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April 13, 2015 The Iran Nuclear deal of April 1 (Nissan 13) on anniversary of edict to kill all Jews at the time of queen Ester

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The nuclear deal was supposed to be finalized on March 31, 2015, but it was extended for another day with the excuse that negotiations needed more time to work out the details.

Was this the main reason or is Obama doing the job of Haman in the times of queen Ester?




    When President Obama announced a “framework” nuclear agreement with Iran – which Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warns threatens the very existence of his nation – few noticed the significance of the date.On the Jewish calendar this year, April 1 coincided with Nisan 13, the date in history when a Persian king signed an agreement calling for the destruction of the Jews.

    “King Obama has issued his decree putting the Jewish nation at risk of annihilation on the very same day that King Ahasuerus’ scribes came together and issued their statement to the rulers of every people of every province according to the writing thereof, and to every people after their language and sent letters by posts into all the king’s provinces, to destroy, to kill, and to cause to perish, all Jews, both young and old, little children and women, in one day.”

    The ominous historical reference comes from Mark Biltz, pastor of El-Shaddai Ministries in Bonney Lake, Washington, and author of “The Feasts of the Lord,” “Blood Moons” and “Studies in our Hebrew Roots.”

    The Obama administration’s negotiations with Iran have been shrouded in secrecy for months, and even now, only the broad outline of a proposed agreement has been disclosed. At one point the administration suggested there was not even a written agreement in place but rather a “gentlemen’s agreement.”

    Already, another development in the attempt to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons has fallen on a significant date in Jewish history.

    On the eve of the Purim holiday, March 3, Netanyahu addressed a rare joint session of Congress to discuss the Iran deal, warning it could lead to the destruction of Israel.

    He told Congress that in just a short time the Jewish people would begin the celebration of a holiday established while they were in captivity to a Persian king.

    “We’re an ancient people. In our nearly 4,000 years of history, many have tried repeatedly to destroy the Jewish people. Tomorrow night, on the Jewish holiday of Purim, we’ll read the Book of Esther,” Netanyahu told Congress. “We’ll read of a powerful Persian viceroy named Haman, who plotted to destroy the Jewish people some 2,500 years ago. But a courageous Jewish woman, Queen Esther, exposed the plot and gave for the Jewish people the right to defend themselves against their enemies.”

    After Netanyahu’s speech, the Obama administration strongly rebuked the prime minister and concerned Congress members, insisting that a deal would take place by March 31.

    At the last minute, the administration announced the deadline would be postponed for a day. On April 2, President Obama announced in a ceremony from the Rose Garden that a tentative deal had been reached the day before, Nisan 13.

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

    The book of Esther declares, in Esther 3:12, 13, that on Nisan 13 the Persian king Ahasuerus was tricked by a viceroy by the name of Haman into signing an agreement to destroy all the Jews in the land at a future date.


    Joel Richardson, author of “End Times Eyewitness,” “When a Jew Rules the World,” “The Islamic AntiChrist,” “Mideast Beast” and more, said it might be a message from God.

    “The God of Heaven and Earth frequently orchestrates world events in such a way as to demonstrate His perspective,” Richardson explained. “Those who are quick to brush aside the correspondence of profound global events, particularly as they affect the state of Israel, with important biblical dates often miss what may very well be purposeful thunderclaps from heaven.

    “It is the cynic that dismisses the possibility of a divine hint as mere coincidence. I think we need to be looking at this very seriously and asking ourselves what it is indicating.”

    Jonathan Cahn, author of “The Harbinger,” the inspiration behind “The Isaiah 9:30 Judgment,” and the creator of “The Mystery of the Leper King,” “The Hanukkah Endtime Mystery” and more, told WND that while the conflict between Iran and Israel is not new, it is noteworthy that America has chosen to intervene at this time and appears to be on the side of the Iranians.

    “It’s an ancient war that begins when the Hebrews emerge out of Egypt and are attacked by the armies of Amalek,” Cahn said. “The war has continued down through the centuries through the Book of Esther and Haman and, amazingly, into modern times, even right now.

    “Again we find the existence of the Jewish people is in jeopardy, and there are forces plotting their destruction. Again, the powers that be seem oblivious to the existential danger. And, amazingly, again, it all focuses on the land of Haman, Persia, and Iran. Only this time, America is involved and, unfortunately, it appears as if our government is placing Israel in danger.”

    Franklin Graham, president of both the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and the Samaritan’s Purse relief organization, confirmed as much.

    In a Facebook posting, he said: “In an interview with the New York Times, President Barack Obama said he is committed to seeing that Israel maintains a military edge over Iran. With the possibility of nuclear weapons at stake, there’s a lot more to this than a military edge. Iran does not recognize the right of Israel to exist. In previous speeches their mullahs have said they would burn Tel Aviv. One nuclear weapon can wipe out this city of 400,000+ people. It’s not about maintaining a military edge, Mr. President; it’s about keeping nuclear weapons out of the hands of people who have said they would use them.”

    Graham noted Iran already has its soldiers in southern Lebanon serving with Hezbollah on Israel’s northern border and in Syria on Israel’s northeastern border.

    “Iran already has its soldiers serving with the Iraqi army and now has controlling influence in much of the Iraqi government. Mr. President, the Iranian government is in many ways as brutal as ISIS and to give them an opportunity to possibly produce nuclear weapons would be devastating, not only to Israel, but to the Iranian people who would suffer their own nuclear holocaust when Israel would be forced to retaliate in their own defense. I pray that you will listen to Israel on this issue.”


    christian_israelCritics contend Obama’s deal only delays Iran from getting the bomb.

    Nevertheless, Netanyahu told Congress that despite the agreement to destroy Israel in Esther’s time, the “plot was foiled.”

    “Our people were saved,” he said.

    Cahn had similar sentiments.

    “We must remember, that the war is an ancient one, and God has sworn to be involved. As in the Book of Esther, when it looks as if there’s no deliverance for the Jewish people, the hand of God begins to move.”

    Blitz told WND that the outcome may already be written down.

    “History repeats itself, so may we keep the nation of Israel in our prayers!”

    The Bible records Haman was hanged on the very scaffold he had prepared for Mordecai, a Jew, and the king dispatched a letter exposing Haman’s plot, instructing Jews to defend themselves.

    The result, the site explains, is that 75,000 enemies of the Jews were slain.


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    April 4, 2015 The 44th President and the 4 min 44 sec total eclipse of today

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    The story on this article ties many things together.


    Mystic’ rabbi issues ominous warning on eve of blood moon
    Concerns ’44th president of United States’
    Published: 1 day ago

    author-image Leo Hohmann About | Email | Archive
    Leo Hohmann is a news editor for WND. He has been a reporter and editor at several suburban newspapers in the Atlanta and Charlotte, North Carolina, areas and also served as managing editor of Triangle Business Journal in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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    Christians are not the only ones looking for meaning in the plethora of signs aligning in the heavens.

    A rare alignment of four blood moons and a total solar eclipse unfolding during a Shemitah year and on biblical feast days, has a Jewish rabbi in Israel asking for special prayer.

    And issuing an ominous warning.

    Rabbi Amram Vaknin, described as a “mystic rabbi living in southern Israel,” is urging all Jews to pray and repent as the third Blood Moon of a tetrad cycle approaches, according to a report in Breaking Israel News.

    Vaknin is not easily dismissed because he reportedly predicted the events of the Gaza flotilla and the Carmel forest fire in 2010, the Operations Pillar of Defense of 2012 and Protective Edge of 2014.

    He warns that Israel is facing great judgment and potential danger at this time, according to the report.

    The rabbi’s concerns have a lot to do with the number 44 and the current U.S. president.

    One of Vaknin’s students, Gil Nachman, spoke to Breaking Israel News and, quoting the rabbi, explained that the numeric value of the Hebrew word for blood, dam, which is 44, alludes to the 44th president of the United States.

    Vaknin predicted that the 44th president would “bring bloodshed (dam) to the Jewish people.” It should be noted that the rabbi made this prediction before President Barack Obama’s election to office, according to Breaking Israel News.

    Vaknin believes that only 44 plus one, or 45, can counter the danger represented by the blood moons. This, he says, is Adam, or Man, which in this case refers to the Messiah.

    “Blood Moons” author, Pastor Mark Biltz, said he agrees with Vaknin’s numerology.

    “Because when you add the letter aleph to dam you get adam and aleph has a numeric value of one,” Biltz told WND.

    Obama-Iran deal ominous for Israel

    The next blood moon is set for Saturday night, April 4, on Passover.

    “So here, on Passover, when you put blood on the doorpost you have the Hebrew letter Dalet meaning door and is also the number 4 with a blood moon over it on 4/4 which is the 14th of Nisan going into the 15th of Nisan beginning the Feast of Unleavened Bread,” Biltz said.

    Get the full blood moons story – straight from the discoverer – in “Blood Moons: Decoding the Imminent Heavenly Signs,” the book and the movie, both by Mark Biltz.

    The concerns about Obama are also valid, in Biltz’s view, especially now that he has made a pact with Iran on the Islamic republic’s future nuclear capability.

    “And here our 44th president has signed off on a nuclear agreement with Israel’s arch-enemy who has declared in no uncertain terms they will destroy Israel,” he said.

    blood_moonsIt’s interesting that in Hebrew the word for Damascus is 444, Biltz said.

    “And in Isaiah there is a prophecy that Damascus will cease from being a city which has never happened before in history.”

    Rabbi Vaknin called for a day of prayer at the Western Wall April 1 to encourage the arrival of the Messiah and the redemption of the Jewish people and the world.

    “In these critical times, Am Israel must join together to pray to Hashem to send us Mashiach Ben David! Men and women, young and old, observant or not — the more people who come, the stronger the tefilla (prayer),” Vaknin announced on his Facebook page.

    The repeated number four is also important to the sage.

    Along with the value of 44 and the four Blood Moons of the tetrad, this Passover brings the shortest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century, lasting just 4 minutes, 44 seconds.

    Strong tradition of blood moon signs in Talmud

    Vaknin is not the first Jewish religious teacher to associate the blood moon tetrad with Jewish redemption, according to Breaking Israel News.

    “With the first and third Blood Moons in this current tetrad cycle coinciding with Passover, and the second and fourth with the Feast of Tabernacles, the connections to times of redemption run deep,” the site reported.

    The Talmud states, “In [the Hebrew month of] Nisan our forefathers were redeemed from Egypt, and in Nisan we will be redeemed.”

    Likewise, the Feast of the Tabernacles is associated in Jewish tradition with the battle of Gog and Magog, the final war that is said to precede the final redemption and arrival of the Messiah.”

    This year is also a sabbatical, or Shemitah year, a once every seven years cycle in which the land of Israel is commanded to be left fallow and financial ledgers get wiped clean.

    Jonathan Cahn, author of the New York Times-bestseller “The Mystery of the Shemitah,” has also issued warnings that a time of judgment is coming to America and the world in the form of possible stock market collapses and wars. But Cahn has stopped short of predicting such events. Rather, Cahn says “we should be aware” and people of Christian faith should be preparing themselves not only physically but spiritually for difficult times ahead. Even if the judgment doesn’t fall during the Shemitah year, Cahn believes it is guaranteed to come at some point if people don’t repent and turn back to God.

    What’s this Shemitah business all about? WND has a free e-book that explains all you need to know in one quick read.

    ‘Voices of war’, then Messiah arrives at Shemitah’s end

    From a Jewish perspective, notes that the sages in the Talmud included the following warning: “In the sixth [year there will be] voices [of war], in the seventh [there will be] war, and at the end of the shmitta, the [Messiah] son of Jesse will arrive.”

    Although the Talmud never states in which seven-year cycle in history this will be fulfilled, the website suggested that thus far our modern period fits the description.

    Breaking Israel News said not everyone agrees on the meaning of the rare tetrad of blood moons.

    “The Blood Moon phenomenon has attracted much attention of late thanks to the efforts and solar discoveries by Root Source’s Bob O’Dell and Gidon Ariel. Not everyone is in agreement as to what the Blood Moons signify. According to O’Dell, “All the prior blood moon tetrads point to a pattern of blessing on the Jewish people. They are good news for the Jews. They are a great indicator of God’s love and commitment to the Jewish people to preserve them, and a warning to those who stand in opposition to Israel.”

    The Talmud discusses the significance of astronomical events in human history, stating that a solar eclipse is a warning to the nations, while a lunar eclipse signifies danger for the Jewish people, who are likened to the moon, according to the website.

    “The Sages go on to explain that this is because God sits in judgment at those times, and human actions and choices are being weighed,” the site reports. “It is a time when our mistakes may come back to haunt us.

    “Rabbi Vaknin adds his voice to other religious leaders calling on their followers to pray for peace and security in Israel. Christian leaders Mark Biltz and Bob O’Dell have organized a prayer gathering for Christians worldwide to pray during the 4 minutes and 44 seconds of the total lunar eclipse late Friday night.”


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    April 3, 2015 Tonight is the third moon of the tetrad of prophetic blood moons 2014-2015

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    I am writing  this post at 2:32 PM and at 6 PM the day of Passover starts. It is in my opinion a very significant day on this year because there is going to be a very interesting lunar total eclipse tonight. This is the third of the tetrad of blood moon eclipses of 2014-2015.

    These eclipses are different because they fall on the first feast of the Lord Passover and the last feast of the year the seventh feast Sukkot.

    Jesus Christ fulfilled the feast of Passover by becoming the sacrificial lamb on this date. He was the perfect sacrifice to take away the sins of the world and take back the title of the earth from the usurper Satan. In Passover the servant Messiah fulfilled the law requiring the payment of death for sin. In His Resurrection He conquered death, again snatching it from the hands of Satan.

    A solar eclipse (March 20, 2015) is a warning to the nations and lunar eclipses (the Tetrad 2014-2015) are a warning to Israel. This third eclipse  of the Tetrad comes one day after the Antichrist (Obama) proudly announced the outlines of a nuclear deal with Iran that has put the Sate of Israel in great danger from this Satanic nation that is bent on their destruction. You reader can reach your own conclusions.

    The article below by Paul Grevas is again referring us to a series of graphs he authored a while back and of which I made reference before. His work on this graphs I have used to instruct Christians and my readers on the importance of these series of 8 tetrads that follow the first and seventh feasts of the Lord.

    Thank you again Paul.


    Paul Grevas (29 Mar 2015)
    The Lord’s Perfect Sign of Current Biblical Blood Moons

    Dear America’s Premier Bible Prophecy Experts:

         My name is Paul Grevas.  I am a recently retired Statistician and I follow your expert work closely.  May God Bless you for what you do.  I cordially ask you if you, or if your staff who reads this email will be able to please view , specifically the Lord’s Perfect Sign, graph 8A, about how statistically and precise these Heavenly SIGNS are about the current 4 Biblical Blood Moons midpoint of January 5, 2015 and hopefully please to add it to your websites for the “lost” of the world to see how God’s Glory is unfolding in the Heavens for this generation at this exact time.
         No wonder the deluge of phenomenal and unprecedented current prophetic events (White House divisiveness with Israel and Bibi, and Middle East explosion etc. are unraveling under this BBM WINDOW which is ominously 66% now completed.
         This graph defies all the laws of statistical probability and why not, it’s all about our Creator.  I know it will enhance your tremendous work you do for the Lord (Matthew 24:14).  You have my permission, free of charge as time is so short.  This graph is on over 300 websites (Example : WND interview with Billy Graham :  Renowned Evangelist Billy Graham Warns Signs of the End Times Apocalypse ‘Converging Now’  you can Google it.  Despite that, you are very BIG with a BIG following, and I am small here in Montana but I know if you Pray to the Lord to produce this graph, WOW, He will not disappoint.  I’ll have a sequel to Lord’s perfect Sign between Pentecost and 9th of Av as I’m constructing it now and absolutely shell-shocked at how astonishingly perfect these Heavenly Sign numbers are adding up.  
          Again, thank you and may you please utilize this graph for your website followers to fulfill Matthew 24:14.  (You have total permission to do so and of course totally free).  May God Bless.  Paul Grevas



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    April 2, 2015 The Days of Noah. Are we there Yet?

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    As the time of the days of Noah are approaching fast and furious it is advisable to understand the many ramifications of that statement.

    Gary Stearman interviews Pastor Billy Crone on his series of DVD’s title as in the days of Noah. The unbelievable is currently happening in science and in our present reality.

    These facts mentioned on this video interview leads us to the question are we there yet? How long do we have? Is Jesus Christ about to return for His church at the Rapture? Is our world really that wicked? All questions covered in the interview and many others of equal importance.


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    April 1, 2015 Will Jews be persecuted in America as they are in Europe?

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    The title posses an interesting question. For the last few months I have pondered this question as there are almost as many, or more, Jews in America as there are in Israel.

    From the prophecies of the Bible I know that in the end times God is going to restore Israel and the Jews to their land and this started to become effective in May 14, 1948 with the creation of Israel. The process is an ongoing thing but the pace of Aliya has slowed down. This in my opinion will change drastically this year.

    Below is an article  of a speech by Vice President Biden where he insinuates that Jews will only be safe in the State of Israel.


    Did Vice President Joe Biden have a reason to warn American Jews that they are really only safe in one country, Israel?

    Did Vice President Joe Biden have a reason to warn American Jews they are really only safe in one country, Israel?

    The question has been asked by a prominent American magazine: “Is it time for the Jews to leave Europe?”

    The Atlantic posed the question in its April cover story by Jewish writer Jeffrey Goldberg, citing the rise of right-wing fascists and radicalized Islamists on the European continent.

    Of course, the article made no mention of the disturbing rise in anti-Semitism among leftists on college campuses. But Goldberg’s inclusion of an anecdote involving U.S. Vice President Joe Biden is stirring a new debate that is causing some to ask, “Is it time for the Jews to leave America?”

    Biden, according to Goldberg, made a comment last fall that struck those to whom it was addressed as strange.

    The stage was a Rosh Hashanah party Biden hosted for senior American Jewish leaders in September.

    According to Goldberg’s report, Biden recounted his first meeting with former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir, who told the then U.S. senator that the Jews’ secret weapon in Israel’s war for survival was that they had no place else to go.

    “You understand in your bones that no matter how hospitable, no matter how consequential, no matter how engaged, no matter how deeply involved you are in the United States … there is really only one absolute guarantee, and that’s the state of Israel,” Biden reportedly told the room full of surprised Jewish leaders.

    Israel Today magazine took the position that Biden’s comments may have been a type of prophetic warning to American Jewry, even if he didn’t fully realize the significance of his statement.

    After all, who is better suited to deliver such a hard message to the Jews of America than a Democratic leader, since Jewish Americans tend to vote overwhelmingly for liberal Democrats?

    “Of course, it can and has been argued that Biden’s point of view is correct, and that ultimately even the Jews of America will have no choice but to flee to the relative safety of Israel,” the magazine reported. “Much has been made of rising anti-Semitism in Europe, but the same is true of the United States of late. The annual Audit of Anti-Semitic Incidents published by the Anti-Defamation League revealed a 21 percent increase in anti-Semitism incidents in the U.S. in 2014.”

    Biden, who is known for his verbal gaffes, could have had yet another case of that classic Biden disease, called open mouth, insert foot. Or, as Israel Today suggests, “They might also be a very prescient warning of things to come.”

    WND reported in February that the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe was not happening in a vacuum. It is happening in America as well.

    A Common Core lesson plan required eighth-grade students in a California school district last year to question whether the Holocaust ever happened.

    The eight-page assignment asked students to weigh arguments on whether the Holocaust was an “actual event” or a “propaganda tool that was used for monetary gain.” It was justified as an exercise in “critical thinking.”

    The school district at first defended the exercise before finally pulling it.

    At the University of California at Davis, just last month it was reported that Jew-hating thugs painted swastikas on a Jewish fraternity house. Jewish students on campus have also been harangued by Muslims screaming “Allahu Akbar,” the war cry of jihad.

    Bible teacher and author/filmmaker Joel Richardson, whose latest book discusses anti-Semitism under the title “When a Jew Rules the World,” doesn’t like what he is seeing on college campuses across America.

    “Now you have this trend particularly in the youth that’s really trending back toward supersessionism and replacement theology, and it’s cast as being justice for the oppressed and standing with the Palestinians,” he told WND in February.

    Joel Richardson masterfully lays out the scriptural case against anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism and replacement theology in his new book, “When A Jew Rules the World.”

    The most active player in fomenting hostility toward Israel on U.S. college campuses is the Muslim Student Association. The MSA has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, which has been banned or suppressed in many countries including Israel, Russia, Egypt, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Yet the Brotherhood has been coddled by the Obama administration as a legitimate voice for all Muslims.

    The rise in attacks on Jewish students, and the recent pressure by the MSA to have UC Davis divest of all companies that do business with Israel, led one member of the university’s student senate last month to proclaim that “Hamas and Shariah law have taken over UC Davis.”

    “They boycott Israel and call it divestment, not just of a nation but of an actual people, and they’re giving comfort and aid to some of the most genocidal hatred that the world has ever known in Islamic extremism,” Richardson said.

    The extent of the foothold that radical Islamist groups have established on college campuses is also evident in two recent reports, one from Cornell University in Pennsylvania and the other from Barry University in Miami, in which university officials appear to condone student groups that wish to support the Islamic State, also called ISIS.

    Agitation and propaganda attacks often precede physical attacks. That’s what happened in Germany, Russia and other countries where European Jewry has come under the most vicious attacks – first it became trendy to make verbal assaults. Now it’s happening in America. Maybe Biden’s strange comment should be dismissed as just another slip of the tongue? Or, perhaps he knows something about what’s coming to America in the years ahead?

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    by Taboola

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    April 1, 2015 Was a satanic possessed pilot bring down Germanwings flight 9525 from Barcelona?

    with one comment

    As the title implies it is probable that there was satanic possession of the pilot to induce him to commit suicide and  kill 150 people.

    At the very first hours after the crash when details of the flight emerged I reached the conclusion that the co-pilot had been satanically possessed. A desperate depressed individual could think of suicide as a way out of their condition, but to commit mass murder only those possessed could go that way. Whether as stated in the very good article by Luis Vega or inspired by the demonic religion of Islam.

    Luis Vega has methodically laid out a numerical occultist reason using the flight data and the location of the crash, Cern and the destination of the flight.

    The pattern of mass killers in these last few years all follow a Satanically inspired connection to Satanic numbers and locations. It takes a strong believer in Christ with the knowledge of these occult practices to discern and uncover the reason and message behind the event.


    Luis Vega (29 Mar 2015)
    CERN DEATH SACRIFICIAL RITE – Attempts to Open up the Pit

    Nando end



    March 31, 2015 On the eve of the deal with Iran, what about the nuclear weapons Iran hides in North Korea?

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    Today is the end of this phase of the negotiations with Iran about their nuclear program. Regardless of the outcome their path to obtain the nuclear capabilities and bombs have many paths and one of them leads directly to North Korea.

    This rogue regime has allied with Iran to guarantee their obtaining nuclear weapons and their delivery systems.

    The choice is clear, no matter how many papers they sign and promise to keep their religious believes encourages them to lie, deceive and trick those they want to destroy or subjugate to allah their god which is non other than Satan, a murderer and the father of lies.

    War with these nations is unavoidable and the choice is even more daunting for the State of Israel who is the first target of these evil people, nations and religion.

    The prophet Jeremiah on chapter 49:34-39 talks about the destruction of Elam a region of Iran. The rest of Iran is destroyed in the prophecy of Ezekiel 38-39.

    The Apocalypse is at the door and the only hope is to put your faith in Jesus Christ.


    Nando end


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