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(MAY 26,2008) The Coming of Jesus Christ at the rapture.

The following is a chronology of things that have happened to me in the past two weeks and the communication I had with the Lord Jesus thru numbers.

It started two weeks ago at a relative’s home apartment. We were visiting him with some of my family. We were all in the den when the phone rang, the recorder pick up and a call back # was repeated three times to their telephone number 777-7788. At this point I told everybody that I thought that message was really for me and not for the house because the 777 and the 77 are the numbers that Jesus uses with me all the time to communicate with me. They all started to get annoyed and we changed the conversation. At this point I did not know what He wanted to tell me about the # 88 but me new it was a message. As we left the apartment and went to the lobby to get our car, there was a car parked at the door with a license plate 778 8888 immediately I knew for certain that the eights had some significance but I did not know what.

The day before a friend of mine also a student of the Bible and prophesy had sent me a link to Jim Bramlet’s article of the rapture date revealed were he lists the study by pastor F.M. Riley of May 10 2008 published in site about the coming of the Lord in the rapture to be on June 8 the feast of Pentecost. This e-mail I opened on the 13 or 14 not on the 10. My friend had also referred me to the site where pastor J.R. Church had two programs about the solar and lunar eclipses that coincide with the Holy days of Israel.

I was very excited about the programs realizing that the coming of the Lord (rapture) and the beginning of the Tribulation were to be in the year 2008. I was not positive of the year but knew that the eclipses were a fact and the significance was awesome. On Memorial Day 5-26-08 we were invited to eat dinner by some friends. On the way to their house in the Expressway at 6 in the afternoon a car drives in front of us with the license plate 999 GOD. When I saw it I was talking to my wife about the internet videos of the solar and lunar eclipses and I was taking copies of the articles about Pentecost and eclipses to the people at dinner. I told my wife that the license plate 999 meant the end (last # from 1-1000) and that it was very important. Three days later on 5-29 at 2PM I was leaving my house and I asked the Lord to confirm the finality of these dates. Two blocks from home I turn into a main avenue and immediately there is a car with a license plate -777- – to the left of this car half a block down another car with the license 999 – – – . The Lord repeated the plate in two cars side by side. Friday 5-30 on the seventh floor of a parking in downtown at 5PM close to my car another car with the license plate 999 -GG and on the way home another car with the plates 777 on it. Today 5 -31 I was going out at 4PM and I ask the Lord to confirm the day 8 of June and the minute I got in the main avenue there was a car T88 – – – and on the way back one block from home there was a car with a plate – – 7999 and another T88 – – – . On Thursday at the site there was a video about the #9 and the finality it represents. The events and things I have described are beyond the reasonable probability of occurring by chance and this is why I wrote them down in detail as a testimony for all, not just me. Morning of 6-1-08 went to grocery lot empty, parked, on way out 15 minutes latter car parked beside mine plate W88 6DZ confirming again June 8,2008, total # of cars 6 in lot.

Written by twelvebooks

June 2, 2008 at 1:16 am