple Entrance, the exact day the KINGDOM was supposed to begin.

    If earth ‘loses’ its full 23 days, then the date settled back upon will be MARCH 17, 2024 (& Aries 17) and +30 days mourning will be TAURUS 17 (likely the new/Millen NISAN 17). Note that the Mazzarot date stays the same even w/ the tilt loss, but the calendar day changes by 23 days. When earth is straight, the 1st day of each month will also be the 1st day of each Mazzarot sign (since at present it is 21-23 days off).

    With the loss of 21 days (a minus of 23 taking 2 days), the earth settles back upon MARCH 19. Add 30 days mourning to arrive at NISAN 10, APRIL 18, 2024 (TAURUS 17)………..the day the Messianic Kingdom was supposed to start (Jesus on donkey/Palm Sunday, but crucified). That is the day (Isaiah 63) that Jesus + Remnant enter the Temple.

    45 days later is CANCER 1…..11th sign…judgment…..’Divine ‘crab’ grip of the Praesepe’ (beehive cluster)….worthy of study (Job & Seiss). That day is JUNE 23 w/out the tilt loss considered and JUNE 1 w/ the tilt loss.

    It’s intriguing dates dealt with in this scenario are virtually NISAN 1, NISAN 10 and the Millennial NISAN 17.

    As for the 2300 days of TEMPLE DESECRATION beginning at the end of Hanukkah, 2017, that span (Dan 8:13-14) ends exactly at the Return (Nisan 1, Apr 9, 2024) as well.

    The 7 mths BURYING BODIES/Bldg 3rd Temple span late May, 2017 to Hanukkah 2017.

    Again, the RETURN at NISAN 1, 2024 reverts BACK to MARCH 19 which is BEFORE NISAN of 2024…….thus the COUNT STAYS at NISAN of 2023 which is 6 mths past ROSH/YOM 2022…….then minus the 20 full uncounted yrs (virtually 1 day short of minus 21 yrs) lands upon ROSH/YOM 2001 (6001), start of the 121st Jub/7th Millen (Lev 25:9, Gen 6:3….ending God’s promise of 120 JUBILEES for fallen man….i.e. 6,000 yrs).

    Know too that 5777 (Rosh year 2016 of which we are IN now) +240 is the year 6017 (which is OUR 2017) because there is a 240-yr difference between the Hebrew and Greg yr.

    If applicable, there are 5 months (as Noah’s wait of 150 day/five mths before disembarking) from KISLEV 24, 2016….Dec 24…..Haggai 2) to May 19, 2017 (Rapture)……but in this case the months are 5 ‘moons.’……spec

    There’s no need for me to review ALL the many Fig Tree Spans ending at 2017…………most of which you likely know (from 1517, 1917, 1897, 1937, 1947, 1967.etc) nor the completed 120 Jubilees from yr 0:……….60 to David, 60 end………….80 to Jesus, 40 to end……….30 to flood, 90 to end……..40 to Abr, 40 to Jesus, 40 to end…………..40 to Abr, 80 to end…………..30 to flood, 30 to David, 60 to end………all totaling 120. In my opinion, there’s no way history can pass the 120 Jubilees before the Lord takes over.

    If applic, the Signing is TAURUS 24 (9,888) and the Rapture on May 19 is TAURUS 17 (9,999) IF Taurus 1 was April 23. Also, Signing is a TUESDAY (May 16)….Ketubbah-signing day, a.c. enters Temple (Abom Desol/killed) & the RETURN at NISAN 1, 2024 is a TUESDAY (Apr 9).

    Anyway, before too much discouragement sets in, I wanted to be sure you were aware of the above.

    I’ve been privileged to acquire a good grip of Hebrew history, the language, the Feasts & and knowledge of end-time prophecy and I’m therefore afraid NOT to share the above info IF it CLARIFIES the subject for anyone! Note again, though, that it’s all MATH and I’m convinced that anyone could figure it out…..of 3 days, of course, since the Greek word OIDA (in “No man KNOWS”) means ‘w/ enough research and pondering, it can be virtually figured.’ Know that there are 8 words for KNOW in Greek and OIDA was used for a Divine reason.

    Janet Herscu

    May 16, 2017 at 5:59 pm

  4. Note in third paragraph from the end of the letter, starting with ‘If applic’…………….TAURUS 17 is supposed to read TAURUS 27.

    Janet Herscu

    May 16, 2017 at 7:26 pm

  5. NISAN 10 is when the Messianic KINGDOM IS (& WAS) to start and note that NISAN 10, 2017 (April 6) +40 days (‘testing’) is the Signing, Tuesday, May 16, 2017…………..another amazing pre-Sign/Rapture span.

    In 2024 Jesus + Remnant enter the Temple on NISAN 10 (Isa 63), Apr 18, 2024. So, in this respect, the trib also spans NIS 10 to NIS 10.

    Some 40’s:

    40 yrs wandering
    40 days Jesus tempted in desert
    40 yrs Moses as shepherd
    40 yrs Moses in Egypt
    40 days flood
    40 is letter value of MEM….water & water breaks at 40 wks (pregnancy)
    40 days Moses on Mt Sinai
    40 days Ninevah’s warning
    40 yrs John Baptist’s ministry til 70 A.D.
    40 Jubilees Jesus’ Birth to end of 120 Jub’s (6,000 yrs)
    40 days Goliath taunted Israel
    40 days Elijah on Horeb (fasting)
    40 yrs Peace due to Gideon’s obedience
    40 days Jesus’ Resurrection to Ascension
    40 yrs Isaiah preached
    40 yrs Zionisms to Holocaust (1897 – 1937)
    40 yrs peaceful reign of David
    40 yrs peaceful reign of Solomon
    40 yrs reigns of Barak, Gideon, Jeroboam, Otniel, Jehoiah, Joash
    40 yrs Eli as judge
    40 yrs Philistines attacked Israel before Samson born
    40 yrs Israelites blessed by Samson
    40 yrs Saul reigned
    40 days of strength after Elijah’s one meal
    40 cubits long, Ezekial’s Temple (Ezek 41:2)
    40 yrs Egypt laid waste
    40 days Elijah bore the iniquity of House of Judah (Ezek 4:6)
    40 yrs Israel was evil and given over to the enemy (I Sam 4:18)
    40 days to embalm a body (as Jacob)
    40 hrs Jesus suffered
    40 yrs of age a man becomes an AUTHORITY in his field of expertise
    40 yrs Isaac married Rebekah
    40 chapters in Exodus
    40 x 3 = 120 (3 wicked gen’s: wander, Jn Bap-70A.D, Abortions
    40 generations x 3 = 120 Jub’s (40 Jub’s LAW, 40 LAW, 40 Grace)
    40 x 3….age 120, Moses died (buried by God before 3 days dead, so still ‘alive’)
    +about 30 more 400’s, 4,000………………………………………………………etc.

    400 yrs 1517 = 1917
    4000 yrs Creation – Jesus’ Birth
    many more via all the O.T. patters……….too many to review.

    It irks me that the Church is not knowledgeable of God’s Divine Numbers because; but for some strange reason, the numbers intrigue me immensely.

    Janet Herscu

    May 17, 2017 at 2:36 pm

    • Janet the numbers are great and they show the way God’s mathematical mind plans and acts.
      To the 40’s I will add that in October I will have 40 years since the Holy Spirit gave me a super sign when it came thru the open door into my apartment on a Sunday afternoon while I was studying the Bible in the form of a white dove and landed on the mat at inside of the front door. It marked a major turning point in my spiritual walk with Jesus Christ
      P.S. this is a link to a very interesting video


      May 21, 2017 at 12:23 pm

  6. Via spec, there’s still LOTS to figure via this interesting 1-way communication…..must be thus, though. When we, the Church, are absent, those left behind must see the scenario reviewed accurately; thus I must continue this clarification since the prophecy experts’ writings on the computer (yours) will likely be frantically searched out.

    If you’ve kept up with the patterns & spans presented heretofore, note the present, seemingly-significant spans:

    Apr 13, 2017 (NISAN 17 FIRSTFRUITS, I Corin 15:20) +37 days (2557 = 7 solar yrs and 7 perfect yrs are 2520 days…..a 37-day difference) is SATURDAY, May 20 (GEMINI 1…..’twins walking in harmony’). Covert Signing is likely 3 days earlier, Wednesday, May 17.

    NISAN 1, 2017 (March 28) + 53 days (75 minus future tilt loss of 22 days) is SATURDAY, May 20. The 53 ‘uncounted’ pre-Rapture days will be ‘canceled out’ by the post-Return 53 days (75 minus the 22-day tilt loss at earth’s straightening).

    KISLEV 24, Dec 24, 2016 (Haggai 2, “Desire of Nations Comes/shakes Nations’) + 5 ‘moons’ (147 days….as Noah’s 5 months til disembarking (was 150 days then…..5 x 30) is Saturday, May 20.

    Rapture +1260 days = Mid trib, a.c. satanically RISES on SATURDAY, OCT 31, 2020, Chesvan 13, Scorpio 11 (notice/if signif ‘Halloween,’ 13, 11). Upon rising (indwelt by Satan).

    RETURN at NISAN 2, 2024 (WED, Apr 10) +3 days straightening is the day earth is straight, SATURDAY, APRIL 13……exactly 7 solar years past APRIL 13, 2017 (Nisan 17). Note that the 7-yr trib is NOT COUNTED; so the COUNT START virtually ‘stays’ at NISAN 17, 2017 (April 13)…….I Corinthians 15:20…..”Jesus, the Firstfruits of all who sleep.”

    The RETURN at WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10, 2024 is also exactly 2300 days Temple Desecration (Dan 8:13-14) past Temple Desecration start at SATURDAY, DEC 23, 2017 which is the first SATURDAY (SABBATH) after the 8-day Hanukkah Feast of 3rd Temple Dedication. If the 3 mid-trib uncounted days (a.c. dead 3 days) are figured into the 2300, then the start of Temple Desecration is DEC 20, the 8th Day of Hanukkah….and +2300 (+ the mid-trib 3 days) is also the RETURN on WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10, 2024.

    RETURN at SATURDAY, APRIL 10 minus the 22-day tilt loss reverts back to TUESDAY, March 19, 2024 (II Adar 10)…….earth straight/HOSEA 6:2-3/TUESDAY, 3rd Day…….and +30 days mourning is NISAN 10, 2024, APRIL 18, the Isaiah 63 Temple Entrance, the day the Messianic Kingdom was supposed to start and WILL start. Remember that Jesus entered the Temple (on donkey) on NISAN 10 (Palm Sunday) and He will also ENTER the TEMPLE (w/ Remnant from Petra/Bozrah, Isa 63) on NISAN 10.

    Note that NISAN 10 of 36 A.D. (really 34 A.D.) to NISAN 10 of 2024 A.D. is 1988 yrs………………but subtract the 20 FULL yrs (virtually 21) to revert back to 1967 yrs…….same number of years as the 1967 6-Day War (Temple Mt Reclamation). Know that the present year is 2 yrs ahead of actual.

    There’s probably a span of 1 week or less (world chaos/N. Invasion of Israel) after the Rapture to the EZEK 38 Divine Victory in Israel with the 7-mth BURYING BODIES/BLDG 3rd TEMPLE beginning at the end of May, 2017. Interestingly, May 25, 2017 is IYYAR 29 (Jerusalem Day) and Shavuot is May 31, 2017…………..remains to be seen.

    The 7 mths of burying bodies/bldg 3rd Temple end at Hanukkah 2017 when the Temple is Dedicated (followed by the 2300 days).

    The 2550 days (2520 +30 mourning) span May 17, 2017 (TAURUS 27…9,999) to May 10, 2024 (TAURUS 20)……matching the 2550 YRS from 583 B.C. to 1967.

    Anyway, that’s the presumed scenario as I see it now………………….w/ Signing on May 17 and the Rapture on May 20. Again, could be!

    Janet Herscu

    May 18, 2017 at 9:49 pm

  7. O.K…..skip the comments! Via spec, It’s TUESDAY (3rd Day, ancient Groom-Arrival/Wedding Day!

    Note the great pre-Rapture spans: 40……..53 (75-22)…..150…!!!!!!!!

    NISAN 17 (Apr 13, 2017) +40 days ‘testing’ (note all the 40’s) is TUESDAY, May 23, 2017……I Corin 15:20, “Jesus, the Firstfruits of all who sleep.”

    KISLEV 24 (Dec 24), 2017….”Desire of Nations Comes/Shakes Nations” (Haggai 2) +150 days (as Noah’s wait til disembarking) is TUESDAY, May 23, 2017.

    NISAN 1 (March 28), 2017 (future Millennial New Years Day/Ezek 45:18) +53 days (75 minus 22) = Sat, May 20, probable SIGNING. The pre-Rapture 53 days ‘balances out’ the post-Return 53 days til trib end (post-Return 75 minus 22-day loss = 53). If the tilt loss takes 3 days to accomplish, then the tilt loss is 19 days.

    When the earth straightens, the date will revert back 22 days….taking 3 days (22 minus 3 = 19), thus a minus of 19 days and 75 minus the 19 days is 56 days…….and NISAN 1, 2017 (March 28) +56 days is TUESDAY, May 23, Rapture.

    RETURN, SATURDAY, APRIL 13, 2024 (2520 days past Signing, May 20, 2017) is exactly 7 solar years past NISAN 17, 2017 (April 13 – April 13). April 13 +3 days straightening is April 16, 2024 (Aries 24).

    The RETURN is NISAN 5 (Apr 13, 2024) and +30 days mourning is IYYAR 5, the Hebrew anniv date of Statehood (May 14, 1948 was IYYAR 5)…..if applic.

    The SAT, April 13, 2024 RETURN minus the 19 days (minus 22 taking 3 days) is MAR 25-26, 2024……………and plus 30 days mourning is NISAN 17, April 25, 2024…..the Isaiah 63 Temple Entrance.

    In this sense, the trib spans NISAN 17, 2017 (+56 days to Rapture) to NISAN 17, 2024 (Temple Entrance Isa 63).

    Remember the great events of NISAN 17 in the past: flood end, Red Sea Crossing, Haman hanged, Jesus Arose.

    3rd Temple Dedication (following 7 mths burying after Ezek 38 Victory) at the end of Dec, 2017 likely takes place during the 8-day Hanukkah Feast (Dec 13-20);…………and the first SATURDAY (SABBATH) after the 8-day Dedication is DEC 23, 2017…………….plus 2300 days/Dec 8:13-14 (+3 mid-trib uncounted days when a.c. is dead) = the RETURN, SAT, APRIL 13, 2024.

    The 3-day MID TRIB/a.c. dead (1260 past Signing/Rapture) is SAT, Oct 31, 2020 (Scorpio 10, Chesvan 13) to TUESDAY, NOV 3, 2020 (SCORPIO 13); and if the Ezek 38 Divine Victory is IYYAR 29 (Jerusalem Day, anniv of Temple Mt Reclamation, June 7, 1967), then plus 7 mths burying/bldg 3rd Temple is SAT, Dec 23, 2017, the first Saturday past the 8-day Hanukkah Temple Dedication.

    SIGNING/May 20, 2017 is GEMINI 1 (‘twins’/harmony/as Covenant agreement) and May 23, 2017 is ALSO GEMINI 1 (because May 23 minus 22 days future tilt loss will be MAY 1, GEMINI 1 during the Millennium…..& each month will be 1st day of Mazzarot (i.e. April 1 will be Taurus 1 and Nisan 1).

    Again, the earth reverts back to II ADAR 17 which is BEFORE NISAN 1, 2024… the count ‘STAYS’ at NISAN 1, 2023 which is 6 mths past Rosh/Yom 2022.

    Rosh/Yom 2022 minus the 20 FULL uncounted yrs (virtually minus 21 yrs….short of 1 day) is ROSH/YOM 2001 (6001) start of 121st Jubilee, 7th Millen….Lev 25:9, Gen 6:3.

    The RETURN (2520 days past GEMINI 1) is virtually ARIES 24 and plus 30 days mourning is TAURUS 24 which is 2550 days past Signing/Rapture……matching the 2550 years from 583 B.C. to 1967. Know too that 2024 minus 36 A.D. (the Cross) is 1988 A.D. and minus the 20 FULL yrs (virtually minus 21) is 1967.

    Any GEMINI 1 (May 23, 2017) + 2550 days is is TAURUS 24 (May 16, 2024….w/out the tilt loss considered); and the Isa 63 Temple Entrance is TAURUS 24.

    The RETURN at SAT, Apr 13, 2024 plus 3 days is TUESDAY…….”Israel RAISED UP on 3rd Day”……Hosea 6:2-3, Isaiah 2:2, Zech 14:10.

    All spans coordinate: 1260, 1260, 1290, 1335, 7 mths bury, 2300, 2550…..etc…….It’s TUESDAY!!!!

    Janet Herscu

    May 21, 2017 at 1:16 am

  8. OMG!!!! (not ‘Oh My Gosh,’ but ‘Overwhelming Mighty Glory’). I attended Christian school and we weren’t allowed to say ‘Gee’ or ‘Gosh. You probably KNEW I’d CONCLUDE SOMETHIN’ or OTHER when I see Trump & Kushner in Jerusalem on IYYAR 27!….the 50-yr Jubilee celebration, no less!!!……just a BIT AWESOME!!! DELETING my letters may be SATISFYING; but try to restrain yourself just this ONCE and read on!!

    Via spec, check out the following via the possible SIGNING TUESDAY, May 23 & RAPTURE FRIDAY, May 26. Salvation was accomplished on the Cross (“It is finished”), but realized 3 days later on Nisan 17……thus the 3 ‘uncounted’ days from Signing to Rapture & for the spans to work properly. Note that the 3 days a.c. dead (mid trib) won’t be counted just as Jesus’ 3 days in the tomb were not counted in the 49-day count to Pentecost.

    Signing +1260 days = a.c. breaks covenant (Tues, Nov 3, 2020) and Friday Rapture May 26, 2017 +1260 Elijah and Moses’ ministry = FRIDAY, Nov 6, 2020 (a.c. satanically rises…….SCORPIO 15…middle of ‘death sign’). Abom of Desol/image in Temple (Tues Nov 3, 2020) +1260 days = the RETURN, TUES, Apr 16, 2024 (ARIES 24……8,888…..LAMB/JESUS). 30 days mourning later at NISAN 17 (Apr 24-25) is TAURUS 24 (9…’BULL’ Deut 33:17….888)…….if applic. Note the huge signif of NISAN 17: flood end, Red Sea Crossed, Haman hanged, Jesus’ Resurrection…..most VICTORIOUS day in history.

    Full 2520-day trib count begins at Signing & ends at Return (Tues May 23, 2017 – Tues, Apr 16, 2024).

    Return is a TUESDAY, the 3rd day (Hos 6:2-3) “Israel RAISED UP on THIRD DAY”……Zech 14:10, Isa 2:2………AND the RETURN (Apr 16, 2024, NISAN 8) + TWO DAYS (earth straightens) is NISAN 10, 2024, the day the Messianic Kingdom was supposed to start. Earth will be STRAIGHT on NISAN 10.

    RETURN +30 days mourning is MAY 15, 2024 (Statehood anniv).

    RETURN minus the tilt, then +30 days is NISAN 17 (Apr 25, 2024), the ISA 63 Temple Entrance. So May 15, 2024 and Nisan 17 (Apr 25, 2024) are ‘as the same day’ w/ the 19-day tilt loss (-21 +2) considered.

    RETURN at TUES, APRIL 16, 2024 is also exactly 2300 days (Dan 8:13-14) past TEVET 10 (Fast Day to Joy Zech 8:19), start of the 2300 days Temple Desecration (Dec 29, 2017). FAST of TEVET 10 = Temple Destruction (read history).

    The 7 mths of burying bodies/bldg 3rd Temple (ending at TEVET 10, 2017, Dec 29) likely begin at the true SHAVUOT 2017, SUNDAY, June 2. Shavuot MUST be on a Sunday as commanded. That means the EZEK 38 Divine Victory in Israel could occur between Friday, May 26 (Rapture) and June 2 (approx 6 days)……spec.

    Trump & JARED KUSHNER (Orthodox Jew/Trump’s son-in-law/Democrat) are in Jerusalem for the TUES, IYYAR 27 JUBILEE 50-yr celebration of the Temple Mt (Iyyar 27 was June 5, 1967)…..possible Signing….???

    Trump put JARED in charge of the Middle East Peace Process, saying “If YOU can’t do it, no one can.”

    JARED bought & works at 666 Fifth Ave, N.Y. City………’666’….strange!

    Israeli’s will accept a JEW (if he’s the a.c.), not a Gentile.

    TUESDAY is the day Ketubbas were signed (3rd day & ancient Wedding Day).

    Below are the awesome PRE-SIGNING spans (since TRIB starts at SIGNING, May 23):

    NISAN 1, 2017 +56 days (75 minus the 21-day tilt loss taking 2 days = 56) is TUESDAY, May 23.
    2017, as Ketubbah signing (Israel w/ a.c….?). 56 days on EACH side of the trib CANCEL each other.
    The earth TILTED at Noah’s flood. That’s why earth is in each Mazzarot sign on the 21-23rd day each month. When earth is straight, all THREE 1st days (as NIS 1, TAUR 1, APR 1) will be in sync.

    MAY 23, 2017 is 40 days past NISAN 17, 2017 (Apr 13)……I Corin 15:20 “Jesus, the Firstfruits of all who sleep.” #40 is ‘TESTING’ and the Church is being ‘tested’ via the I Corin 15:20 promise. The 40 days match Noah’s 40-day flood. Note all the 40’s shared previously.

    MAY 23, 2017 is exactly 150 days past KISLEV 24 (Haggai 2 promise, “Desire of Nations Comes”), Dec 24, 2016…….as Noah’s wait of 150 days til disembarking (see the word ‘ARK’ in that word).

    MAY 23, 2017 is IYYAR 27, exactly 50 Jewish years past IYYAR 27, 1967, the 6-Day War (was June 5). My husband related to me that 2 days earlier he was called up for reserves at 12 midnight. The mood was fearfully silent because Israel thought another Holocaust would ensue (amidst LIES via the radio); but instead the war was practically WON before it even started…………..a war FULL of God’s miracles AND exactly 2550 yrs past 583 B.C., Temple Destruction (….as the 2550 days trib before Jesus enters Temple 30 days past Return). 2550 is 2520 +30.

    Legal start of the entire scenario is Rosh/Yom 2015 (7 yrs ROSH/YOM 2015 – ROSH/YOM 2022). ROSH/YOM 2015 to ROSH/YOM 2016 was the 1-yr warning (Jerem 51:46)……add 6 mths to arrive at NISAN 2017 (Ezek 45:18, Millen start)………..then + the delay to Signing/Rapture.

    ROSH/YOM 2015 +7 yrs (trib uncounted) = ROSH/YOM 2022………..then minus the 20 FULL uncounted yrs/reviewed previously (as age 20 + 364.9999 days….still 20 in age) = ROSH/YOM 2001 (6001), start of 121st Jub/7th Millen (Gen 6:3, Lev 25:9). Year 6001 (2001) is the START of the 3rd Day in Millennium terms as well (THIRD thousand from Jesus’ Birth)…….double meaning of Hos 6:2-3.

    The RETURN at NISAN 8 (Apr 16, 2024) MINUS the tilt loss reverts back to II ADAR 16-17 (Mar 25-26) which is BEFORE Nisan 1, 2024…………..THUS the count STAYS at NISAN 1, 2023 (which is 6 mths past ROSH/YOM 2022).

    Interestingly, via the Mazzarot (spec)…….Job’s challenge to “understand:”

    SIGNING:…………………………………………………….Gemini 1 (twins, walking together in harmony)
    A.C. satanically RISES (start Great trib):………….SCORPIO 15 (middle of DEATH sign)
    RETURN of JESUS: …………………………………….ARIES 24 (LAMB/888…Jesus)
    ISA 63 TEMPLE ENTRANCE: ……………………….TAURUS 24 (‘BULL’ in charge, Deut 33:17)
    TRIB END: ………………………………………………….CANCER 8 (11th sign/judg/crab grip x 8 = 88)

    So NOTHING is late and the ‘delays’ are explainable. Know that a youth does NOT turn 21 until a full 20 yrs + another 364.9999 days have passed; and a baby has no ‘age’ until he turns ONE (so the 280-day gestation is not counted nor is the first year of life. That’s how God’s counting has been via all the observable (& finished) prophecy spans from Creation. Know too that God didn’t count NISAN 14 – 17 in the 49-day count to Pentecost……so often DAYS/YRS….etc…..are NOT. COUNTED in the big picture.

    Again, maybe NOTHING will happen; but the above (+all reviewed & shared previously) are the points that the Church CAN notice to perceive the DAY of the Rapture……of 3 days, of course, since ONE DAY is 72 hrs from beginning to end. Note the meaning of OIDA shared previously as well. I’m trying hard to avoid scofferism. We’re at the END of history and all the number patterns and spans are completed and observable. How ANYONE can plan for another 10 years down here is BEYOND ME!!!!!

    Janet Herscu

    May 22, 2017 at 5:41 pm

  9. I started something & must finish! RAPTURE is likely SUNDAY, May 28.

    THURS, May 25, 2017 is IYYAR 29 (Jerusalem Day…50-yr anniv of Temple Mt Victory), possible Signing; and it remains to be seen if Jared Kushner had any part in a possible Signing. Personally, I think the a.c. is unknown.

    Three days after IYYAR 29 is SUNDAY (when COUNTS start), May 28, and GEMINI 8 (10th sign x 8 = 80…spec)…..the probable RAPTURE. Gemini is the ‘twins’ walking together in harmony/face to face….study (Seiss/’Gospel in the Stars’).

    2550 days later (Isaiah 63 Temple Entrance 30 days past Return/Jesus leading Remnant) is GEMINI 1 (matching the 2550 yrs from 583 B.C. to 1967.

    MID TRIB (a.c. breaks covenant/Abom of Desol/image) 1260 days past Signing is Nov 5, 2020 (SCORPIO 15……middle of death sign). Three days later a.c. satanically RISES on SCORPIO 18 (666). In the Millennium Scorpio 15 will be Tishrei 15; so mid trib minus the future tilt loss is the future Tishrei 15 as well. Satan indwells a.c. on SCORPIO 18, which in the Millen will be Tishrei 18…..MIDDLE of Succoth as Jesus’ attendance at mid Succoth (John 7:14).

    2520 days past Signing is the RETURN at NISAN 10, 2024 (Apr 18), the Jewish Calendar day that the Messianic Kingdom was ‘supposed to start’ (Palm Sunday, Jesus on donkey). Also, NISAN 10, 2017 (Apr 6) + exactly 52 days is the RAPTURE, May 28. Know that the post-Return 75 (30+45) minus the 23-day tilt loss is 52………………..and the pre-Rapture span is also 52……………….cancel each other out.

    As for the I Corin 15:20 (“….Jesus, Firstfruits of all who sleep”) promise, add 40 days (testing) from NISAN 17 (Apr 13, 2017) to arrive at Monday, May 22…………….BUT the COUNT cannot begin until a SUNDAY (namely, May 28); so that promise holds.

    As for the Hag 2 promise (“Desire of Nations Comes/Shakes Nations”), KISLEV 24 (Dec 24, 2016) plus 5 months as the NOAH delay is May 28, 2017 as well (depending on each month’s span of 29 – 30 days or fractions thereof).

    Ever wonder why there are 7 days between NISAN 10 and NISAN 17 (Passion week)?…..because the RETURN at NISAN 10 (2024) minus the 23-day tilt loss PLUS 30 days mourning = NISAN 17 (Apr 25), the Isaiah 63 Temple Entrance & start of the 45-day judg of the Nations.

    The earth will take 3 days to straighten………….Return Nisan 10 (Apr 18) +3 days is APRIL 21 which is TAURUS 1, the ‘new/Millen’ NISAN 1 from then on (& will be APRIL 1 via straight earth…..all in sync).

    TAURUS 1 will be NISAN 1 according to the command of Ezek 45:18. Jesus will reign as a ‘BULL,’ not a LAMB as during GRACE……Deut 33:17. Earth is straight on TAURUS 1 and 30 days mourning later is GEMINI 1 (TUESDAY, May 21), the Isa 63 Temple Entrance (‘twins’ = Jesus & Remnant/procession from Petra via Bozrah….likely on “eagles’ wings”….i.e. at great speed….???).

    RETURN is Thur, APR 18, 2024 (NISAN 10) plus 3 days for earth to straighten is APR 21, TAURUS 1 (the ‘new/Millen’ NISAN 1)…………then +30 days mourning is GEMINI 1, the Isa 63 Temple Entrance. 45 days judg of Nations later is trib end at CANCER 15, middle of the ‘CRAB GRIP,’ Praesepe safe (Job).

    “Days cut short” (or “no flesh saved”) is the TILT MINUS at the Return.

    RETURN minus 23 days is a TUESDAY (March 26, 2024, II ADAR 17)…..Hosea 6:2-3 “Israel RAISED UP on the THIRD DAY.”

    Concerning the 2300 days (+3 mid trib uncounted when a.c. is dead), FAST of TEVET 10..Zech 8:19…..(Dec 28, 2017) plus 2300 days Temple Desecration is the RETURN at NISAN 10, 2024 (Apr 18)…….Dan 8:13-14.

    7 mths burying bodies/bldg 3rd Temple preceding TEVET 10 (Dec 28, 2017) is SHAVUOT 2017 (SIVAN 6, May 31…+??). If that is the case, there may be only 3+ days from Rapture to the EZEK 38 Divine Victory in Israel (Gog-Magog).

    Again, the RETURN minus the tilt loss brings the date back to II ADAR 17 (30 days before NISAN 17); and II ADAR 17 is BEFORE Nisan 1, 2024; so the COUNT ‘stays’ at NISAN 1, 2023.

    Nisan 1, 2023 is 6 months past Rosh/YOM KIP 2022; and minus the 20 FULL/uncounted yrs (20 yrs +364.9999 days…so virtually minus 21….Num 1 tribal counts) is 2001 (6001)….start of the 121st Jubilee (Lev 25:9)/Seventh Millennium (Gen 6:3). The other meaning of Hos 6:2-3 “Raised up on 3rd Day” (other than a TUESDAY) is the start of the 7th Millennium (121st Jub) on the 3rd THOUSAND from Jesus’ Birth (“1 day as 1000 yrs”):

    start of 1st 1000 (1st ‘DAY’)……..yr 1
    start of 2nd 1000 (2nd ‘DAY’)…..yr 1001
    start of 3rd 1000 (3rd ‘DAY’)…….yr 2001

    The actual legal 7-yr legal trib count is YOM KIPPUR 2015 – YOM KIPPUR 2022. YOM KIPPUR 2015 to YOM KIPPUR 2016 was the 1-yr warning (Jerem 51:46……as the many other 1-yr warning/promises…Abr, Hana, Eliz, Neb, Shunamite, Esther) and +6 months comes to the legal Millen start of NISAN 10. Then Nisan 10, 2017 plus the 52 days (that won’t count because they are ‘canceled’ by the post-Return 52 days…..75 minus the 23-day tilt loss) is the RAPTURE.

    The 2550 days (1260+1260+30 mourning) span GEMINI 8 (Rapture) to GEMINI 1 (Isa 63 Temple Entrance)…….same as May 28, 2017 to May 21, 2024 (when the +3 straightening is considered).

    Note again 6017 (our 2017) minus 5777 (present Hebrew yr) = 240 yrs…………..and the moon is 240,000 miles from earth. #24 is worthy of study.

    Also 1776 plus 240 yrs is Rosh/Yom year of 2016 (at present…year 5777).

    Also 536 B.C. (Purim) +1480 yrs is 2016 & #1480 means CHRIST in Greek.

    1776 is also 888 + 888, if signif.

    Again, the 120 promised JUBILEES (loosely) in Gen 6:3 (& history is finished):

    30 to flood, 90 to end………………………….120
    40 to Abr, 40 to Jesus, 40 to end………….120
    40 no law, 40 law, 40 Grace…………………120
    80 to Jesus, 40 to end…………………………120
    60 to David, 60 to end……………………….120
    40 to Abr, 80 to end…………………………….120
    30 to flood, 30 to David, 60 to end…………120

    The 20 FULL uncounted yrs (because Yom 2022 legal trib end minus 20 full yrs = 2001 (6001):

    7-yr trib
    1-yr warning (Jerem 51:46)
    4 yrs Jn Baptist & Jesus’ ministry (6 mths diff in age)
    4 gestations (Jn Baptist, Jesus, Church, Remnant)
    3 Birth (yr 0) to age 1…..Jn Bap, Jesus, Church (only whole #’s count in age)
    2 yrs from Creation to the Gen 6:3 promise, then 1st Jub count began on a ONE yr.
    TOTAL 21

    Only ONE 75-day span (post-Return) is needed to ‘complete’ the Jewish yr (280 gestation +75 = 355).

    Remember too that John the Baptist had the Holy Spirit from conception, the Church has the Holy Spirit dwelling within, Jesus IS the Holy Spirit and the Remnant’s 280-day gestation occurs before their Isa 63 Temple Entrance w/ Jesus (their BIRTH)………………thus the 4 gestations. The 4-yr ministry is not counted because Jesus “counted it all joy to go to the Cross” and his ministry was Millennial since the potential for healing/salvation/resurrections were infinite. Gen 6:3 says “I shall STRIVE with man (sinful) for 120 Jubilees”………..and when Jesus was on earth during His ministry, He was not Striving, but counted it JOY.

    Review all the many 40’s again (testing) as well.

    The completed FIG TREE spans:
    1967 (Temple Mt) – 2017…………………………….50
    1917 (Balfour/Allenby) – 1967………………………50
    1947 (Israel into U.N.) – 1967………………………20
    1937 (holocaust) – 2017………………………………80
    1897 (Zion conf/Herzl) – 2017………………………120
    1897 – 1967……………………………………………….70
    1947 – 2017……………………………………………….70
    1917 – 2017……………………………………………….100
    1937 – 1967……………………………………………….30
    1897 – 1937………………………………………………..40
    1897 – 1947………………………………………………..50
    1897 – 1917………………………………………………..20
    1917 – 1947………………………………………………..30
    1517 (Protes Reform/Ottomon) – 1947…………..430
    1517 – 1917……………………………………………….400
    1517 – 2017……………………………………………….500

    All the above number totals hold great significance in ancient Judaism…..the 30 (maturity), the 40 (authority), the 50 (Jubilee) the 20 (military), the 100, the 120, 400…..on and on…..huge privileged study.

    The above are not even the completed spans of the O.T. patterns ending at 1996 A.D…………way too many to review….but, briefly, the start & end points are:

    1996 B.C. (Abr born) +70 yrs (called) = 1926 B.C. +1960 yrs = the CROSS 36 A.D.

    36 A.D. + 1960 yrs = 1996 A.D………….then +7 yrs trib = 2003 (REALLY 2001).

    Interestingly 1960 = 7 x 280 and 4 x 490.

    The 7 yrs was already added to the 1960 (at 1967).

    Due to a 2-yr calendar error, 1996 is REALLY 1994 and 36 A.D. was REALLY 34 A.D. because Jesus was 33.5 yrs old at His Crucifixion. Know that our present 2017 is really 2015.

    Rapture is SUNDAY and a.c. satanically rises on a SUNDAY. The Biblical events concerning perfection or Christians occurred on a SUNDAY: Creation (8th feast), Creation Count start on 8th day of 8th Feast, Palm Sunday, Resurrection Sunday, Pentecost Sunday and likely the Rapture.

    All the patterns between 1996 B.C. and 1996 A.D. are 280’s, 360’s, 70’s, 80’s,120’s, 400’s, 490’s, etc, etc…..too much to review at this point.

    All seems accurate: 1260, 1260, 1290, 1335 (Dan 12:12), 2300, 7 mths, 2520, 2550, etc. & all the count points make sense via the Hebrew calendar & the Mazzarot (Rapture GEM 8, Mid-trib Scorp 15-18, Return/earth straight TAURUS 1, Isa 63 Temple Entrance GEMINI 1, trib end CANCER 15 (protective grip).

    What more can be said? If the above is plausible, the Church could’should have known the above (since history is done) and used its time EVANGELIZING w/ gusto. But sadly, the above continues to ‘look like false date setting or numerology’ (refusing to believe the prophet Daniel who said the subject would CLARIFY). WHEN, pray tell me, does it ever look like GOD’S NUMBERS for us to observe, to change our behavior and to LOOK UP?!!

    Janet Herscu

    May 25, 2017 at 9:25 pm

  10. It is indeed tempting to ‘toss’ the subject; but there are still 3 days to add…… RAPTURE is likely SHAVUOT……Law Given, Church Born, Church exit…..a ‘Jewish/Gentile’ day/Ruth story/2 loaves/Barley Harvest……& the Church is made up of Jews & Gentiles.

    Various other prophecy experts thought RAPTURE would be SHAVUOT/Pentecost, 2017; & as always, I tried to prove otherwise and RUSHED the subject (…as I’m NOT gifted with patience). Now I VALUE their input and agree w/ a SHAVUOT Rapture. Some of the info below (the 1st half) is mine and some is written by other prophecy experts.

    RETURN is TAURUS 1 (Sun, Apr 21, 2024)……Deut 33:17.

    Return minus 20-day tilt loss is still TAURUS 1, APRIL 1, the new/Millen NISAN 1……Ezek 45:18.

    Resurrection Sunday (Apr 16, 2017) +40 days testing (+2 to get to a Sunday count start) is Signing, SUNDAY, May 28….GEMINI 8…………….so I Corin 15:20 holds.

    DEC 24, 2016 (KISLEV 24…..Haggai 2 Promise “Desire of Nations Comes”) +5 solar mths (as Noah’s 5 mths)…………+7 more (as Noah’s final warning before flood start) is RAPTURE, Wed, May 31, SHAVUOT.

    1260 days past Signing is MID TRIB (Abomination of Desolation/a.c.’s image in Temple), SCORPIO 18 (666), SUNDAY Nov 8, 2020. This is also the ‘START DATE’ of the 1290 and 1335 of Daniel 12:11-12.

    NISAN 10 (Apr 6, 2017), the day when the Messianic Kingdom was ‘supposed’ to start (Jesus into Temple/ on donkey) plus 55 days (75 minus 20-day future tilt loss) is the RAPTURE, SHAVUOT, Wed, May 31.

    2550 days after the May 28, 2017 SIGNING is the Isa 63 Temple Entrance 30 days past Return on GEMINI 1 (May 21, 2024…..and May 1, 2024 w/ tilt loss). So Signing to Isa 63 Temple Entrance (2550 days) is GEMINI 8 to GEMINI 1. The 2550 days match the 2550 years from 583 B.C. to 1967.

    An EXACT 5 solar mth span (as Noah’s 5-mth delay) past the 8th Day of 8th Feast (TEVET 1-2, Jesus’ Conception anniv) is WEDNESDAY, MAY 31, SHAVUOT…..spec.

    RETURN minus the tilt loss reverts back to II ADAR 22………………..BEFORE Nisan 1, 2024; thus the COUNT STAYS at NISAN 2023.

    NISAN 1, 2023 is 6 mths past ROSH/YOM 2022, the legal end of the trib, but Millen ust begin in NISAN (Ezek 45:18). ROSH/YOM 2022 minus the 20 FULL yrs (virtually minus 21) = ROSH/YOM 2001 (6001), the start of the 121st Jub/7th Millen.

    Know too that 519 B.C. (Hag 2, the Second Temple Foundation) +2520 yrs is 2001.

    36 A.D. was the CROSS and +1981 yrs is 2017. Now minus the 14 ‘uncounted yrs’ (before the 7-yr trib is added, which comes to the 21 yrs/full 20 yrs to subtract) and the year is 1967…………..interesting.

    As for the 2300 days of Temple Desecration (Dan 8:13-14), the 3rd Temple sacrifices could begin anywhere from Hanukkah 2017 to JAN 12, 2018, the solar anniv date of Jesus’ conception (because +280 was Succoth, His Birth……..Oct 15-18)…………..spec.

    SHAVUOT 2017 +196 days (7 ‘moons’ burying) is Hanukkah 2017 (Dec 13); but this week is ‘too soon’ for the Ezek 38 Divine Victory in Israel to occur………….spec.

    Via the Mazzarot: RETURN is TAURUS 1, Temple Entrance 30 days later is GEMINI 1 and trib end is CANCER 15. Mid trib (Abom Desol) is SCORPIO 18, Signing is GEMINI 8 and RAPTURE is GEMINI 11…….all intriguing Mazzarot points befitting the trib events.

    LOTS to think about concerning SHAVUOT.

    EXOD 19:19: “……the VOICE of God answered Moses” & the ‘Trump of God’ (I Corin 15:52, I Thess 4:15-18) will be GOD’S VOICE, not people blowing the trumpets.
    EXOD 19: Law Given on Mt Sinai/Sivan 6/Shavuot

    REV 19: Jesus Returns (vs 11)

    PSALMS 19: “…….like a Bridegroom coming out of His Chamber.”

    Enoch (not Jewish) was Raptured but Elijah is likely one of the 2 witnesses (w/ Moses)…..both Jewish. Elijah will precede the coming of the Messiah (Mal 3:1) and Moses is not legally ‘dead’ since God Himself buried him secretly before the 3 legal days of death had passed before burial (ancient Jewish burial procedure) amidst an horrific battle between Michael and Satan over Moses’ body (Jude).

    NOTICE ‘UP.’

    Moses went UP the mt to receive the Law

    Disciples went to the UPPER room to receive the Holy Spirit

    Church will be snatched UP to meet the Lord in the air at the Rapture

    Jesus told the Church to LOOK UP when the news becomes too frightening & burdensome (no further solutions) for the Bride while the completed Fig Tree Patterns are realized.

    Shavuot is 49 days (7×7) past the Resurrection.

    SUNDAYS REIGN (when counts start): Trib begins at SIGNING (SUNDAY, May 28, 2017 and the RETURN is SUNDAY, April 21, 2024).

    Remember that the following events were SUNDAYS…when COUNTS start: Creation (8th Feast), Creation Count start (8th Day of 8th Feast/TEVET 1/Jesus’ Concep anniv), Palm Sunday, Resurrection Sunday, Pentecost Sunday…..& future: mid-trib/Abom Desol Sunday & Return of Christ SUNDAY. Know that because of the Resurrection, SUNDAY is a 1st Day and an 8th Day (1 & 8/Alpha/1 & Omega/800, First and the Last, 8000th yr New Heaven & New Earth, 8th Day Jesus circumcised on 8th day of 7th Feast, 888 Jesus’ Name in Greek #letter values….etc, etc.)

    3000 DIED at Mt Sinai/3000 SAVED at Pentecost via Peter’s preaching (as if Law brought DEATH, Holy Spirit brings LIFE). 3000 + 3000 = 6000 (120 Jub’s)….spec.

    Enoch (“walked w/ God & was not”/Raptured at age 365) was thought to have been born on Shavuot and raptured on Shavuot. I’ve tried to find proof of that, but cannot…….so perhaps spec.

    Much of the following is written by someone else & reviews the 4th Feast very well:


    …..two loaves of leavened (a representation of sin) bread are to be lifted up and waved before by the High Priest.

    Could this be a living picture Jesus, our High Priest lifting up His Bride at the rapture? After all, the bread is representative of the ONE NEW MAN (Jew and Gentile) who are now one in the Messiah. His elect Bride by favour through faith – is not yet unleavened (i.e. without sin), yet He still lifts us up as His Beloved Bride as a first fruit offering unto God at the rapture!

    DECORATING THE BRIDEThe Jewish people celebrate the feast of Shavuot annually with a tradition they call “decorating the bride.” Are we not the bride of Jesus? At the rapture – won’t we be decorated with our new clothing?

    It is a deeply held tradition in Judaism that Enoch was born and was taken (i.e. raptured) on Shavuot. Enoch was the first man raptured in the Scriptures. He walked w/ God and God took him. Enoch is a perfect representation of the Bride of Messiah. We walk w/ God and one day we too will be taken. The Bride (CHURCH) was born on Shavuot (Acts 2) just like Enoch.

    HEBREW WEDDING CUSTOM IT is the Hebrew wedding custom for the Bridegroom to return on the anniversary of his Betrothal. If he was unexpectedly delayed – then he would return at the second anniversary.

    There are many striking parallels between the account given of events that transpired at the first Shavuot and the coming rapture of the saints. The first Shavuot (Exodus 19:10-25) is an amazing shadow picture of the good things that are still yet to come (1Thes. 4:16-19) & (Hebrews 10:1).

    a) God told Moses to consecrate His people for two days so they would be prepared to come up to meet Him on the top of the mountain at the sound of the loud voice and the sound of the trumpet of God.

    Jesus was told to consecrate God’s people (for two thousand years) so they would be prepared to go up to meet Him in the air at the sound of the loud voice and the sound of the trumpet of God.

    Note: There is a teaching in Judaism that when God provided the ram for Abraham – He saved the two horns to be used as shofars one day. He then blew the first trump (Exodus 19) at the giving of Torah (the law) and He will blow the last trump (1Thes. 4:16) at the rapture of the Bride.

    a.) The trumpet of God was heard at Mt. Sinai.

    b.) A loud VOICE accompanied the trump blast.

    The TRUMP of GOD and a very loud voice will be heard at the Rapture of the saints.

    c) A new kingdom was established at Mt. Sinai.

    A new kingdom will be established at the Rapture.

    d) The Israelites were redeemed from slavery at Mt. Sinai.

    The redeemed saints will soon be redeemed from our earthly bodies at the rapture.

    e) The children of Israel were consecrated at Mt. Sinai.

    We will be perfected at the rapture.

    f) They washed their clothes in order to prepare to meet God.

    We will be given clothes that are clean and without spot or wrinkle – which have been prepared for us by the Groom at His coming.

    g) God descended (from Heaven) onto the top of Mt. Sinai.

    Jesus will descend to meet His Bride in the air.

    h) Moses and Aaron ascended up Mt. Sinai.

    The Bride will ascend at the rapture.

    i) Israel was wed to God at Mt. Sinai.

    Jesus will wed His bride at the Rapture.

    j) At Mt. Sinai God dwelt with Israel.

    At the rapture – the Bride will forever dwell with Jesus.

    Since shadow pictures are incomplete in detail – there are naturally some glaring differences between the two events.

    a) Only Moses and Aaron could ascend Mount Sinai. If anyone else attempted to go up they would pass from life to death.

    At the rapture – the entire Bridal company will go up and all will pass from death to life.

    b) God promised to dwell with Israel forever – if they obeyed His commands.

    We will dwell with Jesus forever because He obeyed His Father perfectly on our behalf.

    c) The Israelites only changed temporarily.

    We will be changed permanently.

    d) Great fear gripped the hearts of all who witnessed the first Shavuot (Pentecost).

    Great joy will overwhelm the heart of the Bride at the Rapture.

    e) His great Torah (LAW) was made manifest at Mt. Sinai.

    At the Rapture the manifestation of His great favor will be known to all.


    On Shavuot (Pentecost), Jewish families will traditionally wear bright and festive clothing. Homes are sometimes decorated with green plants and an abundance of succulent foods are prepared for the celebration.

    Hayyim Schauss writes in “The Jewish Festivals” – “The custom of decorating the homes and synagogues with green plants is variously explained. One theory is that the day is marked in heaven as the day of judgment for the fruit of the trees.”

    I found this to be very interesting because at the rapture all the good bearing fruit trees will be raptured and separated from all the trees that bare rotten fruit. All of humanity are represented by trees – all throughout the Scriptures. (Matthew 12:33 & 7:15-20)


    “A kabbalistic custom emanating from the mystics in Safed (sixteenth century) is to stay up the whole (first) night of Shavuot studying Torah. The tikkun – a set order of study – was composed of selections from the Bible, rabbinic literature, and even mystical literature such as the Zohar. In this fashion the kabbalists prepared for the momentous revelation of the following morning.”

    “This practice of staying up all night is in stark contrast to that of the Israelites at Sinai, who according to tradition slept late that morning and had to be awakened by Moses. In atonement for this, Jews nowadays stay awake all night. The sense of preparation for Sinai is heightened by a mystical tradition holding that the skies open up during this night for a brief instant. At that very moment, we are told, God will favorably answer any prayer. The kabbalists also regard Pentecost as the wedding of God and Israel. Therefore, we stay up all night to “decorate the bride.”

    What an incredible picture of the rapture! The opening of the heavens “for a brief instant” corresponds with the message recorded in 1Corinthians 15:51.

    “… We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye …”

    Here is the perfect picture of Messiah coming to catch away His bride! And where does He take her? – to the wedding chamber He has prepared for her (John14:2-3)! This corresponds perfectly with Shavuot (Pentecost), when the Jews would “stay up all night to decorate the bride,” then celebrate with great joy all the next day.

    “If therefore thou shalt not watch, I will come on thee as a thief, and thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee.” ~ Revelation 3:3


    Observant Judaism studies the book of Ruth every Shavuot – as it is one of the Torah portions they read over during the two days of celebration.

    The book of Ruth tells of a gentile bride who leaves everything of her world behind and then goes on to marry a devout, merciful and just Hebrew Groom – a kinsmen redeemer by the name of Boaz – who redeems her at the feast of Shavuot! The multitude of shadow pictures in this four-chapter account overwhelmingly point to Jesus and His Elect Bride of favor.

    On the feast of Trumpets the shofar is traditionally blown 100 times by a man. Only on the day of Shavuot (Pentecost) at Mt. Sinai – is it recorded that the TRUMP of GOD was sounded anywhere in the Bible! This was the first time the trump of GOD was sounded. At the rapture the second and final trump of God sounds. Everywhere else in Scripture the shofar(s) or trumpet(s) are always sounded by men and by angels – not God.

    There are multiple facts related to the BARLEY Harvest & the Church as well and a deep study of Israel’s ancient AGRICULTURE clarifies much of Biblical prophecy.

    Here’s an added SPEC note (if applic) w/ hopes that you’re not ‘worn out’ from reading so many letters; but I go frantic if a detail is missed whether I appear as a ‘bother’ or not:

    Once the Jews (Israelis) have their 3rd Temple, they will doubtless obey the Ezek 45:18 command to CLEANSE the TEMPLE on the first NISAN 1 of their newly-completed TEMPLE….namely NISAN 1, 2018 (Sat, March 17).

    Add 2300 days TEMPLE DESECRATION (Dan 8:13-14) beginning at NISAN 1, 2018 (+the 2 days straightening) to arrive at the trib end, JULY 5, 2024 (which is 75 days past the APRIL 21, 2024 RETURN)…..spec, but interesting. By JULY 5, 2024, the 45 days judgment of nations will be over.

    7 Jewish months burying before NISAN 1, 2018 is ELUL 1; but no one knows when the EZEK 38 Divine Victory in Israel will take place; and after May 31 (Sivan 6….possible RAPTURE), the only significant Hebrew/historical dates before ELUL 1 are TAMMUZ 17, AV 9 and AV 15. In any case, the Ezek 38 Victory date in Israel cannot be determined via any kind of study……..but the 2300 days Temple Desecration beginning on NISAN 1 seem significant.

    Also notice that the RETURN at SUNDAY, April 21, 2024 plus the 30 days mourning is a TUESDAY, May 21; and TUESDAY is the 3rd Day, the PROCESSION….as a Wedding…..(Jesus & Remnant) from Petra……..Hosea 6:2-3 “Israel RAISED UP on 3rd Day”…..and the Jewish Remnant is the REAL ISRAEL going UP to Jerusalem.

    Pentecost, the Festival Without a Date

    As mentioned earlier, Pentecost is called Shavuot (or Weeks), in the Hebrew. It is so named to reflect the nature of its dating. It always falls seven weeks plus one day after the offering of the Omer.

    Since it is based on counting the seven weeks following the Feast of Firstfruits, the date of Pentecost is fluid. Thus, when the Jewish calendar was still based upon visually marking the appearance of the new moon, Pentecost could fall on the fifth, sixth or seventh of Sivan. The final determination of the date would depend upon whether or not the months of Nisan and Iyar were full thirty-day months.

    To this day, if one calculates the date of Pentecost as actually instructed in the Bible, its precise timing is always something of a mystery. Symbolically then, it becomes a perfect model for the rapture, since its date is also beyond reckoning.

    According to author Hayyim Schauss, the date for Pentecost cannot be fixed. He calls it the “only Jewish festival for which there is no fixed date.” The Books of Moses do not state on which day of the month Pentecost is to be observed. It says only that it is to be celebrated fifty days after the offering of the Omer [Firstfruits], the first sheaf of the grain harvest, which was to be offered on “the morrow after the Sabbath,” as we have already seen in Leviticus 23:15-17.

    Janet Herscu

    May 28, 2017 at 12:21 pm

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