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Dec 8, 2019 Johnathan Cahn delivers a powerful message on Cuba, Obama and Trump

In this powerful message Jonathan preaches about his encounter with the santeria religion of Cuba and all their false gods. As a Cuban I have encountered this false beliefs in many people I have known. This santeria is originally from Africa and it thrives in all the Caribbean islands as well as in many Central American countries. It is a mixture of Catrholic saints with the African gods.

in the 1970 I was living in Puerto Rico and visited my cousin who was married to a Cuban named Julio that had gotten a bachelor and a master degree in anthropology at UF and a doctor in LSU. He was a teacher of anthropology at a University in Puerto Rico and his specialty was santeria.

Our discussions were deep and I always presented him with the evidence of how Satanic santeria was. He was a Christian but his professional studies affected his views. He passed away a few years back and I hope that he was a true believer in Jesus.

The Obama part shows how far this nation has gone from God and the epic battle being waged at the present time in the halls of our Congress.


Dec 11, 2016 Castro’s death and Jonathan Cahn’s proclamation of the Jubilee in Cuba

I was in Cuba at the time that Fidel started his revolution and for my family and friends it was the beginning of a long exile that is still going on.

For the people of Cuba and the world the cancer of Fidel’s communist ideology has and is festering and multiplying throughout the whole world where it is still ingrained and destroying nations and people, as in Venezuela.

Thanks to Denis Hart for such a good article.

The Lord Jesus will reign in the whole world soon.



Denis Hart (11 Dec 2016)
Will the Son of Man find FIDEL (FAITH) on the Earth?

Will the Son of Man find FIDEL (FAITH) on the Earth?

Luke 18:8  (Amplified)  I tell you that He will defend and avenge them quickly. However, when the Son of Man comes, will He find [this kind of persistent] FAITH on the Earth?

The passing of Fidel Castro may be far more important as a prophetic signal than we realise!!  During the week I came across a truly remarkable article by Jonathan Cahn on  Cuba on the World Net Daily website (  The article is titled The Day Jonathan Cahn Gave a Prophetic Sign to Fidel Castro – the direct link to the article is below:

This article is primarily about a one month opportunity for evangelism in Cuba in 1999, that has had to be hidden until now.  For those Doves who have not seen the article, I strongly recommend reading the full article.  It includes the shofar, the Magi, Jubilee timings for Fidel Castro and a meeting in the presidential palace between Johnathan Cahn and Fidel!  The ashes of Fidel Castro have been laid to rest in the Santa Ifigenia Cemetery, with a lone memorial a grey/white boulder and a black plaque engraved simply with FIDEL!    

The name FIDEL has the meaning of FAITH (derived from FAITHFUL).  What an amazing example of God’s sovereignty over nations that He causes just one word (FAITH!!) to be written on the grave of one who ruled as a dictator for so long over Cuba.  And the poignant question in Luke 18:8 – will He find Faith on the Earth!! 

FIDEL or Faith – one word on the grave of a dictator.

Maranatha!!  Denis

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As the ashes of Fidel Castro are now laid to rest in Santiago, Cuba, I am at liberty to tell the story that’s waited years to be told.

In 1999, for the first time since he took power in 1959, Fidel Castro agreed to open up the island of Cuba for the Gospel, under much control and surveillance, and for only one month. By this he would show the world that there was ‘freedom’ in Cuba – an evangelical celebration that would span the island from the east, where Castro’s revolution began, to Revolutionary Square, Havana, where he began his rule.

Fidel Castro speaking in Revolutionary Square, 1959, after the revolution

Fidel Castro speaking in Revolutionary Square, 1959, after the revolution

Word was sent to me to open the celebration with the sounding of the shofar. I agreed.


One week before leaving, a man from Cuba came to us. He was a pastor who had been imprisoned on the island for his faith. He gave us a strange word. He said we would walk the island of Cuba as the magi, bearing gifts, and we would enter the king’s palace.

We were told we would go to Cuba as the magi, bearing gifts, and enter the palace of the king

We were told we would go to Cuba as the magi, bearing gifts, and enter the palace of the king

I prayed as to what word I should bring to the people of Cuba. What came to me was the message of Jubilee. The Jubilee concerns those who have lost their land, their family’s possession, their freedom. That was Cuba. So I came to Cuba proclaiming the God’s Jubilee, His power to set free those in bondage and to bring restoration.

Everything you’ve always wanted to know from “The Harbinger Man.” See WND’s complete collection of books and DVDs by biblical teacher Jonathan Cahn!

But I came also with something for Fidel Castro. I purposed that if God would open the door, I would give Castro a Bible, a letter, and a shofar, the Trumpet of Jubilee, the vessel used in biblical times to proclaim freedom throughout the land.

When we landed in Cuba we had to pass through an inspection with Cuban police going over everything in our luggage. The one thing that held us up was the Jubilee shofar. They didn’t know what it was and approached it as if it was a dangerous weapon. I decided to take the shofar, and show them how it worked. I sounded it. They looked stunned, but then let us go.

In the following weeks, I spoke in churches and gatherings throughout the island to give hope and encouragement to the believers of Cuba. In place after place, Cubans came up to me and those with me to tell us that they saw visions of us coming specifically as the magi.

It was then that I realized the full significance of the word given to us before we left. As the magi had come to an unlikely place to witness the newborn life of God, so had we now come to Cuba to witness God’s newborn presence there, a revival was about to break forth. Our gift to the believers of Cuba was to strengthen and encouragement them in the Lord.

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At the same time, as in the account of the magi, there was opposition to that new life. There was a throne and an aging king on that throne who was fearful that the presence of Jesus in his land would be a threat to his regime. To the people of God, the magi’s visitation was a sign of hope and blessing. But to the king it was a sign of alarm, something to be closely watched, and ultimately a portent of the end of his reign.


The month long celebration of the Gospel opened up at the island’s eastern end as I sounded the shofar in the first public evangelical gathering in the public squares of Cuba since the revolution. The communist officials watching all around me inquired why I was blowing the “Jewish horn.” Someone else was watching – Fidel Castro.

The Evangelical Celebration of Cuba – 1999

The Evangelical Celebration of Cuba – 1999

The events were being televised throughout the island. The word soon came back to us that Castro wanted to know “Who is this man with the beard causing such a ruckus? And “What is this Jewish man doing in the churches?”

It turned out we were retracing the footsteps of Castro’s revolution – but with a very different message and of a very different revolution. I was proclaiming the Gospel and the power of God for Jubilee, for freedom and restoration.

Jonathan Cahn opening up the first public evangelical celebration in Cuba

Jonathan Cahn opening up the first public evangelical celebration in Cuba

As I spoke of these things, my translator, a man named Felix, would hesitate at times to repeat them, knowing that in virtually every place, there were secret police and informers planted in the gathering, ready to report any word considered suspicious. And just as potentially dangerous, all over the island, on church buildings, houses, walls, and taxi cabs there were now posters plastered proclaiming the words ‘El Jubileo Vienne!” “the Jubilee is Coming” or “Freedom and Release is Coming,’ above a photograph of me sounding the shofar.


Fidel Castro as a boy

Fidel Castro as a boy

On the way to Havana, I picked up a book about Fidel Castro and religion. Most people don’t’ realize that his name, ‘Fidel,’ means ‘faith.’ But as a young boy, Fidel had begun to lose faith. He told the story of how each year, at Christmas time, he would write a letter – to the magi. And every year he would get a cardboard trumpet. When he realized the magi didn’t exist, he began to lose his faith. So it all started with a boy named ‘Faith,’ who first began to lose his faith over the magi. From this would ultimately come atheism, a revolution, prison camps, firing squads, and years of suffering for an entire nation – even the banning of the celebration of Christmas. And now here we were, coming to Havana, as magi and I happened to be led to bring Fidel Castro the gift of a trumpet – of Jubilee.


The last stop before Havana was the province of Camiguey. It was my translator’s last night of ministry. He had to return to America the next day. I had no idea when I first asked him to join me that he had been born in Cuba, and that his family lost everything in the revolution, their possessions and their ancestral land. They fled to America where he grew up. There he came to the Lord. His dream and prayer was that one day he would return to Cuba and to his family’s land and his lost inheritance, and there build a church in which he would preach the Gospel. It was ironic that as I was preaching the Jubilee to Cuba, the restoration of every man to his ancestral land, the one translating that message had himself lost his ancestral land in the Cuban revolution.

Everything you’ve always wanted to know from “The Harbinger Man.” See WND’s complete collection of books and DVDs by biblical teacher Jonathan Cahn!

That night, they took us to the place they had chosen for us to minister in, a farm in the middle of nowhere, so much in the middle of nowhere that they had to transport the people to us by cattle car. Before ministering, I looked for my translator. He was wandering around the farm in a daze. I asked him what had happened. He had just discovered that the land to which we had been brought to minister – was his ancestral land. It was his family’s farm, the inheritance he had lost in the revolution, the place he had for years prayed he would one day return to.

So here on his last night, God had brought him home. It was what I had been preaching all along throughout the land, and what he had been all along translating – the Jubilee, the restoration – “And every man shall return to his property.” And so his journey ended with the fulfillment of that Scripture, and that prayer. And as for the church he had dreamed of building there, it had already been built, and was waiting for him to enter it. That night he preached inside the church of his ancestral land. He didn’t realize it until that moment but he had been a sign to Cuba, all along, with every footstep, of restoration.


We arrived in the capital city of Havana. Every day there, I would gaze out my hotel room to see a centuries-old Spanish castle by the sea.

The Castle by the Sea, El Morro, Havana, Cuba

The Castle by the Sea, El Morro, Havana, Cuba

I was strongly led that we had to go to the castle and see what was inside. So we did. We walked through its ancient chambers. As we turned a corner, we suddenly beheld a massive painting that stunned us. The painting depicted the magi. It turned out that the castle we were in was one of the central national symbols of Cuba. And it was called “The Castle of the Three Kings.” And in the painting, standing next to the magi was a boy holding in his hand an object that looked like a shofar – the very thing I was now bringing to Havana.

The magi followed a star. That was the one thing missing from our journey. We joked, wondering if we would somehow see a star in Havana. We decided to go to Revolutionary Square, to pray on the site on which the evangelical gathering would take place the following day. We entered the Jose Marti Memorial, the towering monument that marks the square. The government official inside began to reveal that the tower had been built so that from the sky it would form a star.

Jonathan Cahn sounding the Jubilee shofar in front of the star monument of Revolutionary Square, the day before the gathering

Jonathan Cahn sounding the Jubilee shofar in front of the star monument of Revolutionary Square, the day before the gathering

The tower was built as a star – and as the star of the magi, it would mark the final destination of our journey – actually the final two destinations: the square in which God’s people would gather together the following day, and the Presidential Palace from which Fidel Castro ruled the island. And as in the nativity account, the star would be linked to the presence of Jesus on one hand – and an aging king and a dying kingdom on the other. And it was then that we realized that we had been gazing at the star every night as we looked out the window of our hotel room in Havana, ablaze with light in the darkness, marking our final destination.

The following day we stood in the midst of the multitudes gathered for the first evangelical celebration in Revolutionary Square. Fidel Castro also stood there witnessing the gathering that filled the plaza that had once been filled with Cubans welcoming his revolution to Havana. Now it was filled for a different purpose. It was there that arrangements began that would open the doors for the fulfillment of our mission.


I received an invitation to enter the Presidential Palace. I walked past the guards and was greeted by one of Castro’s assistants, who informed me that the “Comandante” was very much aware of me and was watching my journey through Cuba. I was brought inside and presented the gifts, the Bible, a note with a message I had written him, and the shofar, the Trumpet of Jubilee. Castro would later send word thanking me for the gifts. He also wanted to know how I could be Jewish and believe in Jesus. The Central Communist Committee also sent word inquiring into the shofar.

Giving the Trumpet of Jubilee to Fidel Castro was a biblical reminder of the power of God for freedom, and a prophetic sign that His power was greater than the bondages of man. The Cuban revolution had caused millions of Cubans to lose their land, their homes, their ancestral possessions, their inheritances, and their freedom – the very thing the Jubilee touches and undoes. It had all begun as the Batista government collapsed and Castro and his guerillas swept into the city of Havana at opening of 1959.

But the Jubilee Trumpet was linked to a mathematical formula to the ending of bondage The Jubilee contains a very specific countdown: “You shall count off seven sevens of years – seven times seven years – so that the seven sevens of years amounts to a period of forty nine years. Then you shall sound the trumpet….” (Leviticus 25)

What happens if one takes the biblical countdown of Jubilee and applies it to Castro’s reign, starting with the year 1959, the moment Cuba lost its freedom? Count “seven sevens of years, seven times seven years – so that the seven sevens of years amounts to a period of forty nine years.” And to what does that bring us? It brings us to the year 2008. Did anything significant happen in 2008? 2008 was the year that ended the rule of Fidel Castro. His entire reign, from 1959 to 2008, comprised the seven sevens of years, the 49 years of the countdown, ordained by God of the Jubilee – to the release of bondage.


Funeral for Fidel Castro, Revolutionary Square, Ruler of Cuba 1959-2008

Funeral for Fidel Castro, Revolutionary Square, Ruler of Cuba 1959-2008

What if one gets even more specific – to days and dates? What if we begin the countdown from the specific day Castro came to power and count a Jubilee of years and a Jubilee of days, seven sevens of years and of days. Castro’s reign began specifically on New Year’s Day, January 1, 1959 in the wake of Batista’s fleeing the island. If one starts the countdown from that day, January 1, 1959, and counts a Jubilee of years and a Jubilee of days, seven times seven years and seven times seven days, the countdown culminates on February 19, 2008. Was there anything significant about that day? After nearly a half century, the rule of Fidel Castro came to its end on February 19, 2008, the exact day. On the day of release, Castro was released from power, and Cuba was released from his reign.

The poster that appeared throughout Cuba: Jonathan Cahn sounding the Jubilee Trumpet and the prophetic words "The Jubilee is Coming"

The poster that appeared throughout Cuba: Jonathan Cahn sounding the Jubilee Trumpet and the prophetic words “The Jubilee is Coming”

When I asked the Lord for what word I was to give to Cuba, when I proclaimed the Jubilee throughout the communist nation, when I gave to Castro the Trumpet of Jubilee, and when the posters were plastered throughout the island proclaiming “El Jubileo Viene!” “The Jubilee is Coming!” behind it all was a mystery and a precise prophetic countdown to the end. The Jubilee was indeed coming, and it would come for Castro’s rule at its biblically appointed time. His reign would be timed to the end of the 49th year and to the 49th day, and not a day longer – the mathematics of the release from bondage ordained three thousand years earlier. That day would bring the most enduring iron grip of power held by any man over any nation in modern history to a definitive end.


I have sometimes wondered since then, when Fidel Castro looked at the Jubilee Trumpet I gave him, did he ever realized its significance. I pray that before he left this life he turned back to the One from the boy named “Faith” once turned away, and found forgiveness for his sins.

In the Biblical account, the aging king Herod dies, but the new born life of Bethlehem, the life of Messiah, goes on – to overcome kingdoms and change the world.

Cubans lining up to enter the Jose Marti, 'star' monument, Revolutionary Square

Cubans lining up to enter the Jose Marti, ‘star’ monument, Revolutionary Square

As I watched the thousands of Cubans paying their last respects to their aged leader, as they lined up to enter the Jose Marti Memorial, I wondered if they realized that they were heading to a star. Fidel Castro’s funeral took place at that same star monument which marked the destination of our journey and which, as the star of Bethlehem had marked for the magi, had marked for us both the ending of a dying kingdom, and the birth of God’s presence, the light of hope, a light shining in the darkness.

Castro has passed away, as did King Herod, and as do all the kings and rulers of this world, and as do all those who, as Castro once did, tried to stamp out the Gospel. But the revival that began under Castro’s rule has not been stamped out. For kings and kingdoms, rulers and tyrants, all pass away, but the name of Messiah remains.

Cuban believers worshiping their king – Jesus

Cuban believers worshiping their king – Jesus

Castro has died – but Jesus lives. And as the dictator’s ashes were laid to rest in the city of Santiago, the presence of Jesus was and is as alive throughout the island as much as it ever was. It is even at this moment transforming the lives of Cubans in a way that Castro’s revolution, with all its guns and powers of state, never could. The Jubilee that began on our visit to the island has not stopped, but continues.

The King lives … and the Revolution goes on.

– Jonathan Cahn


The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy some 50 Years Ago By Luis Vega Oct 21, 2013

Luis Vega has published a very unusual view about the fateful and dreadful day about 50 years ago when President Kennedy was murdered by Oswald and maybe others.

For young readers this is part of history and the impact of this assassination is only imagined.

As a Cuban who just three years before had joined to go to fight against Cuba at what latter was known as Brigade 2506 of Playa Giron and joined the US army to fight in Cuba when the October missile crises came this era was one of extreme emotion for me and all of my family as well as the Cubans in exile.

As this article explains some tried to blame the Cubans because Kennedy abandoned them in the Bay of Pigs, but their memory or knowledge was wrong. Kennedy met the Cubans in exile at the Orange bowl in Miami and promised to liberate Cuba. He was willing to confront Castro over nuclear missiles in Cuba and the US Army enlisted a whole battalion of Cubans to train for an eventual invasion.

Yes Kennedy and their family specially Robert where thinking of altering the plans of Lucifer and it stands to reason that his death was plotted by the satanic forces of evil. Luis Vega ties it very well to the future Antichrist with his mortal wound.

Thanks for your outstanding analysis, charts and analogies to the present.


Luis Vega (20 Oct 2013)
50 Year Kennedy Assassination Anniversary – A Hidden Mathematical MurderNando end

This is highly unexpected from Fidel Castro March 8, 2013

This is highly unexpected from Fidel.

On Genesis 12:3 God said to Abraham I will bless those who bless you and whoever curses you I will curse.

This is God’s word and it may imply that Fidel is on the way to redemption if his motives were true.


Fidel Castro tells Ahmadinejad: Stop denying the Holocaust
Cuba’s former leader Fidel Castro has urged Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to stop slandering the Jews, according to an article published on the U.S. website The Atlantic on Tuesday.


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March 8, 2013 at 11:29 pm

Jan 8, 2012 Nuclear war warning from two different sources Dr. Owuor and Fidel Castro

In the past I have posted articles written by Fidel Castro about the dangers of a nuclear war where Iran was the cause of this confrontation. Well Fidel is at it again and he has written an article about nuclear war dangers. On the same token Dr. Owuor has a video done about the same theme coming as a warning from Jesus.

The article by Fidel is important in the sense that he has at his command the most advanced espionage system and information gathering machine outside the free world, comparable to any major nation of the World.


La Habana, 6 de Enero de 2012

La marcha hacia el abismo

(Tomado de CubaDebate)

No es cuestión de optimismo o pesimismo, saber o ignorar cosas elementales, ser responsables o no de los acontecimientos. Los que pretenden considerarse políticos debieran ser lanzados al basurero de la historia cuando, como es norma, en esa actividad ignoran todo o casi todo lo que se relaciona con ella.

No hablo por supuesto de los que a lo largo de varios milenios convirtieron los asuntos públicos en instrumentos de poder y riquezas para las clases privilegiadas, actividad en la que verdaderos récords de crueldad han sido impuestos durante los últimos ocho o diez mil años sobre los que se tienen vestigios ciertos de la conducta social de nuestra especie, cuya existencia como seres pensantes, según los científicos, apenas rebasa los 180 mil años.

No es mi propósito enfrascarme en tales temas que seguramente aburrirían a casi el ciento por ciento de las personas continuamente bombardeadas con noticias a través de medios, que van desde la palabra escrita hasta las imágenes tridimensionales que comienzan a exhibirse en costosos cines, y no está lejano el día en que también predominen en las ya de por sí fabulosas imágenes de la televisión. No es casual que la llamada industria de la recreación tenga su sede en el corazón del imperio que a todos tiraniza.

Lo que pretendo es situarme en el punto de partida actual de nuestra especie para hablar de la marcha hacia el abismo. Podría incluso hablar de una marcha “inexorable” y estaría seguramente más cerca de la realidad. La idea de un juicio final está implícita en las doctrinas religiosas más extendidas entre los habitantes del planeta, sin que nadie las califique por ello de pesimistas. Considero, por el contrario, deber elemental de todas las personas serias y cuerdas, que son millones, luchar para posponer y, tal vez impedir, ese dramático y cercano acontecimiento en el mundo actual.

Numerosos peligros nos amenazan, pero dos de ellos, la guerra nuclear y el cambio climático, son decisivos y ambos están cada vez más lejos de aproximarse a una solución.

La palabrería demagógica, las declaraciones y los discursos de la tiranía impuesta al mundo por Estados Unidos y sus poderosos e incondicionales aliados, en ambos temas, no admiten la menor duda al respecto.

El primero de enero de 2012, año nuevo occidental y cristiano, coincide con el aniversario del triunfo de la Revolución en Cuba y el año en que se cumple el 50 Aniversario de la Crisis de Octubre de 1962, que puso al mundo al borde de la guerra mundial nuclear, lo que me obliga a escribir estas líneas.

Carecerían de sentido mis palabras si tuviesen como objetivo imputar alguna culpa al pueblo norteamericano, o al de cualquier otro país aliado de Estados Unidos en la insólita aventura; ellos, como los demás pueblos del mundo, serían las víctimas inevitables de la tragedia. Hechos recientes ocurridos en Europa y otros puntos muestran las indignaciones masivas de aquellos a los que el desempleo, la carestía, las reducciones de sus ingresos, las deudas, la discriminación, las mentiras y la politiquería, conducen a las protestas y a las brutales represiones de los guardianes del orden establecido.

Con frecuencia creciente se habla de tecnologías militares que afectan la totalidad del planeta, único satélite habitable conocido a cientos de años luz de otro que tal vez resulte adecuado si nos movemos a la velocidad de la luz, trescientos mil kilómetros por segundo.

No debemos ignorar que si nuestra maravillosa especie pensante desapareciera transcurrirían muchos millones de años antes de que surja nuevamente otra capaz de pensar, en virtud de los principios naturales que rigen como consecuencia de la evolución de las especies, descubierta por Darwin en 1859 y que hoy reconocen todos los científicos serios, creyentes o no creyentes.

Ninguna otra época de la historia del hombre conoció los actuales peligros que afronta la humanidad. Personas como yo, con 85 años cumplidos, habíamos arribado a los 18 con el título de bachiller antes de que concluyera la elaboración de la primera bomba atómica.

Hoy los artefactos de ese carácter listos para su empleo —incomparablemente más poderosos que los que produjeron el calor del sol sobre las ciudades de Hiroshima y Nagasaki— suman miles.

Las armas de ese tipo que se guardan adicionalmente en los depósitos, añadidas a las ya desplegadas en virtud de acuerdos, alcanzan cifras que superan los veinte mil proyectiles nucleares.

El empleo de apenas un centenar de esas armas sería suficiente para crear un invierno nuclear que provocaría una muerte espantosa en breve tiempo a todos los seres humanos que habitan el planeta, como ha explicado brillantemente y con datos computarizados el científico norteamericano y profesor de la Universidad de Rutgers, New Jersey, Alan Robock.

Los que acostumbran a leer las noticias y análisis internacionales serios, conocen cómo los riesgos del estallido de una guerra con empleo de armas nucleares se incrementan a medida que la tensión crece en el Cercano Oriente, donde en manos del gobierno israelita se acumulan cientos de armas nucleares en plena disposición combativa, y cuyo carácter de fuerte potencia nuclear ni se admite ni se niega. Crece igualmente la tensión en torno a Rusia, país de incuestionable capacidad de respuesta, amenazada por un supuesto escudo nuclear europeo.

Mueve a risas la afirmación yanki de que el escudo nuclear europeo es para proteger también a Rusia de Irán y Corea del Norte. Tan endeble es la posición yanki en este delicado asunto, que su aliado Israel ni siquiera se toma la molestia de garantizar consultas previas sobre medidas que puedan desatar la guerra.

La humanidad, en cambio, no goza de garantía alguna. El espacio cósmico, en las proximidades de nuestro planeta, está saturado de satélites de Estados Unidos destinados a espiar lo que ocurre hasta en las azoteas de las viviendas de cualquier nación del mundo. La vida y costumbres de cada persona o familia pasó a ser objeto de espionaje; la escucha de cientos de millones de celulares, y el tema de las conversaciones que aborde cualquier usuario en cualquier parte del mundo deja de ser privado para convertirse en material de información para los servicios secretos de Estados Unidos.

Ese es el derecho que va quedando a los ciudadanos de nuestro mundo en virtud de los actos de un gobierno cuya constitución, aprobada en el Congreso de Filadelfia en 1776, establecía que todavía los hombres nacían libres e iguales y a todos les concedía el Creador determinados derechos, de los cuales no les quedan ya, ni a los propios norteamericanos ni a ciudadano alguno del mundo siquiera el de comunicar por teléfono a familiares y amigos sus sentimientos más íntimos.

La guerra, sin embargo, es una tragedia que puede ocurrir, y es muy probable que ocurra; mas, si la humanidad fuese capaz de retrasarla un tiempo indefinido, otro hecho igualmente dramático está ocurriendo ya con creciente ritmo: el cambio climático. Me limitaré a señalar lo que eminentes científicos y expositores de relieve mundial han explicado a través de documentos y filmes que nadie cuestiona.

Es bien conocido que el gobierno de Estados Unidos se opuso a los acuerdos de Kyoto sobre el medio ambiente, una línea de conducta que ni siquiera concilió con sus más cercanos aliados, cuyos territorios sufrirían tremendamente y algunos de los cuales, como Holanda, desaparecerían casi por entero.

El planeta marcha hoy sin política sobre este grave problema, mientras los niveles del mar se elevan, las enormes capas de hielo que cubren la Antártida y Groenlandia, donde se acumula más del 90 % del agua dulce del mundo, se derriten con creciente ritmo, y ya la humanidad, el pasado 30 de noviembre de 2011, alcanzó oficialmente la cifra de 7 mil millones de habitantes que en las áreas más pobres del mundo crece de forma sostenida e inevitable. ¿Es que acaso los que se han dedicado a bombardear países y matar millones de personas durante los últimos 50 años se pueden preocupar por el destino de los demás pueblos?

Estados Unidos es hoy no solo el promotor de esas guerras, sino también el mayor productor y exportador de armas en el mundo.

Como es conocido, ese poderoso país ha suscrito un convenio para suministrar 60 mil millones de dólares en los próximos años al reino de Arabia Saudita, donde las transnacionales de Estados Unidos y sus aliados extraen cada día 10 millones de barriles de petróleo ligero, es decir, mil millones de dólares en combustible. ¿Qué será de ese país y de la región cuando esas reservas de energía se agoten? No es posible que nuestro mundo globalizado acepte sin chistar el colosal derroche de recursos energéticos que la naturaleza tardó cientos de millones de años en crear, y cuya dilapidación encarece los costos esenciales. No sería en absoluto digno del carácter inteligente atribuido a nuestra especie.

En los últimos 12 meses tal situación se agravó considerablemente a partir de nuevos avances tecnológicos que, lejos de aliviar la tragedia proveniente del derroche de los combustibles fósiles, la agrava considerablemente.

Científicos e investigadores de prestigio mundial venían señalando las consecuencias dramáticas del cambio climático.

En un excelente documental fílmico del director francés Yann Arthus-Bertrand, titulado Home, y elaborado con la colaboración de prestigiosas y bien informadas personalidades internacionales, publicado a mediados del año 2009, este advirtió al mundo con datos irrebatibles lo que estaba ocurriendo. Con sólidos argumentos exponía las consecuencias nefastas de consumir, en menos de dos siglos, los recursos energéticos creados por la naturaleza en cientos de millones de años; pero lo peor no era el colosal derroche, sino las consecuencias suicidas que para la especie humana tendría. Refiriéndose a la propia existencia de la vida, le reprochaba a la especie humana: “¼ Te beneficias de un fabuloso legado de 4 000 millones de años suministrado por la Tierra. Solamente tienes 200 000 años, pero ya has cambiado la faz del mundo”.

No culpaba ni podía culpar a nadie hasta ese minuto, señalaba simplemente una realidad objetiva. Sin embargo, hoy tenemos que culparnos todos de que lo sepamos y nada hagamos por tratar de remediarlo.

En sus imágenes y conceptos, los autores de esa obra incluyen memorias, datos e ideas que estamos en el deber de conocer y tomar en cuenta.

En meses recientes, otro fabuloso material fílmico exhibido fue Océanos, elaborado por dos realizadores franceses, considerado el mejor filme del año en Cuba; tal vez, a mi juicio, el mejor de esta época.

Es un material que asombra por la precisión y belleza de las imágenes nunca antes filmadas por cámara alguna: 8 años y 50 millones de euros fueron invertidos en ella. La humanidad tendrá que agradecer esa prueba de la forma en que se expresan los principios de la naturaleza adulterados por el hombre. Los actores no son seres humanos: son los pobladores de los mares del mundo. ¡Un Oscar para ellos!

Lo que motivó para mí el deber de escribir estas líneas no surgió de los hechos referidos hasta aquí, que de una forma u otra he comentado anteriormente, sino de otros que, manejados por intereses de las transnacionales, han estado saliendo a la luz dosificadamente en los últimos meses y sirven a mi juicio como prueba definitiva de la confusión y el caos político que impera en el mundo.

Hace apenas unos meses leí por primera vez algunas noticias sobre la existencia del gas de esquisto. Se afirmaba que Estados Unidos disponía de reservas para suplir sus necesidades de este combustible durante 100 años. Como dispongo en la actualidad de tiempo para indagar sobre temas políticos, económicos y científicos que pueden ser realmente útiles a nuestros pueblos, me comuniqué discretamente con varias personas que residen en Cuba o en el exterior de nuestro país. Curiosamente, ninguna de ellas había escuchado una palabra sobre el asunto. No era desde luego la primera vez que eso sucedía. Uno se asombra de hechos importantes de por sí que se ocultan en un verdadero mar de informaciones, mezcladas con cientos o miles de noticias que circulan por el planeta.

Persistí, no obstante, en mi interés sobre el tema. Han transcurrido solo varios meses y el gas de esquisto no es ya noticia. En vísperas del nuevo año se conocían ya suficientes datos para ver con toda claridad la marcha inexorable del mundo hacia el abismo, amenazado por riesgos tan extremadamente graves como la guerra nuclear y el cambio climático. Del primero, ya hablé; del segundo, en aras de la brevedad, me limitaré a exponer datos conocidos y algunos por conocer que ningún cuadro político o persona sensata debe ignorar.

No vacilo en afirmar que observo ambos hechos con la serenidad de los años vividos, en esta espectacular fase de la historia humana, que han contribuido a la educación de nuestro pueblo valiente y heroico.

El gas se mide en TCF, los cuales pueden referirse a pies cúbicos o metros cúbicos —no siempre se explica si se trata de uno o de otro— depende del sistema de medidas que se aplique en un determinado país. Por otro lado, cuando se habla de billones suelen referirse al billón español que significa un millón de millones; tal cifra en inglés se califica como trillón lo cual debe tenerse en cuenta cuando se analizan las referidas al gas que suelen ser voluminosas. Trataré de señalarlo cuando sea necesario.

El analista norteamericano Daniel Yergin, autor de un voluminoso clásico de historia del petróleo afirmó, según la agencia de noticias IPS, que ya un tercio de todo el gas que se produce en Estados Unidos es gas de esquisto.

¼ la explotación de una plataforma con seis pozos puede consumir 170.000 metros cúbicos de agua e incluso provocar efectos dañinos como influir en movimientos sísmicos, contaminar aguas subterráneas y superficiales, y afectar el paisaje”.

El grupo británico BP informa por su parte que “Las reservas probadas de gas convencional o tradicional en el planeta suman 6.608 billones —millón de millones— de pies cúbicos, unos 187 billones de metros cúbicos, [¼ ] y los depósitos más grandes están en Rusia (1.580 TCF), Irán (1.045), Qatar (894), y Arabia Saudita y Turkmenistán, con 283 TCF cada uno”. Se trata del gas que se venía produciendo y comercializando.

“Un estudio de la EIA —una agencia gubernamental de Estados Unidos sobre energía— publicado en abril de 2011 encontró prácticamente el mismo volumen (6.620 TCF o 187,4 billones de metros cúbicos) de shale gas recuperable en apenas 32 países, y los gigantes son: China (1.275 TCF), Estados Unidos (862), Argentina (774), México (681), Sudáfrica (485) y Australia (396 TCF)”. Shale gas es gas de esquisto. Obsérvese que de acuerdo a lo que se conoce Argentina y México poseen casi tanto como Estados Unidos. China, con los mayores yacimientos, posee reservas que equivalen a casi el doble de aquellos y un 40 % más que Estados Unidos.

¼ países secularmente dependientes de proveedores extranjeros contarían con una ingente base de recursos en relación con su consumo, como Francia y Polonia, que importan 98 y 64 por ciento, respectivamente, del gas que consumen, y que tendrían en rocas de esquistos o lutitas reservas superiores a 180 TCF cada uno”.

“Para extraerlo de las lutitas —señala IPS— se apela a un método bautizado ‘fracking’ (fractura hidráulica), con la inyección de grandes cantidades de agua más arenas y aditivos químicos. La huella de carbono (proporción de dióxido de carbono que libera a la atmósfera) es mucho mayor que la generada con la producción de gas convencional.

“Como se trata de bombardear capas de la corteza terrestre con agua y otras sustancias, se incrementa el riesgo de dañar subsuelo, suelos, napas hídricas subterráneas y superficiales, el paisaje y las vías de comunicación si las instalaciones para extraer y transportar la nueva riqueza presentan defectos o errores de manejo”.

Baste señalar que entre las numerosas sustancias químicas que se inyectan con el agua para extraer este gas se encuentran el benceno y el tolueno, que son sustancias terriblemente cancerígenas.

La experta Lourdes Melgar, del Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, opina que:

“‘Es una tecnología que genera mucho debate y son recursos ubicados en zonas donde no hay agua’¼ “.

“Las lutitas gasíferas —expresa IPS— son canteras de hidrocarburos no convencionales, encalladas en rocas que las guarecen, por lo que se aplica la fractura hidráulica (conocida en inglés como ‘fracking’) para liberarlas a gran escala”.

“La generación de gas shale involucra altos volúmenes de agua y la excavación y fractura generan grandes cantidades de residuos líquidos, que pueden contener químicos disueltos y otros contaminantes que requieren tratamiento antes de su desecho.”

“La producción de esquisto saltó de 11.037 millones de metros cúbicos en 2000 a 135.840 millones en 2010. En caso de seguir a este ritmo la expansión, en 2035 llegará a cubrir 45 por ciento de la demanda de gas general, según la EIA.

“Investigaciones científicas recientes han alertado del perfil ambiental negativo del gas lutita.

“Los académicos Robert Howarth, Renee Santoro y Anthony Ingraffea, de la estadounidense Universidad de Cornell, concluyeron que ese hidrocarburo es más contaminante que el petróleo y el gas, según su estudio ‘Metano y la huella de gases de efecto invernadero del gas natural proveniente de formaciones de shale’, difundido en abril pasado en la revista Climatic Change.

“‘La huella carbónica es mayor que la del gas convencional o el petróleo, vistos en cualquier horizonte temporal, pero particularmente en un lapso de 20 años. Comparada con el carbón, es al menos 20 por ciento mayor y tal vez más del doble en 20 años’, resaltó el informe”.

“El metano es uno de los gases de efecto invernadero más contaminantes, responsables del aumento de la temperatura del planeta”.

“‘En áreas activas de extracción (uno o más pozos en un kilómetro), las concentraciones promedio y máximas de metano en pozos de agua potable se incrementaron con proximidad al pozo gasífero más cercano y fueron un peligro de explosión potencial’, cita el texto escrito por Stephen Osborn, Avner Vengosh, Nathaniel Warner y Robert Jackson, de la estatal Universidad de Duke.

“Estos indicadores cuestionan el argumento de la industria de que el esquisto puede sustituir al carbón en la generación eléctrica y, por lo tanto, un recurso para mitigar el cambio climático.

“‘Es una aventura demasiado prematura y riesgosa’”.

“En abril de 2010, el Departamento de Estado de Estados Unidos puso en marcha la Iniciativa Global de Gas Shale para ayudar a los países que buscan aprovechar ese recurso para identificarlo y desarrollarlo, con un eventual beneficio económico para las transnacionales de esa nación”.

He sido inevitablemente extenso, no tenía otra opción. Redacto estas líneas para el sitio web Cubadebate y para Telesur, una de las emisoras de noticias más serias y honestas de nuestro sufrido mundo.

Para abordar el tema dejé transcurrir los días festivos del viejo y el nuevo año.

Fidel Castro Ruz
Enero 4 de 2012

9 y 15 p.m.


Havana, January 6, 2012

The march toward the abyss

(Taken from CubaDebate)

It’s not about optimism or pessimism, or ignore to know basic things, be responsible or events. Those who claim to be considered politicians should be thrown into the dustbin of history when, as usual, ignored in this activity all or most of what comes with it.

I am not speaking of course of which over millennia became public affairs instruments of power and wealth for the privileged classes, activity in the real records of cruelty that have been imposed over the last eight or ten thousand years for which you have certain vestiges of the social behavior of our species, whose existence as thinking beings, scientists, barely exceeds 180 thousand years.

I do not intend to engage in such matters probably bored to almost one hundred percent of people constantly bombarded with news through media, ranging from the written word to the three-dimensional images that begin to exhibit in expensive movie theaters, and is not far off on predominate also in the already stunning images of television. It is no coincidence that so-called entertainment industry has its headquarters in the heart of the rule that all bullying.

What I want is situated in the actual starting point of our species to talk about the march toward the abyss. I could even talk of a march “inexorable” and would surely be closer to reality. The idea of ​​a final opinion is implicit in the religious doctrines most prevalent among the inhabitants of the planet, without anyone to qualify so pessimistic. Believe, however, fundamental duty of all serious people and strings, there are millions, fighting to delay and perhaps prevent, the dramatic and close event in the world.

Numerous dangers threaten us, but two of them, nuclear war and climate change are crucial and both are increasingly far from approaching a solution.

The demagogic talk, statements and speeches from the tyranny imposed on the world by America and its powerful and unconditional allies in both subjects, do not admit the slightest doubt.

The first of January 2012, Western and Christian New Year coincides with the anniversary of the triumph of the revolution in Cuba and the year that marks the 50th anniversary of the October Crisis of 1962 that brought the world to the brink of nuclear world war, which compels me to write these lines.

My words would be meaningless if they had any fault attributable target the American people, or any other U.S. ally in the unusual adventure, they, like other peoples, would be the inevitable victims of the tragedy. Recent events in Europe and elsewhere show the indignation of those massive unemployment, famine, falls in income, debt, discrimination, lies and politics, leading to protests and the brutal repression of the guardians of order.

With increasing frequency we talk about military technologies that affect the entire planet habitable only moon known to hundreds of light years of another that it may be appropriate if we move at the speed of light, three hundred thousand kilometers per second.

We should not ignore that if our wonderful thinking species disappeared millions of years would pass before there is another able to think again, under the natural principles that govern because of the evolution of species, discovered by Darwin in 1859 and today recognized by all serious scientists, believers or not.

No other time in human history met the current dangers facing humanity. People like me with 85 years of age, had arrived at 18 with a bachelor’s degree before the end of the development of the first atomic bomb.

Today the artifacts of that character ready for use, incomparably more powerful than the heat of the sun occurred on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki into the thousands.

Such weapons are stored in warehouses in addition, added to those already deployed under agreements reached figures of over twenty thousand nuclear missiles.

The use of only one hundred of these weapons would be enough to create a nuclear winter causing a gruesome death in a short time all human beings on the planet, as explained by computerized data brilliantly and American scientist and professor at the University Rutgers, New Jersey, Alan Robock.

Those who used to read the serious international news and analysis, known as the risk of an outbreak of war using nuclear weapons will increase as the tension mounts in the Near East, where Israeli government in the hands of hundreds of weapons accumulate Nuclear full combat readiness, and whose strong character of nuclear power or supported or denied. Tension also grows around Russia, a country of unquestioning responsiveness, threatened by an alleged nuclear shield in Europe.

Move Yankee laughter the claim that the European nuclear shield is to protect from Iran to Russia and North Korea. So weak is the Yankee position in this delicate matter, that its ally Israel did not even bother to ensure prior consultation on measures that could trigger war.

Humanity, however, has no guarantees. Cosmic space in the vicinity of our planet, is saturated with the United States satellites for spying what’s going on up on the roofs of the houses of any nation in the world. The life and habits of each person or family became the subject of espionage listening to hundreds of millions of cell phones, and the subject of discussions to address any user anywhere in the world ceases to be private information become material for the U.S. secret services.

That’s the right that is left to the citizens of our world under the acts of a government whose constitution, passed by Congress in Philadelphia in 1776, stated that even men were born free and equal and all the Creator gave them certain rights , which are not now, nor the Americans themselves or to any citizen of the world even to communicate by phone to family and friends their innermost feelings.

The war, however, is a tragedy that can occur is very likely to happen, but, if humanity was able to delay indefinitely, another equally dramatic fact is already occurring with increasing pace: climate change. I will just point out what eminent scientists and exhibitors of global visibility explained through documents and films that nobody questions.

It is well known that the U.S. government opposed the Kyoto agreements on the environment, a course of conduct even reconciled with his closest allies, whose territory would suffer tremendously and some of which, like Holland, vanish almost in full.

The world today without political progress on this serious problem, while sea levels rise, the huge ice sheets covering Antarctica and Greenland, where it accumulates more than 90% of the world’s fresh water, melt with increasing pace, and humanity and, on November 30, 2011, officially reached the figure of seven billion people in the poorest areas of the world is growing steadily and inevitable. Could it be that those who have dedicated themselves to bomb countries and kill millions of people over the past 50 years may worry about the fate of other peoples?

United States today is not only the promoter of these wars, but also the largest producer and exporter of weapons in the world.

As is known, powerful country that has signed an agreement to provide 60 billion dollars in the coming years as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where U.S. multinationals and their allies removed each day 10 million barrels of light oil, ie one billion dollars in fuel. What will become of this country and the region where these energy reserves are exhausted? It is possible that our globalized world accepts without question the colossal waste of energy resources that it took nature hundreds of millions of years to create, and whose essential costs squandering expensive. It would not be at all worthy of intelligent character attributed to our species.

In the last 12 months this situation has worsened considerably since new technological advances that, far from alleviating the tragedy from the waste of fossil fuels, significantly worse.

Scientists and world-class researchers came noting the dramatic consequences of climate change.

In an excellent documentary film by French director Yann Arthus-Bertrand, called Home, and developed with the collaboration of prestigious and well-informed international figures, published in mid 2009, it warned the world with irrefutable data that was happening. With strong arguments exposing the disastrous consequences of using, in less than two centuries, energy resources created by nature hundreds of millions of years, but the worst was not the colossal waste, but the suicidal consequences for the human species would have. Referring to the very existence of life, he criticized the human species: “¼ You benefit from a fabulous legacy of 4 000 million years provided by the Earth. You have only 200 000 years, but you’ve changed the face of the world” .

I could not blame or blame anyone until that moment, simply stated an objective reality. However, today we have to blame all that we know and nothing we do to try to remedy it.

In his images and concepts, the authors of this work include reports, data and ideas that we have the duty to know and consider.

In recent months, another fabulous footage shown was Oceans, developed by two French filmmakers, considered the best film of the year in Cuba, perhaps, in my opinion, the best of this era.

It is an astounding material for the accuracy and beauty of the images never before filmed by a camera: 8 years and 50 million euros were invested in it. Humanity will have to be grateful for the proof of the way they express the principles of nature unadulterated by man. The actors are not human beings: they are the people of the world’s oceans. An Oscar for them!

Which led to me the duty of writing did not emerge from the events referred to here, that in one way or another I mentioned earlier, but others, driven by interests of transnational corporations, have been coming to light dosed recent months and in my opinion serve as definitive proof of the confusion and political chaos that reigns in the world.

Just months ago I first read some news about the existence of shale gas. It was alleged that the United States reserves available to meet the fuel needs for 100 years. Since I have time today to investigate political, economic and scientists can be really useful to our people, I contacted several people quietly living in Cuba or abroad in our country. Interestingly, none of them had heard a word about it. It was certainly the first time that happened. One is astonished in themselves important facts that are hidden in a sea of ​​information, mixed with hundreds or thousands of news circulating on the planet.

Persisted, however, my interest in the subject. Only several months have passed and shale gas is no longer news. On the eve of new year already knew enough data to clearly see the world the inexorable march toward the abyss, so extremely threatened by serious risks such as nuclear war and climate change. The first, as I spoke, the second, for the sake of brevity, I will expose some known facts and to know that no political picture or sensible person should ignore.

No hesitation in stating that the two events observed with the serenity of the years lived in this spectacular phase of human history that have contributed to the education of our brave and heroic.

The gas is measured in TCF, which can refer to cubic feet or cubic meters, not always be explained if it is one or other system-dependent measures to be implemented in a particular country. On the other hand, when talking about trillion trillion Spanish often refer to it means a million million, that figure is classified as English trillion which must be taken into account when analyzing the gas referred to usually bulky. Try to point out when necessary.

The American analyst Daniel Yergin, author of a voluminous history of oil classic said, according to news agency IPS, already one third of all gas produced in the U.S. is shale gas.

“¼ the operation of a six-well platform may consume 170,000 cubic meters of water and even cause harmful effects such as earthquakes influence, contaminate ground and surface waters and affect the landscape.”

The British group BP reported on his part that “The proven reserves of conventional or traditional gas on the planet 6608 add-billion-trillion cubic feet, some 187 billion cubic meters [¼] and the largest deposits are in Russia (1,580 TCF), Iran (1045), Qatar (894), and Saudi Arabia and Turkmenistan, with 283 TCF each. ” This is the gas that had been producing and marketing.

“A study of the EIA-agency U.S. government on energy, published in April 2011 found virtually the same volume (6620 TCF or 187.4 billion cubic meters) of recoverable shale gas in just 32 countries, and the giants are: China (1,275 TCF), United States (862), Argentina (774), Mexico (681), South Africa (485) and Australia (396 TCF). ” Shale gas is shale gas. Note that according to what is called Argentina and Mexico have nearly as much as the United States. China, with the largest deposits, has reserves amounting to almost double of those and 40% more than the U.S..

“¼ secular countries dependent on foreign suppliers would have a huge resource base in relation to consumption, such as France and Poland, which imports 98 percent and 64 percent respectively of the gas they consume, as they would in shale or shale rocks TCF reserves in excess of 180 each. ”

“To remove the IPS-shale-points are resorted to a method named ‘fracking’ (hydraulic fracturing), with the injection of large amounts of water over sand and chemical additives. The carbon footprint (the proportion of carbon dioxide released to the atmosphere) is much higher than that generated by conventional gas production.

“As it is bombarding the Earth’s crust layers with water and other substances increases the risk of damage to subsurface soils, groundwater and surface water groundwater, landscape and roads if the facilities to extract and transport the new wealth defects or errors in management. ”

Suffice to say that among the many chemicals that are injected with water to extract this gas are benzene and toluene, which are carcinogenic substances terribly.

The expert Lourdes Melgar, the Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, believes that:

“‘It is a technology that generates much discussion and resources are located in areas where no water’ ¼”.

“The gas shale-expressing IPS-are unconventional hydrocarbons quarries, stranded on rocks that shelter, which is applied by hydraulic fracturing (known in English as ‘fracking’) to release a large scale.”

“The shale gas generation involves high volumes of water and the excavation and fracture generate large amounts of liquid waste, which may contain dissolved chemicals and other pollutants requiring treatment prior to disposal.”

“The production of shale jumped from 11.037 million cubic meters in 2000 to 135,840 million in 2010. If you continue at this rate of expansion in 2035 will cover 45 percent of overall gas demand, according to EIA.

“Recent scientific research has warned of the negative environmental profile of shale gas.

“Academics Robert Howarth, Renee Santoro and Anthony Ingraffea of ​​Cornell University in the U.S., concluded that the hydrocarbon is more polluting than oil and gas, according to study” the traces of methane and greenhouse gases from natural gas shale formations’, released in April in the journal Climatic Change.

“‘The carbon footprint is higher than conventional gas or oil, viewed at any time horizon, but particularly in a period of 20 years. Compared with coal, is at least 20 percent greater and perhaps more than doubled in 20 years’, noted the report. ”

“Methane is a greenhouse gas more pollutants responsible for increasing global temperatures.”

“‘In areas of active mining (one or more wells in a mile), average and maximum concentrations of methane in water wells increased with proximity to the nearest gas well and were a potential explosion hazard,” quotes the text written by Stephen Osborn, Avner Vengosh, Nathaniel Warner and Robert Jackson of Duke University’s state.

“These indicators question the argument that the shale industry can replace coal in electricity generation and, therefore, a resource for mitigating climate change.

“‘It is too early and risky adventure.'”

“In April 2010, the Department of State United States launched the Global Initiative for Shale Gas assist countries seeking to leverage this resource to identify and develop, with an eventual economic benefits for the transnational corporations that nation.”

I have been unavoidably large, had no choice. I write these lines to the website Cubadebate and Telesur, one of the most serious news stations and honest of our suffering world.

To address Allow the holidays the old and the new year.

Fidel Castro Ruz
January 4, 2012
9 and 15 p.m.


UPDATED- prophecy of nuclear war coming to iran- Dr. Owuor


April 20, 2011 More dead fish in Los Angeles, a warning of earthquake?

This is another dead fish story for Los Angeles. Is twice enough of a warning?


(URL) Possible Earthquake Precursor: Dead fish wash ashore north of Los Angeles

Dead fish wash ashore north of Los Angeles — possible earthquake precursor

Posted on April 19, 2011 by dutchsinse

watch the video here:

Usually the sign of some kind of seismic activity… the area North of Los Angeles, (oxnard, CA) watch out for earthquake activity relatively soon on a larger than normal scale.

Todays news story… we see Sardines and Anchovies — wash ashore north of Los Angeles … official line… AGAIN .. .low oxygen … this isn’t the FIRST low oxygen story.. what is going on?

Biologists care to comment on this? Anyone?!

Written by twelvebooks

April 20, 2011 at 11:42 pm

Mar 28, 2011 Is WWIII close at hand and is Fidel Castro linked to it by a Christian who was given a prophecy by an angel?

In this blog I have written several articles on the warnings given by Fidel Castro about the consequences of an attack on the nuclear plants in Iran. In my articles I made a comment if God was using Fidel as a prophet.

In this post Harvey Troyer links Mr. Dimitru Dudivan to the statements by Fidel.

For those of you who have never heard of Dimitru he has been with Jesus already for a few years, but his story and prophetic ministry are quite remarkable. He was a Romanian Christian who was very active in the smuggling of Bibles into Romania and was captured by the Romanian secret police. He endured repeated torture until one day his torturer promised to apply electroshock till he killed him. His cell was filled with hungry rats that would take pieces of flesh from him. In deep prayer to Jesus the Lord sent an angel to protect him and the night of the threat by his jailer he was beaten severely by this man. The next day the torturer was found with every bone of his body broken in pieces and the panic that took hold of the jailers was such that he was released.

I think an angel was sent to him with the message that he had to come to America with a prophetic warning of impending destruction and it is this warning that is related in this post below.


Harvey Troyer (28 March 2011)
Desert Storm War III is Now Imminent—Fidel Castro and Cuba are Linked to Dumitru Duduman—Castro warns Iran Attack will Start Nuclear War (Article #6)

March 26, 2011

Dear John Tng and faithful doves,

Subj:Desert Storm War III is Now Imminent—Fidel Castro and Cuba are Linked to Dumitru Duduman—Castro warns Iran Attack will Start Nuclear War (Article #6)

Please understand that the extremely imminent Pre-Tribulation WW III will include more than just the Ezekiel 38, 39 Gog/Magog War.

It will include the sudden destruction of Damascus, Syria in one night as described in Isaiah Chapter 17.  It will include Desert Stroms War III in Isaiah Chapter 21, which I have called the “Lynchpin” to WW III, and this segment of this great war will include the sudden total destruction of End-time Babylon (America) as described in Isaiah Chapters 13, 18, 19, 21, 47; Jeremiah Chapters 50 and 51; Revelation Chapter 18, etc. (See my America The Babylon Mini Prophecy Bible, color-coded in NIV text, and companion booklet World War III and the Destiny of America.)

It will also include the Psalm Chapter 83 War which Bill Salus has been emphasizing (the destruction of the inner circle of Israel’s enemies, i.e., those sharing a common border with Israel). It will include the Jeremiah 25:15-38 War; and, it will include the Zechariah Chapters 11, 12 and 13 War, which is the same war essentially as the Psalm 83 War and much more.   And of course it will include and end with the Ezekiel 38, 39 Gog/Magog War.

Due to America’s long-standing and current deceitful dealings with Israel concerning the forced dividing of Israel’s land and capitol city Jerusalem, which God has strictly forbidden and warned against doing in His holy Bible, I believe that America has betrayed Israel and greatly provoked Almighty God.  Of this you can be sure because God has prophesied it so in advance in His holy word.  I see the Desert Storm War III as the “trigger” to America’s judgment and demise (Isaiah 21:9-10).  Sudden judgment by fire will truly come as a “Whirlwind”. It will be an all out thermonuclear war.  Fire and sulfur will rain down on many, and America (the real End-time Babylon) will be ground zero marked by God for total destruction!

God will save the righteous in a lighting speed Rapture at the very last minute as the fire is coming in, just as he saved the three young Hebrew men Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego from the “intense Fiery Furnace” in the first Babylon. (Remember, the angel of the Lord told Dumitru Dudaman to tell the Church of the Lord that He will save them from the fire of America’s nuclear destruction the same way that He saved the three young ones from the furnace of fire and how He saved Daniel in the Lion’s den).

If you want proof that America is the real End-time Babylon go to page 271, Chap 19 of David Flynn’s new book, Temple at the Center of Time.  It is available on Amazon.Com

David found that “America” can be found in the Bible spaced at 17 letters ELS (Equal Letter Sequence) in Daniel 3:3 the very story of the Fiery Furnace as mentioned above.  Wow! LOOK IT UP!  David Flynn further points out that the mathematical relationship of the 17 ELS sequence within 33 Hebrew words convert navigationally to the exact latitude (38.50) of Washington DC in minutes and seconds!  Also, America’s Federal Capitol building sets exactly on the 77th longitudinal meridian, at 00 minutes and 33 seconds. According to the Gnostic occult traditions, the number 77 was chosen as a direct defiance of Jehovah God based on the ancient patriarch Lamech’s threatend curse to avenge himself 77 times if anyone harmed him. Wow!  This is a must-read book!

Click on the PDF File link below to read Article #6 titled: How are Fidel Castro and (Cuba) Linked to Dumitru Dudaman?

Harvey Troyer (YBIC)

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Desert Storm War III is Now Imminent Castro and Cuba Linked to Dumitru Dudaman Article 6.pdf

Laura T (21 March 2011) “EARTHQUAKE SIGNS (CA)”

This interview is very interesting from a scientific point of view by itself. The fact is that from a spiritual point of view is also very interesting. Numerous post in this blog have documented the major prophecies that are related to earthquakes.


Laura T (21 March 2011)

Received this today.  This interview took place this week on FOX w/ a noted earthquake scientist who accurately predicted several major quakes in Ca.  Talks of the Pacific “Ring of Fire” and 3 of the 4 corners have been hit recently: Chile, NZ, Japan.  Worth watching.    Whatever will be, will be.  Not much we can do about it but expect the unexpected and be spiritually prepared most of all ~

Dec 30, 2010 Is Tomorrow the day of the Rapture and the Beginning of the Tribulation

Tomorrow we will be in the last day of the year 2010. A lot of natural and man made disasters have occurred in this year, for the Christians who follow the prophecies of the Bible it has been a year that has been full of signs for the soon start of the Tribulation and for the Rapture of the Christians. The article below points to another possible day count as a final sign pointing to the Rapture in Dec 31, 2010. All these postulates are based on numbers related to events that could be signs given by Jesus for a warning although it may not be for a Rapture countdown.

The solar and lunar eclipses are a fact and their dates are of extreme significance as celestial pointers to the historical events that are to befall in the inhabitants of the earth as pre-ordained by Jesus.

Let us see what the message is and reflect on the possible meaning of these signs and events. It will be foolish to ignore and discard as mere coincidence.

It was the end of the year 1958 on Dec 31 that I was celebrating at my home in Cuba when my First cousin who was a lieutenant colonel in the Cuban air force called my house to say that Batista the then president of Cuba had arrived with all his family and all his political supporters to take planes that will take them out of the island.

It was on that night that Castro had become the new leader of Cuba by the abdication of Batista. The world changed 100 % for me and the people of Cuba.

Is the world going to experience the same awakening on the morning of January 1, 2011 when all the Christians leave the world in the Rapture?

Celebration one day, un-imaginable grief the following morning?


Harvey Troyer (30 Dec 2010)
Final Signs for Such a Time as This—Will 2010 Still be the Year of the Rapture/Sudden Destruction?

December 29, 2010

Dear John Tng and faithful doves,

Re:  Final Signs for Such a Time as This—Will 2010 Still be the Year of the Rapture/Sudden Destruction?

December 31, 2010 MIDNIGHT will reveal the final answer to everyone.  Be ready!

The Chilean Mine Disaster (August 5, 2010) and the miraculous rescue/resurrection of the 33 Miners after 69 days on (October 13, 2010), may be one of the final clues.

I just this evening discovered that the number of days from the rescue/resurrection day of the Chilean Miners to the end of 2010 (December 31, 2010) is also 69 days! I do not believe that this is just a coincidence, in view of all the other overwhelming evidence and signs that 2010 is the year of the Rapture/SD.

Please do the math yourself and see how these two back-to-back 69 day periods make up this sign, which points to New Year’s Eve December 31, 2010.

Correlation of dates:

1)  Aug 5th, 2010 to Oct 13th, 2010 = 69 days

2) Oct 14th, 2010 to Dec 31st, 2010 = 69 days

If anyone else has already discovered this sign, please let me know.  I do not recall reading about it.  I made this discovery while reviewing a list of Signs for the Year 2010, posted by Cindy by the Sea.  Click on URL LINK below:

Pasted from <>

We had an annular solar eclipse on January 15th,2010. On Sunday July 11, 2010 we had the third in a total of three total solar eclipses, which fell for three consecutive years in a row on the Jewish date the first of Av.

And, last but not least, we had a lunar eclipse blood red moon on December 21st, 2010 which was our 10-day warning.

[Joel 2:31 (Acts 2:20)NIV]  The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD. These scriptures have been fulfilled now just as prophesied.

All the birth pangs have also been experienced just as prophesied. It is time for the baby to be born!!! On Saturday February 27, 2010 we had an earthquake centered 71 miles from Chile’s second largest city, Concepcion. At a magnitude of 8.8, it was 700-800 times stronger than the earthquake which struck Haiti the month before.

Most of us know by now that 280 days (40 weeks of human gestation) from the 8.8 Concepcion Chile earthquake was December 3/4.  However, the period of human gestation can be stretched.

I read that approximately five out of every 100 babies will be overdue, past the 42 weeks gestation. From the Concepcion quake of February 27, 2010 to the 43rd week is the overdue limit. It will not go into the 44th week. The 44th week of this gestation would land on January 1st, 2011, which will be too late. It appears that December 31st is the final limit for this baby to be born!!!

Please click on the PDF File Below to read my main article titled: Is the Year 2010 the Year of the Prophesied Rapture and Sudden Destruction (World War III)?

Harvey Troyer (YBIC)

Emmaus Road Ministries

The Earth Will Give Birth to Her Dead, Isaiah 26.19.pdf

Oct 23, 2010 Castro predicts nuclear war

I have posted several articles were Fidel Castro has warned that the world will go to its destruction if it attacks Iran.

He predicts that such an attack would result in a nuclear world war.




Castro predicts nuclear war

Thu Oct 21 2010 23:50:18

Castro predicts nuclear war Former Cuban President Fidel Castro has warned that the world is on the brink of nuclear war which threatens all of humanity.

On a Cuban government website, the ageing Castro could be seen repeating his warnings that nuclear war was imminent if the US, in alliance with Israel, attacks Iran.

“The use of nuclear arms in a new war implies the end of humanity,” he said. “Any world government is obligated to respect the right to life of all nations and of the entirety of the world’s people. Today, there is an imminent risk of war using this type of weapon and I do not harbor the slightest doubt that an attack by the United States and Israel against the Islamic Republic of Iran would inevitably become a global nuclear conflict,” he said

In July, the 84-year-old leader of Cuba’s Revolution emerged from four years of seclusion following a 2006 illness that led to his ceding power to his brother, current Cuban President Raul Castro.

Since July, Fidel has made several public appearances, all repeating his dire predictions.

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