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September 5, 2020 The Antichrist and Satan behind the scene organizations

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For many years 30 plus , I have been studying the cults and organizations behind the evil Satan that rules them.

In the coming article some new names have been added to the list that I had studied, number one is the Democratic party. For many years I too was deceived, but thanks to Jesus, and the Holy Spirit my eyes have been opened and the truth is manifested. Granted the evidence now available is much more clear and hiding it is not as effective as before.

The Trump administration has brought out all this hatred, evil and malicious intent in a clear and concise way as light has shined into the confrontation by Trump of the globalist agenda as carried out by the Democrats. Their unjustified hatred to Donald Trump’s anti globalist administration has been under attack from day one. The fortitude, patience and clear vision shown by president Trump is unique. They have thrown the sink at him trying to destroy and derail his plan, he has prevailed so far. No elected leader in the world has withstood such abuse and shown such restrain as he has, this is ample truth against those who charge him as a dictator. Fidel Castro a true dictator or Xi Jinping and others would have executed any who opposed him.

America is still the strongest Christian bastion standing in the way to this Satanic agenda for total world domination and the rule of Antichrist. Christians all over the world must pray for Trump and this nation’s protection from the evil one’s plan.

Now more than ever the Christian should have Bible scripture well known, to be wise and discerning. Judge everything and everyone against the Word and be filled with the Holy Spirit for discernment.

In America both parties where under the control of the globalists until Trump was elected. In my opinion, now, and looking back many years Carter, both Bush, both Clinton, Gore, McCain, Romney, Biden. and the big one “Obama” all are active enemies and espouse a Satanic globalist agenda. These are all against Trump and actively planning his defeat or destruction.

We know from the Bible that Satan will be allowed to rule for a period of seven years, (the Tribulation Rev 6 to 22) where the mystery of iniquity will be allowed to run its course. The question is, was the world given just the first four years of Trump as a reprieve or has Jesus allotted more time under Divine Grace?


The Hierarchal List of the Co-Conspirators Who Are Paving the Way for the Anti-Christ and the Complete Destruction of America | The Common Sense Show
In the last three parts of this series, CHICOM invovlement in the downfall of this country has been exposed  through a series of reports. Before going any further with this devastating globalist plot against America and all of humanity, it is important that we are going to look at the co-conspirators, and their goals,as a means to better understand the nature of humanity’s enemies.

The CommoSense Show is dedicated to peaceful, non-violent social and political change.


The Hierarchal List of the Co-Conspirators Who Are Paving the Way for the Anti-Christ and the Complete Destruction of America


In the last three parts of this series, CHICOM invovlement in the downfall of this country has been exposed  through a series of reports. Before going any further with this devastating globalist plot against America and all of humanity, it is important that we are going to look at the co-conspirators, and their goals,as a means to better understand the nature of humanity’s enemies.

This article will serve the purpose of outlining the hierarchy of the various factions that seek to destroy America and establish a Satanic-serving empire on this planet.  The groups are presented in ascending order.

The Summary of the Goals for the Various Factions In Their Plot Against America

A clear picture of the co-conspirators has emerged in the takedown of America and they consist of the following goals as listed by group affiliation.

The Democratic Party

Their goal is to replace the Constitution with  Marxist-Communist agenda. The party leadership hopes to emerge from the ensuing rubble with positions of power and vast amounts of wealth. What the Democrat fail to consider is that they are playing the role of the “Brown Shirts” and that this never ends well. These Democrats make Benedict Arnold look honest by comparison as there is no hiding their treason. To use a corporate analogy, the Democrats are the field supervisors with on-the- ground involvement. Clinton, Pelosi, Newsom, Ducey, Whitmore, Lighfoots, Cuomo, Bowsert, Schumer, Nadler. Feinstein, Harris, Biden et al., comprise the leadership of this Bolshevik  Revolution.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter are extensions of the Democratic Party and they also serve as a fundraising mechanism. These organiations are marxist with strong overtones of fascism. They are also hypocrites. They cry “white privilige” with regard to any personal financial success, while they demand reparations, yet, they take money from the corporate oligarchs that they purport to hate. Yes, in case you fell into a deep slumber, these marxist organizations have taken over a billion dollars of corporate funding from their “white privilige” enemies. Confused? You won’t be much longer. We will return to this point when we discuss the emerging rulers after tjhe carnage is executed to bring down the Republic. These corporations, the beneficiaries of “white privilige”, will be your future ruling class

An emerging story is coming forth that the CHICOMS, from Canada, are busy infiltrating and providing paramilitary training for Antifa and Black Lives Matter. In Portland, in the very near future, we are going to witness the fruits of these labors. I have been warning about living in Bosnia, 1992. This prediction is emerging right before our eyes as eventually there will be snipers on the roof.

The Deep State

This is the middle management arm of the movement to destroy America and help usher in the NWO. Generally their names are not familiar, however, there are some who publicly run interference for the movement and some of their names include Kissenger, Rockefellers’, Bloomberg, etc. They keep the Democrats focused and properly aligned with their globalist goals. Many of these middle managers comprise a captive audience in servitude to their supervisors because of their banking involvement. Their financial survival, due to massive debt, is tied to overthrowing the US, installing a digitial currency and securing a debt jubilee which will be offered when the Global order takes over.The leaders of this part of the movement have been put on the proverbial Sun-Tzu’s “death’s ground” where failure is not an option. Their desperation opens the door for genocide as a legitimate tool to gain total control. That day will likely realized if we allow it to happen


If the Communist Chinese Party  (CCP) were part of a baseball team, we would refer to them as a utility player as they play many roles. They control the cartels and now they are training Antifa and BLM as well as providing material support. As of late last night, the CHICOMS have obtained a 50 mile stretch in Idaho and are allegedly building an air base for future operations (ie Red Dawn). The details are still emerging and there is a good chance I will be interviewing a source sometime in the next 24 hours.

If this were a corporate structure, the CHICOMS would be in charge of both military operations (ie Red Dawn) and paramilitary operations (eg cartels, MS-13, Antifa and BLM).

The CHICOM;s have bribed members of the Democratic Party in order to gain some political leverage in their takeover strategies that they hope will destablize America as a prelude to destruction. For example, I have extensively covered the fact that the CHICOMS have made billionaires out of the Feinsteins. Since the Clinton administration, the CHICOMS have been the beneficiary of Democratic Party treason (eg the DNC and the Al Gore transfer of Silk Worm missile technology, in the 1990’s, to the CHICOMS all the way up to Joe and Hunter Biden’s F-35 technology transfer facilitated through Burisma and its subsidiaries.

The CHICOM inducement stems from the promise that they have been offered the role of the 21st Century World Policeman. Meet the new boss. Remember, the CHICOMS execute people for passing out the Bible, the perform live organ extractions on the undesirable of resisters of the month, and they were willing to infect their own people with the China virus in order to advance their position. Chinese enforcement is a much better fit for the globalists than America was and would ever be.

The United Nations

Again, if this were a hostile corporate takeover, the UN would be a multi-department head. They coordinate, education (UNESCO), health (WHO) and population control (Agenda 21, Agenda 2030). They will seize your guns, control your food and send political undesirables to medical martial law camps for final distribution. For the survivors of this hostile takeover, every aspect of one’s life will be totally under constant surveillance, control and correction when needed. Through the Kigali Principals, they will coordinate the multi-national force that will impose their will on America

The Upper Level Manager Class-The Secret Societies

This is a very intricate command and control. It is Satanic, it favors child sexual abuse and trafficking as a hobby. They embed their satanism in their organizations ranging from the Trilateral Commission, the CFR, the Committee of 300, the Council of 9, the Bilderbergs. Their organizational structure is elaborate and nearly all encompassing. They select Presidents while we believe we elect them. And when that is not true, we see behaviors like we are presently seeing with the Democratic Party leadership where they are telling Biden to not accept a defeat in this year’s election. They want a civil war that will destroy America and they relish the thought of persecuting Christians.

Much of the Fortune 500 corporations will be your overlords. If these entities get their way, the elite will pursue transhumanism as a means to coexist with AI as they attempt to reduce the population by an announced 90% If one wants a list of these corporations, simply see who has donated to Antifa and BLM.


This is his planet and the aforementioned groups are his people. Don’t believe me? Then ask yourself why the Democrats removed God from both the Pledge and their party platform.

Satan will place the control of the Earth under a small group of minions who will answer to the Anti-Christ who will soon be bursting onto the scene.

These people are the masters of the coming mandatory vaccinations and the feared Mark of the Beast. Now that you have the scorecard of participants, we can begin to unpack their strategies to destroy, not just America, but all of humanity. Make no mistake about it, this is the pathway to the emergence of the Anti-Christ. Do not be deceived!

1 John 4:1-3

Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world. By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you heard was coming and now is in the world already.


SEP 2, 2020 Is America under Divine Judgment? The Harbinger II returns

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In his first book the Harbinger Jonathan Cahn exposes the harbingers that befell America in that fateful day of 9/11/2001.

In his second book he further explains the Judgments that are happening now that show a nation under Divine Judgment.

As I see it, a pandemic, riots, looting, a divided nation, government in crisis, economic collapse threatening to collapse the stock market, an economy that dropped 36 % of its  GDP (gross domestic product) and the list goes on and on.

We must pray for our Nation, for godly leaders who put God’s will in their lives and rule following God’s dictum’s.


Aug 10, 2020 Angels, God’s servants exist in many forms, power and angelic ranks

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a very good discussion about the angels that are center stage during the Tribulation.


JULY 25, 2020 Is America under God’s Judgement ? The Harbinger II by Jonathan Cahn

This interview by Gary Stearman introduces the new book the Harbinger II by Jonathan Cahn. How are the patterns of Judgement for the Israel of the past replaying in today’s America. Agifted Holy Spirit inspired author reveals the connections between the past and the present.

A book to read.


June 24, 2020 The Essenes and their ancient solar calendar of 364 days

In this fascinating interview of Ken Johnson by Gary Stearman the lives and prophetic importance of these ancient people comes to life.

The prophetic significance of a 7,000 year period that ends God’s plan for humanity id brought to lite in a profound and significant way as it ties Jesus crucifixion to the year 32 AD and divides the time of the gentiles into three periods of 2,000 years that punctuates the start of the millennial Kingdom and the second coming of Christ.

A great act of Biblical research by Ken Johnson.



June 13, 2020 A question and answer session with Gary Stearman, fascinating!

A great listening video to answer very good questions.


May 24, 2020 Awe!!! is the word for this study of chapter four and five of Revelation by Gary Stearman

In this study of the beginning chapters of Revelation awe is the word that is conveyed by Mr. Stearman as he unfolds the words written in the first five chapters of Revelation. His obvious reverence for the words coming out of the book is manifested as a very powerful rendition of the court in Heaven where the Trinity is seen in all its glory with hard to imagine imagery that transcends the power of words to describe.

A powerful rendition of the unspeakable is the result of this study where we the hearers are transported in awe at the details of heaven described by John the Apostle. In the words written, the power, majesty, wisdom, justice and the plan of ages past becomes manifest. The lamb Jesus Christ is at the center of this unfolding drama that culminates in the opening of the book and the seven seals bringing to fruition God’s absolute rule and judgement of His creation.

Looking forward to the next study of chapter 5 if the Rapture does not take us out this Pentecost.



May 10, 2020 Will the Rapture come this month before or at Pentecost May 31 ?

As pastor F.M. Riley so well expressed the coming of Jesus is very near. I agree with hin in Pentecost being a likely day for it to happen.

Please take the time to prepare to receive the lord.

I am including two other articles he posted with this also.

Thanks pastor Riley


F.M. Riley (10 May 2020)
“R  U  READY?”


By Pastor F. M. Riley

May 3, 2020


   This is the Gentile year of 2020, and the year of the Lord’s coming in the air to resurrect and rapture all true Gentile believers unto Himself, John 14:3.            

              This is also the Jewish year of 5780, and the year of the Lord’s coming in the air to resurrect and rapture all true Jewish believers unto Himself.  

                It was the Lord Jesus Christ who explicitly said, “And as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man,” Luke 17:26. In the “days of Noah” wickedness, violence, and evil dominated apostate mankind on the earth, Genesis 6:5; 6:11-12. Due to such wickedness, God graciously gave mankind a 120 year warning of judgment to come, Genesis 6:3.

                Today wickedness, violence, and evil is again dominating               mankind on the earth.               And once again, God graciously gave a similar 120 year warning to apostate mankind on the earth. The count of years began in 1900 or 1901, and ended in 2019 or 2020.

                Significantly, “20” is the Bible number signifying “redemption.” There are two 20’s in this year number on our Gentile calendar. The Jewish calendar of 5780 also adds up to “20.”             This signifies


redemption for all true New Testament believers, whether Jew or

Gentile. When? In this year of 2020 and 5780. R U Ready?            


 King Solomon, one of the wisest men who has ever lived in human history, strongly believed in, loved, served, and worshiped the Lord God. He was inspired of God to write “The Song of Solomon,” the 23rd book in the KJV of the Bible.             In his inspired book, in 2:8-13, Solomon made it very clear that there would be a future “rising up” [resurrection], and a “coming away” [rapture], which would take place IN THE SPRING OF THE YEAR.

                  Dear readers, we are living today in THE SPRING of 2020 and 5780.             R U Ready?


                On our Gentile calendar we are living in the month of MAY, the fifth month of the year.             “5” is the Bible number signifying “GRACE.”

This month usually has the nicest SPRING weather of the entire year.

                On the Jewish calendar, this is the month of Sivan, the third month of the year. “3” is the Bible number signifying “RESURRECTION or RAPTURE.

                Now isn’t this an interesting “coincidence?” Yeah!             When donkey’s fly!             The Jewish rabbis claim there are no “coincidences” in God’s plan for mankind.  R             U Ready?


                In Leviticus 23 the Lord God appointed to Israel the “holy days” He wanted them to observe during the course of a year. Readers should carefully STUDY these holy days appointed by God Himself.


                It is easily noticeable that the appointed “holy days” correspond with the harvest seasons of Israel.

                At the holy day of PASSOVER, a lamb was sacrificed. Originally the blood of the lamb signified Israel’s deliverance from bondage in        the land of Egypt. The PASSOVER still signifies the sacrifice of Christ to pay the sin debt of mankind, and set free from the bondage of sin, every soul who will receive Christ as their Savior through repentance and faith.            

                However, as time passed, the Israelites sacrificed the lamb while asking God to bless them with AN ABUNDANT HARVEST. PASSOVER marks the beginning of the harvest season in Israel. Israel’s harvest season begins with harvesting the BARLEY.

                The Israelites were to bring an offering of sanctification to the Lord while harvesting their crops. This offering was to begin with an homer of BARLEY being brought to the priests each day for forty-nine days, Lev. 23:14-16; 27:16.               It was the period of days between PASSOVER and PENTECOST. On the fiftieth day they were to bring two wave LOAVES of bread baked from their newly harvested crop.

                What is the significance of this? The crop they were harvesting between PASSOVER and PENTECOST was BARLEY. And in the inspired Word BARLEY typifies the Gentile peoples. Carefully STUDY the Book of Ruth. The Jewish people are typified as WHEAT, Matthew 13:24-30. Dear readers, the BARLEY harvest ends at PENTECOST, and the WHEAT harvest begins at PENTECOST.

                Therefore, the DAY on which the Lord will come to rescue and

rapture His Gentile Bride; His church, will occur, either on the DAY


OF PENTECOST, or at some point during the fifty days preceding PENTECOST. Count on it!             R U Ready?


                I remind our readers that it was on the DAY OF PENTECOST some 2,000 years ago, when the presence and power of the Holy Spirit came upon the Lord’s Church, as recorded in Acts 2. This perfectly fulfilled the Lord’s prophecy and PROMISE to His Church in John 16:7.  

                  It would then be quite fitting if the Lord comes for His Church on the same day of the year He empowered her to go forth witnessing and proclaiming the gospel to all of mankind, to the uttermost parts of the earth, Matthew 28:19-20 and Acts 1:8.

                This year the DAY OF PENTECOST comes on May-31st on our Gentile calendar.             As I write that date is only 28 days from right now. However, the Lord will come on any date He chooses. Since all the inspired prophecies of the end-time are now converging, I cannot help but believe that PENTECOST is the most likely day for our Lord to come for His Church and believing people.

R               U   READY?              

<<<<<<<                   0                   >>>>>>>

                Pastor F. M. Riley         

<<<<<<<                   O                   >>>>>>>


May 3, 2020 Human-animal Hybrids genetic manipulation and the days of Noah return

We are at a turning point in the history of mankind when the whole world is griped by a rapidly spreading virus that some speculate or believe it was genetically created.

The interview shown here goes into the present day advances in science that make it possible to alter DNA of living organisms. Men and demons want to change, improve or alter that created by God and in doing that they are ushering the the present into prophetic times as described in the Bible. The perfect balance of creation is being destroyed by arrogant, foolish and perishing humans as they actively join the renks of the rebellion of Lucifer or Satan .

It is time to choose whom you will serve, God or Satan, the choice you make will determine where you will spend eternity.


April 27, 2020 Pastor Gary Stearman’s Study: Heavenly Rebellions-Past, Present and Future

As I write this introduction the world is in the grip of a Covid-19 virus pandemic and the economies of the world are in lock down paralyzed with fear. All I see is hope in Jesus Christ and His Divine plan of salvation and judgment unfolding at a rapid pace. My spirit is focused on the Word spoken in the Bible and in Jesus as my redeemer and savior and prepare for the day of the Rapture as it rapidly and finally approaches.

I see prophecy unfolding at a break away pace and the soon conditions that will coalesce to usher in the Apocalypse of John.

It is with love of my family and those readers who are or will join the family of God that I pen these harsh words as a warning and exhortation for believe in Jesus and repentance of sin, past and present. Do not be deceived by your believe in a benevolent God who will not let any human go to hell this is not the God of the Bible who revealed Himself in the Bible, but a God of our prideful imagination who is not who the real God is. At the end there are only two paths and one narrow road and a wide road. You will either join God at His terms (narrow road) or you will be joining Satan (wide road that many follow) in his rebellion against God.

He is God, Redeemer, Merciful, Just, Powerful and alive for ever. He is also King of Kings, Lord of Lords and ruler of the Universe with God the Father and the Holy Spirit.

May your kingdom come swiftly and your precious Word rule in our hearts and spirit as our bodies groan with anticipation of our redemption as the time is near and at hand.