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Are the heavens anouncing the start of the Apocalypse? a study using Luis Vega charts Aug 29, 2013

There are two posts today in that are very significant in the determination of the start of the day of the Lord or the seven year Tribulation called the Apocalypse.

The first is an excellent article by Mr. Luis Vega with a link to some charts he produced of the heavens and the link to the sign of the woman and the dragon shown in Rev :12. The other is by BG Ellis. The links to both are given below.


Blood Moon Rising! Jesus Returning Soon? Carl Gallups explains

and the one for Luis Vega:

Luis Vega (29 Aug 2013)
Rev 12 Heavenly Sign: 2017 – the Coming Middle-East & Celestial Wars


I will try to explain what I see in the post of Luis Vega and the video of Gallups.

First I must say that I believe that the 70th week of years of the prophet Daniel 9:27 and the span of time from Rev 6 to 19 are the same. I also believe that the seven seals, seven trumpets and seven bowls are in series and that none occur in parallel or in any combination that the readers imagination wants to put it. The word is precise and orderly and rev12 does not come at the same time or before rev7.

At Rev 11 we see the role of the two witnesses and it says that their testimony is 1260 days long and they are killed, remain dead 3 1/2 days and are resurrected, at Rev11:4 it says this ends the second woe or 6th trumpet.

Next we see the 7th trumpet sound and the coming of the seven cups of wrath.

At this point with Rev12 the woman and the dragon are shown. The woman was pregnant and the dragon was ready to devour the child. On verse 6 the woman fled to the desert for 1260 days to be protected. Rev 13 is a continuation of the narrative and shows the dragon coming out of the sea and in Rev13:6,14 was given 3 1/2 Years to exercise its authority.

From these two chapters we see the same period of time 3 1/2 years that are describing the same period one describes what will happen to Israel at the same time that the other describes the dragon doing his thing in the rest of the world. This is to me the great tribulation.

Going back from the description of the woman in the heavens a period of 1260 days we can determine the start of this seven year time period, or the beginning of the ministry of the two witnesses of Rev 11. The 3 1/2 days that they are dead could be a period between the two halves or as I am more inclined to think include in the last 3 1/2 years.

In Luis Vega’s article and charts he gives the most probable date for the sign of the virgin and dragon to appear as September 23, 2017. Going back 1260 days from that date ( we get the date April 12, 2014 which is 3 days before the blood moon lunar eclipse that falls on Passover April 15, 2014, the first of the moon tetrads. It is important to understand also that at the start of the tribulation the years will revert back to 360 days in a year so the calendar dates will not coincide any more with the ones we have now but the position of the constellations will keep their order and each will align with 30 days.

The Rapture of the church in my opinion could occur at any time before the start of the Tribulations. It could well be today and the world would still have a few months to the Tribulation.

All the numbers are based on the date of the virgin of Rev 12 in the sky and as such it could be on a different year and the scenario be off.

Nando end

The church Age and the link to the Hybrid solar eclipse of Nov 3, 2013 By Luis Vega Aug 8, 2013

There are two very good and important articles posted by Luis Vega in five doves. His time and chart presentations are very good in my opinion and he has a gift of presenting written and prophetic information pictorially and correlating.


Luis Vega (8 Aug 2013)
The End of the Church Age – A Menorah TypologyNando

Luis Vega (8 Aug 2013)
Luis Vega’s Logo – Compass and SquareNando end

Aug 6, 2013,Peace and Security, Solar Hybrid eclipse, coming Tetrad of Blood Moon Eclipses, by Pastor JD Farag on Aug 4, 2013

As usual this Palestinian Christian pastor brings us the awareness of the prophetic moment that we are in.

His insight is very good and he is aware of the coming signs and seasons in the heavens. He explains the solar and lunar eclipses as well as the search for peace and security by the Obama administration.


Nando end

The Genesis Timeline by originalpilgrim (Aug 5, 2013)

This post is a continuation of the one before. The originalpilgrim videos are in here to see. The link below is to the first of the Genesis timeline.


Nando end

God’s Celestial Harbingers by Original Pilgrim (Aug 5, 2013)

Thanks to Mr. David Webster for this article with the link to a program from Original Pilgrim that gives us more information about the signs and seasons that God has placed in the celestial heavenly objects to inform men of His appointed times.


David Webster (4 Aug 2013)
Original Pilgrim – Tetrads, Gematria, Generations

Hey Everyone,

I have just today came across a video from Original Pilgrim and he provides some interesting insight.
Also, check his youtube account originalpilgrim and look up Genesis timeline and see some fascinating information and discoveries that he has found.
I’m only part way through but it is very interesting to say the least.
God Bless

Nando end

God’s Celestial Harbingers in this and the coming two years (Aug 5, 2013)

The heavens declare the Glory of God and are there as signs and seasons. This is also to mean that they are appointed times for God’s timetables.

God is able to compute His timetable without the use of the celestial objects in heaven, but that would not allow men to keep the knowledge of His appointed times.

This year the heavens bring celestial viewing in a great way with comet Ison and a rare solar eclipse.

The next two years likewise the heavens present a full and rare show of a tetrad of blood moon eclipses occurring on Jewish feasts. This is also a very rare thing to happen and every time this has happened it coincided with a major event in the History of Israel and the Jewish nation.

Mr. Luis Vega has written a very detailed and good article using the information in the heavens to decipher and speculate the prophetic scenario listed in the Bible.

His charts are excellent and full of information. Some of it is fact and some are his conclusions and speculation.


Luis Vega (4 Aug 2013)
The Rare Hybrid Solar Eclipse of 2013 – Coinciding with Comet ISON’s Trajectory

The Rare Hybrid Solar Eclipse of 2013
Coinciding with Comet ISON’s Trajectory
A ‘Type’ of the Harvest & Rewards to Come

by Luis B. Vega

‘Ask the LORD of the Harvest, therefore, to send out workers into His harvest field.’- Matthew 9:38

The purpose of this study, with accompanied chart (see online link above) is to illustrate the occurrence of the very rare Hybrid Total Solar Eclipse that is scheduled to occur on November 3, 2013. What is significant about is particular Hybrid solar eclipse up to now, is that according to NASA’s calculations, since the time of Christ only 7 H3 Hybrid types have occurred as opposed to an H1, H2 or Hm for example.

More astounding is that out of the 7 total Hybrid H3 eclipses leading up the Tetrad of 2014-15, only 3 have been the even more rare (H3 n-) type since the 1st century. Impressively, the Nov 3, 2013 Hybrid eclipse will be the 7th H3 and 3rd (H3 n-) at the same time. To give a scope of the rarity of this type of H3 Hybrid eclipse in general, for example, given a century of time where there will be about 250 solar eclipses altogether, only about 25 will be Hybrids.

Furthermore, this type of Hybrid eclipse –according to NASA’s charts, is the only one since the time of Christ that has ever preceded a Tetrad within about 160 days of each other. To reiterate, the Hybrid eclipse of Nov 3, 2013 will be the 7th H3 type in general but an even more rare type of a 3rd (H3 n-) Hybrid type leading up the Tetrad of 2014-15. And it is not just any type of Tetrad either.

There have been several Tetrads over the centuries, but what this particular about this Tetrad -as it will be for the one occurring on 2014-2015, is that all of the Total Lunar Eclipses fall on the 4 consecutive Jewish Holy Feasts of Passover & Sukkot. A Tetrad is a series of 4 consecutive Total Lunar Eclipses.

This study, with accompanied chart, will seek to also show that the Hybrid eclipse has some interesting correlations & associations with the Comet ISON. Comet ISON is said to be the brightest comet ever to be recorded & will start to be visible with the naked-eye, coincidentally on the very same day of the Hybrid eclipse. From that point on, ISON will be in the night skies with an ever increasing tail until the beginnings speed away from our inner Solar System starting in January 2014.

A timeline will graph the Jewish Holy Feast or more accurately ‘the LORD’s Appointed Times’ to show a correlation to specific dates related to both the Hybrid eclipse & Comet ISON’s trajectory. The timeline presented in the illustration will commence with the Fall Feasts of יהוה‎ in 2013& end with the Spring Feasts of 2014. It is this particular Spring Jewish Feast season that will coincide with the 1st Total Blood Moon of the Tetrad of 2014-15; specifically on April 15, 2014.

Interestingly, as far as the timeline of dates is concerned, Comet ISON has a direct association to the Jewish Feasts of Chanukah that starts on Nov 27, 2013. This date of Nov 27th will also correspond to when Comet ISON reaches perihelion to the Sun, or the closest approach before being sling-shot out of our Solar System.

Unparalleled Frequency
To reiterate, the last Total Solar Eclipse of 2013 will be taking place on November 3, 2013. It is referred to as a Hybrid eclipse because the eclipse event will have both Total and Annular properties. The Hybrid eclipse of Nov 3, 2013 is in a class all unto itself. It is the rarest of the rare ‘Hybrid’ eclipses known to mankind. According to NASA’s calculations, the next one of this type, H3 is not scheduled to occur until the year 2172 and 2853.

The following is the list of the only 7 Hybrid eclipse category H3 that have occurred since Christ. Out of the total 7 Hybrids, only 3 specific ones have been the (H3 n-) type. The Nov 3, 2013 will thus be the ‘7th’ and the ‘3rd’ at the same time.

1) 05237  0190 Oct 16  20:54:58   8688 -22377  085   H3  n-   0.4293  1.0152  16N  93W  64   57  01m30s 1st

2) 05593  0349 Sep 28  23:41:03   7162 -20411  088   H3  n-  -0.2467  1.0163  15S 155W  76   57  01m27s 2nd

3) 05960  0508 Sep 11  02:53:05   5597 -18445  091   H3  nn   0.0826  1.0173   9N 160E  85   59  01m45s

4) 07686  1228 Jan 08  22:42:54    0652  -9548  109   H3  nn  -0.0068  1.0176  22S 155W  89   60  01m40s

5) 08287  1489 Jun 28  20:04:24    0207  -6314  128   H3  p-  -0.6440  1.0130  17S 127W  50   58  01m23s

6) 09174  1854 Nov 20  09:56:58      007  -1795  140   H3  p-  -0.5179  1.0144  49S  13E  59   57  01m07s

7) 09538  2013 Nov 03  12:47:36    00068    171  143   H3  n-   0.3272  1.0159   3N  12W  71   58  01m40s  3rd

To reiterate, a Hybrid eclipse is a unique type of ‘central eclipse’ where parts of the path of the eclipse are 1) Annular while other parts are 2) Total. This duality happens when the vertex of the Moon’s umbral shadow passes Earth’s surface at various points but falls short upon the surface of the planet while it does not along other portions of the shadow’s path. This is due, in part, to the curvature of Earth’s surface.

What is incredible in comparison to ’regular’ Hybrid Solar Eclipses is that this type of Hybrid eclipse H3 has only occurred a few times since Christ. According to NASAs calculations, there have only been 3 (H3 n-) types all together. (Please verify)  What is more striking & different from the other Hybrid Eclipses is that the Nov 3, 2013 Hybrid is the only one that directly precedes a Tetrad as mentioned before. This Tetrad will start on Passover April 15, 2014 -which is only 163 days out from Nov 03, 2013. Coincidentally ISON will be able to be seen with the naked-eye on this same day, the day of the eclipse. Comet ISON will start to leave the Solar System around the beginning of January, 2014.

The last time a regular Hybrid Eclipse (H3) occurred was in 2005 where this type of Moon shadow dual-convergence occurred during the same eclipse. Another interesting number count occurs from when this 2005 Hybrid happened to the Nov 3rd one. Specifically the day count is as follows:Friday, April 8, 2005 to November 3, 2013 = 3131 days.

Prophetic Harbingers?
Perhaps this combination of the very rare Hybrid Solar Eclipse & Comet ISON are some sort of celestial time-markers of impending doom or gloom or hope and glory; perhaps both at the same time. Many in the End-Times community are believing that such ‘signs’ in the months leading up to the Tetrad of 2014-2015 may appear to be the ’harbingers’ to a coming time of judgment upon the world & Israel, if not then, perhaps in the immediate time following. It will only be about 3 months after comet ISON will no longer will be able to be seen by the naked-eye, that the Tetrad of 2014-2015 Total Lunar Eclipses will commence or ‘Blood Moons’ are they are also referred to.

Many End-Time Biblical scholars & Jewish theologians assert that comets are a terrible ‘omen’ for Israel. What is peculiar about the day of the Hybrid eclipse occurs is that the Planet Mars will be in the backdrop of comet ISON that will be able to be seen with the naked-eye for the first time. This will be possible if one is looking at the ISON from the hemisphere facing it in -which Israel is geographically at the midpoint.

Of course this assertion is depending on the position & rotation of the Earth at that actual time for the scenario illustrated in the charts accompanying this study to be accurate. In relative comparison to other solar eclipses, the duration of the Hybrid eclipse is projected to be a ‘brief’ one. For this reason, this scenario of Israel, in particular, but that of its hemisphere i.e., Middle East to see ISON for the first time with the naked-eye against the backdrop of Mars is speculative to some degree. But if there is some credence to such celestial imagery that may be prophetic in nature, then what that hemisphere can expect is war on a major scale against Israel.

Because comets in Jewish Rabbinical teachings always signals a bad omen of war for Israel and Mars is the ‘god of war’, this line-up could perhaps be a heavenly ‘wake-up’ call to an impeding war in Israel, or as in a possible ‘strife and/or turmoil. Perhaps such an occurrence as this could be a ‘trigger’ or cause for a divergence from the civil war in Syria, the strife in Egypt or Turkey to focus such satanic hate, murder and rage onto Israel. If there is any one issue that will unite the arabs & muslims together after a common cause is war with Israel.

Perhaps this very convergence of celestial events is signaling Israel’s anticipated and prophetic ‘travail’ as in the pains of a delivering woman. Indeed, this ‘picture’ of the line-up & timing of the 7th Hybrid eclipse with ISON crossing the Earth’s plain with Mars in the background could be signaling the coming of the Time of Jacob’s Troubles. This time may indeed soon come to pass for Israel and the whole world in general. (see online chart regarding Jacob’s Troubles here)

Perhaps an ensuing conflict during the coming Tetrad dealing with the nations against Israel will occur as they did in 1948 and 1967. This pattern, many have suggested, could have incredible & profound prophetic implication as to the timing of the Tetrad that is to begin on April 15, 2014 during Passover. Still other speculate that these 2 celestial markers or ‘Witnesses’ of Comet ISON in conjunction with the Hybrid eclipse will somehow signal an event that will trigger the start of perhaps the construction of the 3 Temple or soon thereafter. This is assuming that there will be a direct association to a certain prophetic event that is to occur during the 1st Total Blood Moon of the Tetrad in the Spring of 2014.

On an aside note, it was another comet, Halley’s that appeared in AD 66. Many assert that it was heralding the destruction of the 2nd Temple. Perhaps this comet, Halley that occurred 1948 years ago to the 1st Tetrad of April 15, 2014 will mirror with Comet ISON & signal the reconstruction of the 3rd Temple in like manner. Thus, could this comet ISON be the prophetic comet the will signal the rebuilding of the 3rd Temple as Halley’s Comet was the signal of the destruction of the 2nd Temple?

1) Halley’s Comet in AD 66 to 2014 Tetrad = 1948 Years

2) 2nd Temple AD 70 destroyed to 2018 Triad = 1948 Years

Some Peculiarities of the Eclipse with ISON
To reiterate, during the rare Hybrid eclipse of Nov 3, 2013 Comet ISON will be crossing Earth’s orbital plain. At this time, the part of the Earth that will be facing comet ISON will be the Middle East, in part. The comet will be visible with the naked-eye for the first time, at that time. What is anticipated to be spectacular is that throughout the hemisphere during the Eclipse in the darkened sky, planet Mars will be positioned, in line in ISON’s background.

Is it mere coincidence that ISON crosses Earth’s orbital plain during the Hybrid eclipse on NOV 3, 2013? Is it also coincidence that at that same time frame, it will mark the first time that the comet will be able to be seen with the naked-eye from Earth? The part of the Earth that will be facing the comet as the eclipse occurs will be the Middle East and European latitudes. Since Israel is in the ‘middle’ of the hemisphere geographically, many End Time scholars are speculating that, the LORD perhaps will be showing Israel a ‘double witness’ of sorts.

Listed below are the Jewish ‘Feast’ days or LORD’s Appointed Times: 2013-2014


Hebrew Year 5774


Rosh HaShana

Sep 5-6, 2013

Jewish New Year

Yom Kippur

Sep 14, 2013

Day of Atonement


Sep 19-20, 2013
Sep 21-25, 2013

Feast of Tabernacles

Shmini Atzeret

Sep 26, 2013

Eighth Day of Assembly

Simchat Torah

Sep 27, 2013

Day of Celebrating the Torah


Nov 28-Dec 5, 2013

Jewish festival of rededication, also Festival of Lights


Mar 16, 2014

Day of joy and turning tables on enemies


Apr 15-16, 2014
Apr 17-20, 2014
Apr 21-22, 2014

Passover, the Feast of Unleavened Bread


Jun 4-5, 2014

Festival of Weeks, giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai

Tish’a B’Av

Aug 5, 2014

The Ninth of Av, fast -destruction of the two Temples

Some Observations
From a top view of the Solar System (see chart illustration) the planets will show their relative positions during the Rare Hybrid Solar Eclipse of Nov 3, 2013. Comet ISON will be coming blow the Solar System as it reaches perihelion on Nov 27, 2013. This date is also the start of Hanukkah.

Comet ISON will then swing around the Sun -if it is not disintegrated and travel above the Solar System Plain as it exits out. ISON will again be in conjunction with to the Earth’s orbital plain around Jan 17, 2014 as it starts to exit out or the Inner Solar System Planets.  The month of Jan 2014 will also be the limit in which the comet will able to be seen with the naked-eye.

A Type of the Rapture Harvest?
This study will also seek to illustrate Comet ISON’s anticipated path against the constellations as it leaves the solar system. ISON will traverse the constellations of Bootes or the Shepherd-Reaper and Ophiuchus on its way out of our Solar System. ISON will enter the constellation Bootes around December 2013. Perhaps this comet is to have a possible prophetic correlation to a Rapture ‘harvest’ on its way out. Again, this is only a study in the event’s typology & is purely speculative.

Nonetheless, this study will focus on one constellation in particular, that of Bootes. Biblically speaking, this could possibly be a ‘type’ or picture of the ‘Shepherd’ exiting out with ‘sheep’ as he swings his ‘sickle’ to harvest the souls of His Bride to Glory to close out the Church Age. Could this allude to the Rapture at such a point in time? The Bible does declare that Jesus Christ will one day will ‘harvest’ the souls of all mankind as there are several types of prophetic harvest in the Bible.

The Gospel Plan of Redemption in the Stars
From the research and work of EW Bullinger. This following excerpt is taken and quoted directly comprising the Biblical & prophetic interpretation of the constellation Bootes. Emphases added.

Bootes – the Coming One
‘He is pictured as a man walking rapidly, with a spear in his right hand and a sickle in his left hand. He Greeks called him Bo-o-tes, which is from the Hebrew root Bo  as to come, as in The Coming. It is referred to in Psalm 96:13. It is probable that his ancient name was Arcturus as referred to in Job 9:9. The name of the brightest star, Arcturus.

Specific Star:
1) Star a in the left knee, Arcturus means He cometh.

2) Star m in the spear-head is Al Katurops, which means the branch, treading under foot.

3) Star e just below the waist on his right side is called Mirac, or Mizar, or Izar. Mirac means the coming forth as an arrow; Mizar, or Izar, means the preserver, guarding.

4) Star h is called Muphride, i.e. one who separates as in a Harvest.

5) Star b in the head is named Nekkar, i.e. the Pierced One –Messiah (Zech 12:10), which tells us that this coming Judge is the One who was pierced. Another Hebrew name is Merga, who bruises’.

Prophetic Biblical Interpretation
‘The meaning of the Stars brings us back again to Genesis 3:15, and closes up this first chapter of the First Book (VIRGO). It shows us the Person of the Promised Seed (Jesus Christ) from the beginning to the end, from the first promise of the birth of the Child in Bethlehem, to the final coming of the great Judge and Harvester to reap the harvest of the Earth.

This was the vision which was afterwards shown to John (Rev 14:15,16), when he says, “I looked; and behold a white cloud, and upon the cloud one sat like unto the Son of Man, having on His head a golden crown, and in His hand a sharp sickle. And another angel came out of the temple, crying with a loud voice to Him that sat on the cloud, Thrust in thy sickle and reap; for the time is come for Thee to reap; for the harvest of the earth is ripe. And He that sat on the cloud thrust in His sickle on the earth; and the earth was reaped.”

Bootes is the conclusion of the first chapter of this First Book. Here we see the Woman whose Seed is to bruise the serpent’s head, the Virgin-Born, the Branch of Jehovah, perfect Man and perfect GOD Immanuel, “GOD with us,” yet despised and rejected of men, and yielding up His life that others may have life for evermore. But we see Him coming afterwards in triumphant power to judge the earth.’

The Sickle
Comet ISON will speed-up, as it swings around the Sun during its perihelion on Nov 27-28, 2013. As it has been already noted, this very date will coincide also with the start of Hanukah. As the comet heads toward the Celestial Center where the ‘Golden Gate; or Gate of GOD is at, it will then loop around the Sun towards the constellation Ophiuchus after its perihelion. Soon thereafter, the comet appears to go through Serpens as it ‘strikes’ the head of the snake, starting around December of 2013. This echoes the Promise of Genesis 3:15…to ’bruise the Head of satan/lucifer ‘.

>From a purely speculative but Biblical perspective, Comet ISON could be a very significant & prophetic ‘harbinger’ or sign on many levels –as portrayed going through the constellation Bootes. It could perhaps be a ‘sign’ for the World, the Church & Israel during & probably soon thereafter the comet leaves the Solar System. In terms of the Body of Christ, many believe that the Church Age is about to conclude in these ‘Last Days’. The Church of Christ, metaphorically, could be about to be ‘harvested’ as the path of ISON accents the ‘Celestial Sickle’ that the Shepherd Bootes depicts.

This ‘Celestial Shepherd-Reaper’ Bootes is linked to 2 animals that in ancient times were SHEEP, not canines as they are depicted in modern times today. Perhaps each is representing the 2 delineations of what comprises the Church Age; the Jewish & Gentile fusion of the one Body of Christ.  Furthermore, the comet passes by the CROWN of Bootes (Corona Borealis) that awaits the Overcomers at the Bema Seat of Christ after the Rapture.

As it may appear that these remaining months leading up to the Tetrad of 2014-15 may seem like a prophetic countdown of sorts, it is no time for the Church to be caught off guard. As many individuals, marriages, churches and community of Followers of Christ are experiencing intense spiritual warfare, it is at these times when we need to stand fast in our Faith in Jesus Christ and ‘be still and know that the LORD is GOD’.

It appears that the Church, the world and Israel are going to be in the crosshairs of the LORD’s prophetic time-clock very soon. All the heavenly signs in the Sun, Moon and Starts are screaming that the eye of the prophetic hurricane is going to be soon upon us. If either the Blessed Hope happens before this time, during or afterwards, may we cling to the Comforter, GOD the Holy Spirit for solace and peace to keep us until the Call from on High & ‘harvest’ to come.


Some Sources

Nando end

Will the Rapture be tomorrow May 9, Ascension day or at Pentecost May 19 of 2013? May 8, 2013

This article below was sent to me by Mr. Ron Reese and it is a written description of the video by Renee Moses that is also included in the article as a link at the end. It looks that the probability of the Rapture May 9-10 tomorrow Ascension day or May 19 Sunday of Pentecost is big. The annular solar eclipses and the Jewish wedding ceremony are very important factors to consider for this year.





Isaiah 17:1 says, “The burden of Damascus.  Behold Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a burdensome heap.”  The end of this same Chapter appears to be referring to World War 3.  The complete destruction of Damascus has never happened before.  It NOW appears as if it is about to happen!  Many Bible Prophecy scholars believe that when this NUCLEAR destruction of Damascus takes place, that this will be the time of the Rapture.


The world is now awaiting Syria’s response to Israel’s brazen devastating attacks on Damascus, Syria.  If they launch chemical weapons on Israel, it is extremely likely that Israel will exercise its “Samson’s option”, which is a nuclear attack on Damascus.  This undoubedtly will ignite World War 3 and the Rapture.  The world now stands at the precipice of this taking place.


I do not know exactly how soon the Rapture/Sudden Destruction will take place.  But this much I know.  It is NOW time to make your peace with God.  It is NOW time to examine your personal relationship with Jesus.  It is NOW time to rid yourself of any sin in your life.  It is NOW time to make sure that Jesus is the LORD of your life.


After reading the forwarded post below, you will see why I am now saying that this may be my very last post that I will ever write.  The world is NOW teetering on the brink of nuclear World War 3.  There is much evidence that seems to be strongly pointing to the next few days, and maybe the next few hours.  Let us ALL take heed to the VERY STRONG WARNING FROM OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR, JESUS CHRIST, WHO GIVES THE FOLLOWING WARNING TO ALL END-TIME CHRISTIANS, IN LUKE 21:34–36:


JESUS SAYS TO US, “Take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting (partying), and drunkenness, AND CARES OF THIS LIFE, and so THAT DAY come upon you unexpectedly.  For as a SNARE (TRAP) shall it come on all those who dwell on the face of the whole earth.  Watch you, therefore, and pray always, THAT YOU MAY BE ACCOUNTED WORTHY TO ESCAPE ALL these things and to stand before the Son of man (Jesus).” 


Our Escape is our Blessed Hope, the Rapture of the Bride of Christ.  A Bride always makes the most diligent effort to prepare for her Wedding Day.  It is NOW time for ALL Christians to prepare for that day.  IT IS NOW UPON US!!!


I do not know exactly how much longer we have before the Great Tribulation breaks forth upon this sin-filled world, but May, 2013, is looking extremely ominous, especially the next 8 days.  May 14–15 is not only Israel’s 65th birthday, but it is also the Feast of Pentecost, which has strong Rapture implications.


Ascension Day and Jerusalem Day are both on May 9th.  Will this be our Ascension Day?  This is also the last day of 2nd Passover, according to Renee Moses, whose post appears below.  Her evidence for May 9th to be THE DAY is very compelling.  She is completely convinced that the Lord has been sharing a beautiful puzzle with her, piece by piece, which is finally reaching culmination on May 9th (or May 10th, depending on time zone differences).


It would be a shame, and possibly disastrous for some of you, not to read and HEED the post below, just because her previous posts did not contain the COMPLETE PUZZLE.  I repeat that her evidence is very compelling, and deserves our strong consideration.  I strongly encourage you to, at the very least, read the part about the the one-year betrothal period for a typical Jewish wedding.  There appears to have been an ENGAGMENT RING TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE ONE YEAR AGO ON MAY 20, 2012 (AYAR 28TH).  What many of us, including me, thought would be the time of our Wedding Day, appears to only have been our one-year warning, or our engagment period.  EXACTLY ONE JEWISH YEAR LATER, ON THURSDAY, MAY 9TH, IT APPEARS THE ACTUAL WEDDING RING ECLIPSE TAKES PLACE ON THE VERY SAME JEWISH DAY OF THE YEAR, AYAR 28TH!!!  Jesus said there would be signs in the sun, moon, and stars, of His Return.


At the very least, PLEASE do not delete this email until after May 15th, as these next few days are FILLED WITH POTENTIAL.  Someone may need the information in this post, and it may be YOU.  BE READY!!!




Ron Reese



The post below was not written by me.  It was written by Renee M.  Her website has changed.  It is now:


This is truly an AMAZING website.



Song of Solomon


Take me away with you—let us hurry! Let the king bring me into his chambers…
My beloved spoke and said to me,
“Arise, my darling,
my beautiful one, come with me.
See! The winter is past;
the rains are over and gone
Flowers appear on the earth;
(My note: April showers bring May flowers)


    the season of singing has come,
the cooing of doves
is heard in our land.
The fig tree forms its early fruit;
the blossoming vines spread their fragrance.
Arise, come, my darling;
my beautiful one, come with me.”


46 years


I saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband…”Come, I will show you the bride, the wife of the Lamb.” And he carried me away in the Spirit to a mountain great and high, and showed me the Holy City, Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God…The angel measured the wall using human measurement, and it was 144 cubits thick.


WE, are HIS TEMPLE, WE are HIS HOLY CITY, the NEW JERUSALEM, HIS BRIDE, the 144,000, the firstfruits redeemed from the earth, the virgins without blemish, blameless and pure, favored by God.


We are the Spiritual Body (Temple) of Christ.  Herod’s Temple was 46 years in the building of the natural temple.  John 2:20-21 – The Jews replied, “It has taken 46 years to build this temple, and you are going to raise it in three days?” But the temple he had spoken of was his body.


Jerusalem Day, 28 Iyyar 5727 (June 7, 1967) plus 46 Jewish Years = May 8/9, 2013, 28 Iyyar. 


Again, WE are the Spiritual Temple/Body. John 2:21 – But he spake of the temple of his body.


46 years from when Israel recaptured Jerusalem ends on May 8/9, 2013. Hebrews 12:  But you have come to Mount Zion, to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem. You have come to thousands upon thousands of angels in joyful assembly, to the church of the firstborn, whose names are written in heaven.



Jerusalem Day

The two weeks celebrated during the Second Passover in 2 Chronicles 30 would also have ended on the 28th day of the month. This is Iyar 28, Jerusalem Day, 46 Jewish years after Israel recaptured Jerusalem. Firstfruits could be offered to the Lord on the 29th, since the 28th would have been a “Sabbath” rest following the rules of Unleavened Bread. This points to May 9/10, 2013, as the start of the 7-day wedding Feast, making May 15/16, 2013, Pentecost on the Jewish calendar, the 7th day of the Wedding Feast when we are presented to the Father as firstfruits. Perhaps the first 6 days of our wedding feast in heaven are with Jesus, our Bridegroom, and the 7th day He presents us to the Father to complete the wedding? This would mean that we are offered as firstfruits to the Lamb (Jesus) on the day after the last day of the Second Passover (this would be the 14th day of the second Passover since they celebrated it for 2 weeks instead of 1; the 14th day should also have been a “Sabbath” rest if they were following the rules and regulations of Unleavened Bread and firstfruits could be offered on the day after a “Sabbath”) and then we are offered to the Father as firstfruits on Pentecost, again another firstfruits festival. 


The end of May 9, 2013, starts the first day of the third month, when the Israelites reached the Mountain of God. Hebrews 12 makes very clear reference to this: You have not come to a mountain that can be touched and that is burning with fire; to darkness, gloom and storm; to a trumpet blast or to such a voice speaking words that those who heard it begged that no further word be spoken to them, because they could not bear what was commanded: “If even an animal touches the mountain, it must be stoned to death.” The sight was so terrifying that Moses said, “I am trembling with fear.” But you have come to Mount Zion, to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem. You have come to thousands upon thousands of angels in joyful assembly, to the church of the firstborn, whose names are written in heaven. You have come to God, the Judge of all, to the spirits of the righteous made perfect, to Jesus the mediator of a new covenant, and to the sprinkled blood that speaks a better word than the blood of Abel. See to it that you do not refuse him who speaks. If they did not escape when they refused him who warned them on earth, how much less will we, if we turn away from him who warns us from heaven? At that time his voice shook the earth, but now he has promised, “Once more I will shake not only the earth but also the heavens.” The words “once more” indicate the removing of what can be shaken—that is, created things—so that what cannot be shaken may remain. Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe, for our “God is a consuming fire.”



First Day of the Third Month


The Jewish people reached Mount Sinai on the first day of the third month. It was also on the first day of the third month that the Lord speaks to Moses about bringing them out on EAGLES’ WINGS. Exodus 19: On the first day of the third month after the Israelites left Egypt—on that very day—they came to the Desert of Sinai. After they set out from Rephidim, they entered the Desert of Sinai, and Israel camped there in the desert in front of the mountain. Then Moses went up to God, and the Lord called to him from the mountain and said, “This is what you are to say to the descendants of Jacob and what you are to tell the people of Israel: ‘You yourselves have seen what I did to Egypt, and how I carried you on eagles’ wings and brought you to myself.” This is a very clear reference to Rev 12 when the woman is given eagles’ wings to take her to a place prepared for her by God for 1260 days.



Solar Eclipse May 9/10

We also have a total solar eclipse on May 9/10. It will be noon in Australia and New Zealand when this eclipse takes place, where the eclipse can be seen. The Lord said He would darken the sun at noon. This total solar eclipse takes place at 8:23 pm EDT and lasts for about 5 minutes, where the sun is completely covered except for a ring of fire around it. The New Moon is 8:28 EDT, just as this total eclipse is ending.


Amos 8:
“In that day,” declares the Sovereign Lord,


I will make the sun go down at noon
and darken the earth in broad daylight.
I will turn your religious festivals into mourning
and all your singing into weeping.
I will make all of you wear sackcloth
and shave your heads.
I will make that time like mourning for an only son
and the end of it like a bitter day.


This is supposed to be another “wedding ring” eclipse like last June. The only people who will be able to see this eclipse, will be able to see it right around noon their time, at the exact time of the New Moon.



Ascension Day

As Christians, we celebrated the “firstfruits” on Resurrection Sunday, March 31, 2013. Jesus ascended to heaven 40 days later, so for the Christians, the “Day of Ascension” falls on May 9, 2013.


                  New Moon


Ascension Day falls on a NEW MOON in 2013, on Thursday, May 9. Since we are the symbolic moon, when we are being veiled, God will veil our heavenly counterpart, the MOON. The new moon phase perfectly matches the VEILED OR VANISHING.

The moon is symbolic of the body of Christ (church). The moon represents the reflection of God’s glory. Just as one cannot look directly into the light of the sun, likewise no man can look directly upon God. One can however look directly at the moon which reflects the light of the sun. The Sun gives earth its light by “reflecting” it off the moon to the earth. Likewise, Jesus (the SON) reflects His light to the earth by His church, being salt and LIGHT of the world. The SUN and MOON astronomically represent the SON JESUS and his Bride…working together in spreading the light of the Father into the world.

Psalms 89:37 – “It (THE SUN) shall be established forever like the moon, even like the faithful witness in the sky.”

The Sun signifies Christ. Malachi, the last book in the Old Testament says: “But unto you that fear my name shall the sun of Righteousness rise with healing in his wings.”

Jesus and His church are absolutely symbolic of the SUN and MOON, working together to reflect light to the world. The moon is a symbol of the church. In the Song of Solomon, he describes the Bride of Christ as fair as the moon. The Church is the Bride of Christ.

Song of Solomon 6:10 – “Who is she that looketh forth as the morning, fair as the MOON?”

The moon has no light of its own. It reflects the light of the Sun. The church can only reflect the light of the Son of God. On NEW MOON DAYS (ROSH CHODESH), the MOON “disappears” in the sky “momentarily,” then reappears in the heavens. The moon (church) will disappear (rapture), then reappear in heaven while being symbolically represented in the heavens.


In the ancient Jewish tradition, the bridegroom would go out and receive his bride and take her to the father’s house. In tradition, the BRIDE would wear a “veil” over her face to hide the identity of the bride from the public.

We read from Genesis 24:65 when Rebecca (a type of the Bride) sees Isaac (a type of Christ) and takes a veil and covers herself. “For she had said to the servant, who is this man walking in the field to meet us the servant said, it is my master. So she took a VEIL and covered herself.”

A veil covering the bride at the time the bride meets the bridegroom is Biblical, and lines up exactly with ancient Jewish wedding traditions. The veiled moon is to be symbolic of the hidden bride, the rapture of the bride, when she suddenly disappears.

When Rebecca (a symbol of the bride of Christ) met Isaac (a symbol of Christ), she was veiled (hidden), JUST LIKE THE moon will be on the day of the rapture…hidden (veiled) from the people of earth. So, when the church is VEILED in heaven, God will be declaring his glory in his firmament by VIELING the moon in the sky from the people of the earth to see.

The Jews even call the NEW MOON the VEILED MOON, because it is completely invisible during the new moon phase.



One-Year Engagement


Last year, on May 20, 2012, there was a solar eclipse that also made a wedding ring and ring of fire. This was JERUSALEM DAY on the Jewish calendar, Iyar 28!!!! It was ONE YEAR AGO!!!!



The Nissuin – Marriage Itself: The culminating step in the Process of the Jewish Wedding


The final step in the wedding proces is called – Nissuin – the word commons from the Hebrew verb – hsn ( nasa) – which means , “to carry.” This is a graphic description – as the bride would be waiting for her groom to come – to carry her off to her new home. The period of the betrothal – was a time of great anticipation – as the bride waited for the arrival of her betrothed. One of the unique features of the Biblical Jewish wedding was the time of the groom’s arrival – it was to be a surprise:


  • The bride took the betrothal seriously – expecting the arrival of the bridegroom at the end of the year long period of the betrothal.
  • She knew the approximate timing – but the exact hour or day was uncertain.
  • It was the father of the groom who would give the final approval for the marriage to begin.


The coming of the Bridegroom and the Wedding Begins


Since the time of his arrival was a surprise – the bride and her bridal party were always to be ready – this is the background of Yeshua’s parable (Mat. 25:1-13). It was customary for one of the grooms party to go ahead of the bridegroom, leading the way to the bride’s house – and shout – “Behold, the bridegroom comes.” This would be followed by the sounding of the shofar. At the sounding of the shofar the entire wedding processional would go through the streets of the city to the bride’s house. The groomsmen would again set up the huppah:


  • Again the couple would say a blessing over the cup of wine.
  • The ceremony finalized the promises and vows.

The pinnacle of this joyful celebration was the marriage supper:

  • It was much more than just a sit down dinner for all the guests.
  • It included seven full days of food, music, dance and celebration – (Jn. 14:10-12).
  • After the festivities the husband was free to bring his bride to their new home to live together as husband and wife in the full covenant of marriage.


The second step of the ancient Jewish wedding is called Erusin/engagement. Even though the young kids were arranged for a future marriage through Shiddukhin, there came a point in time where they would have to publicly affirm that it is agreeable to them. In biblical times, this was usually portrayed in a public wedding ceremony to make a statement of their consent. In the parasha it is the potential bride, Rivkah/Rebekah, who gives her consent as she is asked, “Will you go with this man?” And she said, “I will go” (B’reisheet 24:58). Over time, this Erusin statement developed into the first part of the Jewish public ceremony. The young couple (sometimes young teenagers!) would come under the chuppah, sign a ketubah/wedding contract and share the first cup of wine representing the Erusin/engagement commitment. Unlike our modern understanding of “engagement”, the Jewish Erusin in ancient times was considered a binding covenant stating that the couple was actually married. So binding was it that if the engagement were broken up, a religious divorce (Hebrew get) would be required. Yet the young couple was not to live together quite yet or have sexual relations. Instead, they entered a one-year time of preparation: the bride preparing her dowry and garments while the groom worked on the future housing for the couple. In biblical times this usually meant adding a room (or tent) to the father’s existing home, as the entire family often lived under one roof. After the one-year engagement, the third step of the ancient Jewish wedding arrives, called Nisuin/marriage.


In Biblical times, there was typically a one year interval between the engagement ceremony and the wedding. During this time the bride returned to her father’s house, and the groom learned a trade, so that he could financially support a household upon marriage. At this point, the Torah tells us, the man has the status of erus, one who is betrothed. His bride-to-be becomes, thereby, “forbidden to the rest of the world.” However the engaged couple is not yet permitted to engage in conjugal relations or to cohabit. This can only occur once the wedding ceremony, the second part of the marriage rite, takes place. Once that ceremony is complete, the man attains the status of baal, husband, and the couple begins their life in a shared household.



More Signs Pointing to Ring of Fire Eclipse


On April 29, 2013, the VIRGIN SpaceShip 2 made its first powered flight into space. Notice the word VIRGIN at the bottom of the SpaceShip and the image of a solar eclipse right under it.



American Idol contestant, Kree Harrison, sang “See You Again” on May 1, 2013, with a ring of fire eclipse behind her the whole song. Here are the lyrics to the song:


“See You Again”

Said goodbye, turned around
And you were gone, gone, gone

Faded into the setting sun,
Slipped away

But I won’t cry
Cause I know I’ll never be lonely
For you are the stars to me,
You are the light I follow

I’ll See you again, oh
This is not where it ends
I will carry you with me, oh
Till I see you again

I can hear those echoes in the wind at night
Calling me back in time
Back to you
In a place far away
Where the water meets the sky
The thought of it makes me smile
You are my tomorrow

Sometimes I feel my heart is breaking
But I stay strong and I hold on cause I know
I’ll see you again, oh
This is not where it ends
I will carry you with me, yeah yeah

I’ll See you again, oh
This is not where it ends
I will carry you with me, oh
Till I see you again
Till I see you again,
Till I see you again,
Said goodbye turned around
And you were gone, gone, gone. 



Rainbow Day


Luke 23: “Daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep for me; weep for yourselves and for your children. For the time will come when you will say, ‘Blessed are the childless women, the wombs that never bore and the breasts that never nursed!’ Then


“‘they will say to the mountains, “Fall on us!”
and to the hills, “Cover us!”’


For if people do these things when the tree is green, what will happen when it is dry?


Genesis 8 and 9: By the twenty-seventh day of the second month the earth was completely dry. Then God said to Noah, “Come out of the ark, you and your wife and your sons and their wives….And God said, “This is the sign of the covenant I am making between me and you and every living creature with you, a covenant for all generations to come: I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth. Whenever I bring clouds over the earth and the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will remember my covenant between me and you and all living creatures of every kind.


So, by the 27th day of the second month, the earth is completely dry. If we go by the New Moon sighting, that would be May 8, 2013. The 28th day is when the walls of Jericho fall and the people ascend, May 9, 2013…


Rainbow Day, יום ברית הקשת       


Remember the Rainbow Covenant on Shabbat Noach, Shabbat Behar and Rainbow Day!        


Celebrate Rainbow Day and the Rainbow Covenant with all life!


You can find Torah, prayers and liturgies, midrashim about rainbows, lesson plans about seed-saving, learning from Hoshea and Ezekiel, Kabbalah and midrash, and project ideas—39 in all—that you can use to celebrate the Rainbow covenant on Shabbat Behar (May 3-4 in 2013), on Rainbow Day (May 7-8 in 2013), and on Shabbat Noach (Oct 4-5 in 2013),  and every week. The Rainbow Covenant with all life is the first covenant of the Torah. In 2013, Rainbow Day, when the covenant was made, comes the week after Shabbat Behar-Behukotai.



For more Scriptural evidence pointing to May 9/10, 2013, as a likely time for the firstfruits Rapture of the Bride of Christ to occur, please visit this website and watch these videos:


Nando end


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