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Daniel Matson (25 Aug 2010) “Signs of the End – All the planned select passages from the book now posted”

This is the last chapter of the book Signs of the End.

The time lines presented in these chapters is extremely good and has required a lot of careful study and math to concur.

Thank you for giving it to us Matson.


Daniel Matson (25 Aug 2010)
“Signs of the End – All the planned select passages from the book now posted”

Elul 15, 2010 All the planned select passages from the book are now on the website. Below are the links to all of the posted chapters: Chapter 1 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 13 Chapter 15

In a Nutshell…

It is the conclusion of this book that the Rapture of the Church will likely occur on this Feast of Trumpets 2010, which will span from September 8th at twilight through the 9th at the time of the new moon.

It is then believed that the next 60 days are a time of global upheaval, making the way for the kingdom of the Antichrist. In this short period it is believed that the Russia-Iran Axis and the Axis of the United States are ruined by God in judgment for invading or not assisting Israel.

Daniel’s 70th week of seven years is believed to then begin on November 8, 2010. 1260 inclusive days later is the Feast of Firstfruits, or known as Easter, and the time it is believed the Antichrist is healed from his deadly wound.

Another 1260 inclusive days will end on the Day of Atonement 2017 with the cessation of Armageddon by Jesus the Messiah himself. This day is also 2300 evenings and mornings from the 10th of Av 2014 and the time of bringing low of the Temple.

Thirty more days is Day 1290 and Heshvan 10.

Forty-five more days is Day 1335 and the gift giving day/Flood rains ending day of Hanukkah–December 14, 2017. It will be the blessed day of the new Millennium.

By His Grace, Daniel Matson

Written by twelvebooks

August 26, 2010 at 3:27 am