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Letter 21 (09-29-08) Dow went down 777.68 today

September 29,2008

Letter 21 (09-29-08) Dow went down 777.68 today

Today at sunset
begins the fall Jewish festivals. Rosh Hashanah, the festival of the trumpets
or shofars is the next feast to be fulfilled by the plan of the Lord Jesus
Christ. It starts today at sunset and ends at nightfall of October the 1st. It is in this period of time (2 days) that
many bible prophecy teachers believe that Jesus will take all true Christian
believers out of the world in what is referred in English as the rapture or in
Spanish as el rapto. This will occur
with the believers changed in an instant from mortal bodies to immortal bodies
without dying first. After the believers
are safe in the clouds with the Lord Jesus the world will go into a period of
destruction commonly known as the apocalypse. It is very interesting to point
out that the number of the Holy Trinity is 777.
The stock market in its way to a collapse closed today 777.68 which is
rounded off to 777.7. Coincidence or
Divine design? Gold closed at 888.20, the # 888 is Jesus # in Greek gematria.

Your servant of Jesus Christ


P.S. May this be the sound we all hear at His calling

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September 29, 2008 at 9:20 pm

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