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May 17, 2019 The coming Temple in Israel and the connection to Donald Trump

Are we there yet?  is the famous question ask through the years by children traveling with their parents to visit a relative or to a trip to Disney where great joy awaits upon arrival.

Just as anxious children we long for the arrival of the Rapture and our time of redemption from the enslavement of our mortal bodies to the eternal liberty of our new redeemed bodies. So are we there yet???? father!!!!

Start looking for the signs in the road that tells us how many miles away we are and do not miss any so that your joy can increase with the closer we get.

This video link to an interview with Gary and Tom will serve as a marker of both time and distance for the most awesome event of our lives.



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  1. Dr. Owuor claims God told him early last year (2018) that after the Rapture he will be sent to Israel where he will confront “A ferocious beast [that] will come out of ‘the Beast.” He was told that he will be killed and lie dead in the street of Jerusalem for 3 days/nights and then resurrected and taken to Heaven. Dr. Owuor, a former geneticist, speaks perfect Hebrew (among other languages) and is presently in supernatural ministry in other nations of the world. A link to his short, emotional testimony about this is included below. “Unbelievable times, what a tremendous time on the Earth, beloved – THE MESSIAH IS COMING, prepare ye the way of the Lord, a shocking, shocking time!” 5-1/2 mins. video at:

    “Great darkness coming to the Earth post-Rapture of the church and a tremendous clash with a ferocious beast, totally wounded.” 15 mins. version at:

    Nancy Ruhl

    May 20, 2019 at 12:16 am

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