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The abdication of the Pope is covered by Gary Stearman of Prophecy in the News Video Feb 11, 2013

The day continuous to unfold and the news of the Pope’s abdication to the throne of Peter is the news of the day. Much will be said and speculated in the days to come about the election of the new Pope, but to those of us versed in prophetic scripture this is a major pointer to the Rapture of the Church and the coming of the Apocalypse.

If you look at the earth itself it is heralding the coming time by its shaking. The area of Santa Cruz islands in the Solomon Archipelago is a warning from the Almighty God by shaking a place that carries the name of the Holy Cross of our Lord Jesus. Make no mistake world this is coming from the throne to all who will listen.

Today I went to Prophecy in the News to see the daily news update by Mr. Gary Stearman. He has been sick for a month now and is returning to the program just as this enormous news came about.

His observations about the seventh church of the book of Revelation, the Church of Laodocea, is right on the money of Biblical exposition. The church that remains after the Rapture will be spewed out of the mouth of Jesus and as Gary states this may mean they will go through the Tribulations and become martyrs.

In the video he covers the book by Thomas Horn The Last Pope is here Petrus Romanus which is a must read to properly grasp the true meaning of what is happening now. There are several articles and interviews with the author Mr. Horn in this blog under the title False Prophet.