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May 6, 2018 The Holy Spirit by F.M. Riley, a study of the Third Person in the Trinity

In the year of 1977 I was visited in the apartment where I was living by the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in the form of a white dove who landed on the mat inside my opened front door a few feet away from where I was sitting in a sofa reading the Bible and praying. This event transformed me deeply and launched me in a path of Bible study and a very unusual form of communication with God that persist to the present time.

Yes the Holy Spirit is active in the world today in the guidance of believers in the knowledge of the Word and the desires of Jesus for the enhancement and growth of true believers.

It is through His ministry that we come to know God and live a live that is pleasant to Jesus.

Thanks pastor Riley for your study into this all important subject.



F.M. Riley (6 May 2018)
The Holy Spirit

The Ministry and Outpouring of
The Holy Spirit
By Pastor F. M. Riley
May 2, 2018
“And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:
And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out My Spirit.”                         Joel 2:28-29
In my last study, The Month of May, 2018, I mentioned this text Scripture in Joel 2, and also the similar passage in Acts 2.  After sending out that study, the Lord laid on my heart to write in more detail about the ministry of the Holy Spirit in fulfilling both of these Scripture passages.
The subject of the Holy Spirit is a massive study in God’s Word.  To deal with the subject in every detail, would require the writing of a book.  I have no inclination to write a book on the subject. Therefore this brief study is written only to emphasize a truth about these passages in Joel 2 and Acts 2, which has been overlooked or ignored by even most of God’s people.  My prayer is that this study will be both enlightening, and a blessing, to our readers.
The Reality of the Holy Spirit
The first mention of the Holy Spirit in God’s Word is found in Genesis 1:2, where we read, “…..And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.”
I have actually had some “Christian” preachers tell me, that the Holy Spirit did not come into the world until the Day of Pentecost as recorded in Acts 2, and that this Scripture in Genesis 1:2 does not say, “Holy Spirit,” but only “the spirit of God.”  Ignorance gone to seed!   Then, was this “Spirit of God” in Genesis 1:2, an “unholy” spirit?   Well…??  2 Timothy 2:15 is still in the Bible, and some “professing Christians” need to start paying attention to it!
The Hebrew word translated as “moved” in 1:2, literally means, “brooded.” This is similar to the Lord’s statement found in Matthew 23:37, where the Lord spoke of a hen gathering her chicks under her wings.  A hen gathers her chicks in order to protect them,  preserve them, and bring forth new life.  Likewise the Holy Spirit “brooded” over the waters in Genesis 1:2.  At that time the waters were covering the waste and desolation [tohu waw bohu] into which the original earth had been brought.  This waste and ruin on the earth was caused by the rebellion of the “anointed cherub,” the one we know today as Satan, Ezekiel 28:11-19.
The earth as originally created was not created in the state or condition described in Genesis 1:2.  We know this to be so, because the inspired Word clearly says so.  Read it for yourself in Isaiah 45:18.  When the Lord God created the earth, He created it a beautiful place,  ready to be inhabited by mankind whom He was going to create to dwell in it, Ecclesiastes 3:11; Isaiah 45:18.  But the “anointed cherub” hated God, and destroyed the original earth, leaving it as described in Genesis 1:2.
The “Holy Spirit” of God was not the least bit happy with earth’s ruined condition, and is seen in Genesis 1:2 “brooding” over the ruined earth, in order to restore it to an orderly condition and bring forth new life.  Praise the Lord for the reality and ministry of  God’s Holy Spirit.
The Ministry of the Holy Spirit
There are dozens of Scriptures thoughout the Old Testament which speak of “the Spirit of God.”  Now unless some reader wants to believe these Scriptures are referring to an “unholy” spirit, then obviously they are referring to the Holy Spirit of God.
When we turn to the New Testament we find that both John and Jesus were filled with the “Holy Spirit” from their mother’s womb.  This would have been impossible unless the Holy Spirit was already in the world.
Further, the first public sermon of the Lord Jesus recorded in God’s Word, is found in John 3, several years before the events recorded in Acts 2.  In His first public sermon, the Lord told Nicodemus, “Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God,” John 3:5.  Read the remainder of the chapter.  Now if the Holy Spirit didn’t come into the world,  until He was poured out upon the Lord’s church in Acts 2, as some today claim,  just how could anyone be “born of the Spirit” before He came into the world?  Well…??
The So-called Coming Great Revival…??
Yet some today are teaching that the Lord Jesus will not return to resurrect and rapture His people to glory, until there is another great revival in the Lord’s churches.  This claim is generally based upon the prophecy of the Holy Spirit being poured out as recorded in Joel 2:28-29, which I used as a text for this study.
Folks, this claim of another great revival coming before the Lord’s return, is a false claim and false teaching.  Those making such a claim today are “wrongly dividing” the Word of God, and just setting forth  another way of saying, “My Lord delayeth His coming,” Matthew 24:48-51; Luke 12:45-46.
There will not be another great revival, among the churches and in the ranks of Christianity, before our Lord comes.  The Lord is coming to rescue His Bride and people out of “this present evil world, Galations 1:4.   The claim that such a revival has to occur before the Lord can come again, is absolutely false teaching.  The Christian movement today is in a state of apostasy, with only a “remnant” of true believers  still faithfully  loving and serving the Lord. I cannot help but believe that it is this “remnant” of true believers who will make up the Bride of Christ at the rapture.  Now do our readers want to be a part of this faithful, loving,  “remnant,” or are you content to just attend some church and hope that you will make it  to Heaven?
Now let’s turn our attention to the inspired prophecy of…….
Joel 2:28-29
What about this prophecy?  If it does not apply to some great revival before the Lord can return, then where and when does it apply, in the fulfillment of Bible prophecy?  Let’s see…..
Any reader who will seriously study the context in which this passage occurs, and even the statement made in this passage, should  easily see that the Lord God was speaking to and about the Holy Spirit being poured out again upon the nation and people of Israel.  Even a casual reading of the second chapter of Joel will reveal that the statements in the chapter are primarily speaking to and about the nation and people of Israel.  The very first verse in the chapter speaks about sounding a trumpet in “Zion,” which is God’s “holy mountain,” in the land of Israel.  The entire chapter gives both warnings and blessings which will come upon Israel and the Jewish people during “the day of the Lord” [the Tribulation period].   This is the context in which the prophecy in Joel 2:28-29 occurs.
God’s Witness Upon the Earth
Then what this passage in Joel 2:28-29 is prophesying, is that there will be an outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the nation and people of Israel.  This will happen at the time the authority to be God’s “witness” among mankind on the earth is transferred back from the Lord’s church to the nation of Israel and the Israelite people.  And when will that be?
Ever since the Lord God made His covenant with Moses and the children of Israel on the Day of Pentecost at Mount Sinai, as recorded in Exodus 20, the Lord God has never been without a “witness” in the earth.  In fact, Acts 14:17 makes it clear that the Lord will not leave Himself without a “witness” in the earth.
In Acts 2:1-3 the Lord God, on the Day of Pentecost  transferred the authority to be His “witness” on the earth among mankind, from apostate Israel to His espoused bride [Church].
The Timing of the Outpouring
Just as soon as this present Dispensation of Grace ends, with the resurrection and rapture of the Lord’s Church, and all true New Covenant believers, then the Lord God will transfer the authority to serve as His representitive to mankind on this earth back to the nation and people of Israel.  And yes!  There is Scriptural proof in God’s Word for my making this statement.
Examining the Statements
But what happened on that Day of Pentecost so long ago was really only  a partial fulfillment of the prophecy given in Joel 2.  Those readers who carefully study Peter’s message on that day, should notice that Peter. in explaining to that vast gathering of the Jewish people, explicitly stated,
“For these are not drunken, as ye suppose, seeing it is but the third hour of the day.
But this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel;
And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of My Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your dauthers shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:
And on My servants and on My handmaidens I will pour out in those days of My Spirit: and they shall prophesy,” Acts 2:17.
Isn’t it obvious to our readers that Peter could have said that the outpouring was similar to, or somewhat like, the prophecy in Joel.  But Peter did not say that!  What Peter explicitly said, was, “But this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel;” and then Peter transliterated the prophecy recorded in Joel 2:28-29.  So it should be evident to those readers who take the Bible at face value for what it actually and literally says, that the prophecy in Joel 2:28-29 began to be fulfilled on the Day of Pentecost in Acts 2.  But the complete fulfillment of Joel’s prophecy has not  yet occurred!
I used the word, “transliterated,” because Peter did not quote Joel’s prophecy word for word, as it was given.  What Peter said was, “And it shall come to pass in the last days…..”  But what Joel actually said was, “And it shall come to pass afterward.   Now be honest!  Isn’t that exactly what is writteen in the inspired Word?
These two different wordings do not say the same thing, or mean the same thing.  In fact the two different wordings are emphasizing two different dispensations of time for the complete fulfillment of Joel’s prophecy.
So many believers today have totally missed or overlooked this truth.  The prophecy of Joel 2:28-29 was given to Israel, and began to be fulfilled on the Day of Pentecost in Acts 2 with the salvation of 3,000 souls.  But what is still awaiting, when the rest of Joel’s prophecy is fulfilled?   Wow!
Defining the Two Different Terms
The two different terms used in God’s Word in reference to Joel’s prophecy, are “afterward” in Joel 2:28, and “the last days” in Acts 2:17.
In Joel 2:28, the prophet Joel was inspired of God to say, “And it shall come to pass afterward…..”  After what, or after when?  The obvious answer is after the Dispensation of Grace has been concluded by the resurrection and rapture of the Lord’s church and all true New Covenant believers.  Proof?  Gladly!
Just look at Peter’s statement in Acts 2:17, “And it shall come to pass in the last days…..”  Dear readers, we believers are living in “the last days” right now!  Just look up the expression in the New Testament, and it places the Lord’s church and people in “the last days” over and over again.  For example see 2 Timothy 3:1-7, Hebrews 1:1-2, James 5:1-8, and 2 Peter 3:3-4, A careful study of this expression will reveal that “the last days” could be used as  a  synonym for the Dispensation of Grace.
So the “afterward” in Joel 2:28-29 literally means that the entire nation and people of Israel will experience the outpouring of the Holy Spirit after this present dispensation is over.  This means after the resurrection and rapture of all New Testament believers has occurred.  And why shouldn’t that be the proper time in God’s Great Plan of the Ages?  And yes!  This clearly allows for a Pre-tribulation Rapture.  Glory!
A Witness to Israel
Israel as a nation and people, throughout this entire dispensation has rejected the New Testament as being a part of the inspired Word of God, and the Lord Jesus Christ as being their long awaited Messiah, King, and Savior.
But when the resurrection and rapture occurs, some believers will be be raptured right before the eyes [Matthew 24:40-42; Luke 17:34-36] of some of the Jewish people, and the rapture will be one of the greatest “witnesses” ever seen by and given to the nation and people of Israel.
And when the rapture occurs, God’s “two witnesses” [Revelation 11:3-6] will show up in the streets of Jerusalem, preaching the Lord Jesus Christ as God’s “way” of salvation, and the Messiah and Savior of Israel, and calling upon Israel to repent of their unbelief.  You talk about a “witness” to a people!  Wow!  And glory to God!
And shortly after the rapture has occurred the power and presence of the Holy Spirit will be poured out upon the nation and people of Israel, to complete the outpouring which began on the Day of Pentecost 2,000 years ago on the Lord’s church in Acts 2.   Glory to God!  Praise the Lord!
The Amazing Results…..
It must have been a great day of rejoicing for all the true believers   when the Holy Spirit was poured out, and then Peter preached his great sermon on the Day of Pentecost and 3,000 souls were saved as recorded in Acts 2.  I would love to have been there!
But now just think about it!  When the Holy Spirit is finally poured out upon the nation and people of Israel as recorded in Joel 2,  shortly after [afterward] the rapture has occurred, and God’s “two witnesses” [Revelation 11:3] preach the Lord Jesus Christ to the Jewish people gathered there in Jerusalem, 144,000 Israelites will be gloriously saved out of all twelve tribes of Israel, Revelation 7:1-8.   Glory hallelujah!
If any reader cannot get excited over this fulfillment of the prophetic Word, then perhaps they need to read 2 Peter 1:10-11 again, and act upon it.  But this is still not the end of the story…….
Those 144,000 saved and sealed Jews will then go forth into all the world preaching “the gospel of the Kingdom” to every person left behind on the earth after the rapture, Matthew 24:14.  The result of their preaching was seen by John in Revelation 7:9-17.
I am sure some preachers will balk at this truth, claiming that their ministry has already reached into the whole world by means of radio or television.  Is that so?  There are a few things wrong with such a claim in the light of Matthew 24:14…..
[1]   We who preach God’s Word today do not preach “the gospel of the Kingdom.”  We should be encouraging true believers by reminding them that the Kingdom of Christ is coming, but in order to reach lost souls for Christ,  we today preach, or should be preaching, “the gospel of the grace of God in Christ Jesus,” Acts 20:20-21.
[2]   A careful study of Matthew 24:14 in the Greek text, makes it clear that the “gospel of the Kingdom” will be preached in every place in “the habitable earth,” where there is even one soul to hear it.  Now this totally exposes the claim of  these preachers who boast that their ministry has “gone all over the world” by means of radio and TV.  Thousands of people today in various parts of the world, in spite of radio and television, have never even heard of the Lord Jesus Christ and have no idea who He is.  But every single person left behind on the earth when the rapture occurs is going to hear about Him, for the 144,000 will see to it.
Yes indeed!  There is a great soul saving revival coming on the earth.  But it will be after the resurrection and rapture, after this present Dispensation of Grace is over, and we true believers living today will  already be with our Lord in Heaven.   Glory to God!
The Signs of the Times
The Lord Jesus Christ, in Matthew 16:1-3, sternly rebuked the Pharisees and Sadducees for not being able to “discern the signs of the times.”  Are the leaders of New Testament Christianity doing any better  today?
The Lord Jesus, in the Gospels, and then throughout the New Testament, gave to His people “signs” to watch for, which would indicate that the time of His return was drawing near, Mark 13:33-37.  If the readers have been obedient in “watching,” we have seen one “sign” after another fulfilled since the end of the Second World War, and “signs” are still appearing today.
Because of these “signs,” there is no question in my mind that 2018 will be the year of our Lord’s return.  Also…..
The observant reader will notice that throughout this study I underlined The Day of Pentecost.  Now as I write, we are in the month of May, and the Day of Pentecost is just a few days away.  If any reader has not received my study entitled The Month of May, 2018, just write or drop me an email, and I will send it to you.
I do not dogmatically claim that the Lord Jesus is going to return on Pentecost.  I am well aware of what is stated in Matthew 24:36.  The Lord may come on some other day, but the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit tells me that He is coming SOON.  If the Lord does come on Pentecost, or even before, will He find you saved and ready, or will you be one of those left behind at the rapture?
Dear readers, YOU HAVE MY MESSAGE.  Now what you do with it is between you and the Lord.
<<<<<<<       O       >>>>>>>
Permission is granted to any true believer or Bible believing Christian ministry to reproduce this study to share with others, or to quote from it in context as written.
Those readers who would like to contact me personally should  select one of the following methods:
Postal:     Pastor F. M. Riley, 14275 County Road 8120, Rolla, MO 65401
Phone:    573-202-6493
<<<<<<<       O       >>>>>>>


Nando end

July 7, 2016 God communicates with us through dreams and visions in the last days

Dreams and visions is a form of communication that God will use in the end times to speak to believers. The main question that I would ask is will they manifest before the tribulation and after also?

God is a communicator and has a myriad of ways to do it. The video by Gary Stearman and Ken Johnson cover this very important topic.


Nando end

Nov 11, 2015 The mathematical wonders of Genesis 1:1

The article linked below by Julia is fascinating to say the least. In the first sentence of Genesis you find a mathematical and geometrical wonder that authenticates God as the originator. This beginning sets the pace for the use of mathematics to authenticate the veracity of God as the origin of the Bible.

After the Julia post I will give three other fascinating links that further expand the use of mathematics to verify the Bible as the Word of God and its authorship.


Julia (8 Nov 2015)
“The Other Bible Code”

Sharing an interesting read I just came across.


The Arithmetic Of God
Don Kistler


The Last Twelve Verses of Mark Their Genuineness Established

by Ivan Panin

Grafton, Mass. 1910

Nando end

Sept 1, 2015 The number 7 is the key to Newton’s Riddle

In this interview on Prophecy in the News, Dr. Kevin Clarkson and Mr Neill Russel engage in an extremely educational conversation about the end times as studied by Sir Issac Newton.

The number seven and its multiple usages in the Bible is explained by Mr. Russel in a very simple to understand manner. He is the author of the book titled Newtons Riddle.

A very informative and good video.


Nando end

Aug 26, 2015 Is the New York stock market having the equivalent of a heart attack by invoking rule 48 for the third time? Or should it be called a Shemitah God induced attack?

This blog usually does not follow the stock market or its news, but since the Shemitah God caused cycles are affecting the market so greatly and God is intervening mightily it is for me to talk about it.

Rule 48 was unknown to me before I read the article listed below, but it is important for me and the readers to ask ourselves what are the financial leaders seeing that they have to invoke this rule and they are not telling us?

Transparency is a basic condition that has to exist to have trust in anything. Are their actions transparent? Do they explain satisfactorily their reasons for invoking rule 48?

Savy investment managers and financial CEO’s make their living by predicting and controlling the market and try to control the uncontrollable.

God is moving the present market as He wishes to obtain the results He wants and unless you are very fine tuned to His plans and will, there is not one chance in a trillion that you will will be able to stop, control, alter or guess the destination of the market and the forces moving it.

May God rule forever and His will be done.



It’s bad when NYSE invokes Rule 48…for the 3rd time

The New York Stock Exchange invoked the little-used Rule 48 to pre-empt panic trading at the stock market open for the third day in a row on Wednesday. In a historic move, the exchange used the rule before Monday’s open following a dramatic drop in pre-market open futures, including the Dow Jones Industrial Average futures falling more than 700 points.

The goal of Rule 48 is to ensure orderly trading amid financial market turbulence. It’s only used in the event that extremely high market volatility is likely to have a floor-wide impact on the ability of designated market makers (DMMs) to disseminate price indications before the bell.

© Provided by CNBC

Unlike a circuit breaker that stops stock trading, Rule 48 speeds up the opening by suspending the requirement that stock prices be announced at the market open. Those prices have to be approved by stock market floor managers before trading actually begins. Without that approval, stock trading can begin sooner.

To invoke Rule 48, an exchange would have to determine that certain conditions exist that would cause market disruptions. Those conditions include:

  • volatility during the previous day’s trading session
  • trading in foreign markets before the open
  • substantial activity in the futures market before the open
  • the volume of pre-opening indications of interest
  • government announcements

Rule 48 was approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission on Dec. 6, 2007 and has been rarely used.

Rule 48 was invoked a few times in recent years, including on Tuesday, January 22, 2008 and on Thursday, May 20, 2010. In 2008, the stock markets were subject to great volatility over fears of a global recession and in 2010, the European debt crisis caused panic buying and selling. The rule was also invoked during the August-September 2011 time frame, when European debt crisis fears and U.S. government shutdown debate again roiled the markets, and in early 2015, when massive snowstorms swept across the U.S.

And in what was quite likely a first for hidden stock exchange protocols—Rule 48 was trending on Twitter.

Full text of Rule 48, Exemptive Relief—Extreme Market Volatility Condition

(a) In the event that extremely high market volatility is likely to have a Floor-wide impact on the ability of DMMs to arrange for the fair and orderly opening, reopening following a market-wide halt of trading at the Exchange, or closing of trading at the Exchange and that absent relief, the operation of the Exchange is likely to be impaired, a qualified Exchange officer may declare an extreme market volatility condition with respect to trading on or through the facilities of the Exchange.

(b) In the event that an extreme market volatility condition is declared with respect to trading on or through the facilities of the Exchange, a qualified Exchange officer shall be empowered to temporarily suspend at the opening of trading or reopening of trading following a market-wide trading halt: (i) the need for prior Floor Official or prior NYSE Floor operations approval to open or reopen a security at the Exchange (Rules 123D(1) and 79A.30); and/or (ii) applicable requirements to make pre-opening indications in a security (Rules 15 and 123D(1)).

(c) A suspension under section (b) of this Rule is subject to the following provisions:

(1)(A) Before declaring an extreme market volatility condition, the qualified Exchange officer shall consider the facts and circumstances that are likely to have Floor-wide impact for a particular trading session, including volatility in the previous day’s trading session, trading in foreign markets before the open, substantial activity in the futures market before the open, the volume of pre-opening indications of interest, evidence of pre-opening significant order imbalances across the market, government announcements, news and corporate events, and such other market conditions that could impact Floor-wide trading conditions.

(B) Such review shall be undertaken in consultation with relevant officers of NYSE Market and NYSE Regulation, as appropriate. Following the review, the qualified Exchange officer or his or her designee shall document the basis for declaring an extreme market volatility condition.

(2) The qualified Exchange officer will, as promptly as practicable in the circumstances, inform the Securities and Exchange Commission staff that an extreme market volatility condition has been declared, the basis for such declaration, and what relief has been granted.

(3) An extreme market volatility condition may only be declared before the scheduled opening or reopening following a market-wide halt of securities at the Exchange.

(4) A declaration of an extreme market volatility condition shall be in effect only for the particular opening or reopening for the trading session on the particular day that the extreme market volatility condition is determined to exist. The Exchange may declare a separate extreme market volatility condition on subsequent days subject to sections (b)(1) through (b)(3) above.

(5) A declaration of extreme market volatility shall not relieve DMMs from the obligation to make pre-opening indications in situations where the opening of a security is delayed for reasons unrelated to the extreme market volatility condition.

(d) For purposes of this Rule, a “qualified Exchange officer” means the Chief Executive Officer of ICE, or his or her designee, or the Chief Executive Officer of NYSE Regulation, Inc., or his or her designee.

Nando end

June 18, 2015 CERN and the gates to open the supernatural world of demons

This is not the stuff you write in science fiction novels or the fictitious horror movies that scare us stiff, this is real and is happening at this time and place all around the world.

Science as we know it has been augmented by the fallen angels technology that permit us humans to think and conceive an instrument of such evil intent as that in CERN.

Their purpose is to release the chained angelic rebellious angels residing at the bowls of the earth where they were chained by God. This is a nightmare scenario difficult to imagine’

What is discussed in the video is the plan to wipe out all humans from the face of the earth and destroy God’s creation as the fallen angels led by Satan try to mount their final battle against God and His Kingdom.

Tom Horn and Steve Quayle are brilliant in their presentation of the science that is being carried out in the different powerful nations of the world. Let us think that this is only a fraction of the real stuff going on in secret labs all over the world.

Demons and fallen angels are very active in their communications t their followers, but God is very active in filling the believers with the knowledge of what is occurring and countering the manifested evil taking hold of the earth big time now.

Jesus is coming very soon and you better be prepared to meet Him face to face.


Nando end

DEC 30, 2014 KML (28 Dec 2014) “Praise Him with The Voice and the Drums”

Thanks to KML for the links to these two beautiful videos of praise, with voice and drums.


KML (28 Dec 2014)
Praise Him with The Voice and the Drums

Nando end

Written by twelvebooks

December 30, 2014 at 9:33 pm

Nov 26,2014 God and the number seven

Today I started reading a post of James Brownlow about the heptadic design of the last twelve verses of Mark.

It is fascinating to understand the relationship of the number seven with God and how it is imbedded in His Word, creation, plans, and all things that exist to give testimony of their divine nature and origin.

Although mankind is in its majority in open rebellion with God we still use the seven day week to run our lives and in the majority of Nations there is at least one day of rest in the week.

If you look at the book of Revelation the # 7 is ingrained in the arrangement of the plan of God. His message is to the seven churches and the scroll that the lamb is given has seven seals that at the opening of the seventh start the playing of seven trumpets whose seventh trumpet sound brings forth seven bowls of wrath whose last bowl the seventh finishes Gods judgements on men to close six thousand years of rebellion before the start of the seventh millenium kingdom.

In my personal life I have seen the use of the seven in hundreds of forms and manners as it relates to my relationship and communication with God.


James Brownlow (23 Nov 2014)
“The Heptadic Structure of Scripture – The Last Twelve Verses of Mark”

Ivan Panin (deceased Nov 1942) wrote extensively on the Heptadic designs of the number “7” found in the Hebrew and Greek texts of Holy Scripture. The designs are found nowhere else, not in Hebrew, Greek, or any other writings. These designs are a strong witness to Scripture’s Providential Origin in every jot and tittle.

As mentioned before, Mr Gustav Hoyer, an associate of Panin, discovered shortly after Panin’s death that Panin had only scratched the surface of Heptadic design. The designs are more extensive than Panin realized. This is Panin’s listing, near some 60 pages of lists of designs of “7” found in these 12 verses….

Nando end

Written by twelvebooks

November 26, 2014 at 3:31 pm

Oct 11, 2014 The Watermark in the Bible the Heptadic Signature of God by Pastor Bob

Pastor Bob I want to thank you very much for all the posts that you have written in fivedoves.

It is a source of knowledge and discovery that you have provided us with that shows the magnificence of Our God Jesus Christ.

I have known about the sevens in the Bible and their significance in my life for quite some time, but never did it dwell on me to find it to the extent that you have shown us in the five post of the Heptadic signature of the Bible.

Today I found out that my address bears the Heptadic numbers big time and I have been communicating with God for more than 30 years with the # 77, license plates and probabilities.

As you probably known I have been a practicing engineer for 47 years of my life and on top of the many courses of mathematics that I took in engineering I took a master degree course in Statistical Analysis for Business Majors. It is for this reason that I feel comfortable with the language of mathematics and probabilities and that I can marvel at the information that is woven in the Words of the Bible authenticating the author as God!!!!

It was with great pleasure that I read your unveiling of the Heptatic design found in the Greek and Hebrew texts of the Bible. Yes God is Mathematics as all creation including math originates from him. Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of Hosts. Glory, Honor and Power to Jesus Christ.

I just want to point out one fact that stands out shouting in here, if you want to communicate with God in a more profound and meaningful way use the 7, 77 and 777 as a means of communicating with Him and interpret the answers using statistical mathematics and probability. I have been doing this for more than 30 years and still going strong. You can use other very significant numbers also like the 22 (Hebrew letters) 666 the antichrist, 888 Jesus Greek gematria and others as well as letters like the initials in your name or of BHO and many others. Young people have made a language of texting that is lost in most adults, you can start your own texting through numbers and letters that are both significant to you and Him. The Holy Spirit will guide the true believer on the way to do it.


Pastor Bob (5 Oct 2014)
“God’s Heptadic Signature -5”

All Doves:In previous post in this series I have shared samples of the Divine Mathematical “DNA” of Genesis 1:1 and Matthew 1:17, which from a mathematical perspective, proves that the Bible is not of human origin but has a Divine beginning.  In this post we will be looking at another amazing chapter, this time from the Gospel of John, that further elaborates this incredible aspect that the theological community would prefer to disappear into obscurity.  What this all comes down to is that the original manuscripts used to translate the King James Bible were fully inspired, inerrant, infallible, and irrevocable.  The King James Bible is (98.2% of it) the True Word of God.  God is a mathematician and has placed His Seal, likened to “DNA” and it will not go away.  God’s Signature is found on all of nature and in particular, His Word!

The British physicist James Jeans once put it this way, “The Universe appears to have been designed by a pure mathematician.”  The bestselling author and astrophysicist Mario Livio asks the question in his book, ‘Is God a Mathematician’.  Paul Davies, author of ‘The Goldilocks Enigma’ in reviewing Mario Livio’s book, stated “All science proceeds from the assumption that the cosmos is ordered in an intelligible way.  Beneath the bewildering richness of natural phenomena there lies an elegant mathematical unity.  How astonishing that the human mind is attuned to this hidden subtext of nature!  With elegance and clarity, Mario Livio charts how, through science and mathematics, we have come to glimpse the fundamental rules on which the universe runs.”

I’m not going to allow myself to be diverted from the mathematical evidence of proof concerning the King James Bible, by engaging in the futile ‘textual criticism’ arguments that has been used to divert me from the evidence and proof confirming the credence of the KJV Bible. To do so would only confuse the reader further because the ‘textual criticism’ issues are far greater and too complex an issue to address in a forum like Five Doves.  Make no mistake about this issue, there are far more aspects and issues involved that serve to blur an issue that has existed, going as far back to when the formalization of the Canon occurred.  Theological ‘textual criticism’ actually has been rendered to be needless by the academic discipline of mathematics.  Theologians haven’t fully recognized their demise.

Since ‘Mathematics’ is the only “pure” science by definition of its being replicable, meaning that one can repeat the same tests repeatedly to test its veracity and reliability.  In simple terms, we can proves things through mathematics.  In simple math 2+2+2 always equals 6, unless you are using the government’s ‘Common Core’ methods.  I jest, but the world’s greatest scientific minds have prevailed.  Math is the root of all scientific inquiry.  Science is the application of mathematics.  The bottom line of whether the KJV Bible is the True Word of God or not can actually be tested against the bench mark of the science of ‘Mathematics’ and computer analysis.  This has been done and tested by many competent experts, for many years, and is an active ongoing practice.  But first a few points of reference in aiding the reader to grasp this Divine Truth:

++Tracking the “Heptadic” Design Feature has been a far easier task than that of explaining how it originated in    the first place.

++The miracle lies in the fact that every complete passage of Scripture in the Old Testament Hebrew Masoretic Text is built/constructed upon a design of “sevens” or what is known as the “Heptadic” Design Feature.  It does not matter on what book of the Old Testament you choose to examine, the “DNA” is there.

++Ditto for the New Testament.  The same “Heptadic” Design Feature exists in the Greek Byzantine Stephanos New Testament as well.

++Of all the world’s languages, only the Greeks and the Hebrews used letters to represent numbers or numerical value.  Linguists worldwide have confirmed this to be true.  Every other language in the world uses a different method of numbers/symbols for representing systems of accounting measurement.

++The significance of the “Heptadic” Design Feature is deepened by the fact that, try as one may, no other unique numerical pattern based on another number, such as ‘3’ or ’10’, can be found.  Every number in our base-10 system has been tested through computer analysis.

++No other book in the world is constructed on such a numerical design.  The Apocrypha or the other so-called Pseudepigraphal writings, nor any of the Greek classics, or other so-called ‘holy writings’ of the various world religions do not witness to God’s “Heptadic” Design Feature.  Q.E.D.

++Very little of this “Heptadic” Design Feature appears in our modern translations, other than specifics like the “seven” petitions of the Lord’s Prayer; in the “seven” sayings of the Cross; the “seven” churches in Revelation; and in the 35 Miracles and 35 Parables by the Four Gospel writers – 35 + 35 = 70 or [7 x 10].  The “Heptadic” Design Feature is found primarily within the Greek/Hebrew text of the KJV Bible.

++It is also seen in the 63 books of the Hebrew Bible (not 66, because the Hebrew sages did not divide the books of Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles into two parts each).

++It, meaning the “Heptadic” Design Feature transcends specific groupings.  For example, the Bible records “seven” persons raised from the dead (two in the Old Testament, and five in the New Testament).  There are many other examples as well.  I do not plan to share everything in these posts.  The evidence is so extensive that few can handle its depth.

The significance of the “Heptadic” Design Feature is tremendously important.  It is nothing short of Divine!  It hallmarks the Old and New Testaments as being the direct pronouncements of the Creator of this seemingly limitless universe.  The Holy Scriptures have been given to mankind by the Creator Himself!  As a Messianic believer stated to me recently, “It clinches the fact that we have a heaven to gain and a hell to shun.  That the Lord Christ Jesus was the true Messiah of the Jewish nation, as foretold in Isaiah chapter 53, that He was God.  That He is the world’s only way of salvation from sin.  That He rose from the dead.  That He is coming again – very soon!”

Even before I set out to share with the readers the series here on ‘God’s “Heptadic” Signature’ I introduced the reader to the example of the New Testament meaning of the word “mystery” and its plural form “mysteries”.  I noted the two words are found or occur exactly the same number of times as their occurrences in the Hebrew alphabet:

Mystery = 22X
Mysteries = 5X

But that was just the beginning.  There are the basic 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet.  There is what are known as the 5 final forms of letters that are used to indicate the end of a sentence or paragraph.  Keep in mind, the original Hebrew text was one long string of continuous letters – no punctuation.  I don’t need to go into an explanation here as to how the translators were able to so easily decide where chapter/verse markers were to be inserted.  The answer is amazingly simple and I would rather explain it at a later time.

But there is more to the ‘mystery’.  Each occurrence where the two words (‘mystery’ and ‘mysteries’) appear contains a subtle or hidden meaning within the text portion where it appears that communicates a “theme” or meaning to the corresponding letter occurrence.  This has nothing to do with what are referred to as the ‘Bible Codes’.  That is something entirely different than what I am discussing.

All of this has been lost to the reader, clergy or laity.  The “religious” of the world do not want you to know about it.  They do not want to believe it themselves.  Why?  Because of the potential implications that one then has to face up to and deal with.  Lucifer doesn’t want you to know about it either!  Any pastor that uses any of the Per-versions (other translations of the Bible) doesn’t want you to know about it.  You can be positively sure those who attack the KJV Bible do not want you to know about this astonishing truth.  The Vatican does not want you to know about this truth, to be sure.  Defenders of the KJV Bible are always attacked for being anti-Roman Catholic.  Justifiably so I might add and agree, because defenders of the KJV Bible know well their history!  I can assure you that this is not taught in theological seminaries or Bible colleges.  It is definitely not in the curriculum!

God has not only given His ‘DNA’ signature, He has left us His calling card!  You can verify that the KJV Bible is the True Word of God, and you can begin to do so by taking a KJV Bible and go to the Psalms.  Turn to Psalm 119, the longest Psalm in the Bible.  Psalm 119 contains 176 verses.  It is structured on 22 stanzas of 8-verses each.

In the KJV Bible (only, not noted in other translations) each 8-verse stanza is headed by a corresponding Hebrew letter of the 22 Hebrew letters of the Hebrew alphabet.  Each of the sequenced Hebrew letters’ meanings will be found in that particular 8-verse stanza.  In other words, the particular theme of that Hebrew letter is found, hidden in plain sight, embedded within its 8-verse stanza text.

As an example, turn to the 8-verse stanza – verses 25-32.  Directly above it you should find the Hebrew letter for “Dalet” and/or spelled out “Dalet” or of similar rendition.  In Hebrew, the letter “Dalet” means “door” or something related to the meaning of a door.  In my KJV Bible, I find the word “way” or “the way” appears five times.  The word “door” does not appear but think about “doorway” and you will begin to see the picture lesson being taught.  This method is taught in each of everyone of the twenty-two 8-verse stanzas for the entire Psalm.  The corresponding meaning is usually obvious but sometimes it may seem nuanced by its translated English meaning word.

The entire Psalm 119 is basically an index to the Hebrew alphabet or vice versa.  We have many many other examples; however, Psalm 119 is the longest Psalm in the Bible to look at it in its entirety, and it gives the reader an easily understandable aspect to the KJV Bible.  It provides you a starting point, as the “Heptadic” Design Feature is much more in its larger scope.  Just remember, you will not find this in Psalm 119 of any one of the infinite number of Bibles on the shelf of your local Christian bookstore, not a single one!

Could it all be a coincidence?  That is what most people erroneously conclude.  Should I say that is not by accident and Satan wants you to believe that it is merely coincidence?  However, what is more interesting is the fact that every other translation of the Bible, to date, has chosen to eliminate the Hebrew letters in their “counterfeit” Bibles.  As much as I like “The Living Bible” or the “New American Standard Bible”, they are simply “counterfeits”!  They look like the true Bible, they feel like the true Bible, and, in every way possible, they resemble the true Bible.  But the fact is they are still “counterfeits”.

Ask yourself this simple question, if someone gave you a new “Benjamin”, would you accept it if you knew it was a counterfeit?  I don’t think anyone, in their right mind, would want to run the risk of being arrested for passing off a phony “Benjamin” at your local supermarket or restaurant, that is if they knew their “Benjamin” was funny money.

As I stated in “God’s Heptadic Signature -4”  The King James Bible is the ONLY Bible that contains God’s “Heptadic” Signature DesignIt authenticates God as the AuthorIt further validates the reliability of the manuscripts used to translate the KJV Bible.

Going back to a point I made earlier here is that Mathematics is the only “pure” science and that one can replicate the premises of Dr. Ivan Panin, or Blaise Pascal, Sir Isaac Newton, Professor Elyahu Rips, Doran Witzham, Yoav Rosenberg, or Albert Einstein.  What I am sharing here is not all that new.

There are so many facets to this that it is simply too large to contain in secrecy.  For example, earlier I noted the occurrences of the word “mystery” appearing 22X.  One of my favorite examples of Bible ‘counts’ that correspond to the themes is that of the ‘number’ of chapter 22’s in the Bible.  There are exactly twenty-two books of the Bible with chapter 22’s. Twenty-two is one of the most obvious numbers relating to Jesus Christ and is a strong indicator that all those chapters are about Jesus Christ.  The last letter (the 22nd letter) of the Hebrew alphabet is “Tav” or “Tavh” and its meaning is “truth and perfection”.  What does John 14:6 tell us?:  “Jesus said unto him.  I am the way, the truth, and the life: No man cometh unto the Father, but by Me.”

At the beginning I stated that I would share another example of God’s “Heptadic” Design, this time from the Gospel of John.  I did this study of the Greek text over a span of six mornings, preceding Rosh HaShanah, working between 7 and 11 AM.  In this post we will see another amazing example from the 17th chapter of John.  But first, a few fascinating details that coalesce together in God’s Word:

++The 17th letter of the Hebrew alphabet is “Peh” which means “mouth and speech”.

++The 17th chapter of John is devoted to Jesus’ intercessory prayer.

++The 17th verse states, “sanctify them through thy truth, thy word is truth.”

I find these three points as an astonishing intersection of the Word of God, an example of God’s signature calling card, as good as it gets.  I’m just kidding.  You have only viewed the beginning.  We are just scratching the surface of what runs deep in the Word of God.

Jesus’ prayer of intercession is a pivotal passage as where the Lord pours out His heart to His heavenly Father.  Here is a partial list of the “Heptadic” Design Features I found in John chapter 17:1-27:

1.    490 words or [7 x 70]
2.    70 adverbs or ]7 x 10]
3.    2,079 letters or [7 x 297]
4.    70 articles of speech or [7 x 10]
5.    49 sentences or [7 x 7]
6.    49 pronoun “I”or [7 x 7]
7.    1,162 Vowels or [7 x 166]
8.    49 references to Christ or [7 x 7]
9.    917 consonants or [7 x 131]
10.  91 references to persons or [7 x 13]
11.  98 verbs or [7 x 14]
12.  91 references to the Godhead or [7 x 13]
13.  77 nouns or [7 x 11]
14.  7 references to God or [7 x 1]
15.  70 conjunctions or [7 x 10]
16.  7 references to Father or [7 x 1]
17.  49 prepositions or [7 x 7]
18.  7 references to the world or [7 x 1]
19.  126 pronouns to others or [7 x 18]

I have listed only 19 features of God’s “Heptadic” Design Feature or signature design authentication.  Yes, there are many more, probably upwards of eight more but I’m saving them for a book that I am writing on God’s “DNA”.  As I noted in an earlier point, it is easier to track the “Heptadic” Design Feature than to explain how it came to be.  I’ve studied and researched this phenomena for eighteen years but only recently discovered the answer to the larger reason on how it came to be and what it all means.  I will share that in the next segment of this series part 6.

It is important to note that in the scientific discipline of statistics and probability, scientists as a whole, has concluded that any probability of 1 in 10 to the 50th power (50 zeros behind it) is an impossibility.

Translating the “Heptadic” Design Feature to the ‘Law of Chances’, for any 3 numbers to be multiples of seven accidentally, there is only one chance in 7 x 49, or only 1 chance 343.

Thus, according to the ‘Law of Chances’, for any 1 FEATURE or NUMERIC FACT to occur accidentally, or randomly, there is only 1 chance in 7.

For 2 features – 1 chance in 49
For 3 features – 1 chance in 343
For 4 features – 1 chance in 2,401
For 5 features – 1 chance in 16,807
For 6 features – 1 chance in 117,649
For 7 features – 1 chance in 823,543
For 8 features – 1 chance in 5,764,801
For 9 features – 1 chance in 40,353,607
For 10 features – 1 chance in 282,475,249
For 11 features – 1 chance in 1,977,326,743
For 12 features – 1 chance in 13,841,287,201
For 13 features – 1 chance in 96,889,010,407
For 14 features – 1 chance in 678,223,072,849
For 15 features – 1 chance in 4,747,561,509,943
For 16 features – 1 chance in 33,232,930,569,601
For 17 features – 1 chance in 232,630,513,987,207
For 18 features – 1 chance in 1,628,413,597,910,449
For 19 features – 1 chance in 11,398,895,185,373,143
For 20 features – 1 chance in 79,792,266,297,612,001
For 21 features – 1 chance in 558,545,864,083,284,007
For 22 features – 1 chance in 3,909,821,048,582,988,049
For 23 features – 1 chance in 27,368,747,340,080,916,343
For 24 features – 1 chance in 191,581,231,380,566,414,401

Thus, according to the ‘Law of Chance’, for the 19 features listed for John chapter 17, that I noted previously, to occur in John 17, to occur in a passage accidentally, there is only 1 chance in 11,398,895,185,373,143.  Keep in mind, this is for just one single chapter, there are twenty more chapters in John that I have not extrapolated out the numerical odds.  The odds would soon exceed the width of the page and no longer fit on a single line.  The point here is it didn’t happen as a result of random chance, or by accident, then it can only occur by one other means – BY DESIGN!  Design implies a designer, and we know that designer as the God of the Bible.

The Gospel of John contains 21 chapters, 879 verses, 18,658 words.

In the placement order of the KJV Bible, John’s chapters 1-21, are the 998th -1,018th chapters of the Bible.

In terms of John’s 879 verses, they are located in the KJV Bible at these verse locations:  26,046 to 26,924.

Earlier I noted that only the Greek and Hebrew language make use of their alphabet to inscribe numerical value.  Each letter of both the Greek and Hebrew hold or represent a ‘number’ value.  The study of this aspect of the Biblical languages is known as “Gematria”.

Dr. Ivan Panin besides being a fluent Greek scholar was himself a trained mathematician, and an agnostic when he began to study the “Heptadic” Design Feature.  At some point in his study of this topic, he came full circle to face his own sinful state, and became a believer in Christ Jesus.  His conclusion was that the Bible was the inspired Word of God and there was simply no other explanation.  I know that he would have appreciated the use of the high-speed modern day computer.

Dr. Panin publicly invited the finest brains of his day to prove that his facts were refutable.  He was so serious about this that he offered a sizable monetary prize to anyone who could disprove his findings.  He wanted the facts to be disproved, even suggesting that it should be submitted for legal consideration by attorneys before a judge of the Superior or Supreme Court of New York state.

Ralph Muncaster in his book ‘A Skeptic’s Search for God’ states the following on ‘God and Probability’, “I will always believe in statistics and probability.  It simply makes sense that if something is sufficiently improbable (like winning many lotteries in a row with a single ticket for each), in essence we know it to be impossible, barring some super-natural influence (or cheating).  Many scientists hold to the standard that anything with a probability of less than 1 chance in 10 to the 50th power (that is 1 with 50 zeros after it) is absurd, or impossible.  By taking this a step further, we might conclude that anything with a statistical chance of less than 1 in to 10 to the 50th power that happens any way is of supernatural origin.” 

Ralph Muncaster is a professional engineer and former academic professor, now Director of the Institute of Contemporary Christian Faith, lecturing and speaking before colleges and churches around the country.  He has authored eighteen books on Biblical Apologetics.

While I have only listed the probability for 24 features, the full illustration of “Compound Probabilities” for the entire Gospel of John’s other twenty chapters deal with numbers that, are so large, they are so unmanageable manually, and that they dwarf the 19 features of the 17th chapter of the Gospel of John.

All of this is often overwhelming to the typical non-mathematical-oriented mind.  Pastors, seminary professors, theologians, only rarely claim a mathematical background in their formal education.  This is the chief reason as to why even the KJV Bible only folks are unfamiliar with what I have shared in these five posts to date.  As I have stated numerous times in my postings, I never identified myself with the KJV-only group.  If anything, I would have been identified with those favorable toward the NASB translation.  It was my exposure to Dr. Ivan Panin’s works and the Stanford University ‘Computers for Christ’ group that study the Bible using the computer and advanced algorithms.  I purchased copies of many of Dr. Panin’s works years ago.  They along with my experience working with the very first initial computerization of the KJV Bible at the University of Pittsburgh’s Computing Center in 1963/64 that led me to the conclusion that the KJV Bible is the True Word of God, and that the manuscripts used by the KJV Bible translators were accurate.  For me, the evidence had to be quantifiable.  As I have said before, the KJV Bible is 98.2% accurate with the remaining 1.8% of little affect to the Biblical message.

Furthermore, each complete passage is linked one to the other by the same “Heptadic” Design Feature, while all the complete passages in an entire book such as the Gospel of John are over-arched by a Grand “Heptadic” design.  Then again, the separate individual books are linked one with another so that the entire Bible is over-arched in the original Biblical tongue by the magnificent design of “seven”.

Those reading the Bible are soon impressed by the frequent occurrences of the number “7” or the word “seven” and its many variants.  I believed I mentioned this detail in an earlier post, but in case you missed it, I will repeat it here.  In the visual or readable English text of the Bible we have the pattern hundreds of times:

Seven        463X     in 391 verses
Sevenfold      6X     in     5 verses
Sevens          2X     in     2 verses
Seventeen   10X     in   10 verses
Seventieth     6X     in     6 verses
Seventh     120X     in 115 verses
Seventy       61X     in   60 verses
A total of   668X

There is another category where things, names, people, that = 7 but are not specifically stated.  An example of this was in the last post “God’s Heptadic Signature -4” – the “seven” miracle in the Gospel of John.  At my last count, I could identify close to 150 such specific examples.

With the “Heptadic” Design Feature found in the Hebrew and Greek text we can even establish many times what the original text is, in the case of passages of Scriptures which have caused division or were ambiguous to cause misunderstanding/disagreement.  This fact is not common knowledge in the theological community, yet it is being studied by a dedicated group of Christian and Jewish believers who are highly skilled and competent as mathematicians, computer programmers, and statistical specialists.

As a closing remark, and since I have been dealing with the Gospel of John, I will tell you that the 1,000th chapter of the Bible is none other than John chapter 3!   I hardly think that I need to tell you what we will find there but nothing less than the ‘keystone’ verse for Christiainity – John 3:16!   The KJV Bible (the manuscripts used in translating it into English) is the True Word of God.  God’s “Heptadic” Design Feature proves it beyond any doubt.  There is no need to get into the arguments pertaining to ‘textual criticism’ since there is no consistency in what is argued for and against.  We have the mathematical and computer science disciplines to thank for settling the issue.  The signature of God’s DNA is not found in any other English translation perversion or the manuscripts used. 

Praise God, praise Him day and night,

Pastor Bob

Nando end

Sept 29, 2014 Obama Antichrist Code #3 by John Tng

John Tng is the persistent detective that follows the clues to discover the trail and evidence of the elusive criminal. In this case he is following the clues that point to Obama as the future Antichrist in the book of Revelation.

The information he is uncovering make a very growing amount of evidence that implicates him as the Bible described Antichrist.

I see this unveiling of the man of sin prior to his time as necessary evidence that points watchers and the world at large of the man that sits in a position of great power as head of the most powerful nation in the world.

Thanks John for putting this info for all to see.

John Tng (28 Sep 2014)
“ObamaCode#3: Obama went to Hell and back, all for a burger”

Dear Doves,

Obama went to Hell and back, all for a burger. That was the most bizarre thing for a president to do. Obama & Biden went to Ray’s Hell Burger on May 5, 2009 for a simple lunch; they each ate a burger.

You might think this is probably cute, a rather harmless out-for-lunch activity, an interesting break from the monotony of work. In any case, doesn’t Obama always like to act cool? So, this is just one of those attention grabbing news he loves to generate for the press.

Oh, really?

May 5, 2009 is day 17442 of Obama’s life since his birth; map that number to verse 17442 of the Bible, Ecc 7:12, and lo and behold, something wondrous unfolds before our eyes.
Ecc 7:12
For wisdom is a defence, and money is a defence: but the excellency of knowledge is, that wisdom giveth life to them that have it.
Nothing extraordinary until you examine the Hebrew words used in this verse:
Right in the middle of the verse we find the Hebrew word, yithrown, meaning ‘excellency’, with gematria value 666!

The word, yithrown, is the ONLY Hebrew word with a value of 666!

How odd. Obama ate a burger from hell on the day that coincides with verse 17442 which happens to contain a word with value 666. Hmmm…..

But that is not all.

Ecc chapter 7 is also the 666th chapter of the Bible !!!!!!

666 = 50+40+27+36+34+24+21+4+31+24+22+25+29+36+10+13+10+42+150+31+7(Ecc)

Call me a conspiracist but the numbers do add up (to 666!).

Ecc 7:12 is linked to 666 in more ways than one (or two). What I am going to describe now has been documented in my previous article, “Revelation 13:18 Decoded: The 666 riddle solved!”, at

In this post I just want to focus on the number 712, a number formed by removing the colon separator of the scripture, Ecc 7:12. This number is inextricably connected to 666 as evidenced by the table of triangular numbers below:
1 3 6 10 15 21 28 36 45 55 66 78 91 105 120 136 153 171 190 210 231 253 276 300 325 351 378 406 435 465 496 528 561 595 630 666
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1 2 3
1 2

The numbers in the first row are the first 36 triangular numbers; listed below it in the remaining rows are order numbers of every triangular number. For example, the number 231 is the 21st triangular number. But 21 is itself a triangular number; it is the 6th triangular number. The number 6 is in turn the 3rd triangular number which in turn is the 2nd triangular number. The ‘triangulation’ stops at the number 2 since it is not a triangular number.

The amazing thing about the above table is that the sum of all the order numbers (row 2 to 6) is precisely 712 !!!!!!

So God did not randomly placed the Hebrew word with value 666 in chapter 666 in a scripture with chapter and verse number 712, which is so connected to 666 that totally defies logic.

But we now know why Obama went to hell to eat his burger on the very day that corresponds to Ecc 7:12.

Glory to God for giving us this intriguing clue!


Nando end