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Sept 12, 2015 Will the Dow Jones market drop 7,777 points on Monday-Tuesday Sept 14-15 the days of Rosh Hashanah ?

Ever since the discovery of the effects of the Shemitah years effect on the USA economy in 2001 and 2008 the question asked is what will happen in Elul 29 (September 13, 2015)? Well it falls on a Sunday and the stock market is closed on Sunday so will the effect be felt on Monday or Tuesday as the nature of Rosh Hashanah is a two day festival?

The following video is a recent show of Sid Roth where he interviews Rabbi Jonathan Cahn recently.

It is important to notice the part where he states that the tribulation will start after a Shemitah year and will last the full seven years of a Shemitah 7 year period. It will fulfill the last week of years  for the restoration of Israel of Daniel’s prophecy of the seventy weeks of years. This prophecy of Daniel is directly the opposite to the 70 years of exile in Babylon as a punishment for Israel not keeping 70 Shemitahs (490 years). So the Shemitah period is very, very important!

Well Monday or Tuesday are important watch dates.

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Sept 1, 2015 The number 7 is the key to Newton’s Riddle

In this interview on Prophecy in the News, Dr. Kevin Clarkson and Mr Neill Russel engage in an extremely educational conversation about the end times as studied by Sir Issac Newton.

The number seven and its multiple usages in the Bible is explained by Mr. Russel in a very simple to understand manner. He is the author of the book titled Newtons Riddle.

A very informative and good video.


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Aug 11, 2015 Masons and Luciferians time their destructions on God’s Shemitah cycles

Luis Vega has written this thought provoking and exposure article to warn of the coming critical dates in next September.

To the believer in Jesus Christ these exposures serve as a warning to the nearness of the Rapture and the coming Apocalypse.

Satan is preparing his followers for the coming seven years of battle for the soul body and spirit of humanity. The sides are drawn in such a manner that there will be no neutral ground to take.

You will have to choose to follow Jesus or Satan and your decision will affect your eternal destiny. You will enter the Kingdom of Jesus Christ or spend eternity in the Lake of Fire.


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Aug 10, 2015 A recent message to America from Jonathan Cahn

The post by Joe Wise brings us very wise and important words and wisdom from Joe and Jonathan Cahn as well as a short clip of a young girl’s rap for Jesus Christ. All are very good and thanks to Joe! Nando Joe Wise (9 Aug 2015) Jonathan Cahn’s compelling message to America!

For those of you who couldn’t be there live last Wednesday,
here is the message from Jonathan Cahn.
encourage you to watch it ASAP!
His message details the correlation between
America and Israel
as it relates to completed (fulfilled) Harbingers (Isaiah 9:10)
stemming from their rebellion and refusal to repent!
 Jesus fulfilled the Spring Feasts to the very day and hour!
The Fall Feasts begin with the Feast of Trumpets at Sunset
Elul 29 ( September 13, 2015).
This is the same day the Shemitah ends at Sunset
and the same day
the Sun will be darkened by a partial Solar Eclipse!
 further explains historical events
 that have taken place during Shemitah years past,
 Super Shemitah’s, (Year of Jubilee),and on the exact day of Elul 29!
Jonathan points out
 God is not in a box!
He isn’t required to do anything
 on Elul 29 or the Feasts this year!
 if Gods Judgments have been determined for America,
He is a God of Order,
and it makes sense His Judgments
will take place at the appointed times,
His Feasts!
There is still time to:
 Repent! Get right with God!
 Accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior.
 Share the Gospel
and store up treasure in Heaven!
“Anyone with ears to hear must listen to the Spirit and
understand what he is saying to the churches.
Whoever is victorious will not be harmed by the second death. –
Revelation 2:11 NLT
I recommend reading the rest of chapter 2
Please forward to every American you know!
Jonathan Cahn’s inaugural prayer breakfast speech 2013
this 1 minute 41 second fun rap sermon from 2010
(not Jonathan)

For His Glory, Honor, & Praise, Joe Wise

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Aug 6, 2015 The September Shemitah caused banking collapse

Today I went out to get copies and there was a former client at the store and I told him about the collapse of the economy on mid September and he laughed at me. I got a piece of paper and wrote what I told him. He said that was impossible as the housing market was growing big and the economy is doing real well.

He definitively getting info that I am not, so in an effort to make the info that is available to me to the people that will listen. He said that if it happened as I told him he was going to hit himself for not listening to me, but he was not going to listen.

Well it sure sounds that this is crazy talk from out of sync persons that see the negative parts of everything.

If he was the only one that I get this from I would find it unusual, but the facts are that it is the rare person that heeds the warning and acts on it. A lot of tears and recriminations will be coming.

Thanks to Neil Lipken for this well condensed article that covers the Shemitah, the blood moons tetrad, the sinfulness of the USA, the economic disaster that the economy is in and the evil that is coming our way.


Neil Lipken (2 Aug 2015)
Global Banking System on the Verge of Total Collapse

1973—–Arab oil embargo—–global economy goes haywire!


1980—–U.S. economy goes in the dumpster, and interest rates in the U.S. go to 18 to 20%!


1987—–U.S. stock market crash in October of that year!


1994—–U.S. bond market collapse!


2001—–At Rosh Hashanah that fall the U.S. stock market collapses.


2008—–At Rosh Hashanah that fall the U.S. stock market collapses again, and the “Great Recession” begins.



To understand what is going on here, one must understand the concept of the “Shemitah” in the Bible.  Go and study Leviticus 25:1-13 and Deut. 15:1-15.  Every 7 years in ancient Israel there was to be a remission of credit and debt, and the land was to be rested (no farming that year).  America’s economy has been following this pattern every 7 years for quite some time in terms of economic crashes.  1973 was the year of “Roe vs. Wade”, which made abortion legal in America.  Since then around 58 million innocent babies have been murdered in America (Hitler only murdered around 6 million Jews).  America’s economic problems have since followed from 1973 onward every 7 years.  The next 7 year period from the Great Recession of 2008 will end in the fall of 2015!

Former Congressman Ron Paul and many others are warning of a very great global economic collapse coming.  We know with Israel now being more than 67 years old, that the hour is very late in these End Times.  The Rapture / “sudden destruction” / economic collapse are fast approaching!  The coming economic collapse will usher in the “mark of the beast” economic system as described at the end of Revelation 13.  This will happen during the 7 year period after the Rapture known as the Tribulation Period.  People will have to be “chipped” to do all economic transactions, otherwise they cannot be a part of the economic system.  By taking the “mark” they will be bonding themselves for all eternity to Satan, and when their death come, they will go to Hell and later the Lake of Fire.

The vast majority of people (and I am including many Christians and a huge majority of pastors!) are oblivious to these things!  JUST LIKE THE DAYS OF NOAH!  In Noah’s day no one would listen to his message, and he was scoffed and laughed at!  Yet his message was truly from God, and the whole world perished as God preserved Noah and his family.  It is much the same today.  Lukewarm, people-pleasing “fluff” churches are everywhere, giving totally innocuous messages from their pulpits that will not warn or convict anyone of anything!  Just “feel good” messages from the pulpit!  Nothing from the pulpit can be the least bit “controversial”!  Meanwhile the world is approaching the most incredible time period in all of its history, kicked off by the Rapture, and then the most terrifying time period in all of human history, the 7 year Tribulation Period leading to the Second Coming of Christ!

So, why did God bring Israel back after over 2600 years?  TO GET HER READY OVER A PERIOD OF TIME FOR THE SECOND COMING OF HER MESSIAH!  Duh!  It could not be any simpler!  Yet so many are blind!  Israel now desperately wants to build her Third Temple!  And she will!  After the soon upcoming Rapture the antichrist will appear on the global scene and make the Daniel 9:27 covenant which will begin the 7 year Tribulation Period.  Part of that covenant will be a Palestinian State in trade for Israel to begin building the Third Temple!

The United States of America has spit in God’s eye with prayer being removed from the schools (1962-63), “Roe vs. Wade” beginning abortion in 1973, and now gay marriage being accepted across the entire U.S. (2015)!  God will only tolerate this for so long, and then judgment will come!  People need to wake up from their slumber, but most won’t!

The extremely rare tetrad of lunar eclipses (2014 & 2015) will conclude this fall at Tabernacles (Sept. 28th).  The final of the 4 lunar eclipses will be visible in Israel, and it will be a “super-moon” lunar eclipse.  That means that when the eclipse occurs the moon is at is closest point to the earth in its elliptical orbit, and the moon will appear to be around 14% larger than it normally appears.  If someone thinks that these eclipses are meaningless, then go check out the following 3 verses from the Bible:  Genesis 1:14, Joel 2:30, and Luke 21:25!  A tetrad of 4 lunar eclipses (on Passover, Tabernacles, Passover, Tabernacles) happened in 1493 & 1494.  These marked Columbus discovering the New World and ultimately Jews coming to the New World to escape European persecution.  This very rare tetrad of lunar eclipses would not happen again until 1949 & 1950, and this time they marked the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948.  Again they would occur in 1967 & 1968, marking Israel capturing her beloved capitol, East Jerusalem, the City of King David (June of 1967).  And now the eclipses are happening again (2014 & 2015), and will not happen on these Jewish feast dates again for more than 500 years!  All three times previously the tetrads have marked GOOD events for the Jewish people and Israel!  The natural progression of GOOD events for the Jewish people and Israel is as follows:  Freedom from European persecution by coming to the New World, the establishment of the State of Israel, the capturing of Israel’s capitol, East Jerusalem, and NOW THE BUILDING OF THE THIRD TEMPLE!  But for construction of the Third Temple to begin, FIRST the Rapture must happen, then the Daniel 9:27 covenant, and then Third Temple construction will begin!

We are oh so close to the Rapture!



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Aug 4, 2015 The Blue Moon of July 31 and the Red Blood Moon of September 28 are bookends to the harvest of the earth

As we see another article by Luis Vega and the corresponding excellent chart at the end we see the preponderance of celestial signs pointing to the Rapture of the Church as the fisher of men Jesus Christ brings us to His Kingdom. An excellent article by Luis Vega!


Luis Vega (2 Aug 2015)
“THE BLUE MOON COUNTDOWN – Signals of the End of the Harvest”

A Study of the Possible Prophetic Implication of Tu B’Av


by Luis B. Vega for online PDF illustration in chart section
‘This is what the Lord says: “The people who survive the sword    will find favor in the wilderness; I will come to give rest to Israel. ”The Lord appeared to us in the past, saying: “I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness. I will build you up again, and you, Virgin Israel, will be rebuilt’. – Jeremiah 31:2-6


The purpose of this study is to highlight some very peculiar day counts from the Blue Moon of July 31, 2015. Blue Moons are somewhat rare and occur when there are 2 full Moons in a given month. The color of the Moon is not ‘blue’ but it has been named as such when this phenomenon occurs. The next Blue Moon won’t occur until 2018. What is very peculiar is that a Jewish feast falls on this date. In 2015 the Blue Moon occurs on Tu B’Av. This is the minor Jewish feast equivalent to Valentine’s Day in the West. It really commemorates the taking or ‘rapturing’ of the maidens for brides by the tribe of Benjamin. This took place after a disastrous civil war in Israel that jeopardized the bloodline. It is a Biblical case of the mess that YHVH’s People makes due to sin and how YHVH turns what was meant for evil into something good.

The Blue Moon countdown involves the intelligent design of the clockwork of the celestial bodies. Indeed as Genesis declares the schedule of the Creator is encoded in the Sun, Moon and Stars. They serve as signals for Humanity and particularly for YHVH’s People. Such bodies provide ‘signals’ that keeps prophetic time. YHVH has encoded certain clues to His Beloved of the prophetic time it is to get her ready because her work in the ‘vineyard’ is about to end. Perhaps this Tu B’Av that ‘coincides’ with the Blue Moon is but such a signal. It alludes to a signal of a countdown of when Jesus will possibly ‘rapture’ His Bride as the type conveyed by the feast of Tu B’Av. It is also an encouragement that the Groom loves His Bride during her preparation and progress.


The timeline presented will demonstrate the amazing symmetry and mathematics regarding the feast of Tu B’Av on a Blue Moon. The Blue Moon on July 31, 2015 will be exactly 44 days out from the partial solar eclipse that starts the civil New Year on Rosh Hashanah. This occurs on September 13, 2015 and ushers in the Jewish year 5776. What is particular about this count is two-fold. On one hand the calendar dates mirror each other, July 31 and 13 of September. On a different level, the number 44 has some prophetic and occultic significance to it. The Tu B’Av Blue Moon could thus be insinuating that a political betrayal and economic change by way of a collapse is set to occur. The name ‘Blue’ comes from the Old English word belewe, meaning to betray, because the Blue Moon ‘betrays’ the usual 1 Full Moon per month count.

Psalm 44
The number 44 is referred to a ‘change’ and more precisely a business one as in a collapse many experts say is about to occur and with double intensity as a repeated number exacerbates the condition. The number 44 is associated to a ‘betrayer’. Obama is the 44th U.S. President. The number 44 can also be connected to Obama and the economy as many see Obama betraying the USA. Also if one considers the numerical equivalency of 44 to correlate to Psalm 44, it has an eerie connection to Tu B’Av. The theme is of lost and restored love and an abandonment and reconciliation as if in a marriage covenant. The Psalm 44 is a type of ‘signal’ that perhaps this Blue Moon of July 31, 2015 is alluding to the covenant between Jesus and the Bride, Jesus and Israel. The condition of both in these Last Days appears to be the same.
‘We have heard it with our ears, O God; our ancestors have told us what you did in their days, in days long ago. With your hand you drove out the nations and planted our ancestors; you crushed the peoples and made our ancestors flourish. It was not by their sword that they won the land, nor did their arm bring them victory; it was your right hand, your arm, and the light of your face, for you loved them. You are my King and my God, who decrees victories for Jacob. Through you we push back our enemies; through your Name we trample our foes. I put no trust in my bow, my sword does not bring me victory; but you give us victory over our enemies, you put our adversaries to shame.

In God we make our boast all day long, and we will praise your name forever. But now you have rejected and humbled us; you no longer go out with our armies. You made us retreat before the enemy, and our adversaries have plundered us. You gave us up to be devoured like sheep and have scattered us among the nations. You sold your people for a pittance, gaining nothing from their sale. You have made us a reproach to our neighbors, the scorn and derision of those around us. You have made us a byword among the nations; the peoples shake their heads at us. I live in disgrace all day long, and my face is covered with shame at the taunts of those who reproach and revile me, because of the enemy, who is bent on revenge.

All this came upon us, though we had not forgotten you; we had not been false to your covenant. Our hearts had not turned back; our feet had not strayed from your path. But you crushed us and made us a haunt for jackals; you covered us over with deep darkness. If we had forgotten the name of our God or spread out our hands to a foreign god, would not God have discovered it, since he knows the secrets of the heart? Yet for your sake we face death all day long; we are considered as sheep to be slaughtered. Awake, Lord! Why do you sleep? Rouse yourself! Do not reject us forever. Why do you hide your face and forget our misery and oppression? We are brought down to the dust; our bodies cling to the ground. Rise up and help us; rescue us because of your unfailing love.’


Prophetically many have speculated that Tu B’Av is another prophetic rehearsal of the Groom promising and signaling His love and commitment to the Betrothed, in this case Jesus, the King and the Bride. As it is an equivalent to Valentine’s Day, the Blue Moon on this ‘wedding day’ Blue Moon of July 31, 2015 could be signaling precisely the fulfilment of Psalm 44 based on the Groom’s love for his Bride. Perhaps it is a countdown that Jesus is soon to come and rapture her from the work of the vineyard. It could also be signaling that the coming AntiChrist will be bringing ‘change’ with double the intensity during the Year of Light, Anno Lucis, the Year of Lucifer.

The End of the Harvest?
What this Blue Moon countdown also will show in terms of another numerical count is that from the Tu B’Av date of July 31, 2015 there will be exactly 153 days left until the Gregorian New Year of January 1, 2016. Here again this timespan could be another signal of how the LORD is encoding that the significance of the spiritual harvest of souls is about to end. This conjecture is based on the premise that the Disciples of Jesus caught 153 fish as a type of ‘first-fruits’ of the Great Commission. The same Disciples, all 120 of them were the ‘first-fruit’s themselves to initiate the Church Age and the Harvest. Conversely the 120 speaks of the 120 Jubilee cycles of prophetic time. This timeline is not insinuating that the New Year is when the Age of Grace will end or the Rapture take place precisely but that the signals are a confirmation that it could occur sooner than most expect.
The number 153 has prophetic and mathematical principles of a ‘birth’ that are very significant and provide clues as to how long the Age of Grace, the Church Age is to last. Mathematically the 153 numerical coefficient alludes to the Vesica Pisces. It is often attributed as a euphemism of the female part of reproduction and birth. Biblically it was the number of fish the Disciples caught at the direction of Jesus after His resurrection on the shores of Galilee. Many Bible scholars attribute this 153 as a prophetic code of just how many souls must be saved to complete the Church’s Great Commission. The commission is to preach the Gospel as a net and ‘fish’ men into the Kingdom. As the Blue Moon is pegged to the July 31, 2015 date and has 153 days remaining until the end is reached, perhaps it is another signal that the LORD is giving His Church to be put on notice that the harvest is about to end. Perhaps the fishing of mankind will have reached the prophetic 153 catch by the Disciples of the Church during this timeframe.

The celebration of Tu B’Av converging on this Blue Moon in 2015 is considered a minor holiday but according to the Talmud it is 2nd to Yom Kippur of importance. Of course this is man’s assessment and from a book that is framed by the traditions of men. Nonetheless in terms of celestial importance perhaps this Blue Moon does signify a unique time marker. Based on the prior 3 Shemitah 7-year cycles since 2001, 2008 and 2015, only on 2 occasions have there been a Blue Moon converge with Tu B’Av. This occurred on August 3, 2012 and on July 31, 2015. From August 3, 2012 to July 31, 2015 is 1092 days or 2 years, 11 months and 28 days. In terms of weeks, it is 156 weeks. This has an echo of the 153 coefficient of prophetic fish and days remaining from the July 31, 2015 Blue Moon to the end of the year by 3 weeks.
Conversely, these 3 weeks can be factored out as 3 x 7 days/week = 21 days which is a 7-7-7 encryption. This 777 is the perfect and complete number of YHVH that signals a totality in the completing and end of a mater or Harvest. Thus could the 2012 and the 2015 Blue Moons be a confirmation celestially that the Church Age, the age of the Harvest is to conclude soon after this July 31, 2015 153 countdown, if not in 2016? After all, on Rosh HaShanah, September 13, 2015 marks the beginning of the 5776 year that goes into the 5777 term. Will such a time see the conclusion of the 153 prophetic catch as YHVH directs His harvest to take place during the last Shemitah that could be Daniel’s last week of years? Will such a time correlate to the Time of Jacob’s Troubles?

These timelines show the numerical countdowns from Tu B’Av date of July 31, 2015. There will be exactly 44 days to the ‘birth’ of 5776 and there will be exactly 153 days left until the ‘birth’ of the Gregorian New Year of January 1, 2016. Here again this timespan could be another signal of how the LORD is encoding that the significance of the spiritual harvest of souls is about to end. This conjecture is based on the premise that 44 alluded to the ‘Betrayer’ or coming AntiChrist and an economic change. The 153 is associated with the Disciples or Church Age that are to catch 153 ‘fish’ during the Great Commission work in the prophetic vineyard that is signaled to come to a completion.


Tu B’Av                                              Rosh HaShana
Blue Moon                                           Partial Solar Eclipse
July 31, 2015                                      Sep 13, 2015 or 5776

|———————– 44 Days ————|

                                                                                                                 New Year -Gregorian
Jan 01, 2016
153 Day remaining ———————————————–|
The following are the Blue Moons that occurred since 20010 according to Wikipedia.

2010: Mar 01, Mar 30

2012: Aug 02, Aug 31           Tu B’Av on Aug 2/3

2012: Sep 01, Sep 30

2015: Jul 02, Jul 31               Tu B’Av on Aug 31

2018: Jan 02, Jan 31

2018: Mar 02, Mar 31

2020: Oct 01, Oct 31
The following are the dates that Tu B’Av occurred on. Tu B’Av usually occurs either on Aug or July. Going back to the prior 3 Shemitah 7-year cycles since 2008, only 2012 and 2015 have this Tu B’Av Jewish Valentine’s Day occur on a Blue Moon. The list delineates also the last 2 divisions of the 7-year Shemitah cycles.

7 2008 Aug 10
1 2009 Aug 05

2 2010 Jul 20              Summer Solstice

3 2011 Aug 09

4 2012 Aug 03            Tu B’Av Blue Moon

5 2013 Jul 22

6 2014 Aug 11

7 2015 Jul 31              Tu B’Av Blue Moon

1 2016 Aug 19

2 2017 Aug 07

3 2018 Jul 27

4 2019 Aug 16

5 2020 Aug 05

6 2021 Jul 24

7 2022 Aug 12

The Final Catch of the Age
The Blue Moon phenomenon is based on the Gregorian reckoning of the solar calendar and how the months are divided. By having a solar based framework, some months will inevitably have 2 full moons within its count. Earth experiences 12 full moons each year, one in each month. But in some years there will be 13 full moons. The extra Moons in a given month are called the Blue Moon. A Blue Moon occurs roughly once every 2.7 years. It is the lunar calendar that starts each month on a New Moon. Astronomically, various Almanacs would consider a Blue Moon when it is the 4th in a season of the year when normally only 3 should occur. The next Blue Moon based on the western Gregorian calendar to occur will be on January 31, 2018. And there will actually be 2 blue moons that year.


The second one will be in March. According to NASA there won’t be 2 Blue Moons in a year again until 2037. There will also be a Central Blood Moon called the Bull’s Eye over Jerusalem. Could the Tu B’Av Blue Moon countdown be signaling this conclusion of the Commission? Will at some upcoming time see the Bride be raptured in the vineyard by her suiter as in the tradition of the Jewish Valentine Day of Tu B’Av? Could this end occurrence be also a beginning or a prelude to the Tribulation that will start after the removal of the Bride from the vineyard takes place? At this point, the end of the Age of Grace will be the beginning of the last Sabbatical cycle to complete the ‘Law’ and judgment for humanity and the Time of Jacob’s Trouble for Israel.


This Vesica Pisces pattern related to the 153 day Blue Moon countdown is solely based on the parallel of a coming ‘birth, both the Christ and of the AntiChrist. Perhaps this pattern will be echoed right down to the circumstances surrounding the birth of the Year of Light 5776. Thus the Tu B’Av Blue Moon could be signaling the ingathering of the workers in the prophetic vineyard after the final prophetic ‘153’ catch is caught. During the Bride’s work in the vineyard, the Groom from the shore of Glory that has directed His Bride to cast the nets perhaps is about to call them to shore. The Bride is directly related to the ‘first fruits’ of the church that occurred when all the 120 Disciples were called together in the Upper Room.

At that place and time the Disciples had a supernatural encounter with the Holy Spirit. Thereafter they all meet up at the ‘Upper Room’ or in other words, figuratively raptured up to the Celestial Upper Room in Heaven by way of the power of the Holy Spirit. This typology also occurs when the last remaining Apostle alive, John the Revelator is called up or ‘raptured’ through a gate and experiences much the types and sounds the 120 did in the Upper Room. Will the Church Age end with the coming Year of Light 5776? Christ did say, regarding the Great Commission of the Church in Matthew 18, that He would be with the Church ‘…even unto the end of the Age…” What ‘Age?’ Pisces. If Pisces happens to be astronomically the end of the Age of Pisces, then the ‘153 fish’ catch of the Church will be completed very soon.

Tu B’Av Countdown

According to Jewish religious websites, the 15th of Av is signified numerically by the following correlation. Tet = 9, Vav = 6; 9+6 = 15. This feast comes off a somber month of Av and about a week after the ominous 9th of Ave that saw the 2 prior Temple of YHVH destroyed. To offset this depressing time, the feast of Tu B’Av is a day of love, rejoicing, of hope and an expectation. It thus presents itself to usher in ‘New Horizons’ or new beginnings. The feast has the overtone of a ‘catching of a Bride’ as it was also customary in ancient Israel that maidens that sought a husband would band together in the vineyards outside Jerusalem and wait on potential Grooms to ‘rapture’ them away as a Bride.

This is precisely the point in that this study suggests that the Blue Moon converging is signaling a possible countdown of sorts. On one possible level of interpretation, the Bride of Christ has been laboring in the ‘vineyard’ long enough. The true Church of Jesus has been sowing and reaping, casting nets and waiting. She has made herself ready waiting for her Groom, Jesus the King to ‘rapture’ her away from the prophetic vineyard of this sick sin infested world. Is this Jewish Valentine’s Day on the Blue Moon the way the Bride’s Groom is signaling her that she is soon to be done with the vineyard and harvest? It is after all in September that Israel celebrates the end of the summer harvest.

Perhaps on this date the convergence of the Blue Moon with Tu B’Av accents the coming expectation of a new birth, a restoration and reconciliation on one hand due to the effects of sin in Humanity. As a metaphor, the ravages of sin have destroyed YHVH’s ‘temple’ as in Humanity in the same way the 2 prior physical Temple of YHVH stood on the Temple Mount. The physical body has suffered the consequence of sin that leads not only to physical aging, decay and death but to the 2nd Death. This state leads to eternal separation from the love and life of the Creator. The expectation on the other hand can be seen in the literal fulfilment of the 3rd Temple that even the physical People of YHVH are anticipating.

The Blue Moon Tu B’Av 2015 could be signaling a betrayal, the anticipated economic reset and perhaps the building of the 3rd Temple even as this is the context of the month and feast. The Temple Institute in Israel has even vowed that the 9th of Av in 2015 will be the last as they have unveiled the blueprints for the 3rd Temple. According to the Jewish religious sites, the feast of Tu B’Av is considered a ‘mystery’. Such is the case now of the Church Age and the mystery of the Bride of Christ and the ensuing rapturing of her as the maidens were ‘raptured’ by their Grooms during the feast of Tu B’Av.

Some Sources



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July 30, 2015 These are special days, the last of the last days from the mouth of Gary Stearman

Bob Ulrich gives us a synopsis of the things that make these days so special and exiting.


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