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“Earth QUAKE LEY-LINES REVEAL STAR INSIDE EARTH & POLESHIFT March 2013” Steven King (8 Nov 2012)

I have posted articles before about the significance of 188 days between major earthquakes and their geometric patterns. The two articles posted here are exceptional in their scope and scientific knowledge.

It is presented to us in a simple and understandable manner that the average person can follow.

I just finished seeing the first of the two videos and it was great, As I said some parts of the video have been presented before by the same author.

Is the March 2013 the beginning of the Tribulations as the article in this blog about the Year of Perfect Order seems to imply?


Steven King (8 Nov 2012)

Hi Doves,

Please click on link to view 2 videos and articles about Earthquake patterns.


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Steven King
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Is a big earthquake coming in these days to California? (Sept 28, 2012)(11:45 PM)

For the past short years I have been involved in the daily look at the USGS earthquake site to monitor the major earthquakes that have happened in the world as this is one of the signs that Jesus told believers that would increase prior to His coming.

At the end of this scientific article there is a mention that the same tectonic plate listed in the article lies along the San Andres fault in California.There are several posts in this blog that refer to what is happening lately along this line that is in the past few days recording a lot of big earthquakes that run from Costa Rica up to Alaska where we have had a 6.4 today.

Also the area around Puerto Rico is experiencing heavy activity. Yesterday I posted an article showing the correlation of the last major earthquakes and the period of 188 days which was due yesterday on the feast of Yom Kippur.

Many Christians have reported having dreams or visions of a major 10+ earthquake about to strike California. I was thinking of the possibility that it could occur of +or – a few days from yesterdays 188 days from the last one.


Sumatran quakes in April were part of tectonic plate breakup

Scientists document an episode in the breakup of the Indo-Australian plate into two pieces, an epic process that began roughly 50 million years ago and isn’t done yet.

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 Sumatran earthquakeA woman and her baby evacuate to higher ground after a strong earthquake in Sumatra in April. (Heri Juanda / Associated Press / April 11, 2012)
By Monte Morin, Los Angeles TimesSeptember 27, 2012

Planet Earth may be 4.5 billion years old, but that doesn’t mean it can’t serve up a shattering surprise now and again.

Such was the case on April 11 when two massive earthquakes erupted beneath the Indian Ocean off the coast of the Indonesian island of Sumatra, far from the usual danger zones. Now scientists say the seafloor ruptures are part of a long suspected, yet never before observed, event: the slow-motion splitting of a vast tectonic plate.

The first of the quakes, a magnitude 8.7, was 20 times more powerful than California’s long anticipated “big one” and tore a complex network of faults deep in the ocean floor. The violence also triggered unusually large aftershocks thousands of miles away, including four off North America’s western coast.

“It was jaw-dropping,” said Thorne Lay, a professor of Earth and planetary sciences at UC Santa Cruz. “It was like nothing we’d ever seen.”

At first, Lay wondered whether the computer code he used to analyze earthquakes was wrong. Eventually, he and other scientists realized that they had documented the breakup of the Indo-Australian plate into two pieces, an epic process that began roughly 50 million years ago and will continue for tens of millions more. Lay and other scientists reported their findings online Wednesday in the journal Nature.

Most great earthquakes occur along plate borders, where one plate dives beneath the adjoining plate and sinks deep into Earth’s mantle, a process called subduction. The April 11 quakes, however, occurred in the middle of the plate and involved a number of strike-slip faults, meaning the ground on one side of the fault moves horizontally past ground on the other side.

Scientists say the 8.7 main shock broke four faults. The quake lasted 2 minutes and 40 seconds — most last just seconds — and was followed by a second main shock, of magnitude 8.2, two hours later.

Unlike the magnitude 9.1 temblor that struck in the same region on Dec. 26, 2004, and created a deadly tsunami, the April 11 quakes did not cause similar destruction. That’s because horizontally moving strike-slip faults do not induce the massive, vertical displacement of water that thrust faults do on the borders of plates.

The type of interplate faults involved in the Sumatran quakes are the result of monumental forces, some of which drove the land mass of India into Asia millions of years ago and lifted the Himalayan Mountains. As the Indo-Australian plate continues to slide northwest, the western portion of the plate, where India is, has been grinding against and underneath Asia. But the eastern portion of the plate, which contains Australia, keeps on moving without the same obstruction. That difference creates squeezing pressure in the area where the quakes occurred.

The study authors say that over time, as more quakes occur and new ruptures appear, the cracks will eventually coalesce into a single fissure.

“This is part of the messy business of breaking up a plate,” said University of Utah seismologist Keith Koper, senior author of one of the studies. “Most likely it will take thousands of similar large quakes for that to happen.”

The quakes were also notable for triggering powerful aftershocks thousands of miles away. Though major quakes have been known to trigger aftershocks at great distance, they are usually less than 5.5 in magnitude. The April earthquakes triggered 11 aftershocks that measured 5.5 or greater in the six days that followed, including a magnitude 7. Remote shocks were felt 6,000 to 12,000 miles from the main quakes.

Fred Pollitz, a geophysicist with the U.S. Geological Survey in Menlo Park, Calif., and lead author of one of the studies, said the quakes were extremely effective in transmitting seismic wave radiation around the world. Though Pollitz said the magnitude of the larger Sumatran quake is No. 10 on the list of quakes since 1900, no other temblor has triggered so many strong aftershocks so far away.

“It’s the most powerful earthquake ever in terms of capability of putting stress on other fault zones around the world,” he said.

Pollitz said the quakes were likely to teach seismologists about the physics of earthquakes, particularly those along strike-slip faults. That knowledge, he said, would certainly apply to California’s San Andreas fault, which is also a strike-slip fault.

Lay said that the Sumatran quakes were most surprising in that they were completely unanticipated by seismologists and that he did not expect the event to repeat any time soon.



May 31, 2012 Earthquakes and their prophetic importance

Mr. Daniel Watson has presented us with an outstanding number of facts tying natural phenomena (earthquakes) and Israel’s history with passages in the Bible and presents them in beautiful graphical form.

Has he discovered part of a divine road map of dates, times and future events to the coming of Jesus, the Rapture The Tribulation and the Kingdom.

The reader must be well versed in scripture and prophetic interpretations to fully digest and understand this well presented tapestry of historical facts, numbers, dates and projections.

His deliberations point  to Sept 11, of the year 2017 and 2520 days more to the year 2024. This period of seven years is equal to the period of the Tribulation.

In his past posts (many are included in this blog) he used similar constructions to point out other dates that did not pan out as projected. That is the difficult part of attempting such an analysis to project God’s timetable.

The events happening in the world at the present time seems to point to a much sooner start for the Tribulations, even to the possibility of in a few days or weeks or months in this year.

The Bible gives us enough prophetic data to enable the serious students of God’s sacred Word to know that the times are here. We can not ignore the signs that we see as the earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, wars, advances in science and others that are pointing to now.


Daniel Matson (31 May 2012)
Earthquakes: 40 Weeks and the Fish Number

Daniel Matson – May 30, 2012 –
With the patterns of the earthquakes of Sumatra in 2004 and 2012, and also of the earthquake in Japan in 2011, there were other earthquakes that appeared on the “radar” and they will be covered here. In 2010 there were three earthquakes that caught people’s attention. On January 12, 2010 there was the Port-Au-Prince, Haiti Earthquake at 7.0 on the Richter scale. Its proximity to the city killed a massive amount of people with varying estimates of 50,000 to 316,000 dead. Forty-six days later on February 27, 2010 there was the Concepcíon, Chile Earthquake at 8.8.  Then on the seventh day before September 11th, a 7.0 earthquake struck right at the city of Christchurch, New Zealand. So the noted earthquakes were at Port-Au-Prince, Concepcíon, and Christchurch, and of which names could be themed with the Messiah.
It was noted here on this website in 2010 that the Haiti, Chile, and Christchurch earthquakes were related numerically. The earthquake in Haiti came 40 weeks (280 days) prior to the date of October 18, 2010 (Heshvan 10). Heshvan 10 is the day Noah was told to enter the Ark and the Flood came seven days later. Seven 360-day years later (2,520 days) from October 18, 2010 will come September 11, 2017. Of course, 2,520 days will be the length of the still future 70th Week of Daniel and this period of time is referred to as the period of tribulation. Tribulation refers to the time that a woman goes through travail to deliver her baby after 40 weeks of gestation. September 11, 2017 will come ten days prior to the Feast of Trumpets. So, the Haiti earthquake occurred 280 days before Heshvan 10, 2010 (October 18) and September 11, 2017 then comes an additional 2,520 days later. This makes a total of 2,800 days from the Haiti earthquake until September 11, 2017. This is then ten periods of gestation. As noted in the previous article, September 11, 2017 also came at a timeline crossroads based upon the use of 2,664 days and the Sumatra earthquakes occurring on December 26, 2004 and April 11, 2012. So indeed, there are multiple ways in which to arrive at September 11, 2017.
However, the first time September 11, 2017 was found was by counting the days from June 7, 1967 and the Six-Day-War victory over the Temple Mount. September 11, 2017 comes at 51 periods of 360 days, or if we use the period of 120 days, then it would make the number of periods at 153–the number of fish collected by the disciples in the last miracle.  The apparent use of 120 day periods was determined by the fact that the Lebanon War with Israel in 2006 started 120 days before 14,400 days (120 times 120 days) were reached from the Six-Day-War victory on Heshvan 17, 2006. Heshvan 17 (November 8), 2006 was an anniversary day of the Flood, so it should not be surprising to find the period of 120 used along with 40 since these numbers were used in the Flood account. And remember, it was another 1,440 days (12×120) from Heshvan 17, 2006 until Heshvan 10, 2010. However, the important discovery to note is that a time of the fish number times 120 spans from June 7, 1967 until September 11, 2017. The fish number (John 21:11) should not be so easily dismissed, as we will see later.
What first began the search for a gestational period of significance was the earthquake of 8.8 at Concepcíon, Chile. Concepcíon means “conception” which is the beginning of the birth process. Forty weeks from February 27, 2010 would lead to December 3, 2010 and the holiday of Hanukkah. In the end there was one thing of significance to this period that can be determined. On December 2, 2010, which was the first day of Hanukkah, a fire broke out on Mount Carmel in Israel (Elijah’s stomping ground and place of “special fire delivery”). The fire lasted four days and canceled the Festival of Lights, in Haifa. Forty-four lives were also lost. Was a fire during Hanukkah on Mt. Carmel 40 weeks after the ninth largest earthquake in recorded history a coincidence? Or was it a prophetic warning? 2,520 days from the end of the fires at Mount Caramel will terminate on none other than Heshvan 10, 2017–seven Hebrew-Lunar years from Heshvan 10, 2010.
The third earthquake of note was the one that struck Christchurch, New Zealand on September 4, 2010 local time. The earthquake registered 7.0 on the Richter scale and the fact that it made a direct hit on Christchurch seemed suspicious considering the other themes of the locations that have been noted by these three 2010 earthquakes. First the quakes were at Port-au-Prince, then at Concepcíon, and now it was Christchurch.  The earthquake at Christchurch then was only the beginning of many to hit the area since. 
Now the Christchurch earthquake hit 5 days before the Feast of Trumpets and 7 days before September 11, 2010.  The proximity to the Feast of Trumpets and its location drew even more watchers to wonder at an impending Rapture possibility. However, that did not occur. Now with the apparent link to September 11, 2017 and the component of 153 periods of 120 days, the Christchurch  earthquake likewise came 153 days after 2010’s Feast of Firstfruits (Easter) on April 4. “Coincidentally” there was also another significant earthquake on April 4, 2010 in Baja California at 7.2 on the Richter Scale.  
As we then build upon this theme of 153, these earthquakes layout a period of 153 days from Firstfruits and the celebration of Christ’s resurrection until Christchurch (Christ’s Church). Then we have what appears to be another time of 153 periods of 120 days from the capture of the Temple Mount until September 11, 2017. What makes this more provocative is that September 11th is located 153 days after April 11th! And as we have seen, April 11th is a key date and fits the pattern, especially in 2017 when it lands on Passover. Remember, April 11th Passovers occurred only in the following years: 1914 (WW1 starts), 1933 (Hitler begins), 1998, and with 2017 the next time it will occur.
As we consider the use of 153 and the related number found in Jesus’ last miracle of the fish, it might be time to revisit our understanding of this Last Feast. Instead of a passing story of fishermen and fish, there is more likely a deeper significance lying here below the surface. Here we have a surprise post-resurrection visit by Jesus that finds the leader of the Church naked (John 21:7). The leader (Peter) pulls in the 153 fish to bring them to Jesus by his command, “Bring of the fish which you have now caught” (John 21:10).  Jesus’ next command is to “come and dine” (John 21:12). Is this all a parallel to the final harvest of the Church and the coming wedding feast? After the feast of fishes with Jesus, Jesus then commands Peter to feed his lambs and sheep. As Christ said, he will first begin building his church with Peter and Christ has now made them fishers of men. Then accordingly, it would seem that the 153 fishes represent the harvest at the end of the age when Christ returns. And when Jesus returns, will he also find the Church leadership naked? But the mystery is why the specific number of 153 fish?
One fascinating explanation is that 153 is related to  the numbers of 17 and 969. If we construct a triangle with 17 units per side it will result in the number 153. If we then take that triangle as a base and form a tetrahedron on top of it so all six edges have 17 units, we will then have a total of 969 units in the tetrahedron. Methuselah (his death shall bring) was 969 years old when the Flood came on the 17th day of the second month (and quite possibly Methuselah died on Heshvan 10). Jesus also was resurrected on the 17th day, which was also the same day the Ark came to rest on the mountains and Israel crossed the Red Sea.. So does the related fish number of 153 then signify a tie to the coming of the second judgment like the Flood? Is it any wonder then that 153 periods of 120 days  spans from June 7, 1967 until September 11, 2017?  The number 120 is also a triangle number and a number from the Flood.
June 7, 1967  was the final of six dates coming 2,520 years from the period of the Babylonian Judgments. Israel’s two most significant wars since that time was the Yom Kippur War of 1973 and the Lebanon War of 2006. The Lebanon War actually came 120 days shy of 40 360-day years (or 120 x 120) from June 7, 1967. The Yom Kippur War came 40 years after another period of 2,520 years that ended on 1933’s Passover when Hitler passed his anti-Semitic laws on that very day. As 1933 and 1973 were calculated with solar years, the solar period of 51 years from Yom Kippur 1973 would end on Yom Kippur 2024. And as we have seen, 51 360-day years (also 153 x 120) from June 7, 1967 will land on September 11, 2017 . So the similar application of 51 years from 1967 and 1973 will bookend the period of seven years from 2017 to 2024.
September 11, 2017  will then come at curious intervals from predominate earthquakes of the past eight years. There may be more not yet understood in this topic. Here we have seen the possible use of the 40 week (280 days) gestational period and the use of the significant numbers of 120 and 153.  Notable days for 2017 will be Passover 2017 on April 11th which will be 153 days ahead of September 11th.  It is also noteworthy to bring out that May 15th, which is the solar anniversary of Israel’s Independence, also comes 120 days before September 11th.  Jesus’ Ascension Day Anniversary (Iyar 29–May 25, 2017) also comes 120 days before the Feast of Trumpets in 2017.  Then naturally, to follow suit, Pentecost would then come 100 days before September 11th and 110 days before the Feast of Trumpets. Will these then become warning dates? At least they are dates to ponder along with the rest of the dates. And while still on this topic, it must be mentioned here that Israel’s 69th anniversary here in 2017 from May 14/15, 1948 can be said to be it’s 70th anniversary since 70 times 360  (25,200 days) is two days shy from 69 times 365.2422 (25,202 days).
It would appear then that 2017 is a significant year and one that bears consideration concerning all of the various timelines found here. What may occur on September 11, 2017 is speculation. IS it a final hit on the United States to prepare the way for the invasion into Israel? Will it at least be a warning that the coming “Flood” is about to come upon the world? We shall see…


March 21, 2012 Bigger earthquakes tomorrow caused by Planet X?

This is the continuation of my last post. It offers more details to the observed phenomena.


F.M. Riley (19 March 2012)
Page Two…….

Page Two…….

By Pastor F. M. Riley

March 18, 2012

“And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven,” Luke 21:11. 


     I have been seriously researching Planet X since the year 2000.  I begin writing about it in 2001.   I have a file on Planet X over 4 inches thick.  I couldn’t care less about those who simply dismiss the whole subject as a “conspiracy theory.”  Really “responsible people” [including true Christian believers] reach responsible conclusions based on doing their own careful research, rather than simply “running their mouths.”  It takes no time, no effort, no high degree of intelligence to “run one’s mouth” in ridicule, condemnation, and unbelief.  Just any “dunce” is qualified to “run off at the mouth” without really knowing or considering the true facts of a subject!  Is this stated clearly enough to drive home the point?  Now…….

On March 22nd, according to reports received from sources which I personally consider to be reliable, an alinement will occur in the solar system which will exert massive gravitational pressure on the tectonic plates of the earth.

It will be on this coming Thursday, March 22nd,  that Planet X, the Sun, Jupiter, the Moon, and the Earth will be in nearly direct alinement, with the Planet Mercury being in very close proximity.   The combined gravitational force of these heavenly bodies may set off another massive earthquake in a series of quakes occurring every 188 or 189 days as pointed out in my previous article, “Something to consider…….” 

Folks, humanity today is living right at the end of this present dispensation or age, exactly as predicted in the supernaturally inspired Word of Almighty God.   Those reading this WARNING can either “wake up” and seek the Lord for the salvation of their eternal soul, or for God’s will in the lives of those who are already true believers.  Or, they can pay the consequences for their own “willing ignorance.”   The choice is yours to make, and every reader will make a choice one way or the other.  My prayer is that those reading these WARNINGS will make the right choice!

“Look unto Me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth: for I am God, and there is none else,” Isaiah 45:22. 


     “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life,” John 3:16. 


     “He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him,” John 3:36. 


<<<<<<<       O       >>>>>>>


March 20, 2012 Is a big earthquake coming on March 22, 2012?

A few post back I posted an article under earthquakes that based on a count of 188 days and the position that the earth is with the sun there were the major earthquakes of the past few years.

Today pastor F. M. Riley has written a very good article reminding us again on the count of 189 days that puts us on March 22, 2012 just as the Spring Solstice is occurring. There is not much more that can be said about this from a scientific point of view since earthquake science has not advanced enough to be able to predict earthquakes.


F.M. Riley (19 March 2012)
“Something to consider…….”

                Something to consider…….

By Pastor F. M. Riley

March 17, 2012

“…..and there shall be earthquakes in divers places.  All these are the beginning of sorrows,”  Matthew 24:7-8.


In Matthew 24:7 the Lord Jesus Christ set forth the last “signfor this present dispensation just preceding the beginning of the seven year Tribulation period upon the earth.  That “sign” is explicitly stated to be “earthquakes in divers places.”  Now give some serious thought and prayer to the following…….

February 27, 2010       there was a humongous       8.8   earthquake in Chile                    then

188 days later on


     September 3, 2010         there was a                              7.0   earthquake in New Zealand      then

189 days later on


     March 11, 2011                there was a                            9.0   earthquake in Japan                   then

188 days later on


     September 15, 2011     there was a                            7.3  earthquake in Fiji                       then

189 days later will be…….


     March 22, 2012             


     Will there be another massive earthquake on this date???   The San Andreas in California?   Yellowstone in Wyoming?  The New Madrid in Missouri?  Or, somewhere else in the earth?   Are the number of days between these massive quakes which have already occurred just “coincidence?”  Will it happen again on March 22nd?

I do not even pretend to know, but the numerical sequence is sure something to think and pray about!    Are you saved, certain, and secure in the Lord Jesus Christ?   Being “in Christ” is the only way to know that you are ready to meet the Lord.

“Look unto Me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth: for I am God, and there is none else,”  Isaiah 45:22. 

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Written by twelvebooks

March 20, 2012 at 11:17 am

Feb 2, 2012 Are earthquakes in Vanuatu today a direct cause of the distortions in the earth magnetic field?

In the last two posts the theme is the magnetic sphere of the earth is affected by the planet X magnetosphere and is causing earthquakes and strange phenomena in diverse regions of the earth. The info listed below is the earthquakes that have occurred today according to the USGS. Are these earthquakes in Vanuatu the direct results of the changes in the earths magnetic field being pressured by Planet X? Well something is causing it and the magnetic field of the earth does seem a reasonable scientific explanation.

Bottom line Jesus is in control of Nature and everything that happens in the Universe and in His wisdom He told the prophets of old and the Apostles. We can anticipate because the Bible is telling us what is coming and the “times”. Jesus is coming are you ready?

A region in the Caribbean around Puerto Rico is also experiencing a lot of swarms.


Latest Earthquakes in the World – Past 7 days

Latest Earthquakes Magnitude 2.5 or Greater in the United States and Adjacent Areas and Magnitude 4.5 or Greater in the Rest of the World – Last 7 days

Versión en Español

This list contains all earthquakes with magnitude greater than 2.5 located by the USGS and contributing networks in the last week (168 hours). Magnitudes 4.5 and above are in bold font. Magnitudes 6 and above are in red. (Some early events may be obscured by later ones on the maps.)

The most recent earthquakes are at the top of the list. Times are in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Click on the word “map” to see a ten-degree tall map displaying the earthquake. Click on an event’s “DATE” to get a detailed report.


If you cannot see the list, Click here to go to the top of the list.

Update time = Thu Feb 2 19:17:44 UTC 2012

y/m/d h:m:s
MAP  2.6 2012/02/02 19:15:48   38.789  -122.745 1.3  NORTHERN CALIFORNIA
MAP  3.0 2012/02/02 17:58:00   60.016  -153.022 3.4  SOUTHERN ALASKA
MAP  5.2   2012/02/02 17:28:48  -17.596   167.339 20.8  VANUATU
MAP  5.5   2012/02/02 17:27:07  -17.963   167.209 22.8  VANUATU
MAP  2.8 2012/02/02 17:12:39   60.017  -152.989 1.4  SOUTHERN ALASKA
MAP  5.0   2012/02/02 16:04:46  -17.779   167.233 33.3  VANUATU
MAP  2.5 2012/02/02 15:57:02   19.317  -155.215 6.2  ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII
MAP  3.0 2012/02/02 14:10:11   60.167  -150.959 67.9  KENAI PENINSULA, ALASKA
MAP  3.3 2012/02/02 13:57:50   52.812  -174.537 160.2  ANDREANOF ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS., ALASKA
MAP  5.3   2012/02/02 13:57:08  -17.462   167.169 10.0  VANUATU
MAP  4.9   2012/02/02 13:53:45  -17.597   167.191 13.4  VANUATU
MAP  7.1   2012/02/02 13:34:41  -17.766   167.134 23.1  VANUATU
MAP  4.5   2012/02/02 10:56:50  -20.902   -68.916 108.6  ANTOFAGASTA, CHILE
MAP  4.8   2012/02/02 10:44:08  -17.872   168.434 147.2  VANUATU
MAP  3.0 2012/02/02 10:15:23   63.398  -150.889 23.2  CENTRAL ALASKA
MAP  5.5   2012/02/02 09:32:16   -6.607   149.813 28.7  NEW BRITAIN REGION, PAPUA NEW GUINEA
MAP  3.4 2012/02/02 09:24:23   18.602   -64.270 61.0  VIRGIN ISLANDS REGION
MAP  5.0   2012/02/02 09:16:18   -5.294   153.550 74.0  NEW IRELAND REGION, PAPUA NEW GUINEA
MAP  2.6 2012/02/02 09:03:37   60.214  -147.254 36.0  SOUTHERN ALASKA
MAP  4.9   2012/02/02 07:59:54   -9.947   120.497 52.0  SUMBA REGION, INDONESIA
MAP  3.0 2012/02/02 07:33:41   36.230  -118.311 4.9  CENTRAL CALIFORNIA
MAP  3.1 2012/02/02 06:51:39   18.984   -65.114 30.0  VIRGIN ISLANDS REGION
MAP  5.4   2012/02/02 06:46:32   -6.642   149.801 69.0  NEW BRITAIN REGION, PAPUA NEW GUINEA
MAP  2.7 2012/02/02 06:21:36   18.993   -65.114 30.4  VIRGIN ISLANDS REGION
MAP  2.6 2012/02/02 06:05:49   62.303  -151.145 88.7  CENTRAL ALASKA
MAP  3.3 2012/02/02 06:03:00   18.975   -64.149 30.3  VIRGIN ISLANDS REGION
MAP  5.0   2012/02/02 04:50:48  -16.221   -73.615 69.7  NEAR THE COAST OF SOUTHERN PERU
MAP  4.6   2012/02/02 04:24:22   13.332   -89.300 93.7  OFFSHORE EL SALVADOR
MAP  2.8 2012/02/02 04:24:04   17.871   -65.855 5.3  PUERTO RICO REGION
MAP  2.9 2012/02/02 03:42:39   17.858   -65.850 3.7  PUERTO RICO REGION
MAP  5.0   2012/02/02 02:48:07  -60.890   153.380 10.3  WEST OF MACQUARIE ISLAND
MAP  4.4 2012/02/02 00:31:03   37.346   134.857 376.6  SEA OF JAPAN
MAP  2.5 2012/02/02 00:24:33   61.370  -150.188 45.2  SOUTHERN ALASKA



Dec 22, 2011 5.8 Earthquake in Christchurch New Zealand

Another earthquake (5.8) in Christchurch New Zealand. Jesus warning his church?


y/m/d h:m:s
MAP   ? 2011/12/23 01:49:46   38.802  -122.831 1.5  NORTHERN CALIFORNIA
MAP  5.8   2011/12/23 00:58:37  -43.489   172.977 4.7  SOUTH ISLAND OF NEW ZEALAND

y/m/d h:m:s
MAP  4.9   2011/12/22 23:50:15  -15.602  -173.971 10.2  TONGA
MAP  4.8   2011/12/22 23:43:00   31.920   86.322 27.0  WESTERN XIZANG
MAP  2.7 2011/12/22 20:56:51   40.374  -124.974 5.9  OFFSHORE NORTHERN CALIFORNIA
MAP  4.9   2011/12/22 19:39:58   24.074   122.600 22.4  TAIWAN REGION
MAP  5.0   2011/12/22 19:21:21   0.056   97.246 28.3  NIAS REGION, INDONESIA
MAP  4.6   2011/12/22 19:14:02   42.446   145.161 52.5  HOKKAIDO, JAPAN REGION


Written by twelvebooks

December 22, 2011 at 8:55 pm