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June 4, 2016 The upcoming Bible Prophecy Conference in Colorado Springs, video announcement

This prophecy conference looks like a real good one to see through live streaming video.


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March 7, 2016 Major prophecies of war in the Middle East

At this point in time there are a number of prophecies that are being prepared to find fulfillment. Isaiah 17, Psalm 83, Ezekiel 29 and 38-39.

The following video explains the nations involved prety well.


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Feb 6, 2016 Ezekiel 29 a dire prophecy about Egypt

The tower of Syene is located in the Aswan High dam built by the Soviets in Egypt.

It is a prophetic prophecy for the time of the end probably during the Tribulation. This prophecy by Ezekiel is unfulfilled as Egypt has never been deserted for 40 years and more important it talks about the restoration after the 40 years that brings back Egypt as a lowly nation.

Gary and Bob give us a possible fulfillment scenario in this video.


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February 6, 2016 at 7:11 pm

Dec 4, 2015 Gary Stearman and Avi Lipkin expand their view to cover the One World Government and the destruction of Islam and Christianity by the Antichrist

A most fascinating discussion of the whole world prophetic scenario that is now unfolding in the lands of the middle east.

Let me insert that I believe that Barrack Hussein Obama is the Antichrist of Rev 13 and that he demands the whole world to worship him as God and the discussion of the destruction of the Christians, Jews and Muslims start to be seen in the panorama of end times prophecy.

What better way to accomplish this destruction than by making these people fight each other to eliminate themselves.  Interesting scenario being presentrd in this video. It also fallows a prophetic timeline.


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Dec 4, 2015 If I don’t post it who will? Four What Ifs,#2 What if the USA created ISIS? #3 What if Obama deliberately trying to destroy the USA?

An inspiring, true and thought provoking sermon answering four what ifs questions with a hard to dismiss logic and veracity.

After the attacks of the Islamic couple this week we can be certain that Satan will not stop there in his planned destruction of the USA.



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July 18, 2015 Jordan and Saudi Arabia will be falling soon to ISISL, an interview with Avi Lipkin

The middle east is a amalgamation of conflicting religions, people, ideologies, wars, nations and special interests and they are explained indetail by a knowledgeable Jewish author, Avi Lipkin in an interview with Gary Stearman.

The conflicts and religious rivalries that are explained will usher the world headlong into a period of utter destruction that the Bible refers to as the Apocalypse where humanity will experience a period of destruction and calamities that would bring it to the point of human extinction if it was not by divine intervention to avoid this from happening.

A time is coming where Jesus Christ will intervene in world affairs in manners that would make this period the most supernatural time ever experienced on earth. Satan will be manifesting himself big time also imposing his will on the planets humans and demanding worship as god.

Show time is almost here time to make decisions in your live that will determine your eternal place.


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July 16.2015 ISISL targeting Jordan for take over.

The news from the middle east are so fluent, changing from day to day and the characters involved so difficult to keep track off that the average person and perhaps a majority of persons would find it difficult to understand. On top of that the apathy of the general public is so great that it will take a lot of things happening to awaken them from their sleep.

In the video by Kevin Clarkson interviewing Bill Salus there is an in depth discussion of the current events that relate to Bible end times prophecies.

The situation for Israel is getting more dangerous by the day, but no matter what is against them their survival and victory is guaranteed by Jesus Christ the creator of the Universe. A very good video.


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