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Feb 28, 2015 Asteroid to hit earth on Sept 24, 2015 Yom Kippur

Thanks to BG Ellis to the link of this video by Renee M.

The story here is that an asteroid hit is calculated on September 24, 2015 somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. A while back a Peurto Rico pastor received a vision of an asteroid hitting Isla Mujeres Island between Puerto Rico and Santo Domingo. there are several links in this blog to those videos.In Yom Kippur the Jubilee years were supposed to start and this one is highly probable the year.

In the book of Revelation the years revert back to 360 days and an impact of this magnitude could very well alter the trajectory of the earth so that the years become 360 days. If the Tribulation starts in the feast of Tabernacles then the Second Coming will be on 20122 the feast of Tabernacles, Sukkot.


Nando end

Feb 25, 2015 A course on Islam who they really are by JD Faraq

Pastor Faraq is again bringing a powerful prophecy update on Islam.

Make no mistake about it, Islam is a Satanic religion revealed by Satan directly to Mohamed. The Qur’an instructs their readers and followers to cut the heads of all those who will not submit. It specifically signals out Jews and Christians to be beheaded.

Whether president Obama acknowledges or not, the fact is that America is at war with Islam. Islam and “””all””‘ followers follow and want to force down the throats of the world a submission to Satan through Islam.

It is mind boggling how this nation has been manipulated to embrace a diabolical man masquerading as a socialist leftist leader, Obama. He has duped you greatly America and the price you will pay is great for falling for his ploy.

Stop thinking in terms of Democrats and Republicans, liberal or conservative, left or right. Start thinking in terms of Jesus and Satan, good or evil and realize the moment we are in where all hell is about to break loose in planet earth and no nation will scape the destruction that is coming.

Your salvation and that of your family will depend on your position in Jesus Christ and nothing else.

If today you hear His voice harken not your heart and listen and enter in a love relationship with Him. He seeks us to call Him Abba Father and to be in His family. What an honor and privilege to be so called.


Nando end

Feb 24, 2015 Iran posses a direct threat to Israel with 130,000 men ready to deploy

The Bible shows the prophet Ezekiel on chapter 38-39 speaking against Gog and Persia.

Jeremiah on chapter 49 describes the destruction of Elam in Iran in devastating terms.

The article below narrates the involvement of Iranian troops and generals in the areas of Lebanon and Syria adjacent to Israel.

Their flawed reasoning is believing that Israels only defender is the USA when this is even in question by the actions of president Obama. The God of Israel Messiah Jesus Christ will bring the Islamic nations for judgment in the mountains of Israel.


February 16, 2015Memo No.1146

From The Mediterranean to the Golan, Iran Builds Active Front And Direct Military Presence On Israel’s Border To Deter Israel And Further Ideology Of Eliminating The Zionist Regime

By: Y. Carmon and Y. Yehoshua*

“Israel faces a fateful crisis. As much as it feared the Iranian nuclear program, it never imagined that Iran would be standing on its border even before its nuclear agreement with the Americans was complete. The Iranian threat to Israel is no longer theoretical, nor does it have anything to do with Israel’s deterrent of using its nuclear weapons, which cannot be used considering the international power balance. The threat has become direct, practical and conventional.”[1]


In recent years, Iran has based its deployment in Syria on the establishment of a new Hizbullah Syria organization along the lines of Hizbullah Lebanon, as well as on the direct presence of Iranian forces in Syria, particularly in the Golan Heights.

Iran’s deployment in Syria, and particularly the presence of its forces in the Golan Heights, at first only as command posts and a limited number of special forces, reveals a trend of Iranian activity in the region that is direct, not only by proxy as it has been to date. According to the Iranian plan, the command posts are meant to operate “130,000 trained Iranian Basij fighters waiting to enter Syria,” as is evident from May 2014 statements by Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) senior official Hossein Hamedani, that were censored and removed immediately after publication in Iran.[2]

Statements expressing intent to establish a front of anti-Israel activity in the Golan were heard from Iranian and Syrian officials as early as 2013, and have been implemented openly and in practice  in the past two years (see MEMRI Special Dispatch No. 5307, Assad And His Allies Threaten To Open A Front In Golan Heights, May 21, 2013). During this time, there were also a few terror operations as well as operations to collect intelligence information in the Golan, which Israel claims were carried out by Hizbullah and Iranian elements; for example, there have been rocket fire, roadside bombs, drones launched, and weapons transferred to Hizbullah. Israel for its part has carried out pinpoint counter-operations inside Syrian territory, such as bombing missile deliveries and attacking senior Iranian officials in Syria, for example, the January 2015 assassination of Gen. Mohammad Ali Allahdadi and other IRGC soldiers who have not been publicly identified, alongside several Hizbullah operatives, and the February 2013 assassination of top IRGC official Hassan Shateri, which Iran claims was carried out by Israel.[3]

Iran’s direct deployment in the Golan creates a single battle front against Israel from Rosh HaNikra to Quneitra.[4] It also constitutes a violation of the status quo of the Golan Heights front, which has been quiet since the Separation of Forces Agreement of 1974,[5] and comes on top of Hizbullah’s violations of U.N. Security Council Resolution 1701.[6] Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Al-Mu’allem said in an interview on Iran’s Al-Alam TV channel that “there is resistance in the Golan that is acting against Jabhat Al-Nusra and against the Israeli plans.”[7] Lebanese analyst Anis Naqash, who is close to Hizbullah, also said that “there is indeed resistance in the Golan.” According to him, there have been several actions against Israel by the Golan resistance, which he called popular Syrian resistance, and Israel has not acknowledged this so as to not reveal its helplessness. Regarding the violation of Resolution 1701 he said: “From the onset there was confusion about it. We – the resistance camp – violated Resolution 1701 from the moment they began implementing it.”[8]

Furthermore, Iran’s deployment on the border has implications for the chances of a war breaking out in the region and for the character of such a war. This, because it increases the possibility that any local eruption could quickly develop into a regional conflict, since Iran now commands the theater that stretches from Iran and Iraq through Syria and Lebanon and the Mediterranean.[9] It should be noted that Hizbullah’s January 28, 2015 retaliatory attack against Israel’s January 18 attack in itself did not develop into a broader conflict only because Israel refrained from responding to it. A senior Iranian spokesman assessed that this was due to Israel’s “intense fear of the outbreak of an all-out war.”[10]

Iran’s aim in deploying in the Golan Heights is not only to deter Israel from acting against its nuclear program, defend Syria as part of the resistance axis, and establish an active front for anti-Israel terror attacks in the Golan and even liberate the Israeli Golan. It also meshes with the Iranian regime’s ideological perception of Israel as an entity that must be eliminated, as is evident in statements by Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. According to this perception, the West Bank must be armed, as the Gaza Strip was, in advance of eliminating the state of Israel.

It should be noted that in addition to its deployment for the purpose of eliminating the state of Israel, Iran is building capabilities and ways of operating against Israel and against Jewish/Israeli targets worldwide; these are occasionally put into action.[11]

Iran’s front on Israel’s northern border, in addition to its involvement in other arenas in the region, creates tremendous pressure on its dwindling resources and exhausts it, intensifying its dependence on regional forces. But the export of Iran’s Islamic Revolution always contributes directly to the survival of the Iranian regime. This is because the mobilization of Iranian national forces and Iranian youth in the ideological framework of struggle outside Iran inoculates Iran’s dictatorial regime against internal uprising and rebellion against it.

I. Regional Background: Under Guise Of Fighting Sunni Jihadi Organizations, Iran Deploys On Israel’s Border

In recent years Iran has taken advantage of the fact that the theater between Iraq and the Mediterranean – that is, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon – has become a veritable no man’s land like Afghanistan, and has tightened its grip there and built up its deployment vis-a-vis Israel. Following the abandonment of the Syrian theater by the West, primarily the U.S., and the absence of any operation to decide the conflict following the Syrian uprising, Syria has become an arena of regional and global conflict. Participating in this conflict are fighters in the global jihad, such as Jabhat Al-Nusra and the Islamic State (ISIS), which have the support of Sunni elements, and on the other side Iran and its satellites, such as Hizbullah Lebanon and Hizbullah Syria, as well as the Iraqi militia Asa’ib ‘Ahl Al-Haqq and “the Fatimiyyoun Brigade” of Afghan Shi’ites.[12]

The West’s nonintervention in Syria has spawned not only Iran’s infiltration into that country but also its infiltration into two additional theaters where it has tightened its grip. First, the non-intervention has brought about the undermining of the situation in Lebanon, where in addition to the influx of millions of refugees and the collapse of the political system, the country has become an arena of conflict between Iran and the Sunni jihadis. Likewise, it has brought about the complete undermining of the situation in Iraq, where ISIS – which first established itself in Syria – has invaded the Sunni region and has consolidated its status there. The Iraqi army has collapsed, leading to the emergence on the ground of pro-Iran militias and of troops of the IRGC’s Qods Force, which is headed by Qassem Soleimani.[13]

Thus, Iran has created for itself a single theater of operation stretching from Iran to the Mediterranean, as Iranian officials describe it. For example, Yahya Rahim Safavi, former IRGC commander and security affairs advisor to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, boasted in May 2014: “Our strategic depth reaches to the Mediterranean, and above Israel’s head.”[14] In recent similar statements, Ali Saeedi, Khamenei’s representative in the IRGC, said: “The borders of Islamic Iran have expanded [all the way] to the shores of the Mediterranean, and the countries of the region are supported by Iran.” He said further that “we must prepare the ground for the globalization of the Islamic Revolution.”[15] In another speech, he said: “In the past, our borders were Haji Omran [on the Iran-Iraq border], while today our borders are the shore of the Mediterranean and Bab El-Mandeb [in Yemen].”[16] IRGC commander Mohammad Ali Jafari said: “Today, the borders of Islamic Iran and [its Islamic] Revolution have expanded, and we are not defending our country from its own borders but are standing fast and fighting together with our Shi’ite and Sunni brothers against the front of the arrogance [i.e. the West, headed by the U.S.] many kilometers from Iran’s borders.”[17]

In deploying directly on Israel’s border, Iran has effectively become a country neighboring Israel, despite being geographically distant, while Syria and Lebanon have become components in a broader Iran-led regional resistance entity bordering Israel.

II. Building A Single Conflict Front With Israel From Rosh HaNikra To Quneitra

Implementing the statements it has made over the past two years, Iran has created a single conflict front with Israel stretching from Rosh HaNikra to Quneitra, where it and its satellites, Hizbullah Lebanon and Hizbullah Syria, operate freely against Israel in violation of UN Resolution 1701 and while changing the status quo that has existed between Israel and Syria since the Separation of Forces Agreement of 1974.

As part of this implementation, the Syrian Golan has become an Iranian theater of operation as well. This strategic Iranian presence in the Golan was at first clandestine, under the auspices of “defending the resistance axis” and in the name of “the war on Sunni terrorism,” but later became public, and was accompanied by open threats to target Israel from the Syrian border. Thus, for example, in response to a May 2013 Israeli airstrike in the Damascus area targeting Fateh-110 long-range missiles being transferred from Iran to Hizbullah, spokesmen in Iran, Syria, and Hizbullah issued statements regarding the need for resistance in the Golan.[18] At a May 7, 2013 meeting with Iranian foreign minister Ali Akbar Salehi, Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad announced, “The Golan will become a front of resistance.”[19] Iranian Army chief of staff Hassan Firouzabadi also revealed that “according to Assad’s strategic decision, a popular resistance based on the Hizbullah template is being established across Syria.”[20]

In their statements, the top leaders of the resistance axis stress that, in addition to forming an active front in the Syrian Golan vis-a-vis Israel, the axis means to actually “liberate the Syrian Golan” from Israeli control. The deputy of the Iranian chief of staff, Mas’oud Jazeyeri, promised that the region would see many changes, “some of which will pass through the Golan,” and added that “the liberation of the Golan is not impossible.”[21] Hizbullah secretary-general Hassan Nasrallah announced, for his part, that his organization would aid the Syrian resistance “in order to liberate the Syrian Golan.”[22] Nahed Hattar wrote in the Lebanese Al-Akhbar  that “ending the Syria war [i.e., expelling the jihad organizations from it] is meaningless without wresting the Golan from Israeli hands.”[23]

In the framework of this plan for creating a single front from Rosh HaNikra to Quneitra, Hizbullah Lebanon is ignoring the Lebanon-Syria border and is operating freely in Syria, particularly in the Golan, despite criticism in Lebanon.[24] Nasrallah’s January 30, 2015 speech, delivered two days after Hizbullah’s counterattack following Israel’s January 18 attack in Quneitra, amounted to an acknowledgement of a reality in which “there is no recognition of division into arenas” and the resistance is entitled to confront the enemy “wherever it wants and however it wants.” Moreover, in this speech Nasrallah described the death of Hizbullah and IRGC operatives in Israel’s operation as “the mingling of Lebanese blood with Iranian blood on Syrian soil” and stated that this reflected the fact that there is “one cause, one destiny, and one battle.”[25] He also declared in his speech that “the rules of engagement” with Israel had now changed, referring to the rules set out in UN Resolution 1701; as a matter of fact, Hizbullah is indeed violating this resolution in various ways, including with its presence south of Lebanon’s Litani River, alongside the presence of IRGC forces.

III. Elements Of The New Iranian Deployment In Syria: Hizbullah Syria And A Direct Iranian Presence On Israel’s Border

The building of the new Iranian front has two elements: a) establishing a Hizbullah Syria based on the Hizbullah Lebanon model, and b) Iranian forces’ direct involvement in the Golan.

A. Hizbullah Syria – Another Resistance Arm Against Israel

The new Hizbullah Syria is also being established as part of an extensive strategic view and in preparation for the coming conflict with Israel. Senior IRGC official Hossein Hamedani said in a May 2014 speech that “Syria has become a decisive geopolitical region in the regional power balance” and that Iran has established “a second Hizbullah – popular militias in 14 Syrian governorates with 70,000 members, from Syria’s Shi’ites, Sunnis, and Alawites.”[26]

Likewise, an April 21, 2014 analysis published by the moderate conservative Iranian website Farda stated, “The establishment of a Hizbullah Syria, as a bud of resistance, will not only impact the Syrian crisis but will also serve as a mighty arm of the resistance that will give the Zionists nightmares. The Zionist regime, which was previously concerned with the threats along the Lebanese border, must now prepare itself for the new situation. As ongoing events show, the resistance front is uniting from day to day, and the situation for the Zionists and their supporters is worsening.”[27]

Also, Mohammad Reza Naqdi, commander of the Basij paramilitary force, explained: “Hizbullah emerged after the 1982 war in Lebanon. The Palestinian resistance was born after the attacks against Palestine. And today in Syria we are witnessing the establishment of a military force, following the aggression and plots against Syria.” He added, “The resistance force will liberate Jerusalem.”[28]

B. Direct Iranian Activity In The Golan And Lebanon

In the past, Iran preferred to manage the conflict with Israel exclusively through its proxies and allies – Assad and Hizbullah. However, there has recently been open physical presence of IRGC and Qods Force soldiers in Syria, specifically in the Syrian Golan. As mentioned above, Hossein Hamedani, former IRGC commander in the Tehran province, even stated in a speech that “there are 130,000 trained Iranian Basij fighters waiting to enter Syria.”[29]

Arab media also published reports that Iranian forces have been present in the Golan since May 2013. The reports included details provided by Syrian oppositionist circles regarding important bases in the Golan where IRGC forces were present: bases in the Tal Al-Sha’ar area and Tal Al-Ahmar, the Division 90 headquarters, an espionage base near Mazari’ Al-Amal, and a camp in Al-Shuhada.[30]

Testimony also appeared regarding significant IRGC presence on the Israeli-Lebanese border, including on a Twitter account close to the IRGC which posted photos indicating that “the IRGC soldiers of the Islamic revolution are on the border of [Lebanon and] occupied Palestine.”[31] In this context it should be mentioned that, back in January 2012, there was outrage in Lebanon following statements by the commander of the IRGC’s Qods Force, General Qassem Soleimani, who said that “Iran has a presence in South Lebanon and Iraq” and that “these regions are under the influence of the activity and philosophy of the Islamic Republic of Iran.”[32]

The physical presence of senior IRGC generals in the Golan and South Lebanon also indicates the importance of this arena in Iran’s eyes. Examples are presence of Iranian General Mohammad Ali Allahdadi in the Golan, which was exposed after he was killed in an Israeli airstrike in January 2015, and of Iranian General and IRGC commander in Lebanon Hassan Shateri, who was killed in February 2014 in an attack on a military convoy from Damascus to Beirut.[33] This, alongside reports that General Qassem Soleimani was present in Syria in general and in the Quneitra and Dar’a areas in particular.[34]

IV. Calls In Palestinian Resistance Movements To Join Northern Front

Palestinian resistance movements such as Hamas also expressed willingness to join the northern front against Israel by activating Palestinians living in refugee camps there.

Hamas official Mahmoud Al-Zahar called to enable the establishment of military groups belonging to the Al-Qassam Brigades – Hamas’s military wing – in Lebanese and Syrian refugee camps in order “to resist the enemy from northern Palestine.”[35] At the same time, there have been increasing reports recently on renewed Hamas contacts with Iran and Hizbullah, after a period of tension between them due to Hamas’s support for the Syrian revolution.[36]

Abu Ahmad Fouad, deputy secretary-general of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), supported Al-Zahar’s call and said that the establishment of these militias “should take place as part of a general framework of resistance movements, including the Lebanese Hizbullah.” He told the Al-Mayadeen TV channel: “We believe what Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah said regarding uniting the fronts against the Israeli occupation, and there are ongoing meetings to develop the Palestinian resistance operation and coordinate it with the Lebanese resistance.”[37]

‘Imad Zaqout, news director for Hamas’s Al-Aqsa TV, even admitted for the first time that the ‘Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam Brigades have already operated groups in neighboring countries, and that the rocket fire from Lebanon into Israel during the 2014 conflict in Gaza had been ordered by the Brigades. He added: “Hamas thought and planned for every future war with the Zionist enemy to be a total one. Meaning that it would include every inch of land in Palestine and inflict large-scale damage on the enemy.”[38]

V. The Iranian Front In The Golan – Implementing Iranian Ideological Perception Regarding Need To Eliminate Israel

Constructing a united front from Rosh HaNikra to Quneitra meshes with Iran’s comprehensive strategy to eliminate Israel. Iranian regime heads have repeatedly stated their commitment to this goal over the years, from Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei to other regime and military leaders.[39]

To bring only a handful of examples, in a July 23, 2014 speech, Khamenei said that “the only solution is to destroy the Zionist regime.”[40] Furthermore, Mehdi Taeb, head of Khamenei’s “Ammar Headquarters” think tank and the brother of IRGC intelligence chief Hossein Taeb, said in a November 12, 2014 speech in Qom that “Iran’s sword is currently stuck in the throat of the accursed Israeli regime, and according to the instructions of the founder of the Islamic Republic [Ayatollah Ruhollah] Khomeini, we must remove this oppressive regime from the world map… The Imam Khomeini saw the Basij [as a force] that would destroy the Zionist regime, and today, thanks to divine grace, Iran has besieged Israel with those same popular forces.”[41] Similar statements were repeatedly made by IRGC officials as well. On August 27, 2014, IRGC Deputy Commander Hossein Salami said: “Destroying the Zionist regime is a very simple matter… [It] will take place gradually. It is a matter of divine faith, [it is] more than a mere wish for us.”[42] On November 26, 2014, Basij Commander Mohammad Reza Naqdi said: “The Iranian nation and Basij members are determined to hold victory prayers led by their Imam [Khamenei] at the Al-Aqsa Mosque.”[43] The next day, IRGC navy official Ali Razmjou said that the Zionist regime “will be eliminated from the world map in the near future thanks to the resistance of Basij and Hizbullah members throughout the world.”[44]

VI. Developing The Palestinian Front By Arming West Bank, Israeli Arabs

To comprehensively implement this Iranian strategy to eliminate Israel, in addition to its activity in Syria and the Golan, the Iranian regime has increasingly expressed its intent to arm the West Bank, and even the Israeli Arabs, as it has armed the Gaza Strip.[45] Khamenei called on several occasions to arm the West Bank. In a July 23, 2014 speech, he said: “Allah willing, the day will come when this regime is destroyed. [But] so long as this false regime is on its feet – what is the solution? The solution is total armed resistance against this regime. This is the solution… Therefore, it is my belief that the West Bank should be armed just like Gaza.”[46]  A July 26, 2015 post on Khamenei’s Facebook page said: “The West Bank should be armed like Gaza.”[47]

Other officials also referred to the arming of the West Bank as part of a strategic policy of the Iranian regime. The deputy chair of the Majlis National Security Committee, Mansour Haghighatpour, said: “One of our goals is to arm the West Bank, because it is the best measure for fighting the Zionist regime.”[48] Ahmad Vahidi, who was defense minister under Ahmadinejad and commander of the IRGC Qods Force, said that “arming the West Bank is a strategic policy of the Leader [Khamenei], whose implementation will transform the Palestine arena,” and even called to arm the territories that were conquered in 1948, in addition to the West Bank. [49] Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan said in a rally honoring the Hizbullah members killed in the Quneitra attack, held on January 27, 2015 at the Hizbullah representation in Tehran: “We will utilize every available capability in order to arm the West Bank… The policy of the Islamic Republic regime is to arm the West Bank and strengthen the resistance axis and the forces of Hizbullah in order to fight the usurping and occupying Zionist regime.”[50]

In an August 29, 2014 message of congratulations to the Palestinian people at the close of the 2014 Gaza conflict, IRGC commander Jafari expressed Iran’s support of the Gaza resistance, while mentioning the hope for the elimination of the Zionist regime. He said: “We shall stand fast with you to the end. Continue to raise the banner of jihad in the path of God, for your honor and the honor of all Muslims is linked to this holy jihad. And know that, with Allah’s help, eliminating this crumbling and bloodthirsty Zionist regime will be the greatest achievement on this divine path, and the final victory is not so far away.”[51]

VII. The Battle In The Dar’a Region – Completing The Siege Around Israel

It should be mentioned that the Syrian army, Hizbullah and Iranian forces recently launched a large-scale joint attack on the southern front to expel the rebels from the Dar’a region. During this campaign, titled “The Quneitra Martyrs Battle,” the Syrian regime admitted openly for the first time that Iranian forces were fighting in Syria alongside Assad’s forces. In addition, Gen. Qassem Soleimani visited the region, and Hizbullah and IRGC flags were flown there.[52]

This joint effort to wrest control of the southern Syria front from the hands of the rebels is regarded by Syria, Iran and Hizbullah as part of their struggle against Israel and its allies. A victory in this region will bring the Iranian forces closer to the Jordanian border in the south and the Israeli border in the west, will prepare the ground for defeating the opposition forces in the Quneitra area, and will enable the creation of a territorial continuum of resistance axis forces stretching from Dar’a through Damascus and Quneitra to Lebanon.

A Syrian army commander admitted on Syrian TV that the operation in the Dar’a region was being carried out “in collaboration with the resistance axis – Hizbullah and Iran.” He added that the goal of the army’s actions in the Dar’a and Quneitra area was “to ensure calm on the borders with the neighboring countries [Israel and Jordan] and disrupt the security zone they are attempting to establish.”[53]

The Al-Hadath News website, which is close to the Syrian regime, also exposed Iran’s involvement  in the fighting, and even posted a photo of Gen. Qassem Soleimani in the area. It reported: “Iran, which had been taking part in the fighting in Syria by means of military advisors within the Syrian army, recently decided to join the military conflict officially and openly.” According to the site, Soleimani arrived in the area “to supervise and follow the campaign in southern Syria, and take part in directing it,” and his presence there lends the campaign “a clear geopolitical military character” that means that “the resistance is calling the shots in southern Syria.” The site added that the first goal of this attack was to defeat the armed opposition forces in Dar’a in advance of defeating them in Quneitra, which would be “a blow to the Zionist enemy.” This, in addition to preventing them from advancing towards Damascus. The site stated further that “southern Syria is clearly no longer involved in an inter-Syrian conflict, or a conflict between Syrians and takfiri forces [i.e., the jihad groups], but rather in a conflict between the resistance axis [comprising] Iran, Syria and Hizbullah on the one hand and the Israel-Jordan-U.S. alliance on the other.”[54]

Ibrahim Al-Amin, board chairman of the Lebanese Al-Akhbar daily, which is close to Hizbullah, wrote on this matter on February 11 that the top leadership of the resistance axis has decided “to create new political, military and security facts [on the ground] along the border between Jordan and occupied Palestine.”[55]

VIII. The Implications Of Iran And Its Proxies Surrounding Israel

Iran’s presence in the Golan, as well as in Lebanon and on the Mediterranean, creates a situation where any local conflict can rapidly escalate into a comprehensive regional war with direct Iranian involvement. Though Nasrallah stressed in his speech in late January 2015 that Hizbullah had completed its punitive measures for the killing of its six operatives in Quneitra, and that it is not interested in war, Iran continues to threaten further attacks, and may arrange further eruptions in the region or outside it by employing Hizbullah cells in various parts of the world.[56] In addition, articles in the Lebanese press spoke of the possible outbreak of a regional war.[57]

As long as Hizbullah operates from Lebanon, Israel is able to deter it, since Israel’s response to an attack from Lebanon employing the full force of Hizbullah’s missile arsenal (comprising over 100,000 missiles) will be the destruction of Lebanon’s infrastructures, a scenario that deters Hizbullah. However, if Hizbullah is activated from outside Lebanon, Israel will not be able to respond in the same manner.

As for Iran, it does not regard itself as deterred by Israel, now that it has built a single, comprehensive front against Israel stretching from the Mediterranean to southern Syria. It also has the capability of activating Hizbullah, despite the heavy price this organization will pay.

In fact, the Syrian front in general, and especially in the Golan, has become Iran’s favored theatre of operations, since acting there diminishes the chance of a war within its own borders. In this context, Khamenei’s advisor Ali Ahmad Velayati said on February 8, 2013 that “Iran has planned its defensive positions outside its own borders, and has linked its fate to the fate of the Islamic countries; this is why it will support those such as [Syrian President] Bashar Al-Assad to the end…”[58] Mehdi Taeb, the head of Khamenei’s “Ammar Headquarters” think tank, said in one of his speeches: “The loss of Syria will lead to the loss of Tehran itself.”[59]

Moreover, Iran’s presence on the Israeli border limits Israel’s ability to use military measures against Iran’s nuclear program. This, since Iran is building up its response capabilities in the region, to complement its long-range missiles. In the past, it was Hizbullah Lebanon that deterred Israel, to some extent, from acting militarily against Iran’s nuclear program. Today this deterrence is significantly strengthened by the advent of Hizbullah Syria and the direct presence of Iranian forces in the Golan.

According to Mehdi Taeb, the centrality of Hizbullah to Iran’s deterrence vis-a-vis Israel was already demonstrated in the 2006 Lebanon war. In a 2013 speech, he said that Iran never had to attack Israel’s nuclear warheads because “we completely locked up [Israel] with Hizbullah. During the 2006 Lebanon war, the Zionist regime tried to break this lock [i.e. Hizbullah], but after 33 days [of fighting], it gave up, and left [Lebanon].”[60]

Al-Akhbar columnist Nahed Al-Hattar also addressed the implications of Iran’s deployment on Israel’s border. He said that, while Israel is unable to use its nuclear capabilities due to international considerations, Iran has created a “practical, direct and conventional” threat against it: “Israel faces a fateful crisis. As much as it feared the Iranian nuclear program, it never imagined that Iran would be standing on its border even before its nuclear agreement with the Americans was complete. The Iranian threat to Israel is no longer theoretical, nor does it have anything to do with Israel’s deterrent of using its nuclear weapons, which cannot be used considering the international power balance. The threat has become direct, practical and conventional.”[61]

*Y. Carmon is President and Founder of MEMRI; Y. Yehoshua is Vice President for Research and Director of MEMRI Israel.


[1] From a February 13, 2015 article by columnist Nahed Al-Hattar in the Lebanese daily Al-Akhbar.

[2] Fars (Iran), April 5, 2014. See also MEMRI Special Dispatch No. 5848, Iranian Media Reports Deleted Following Publication (1): Senior IRGC Official Speaking On Iran’s Military Involvement In Syria Says Iran Has Established ‘Second Hizbullah’ There, September 25, 2014.

[3] In the last two years, numerous security incidents have occurred on Israel’s northern border. The incidents include the launch of a drone from South Lebanon in April 2013, which, according to Israeli estimates, was carried out by IRGC members; rocket fire towards the Hermon outpost in May 2013; a roadside bomb near the Israeli-Lebanese border in August 2013; roadside bombs on the Israeli-Syrian border in March and October 2014; anti-tank missile fire from Syria towards an Israeli vehicle in June 2014; a drone infiltrating Israel from Quneitra in August 2014; and  rocket fire on the Golan in January 2015. This, alongside Israeli attacks on weapons shipments such as a shipment of SA-17 anti-aircraft missiles to Hizbullah in Syria in January 2013, an attack on a truck convoy carrying missiles and a launcher in February 2014, and an attack on a warehouse storing Russian-made missiles that were on their way from Syria to Lebanon in December 2014.

[4] The notion of a single front from the Rosh HaNikra to Quneitra (i.e., from the Mediterranean to the Golan) was expressed  repeatedly in the Lebanese press. See for example a January 19, 2015 article in the daily Al-Safir, an article by Firas Al-Shoufi from the same date in Al-Akhbar, and Nahed Hattar’s January 21, 2015 article in Al-Akhbar. The head of Al-Akhbar‘s board of directors, Ibrahim Al-Amin, expressed a similar notion in the daily as early as May 27, 2013.

[5] This violation of a decades-long status quo is so grave that, in a late January 2015 interview with Foreign Affairs magazine, Bashar Al-Assad persisted in denying that it was happening, claiming, “Never has an operation against Israel happened through the Golan Heights since the cease-fire in 1974. It has never happened. So for Israel to allege that there was a plan for an operation—that’s a far cry from reality, just an excuse, because they wanted to assassinate somebody from Hizbullah.” Foreign Affairs (U.S.), January 25, 2015.

[6] On Hizbullah’s violations of  Resolution 1701, see MEMRI Special Dispatch No. 5857, “Daily Close To Hizbullah: In Violation Of UNSCR 1701, Hizbullah Has Resumed Operations South Of The Litani River,” October 13, 2014.

[7] Al-Alam TV (Iran), February 2, 2015.

[8] LDC (Lebanon), January 29, 2015.

[9] Many columnists close to Hizbullah and Iran addressed the scenario of an imminent all-out war with Israel. For example, columnist Wafiq Qanso described Hizbullah’s considerations prior to reacting to the Israeli attack as follows: “The time, place, and manner of a reaction  is subject  to the examination of  the leadership of the resistance.” He said that such an examination takes into account several elements, including “the reality in the region and the possibility of a counter-reaction [by Israel] and a slide into extensive war.” Al-Akhbar (Lebanon), January 21, 2015. Lebanese analyst ‘Ali Haidar  wrote: “It is now clear that direct Israeli military intervention will trigger a parallel regional intervention on an [even] larger and more dangerous scale, leading to a scenario of  regional escalation.” Al-Akhbar (Lebanon), February 13, 2015. Iranian analyst Hassan Hanizadeh, who is close to Iranian  regime circles, wrote: “The current confrontation is a prelude to a comprehensive war that will not be confined to South Lebanon, and may even spread  south of Quneitra.” Fars, Iran, January 28, 2015. Al-Akhbar’s Ibrahim Al-Amin wrote, “The possibility of an all-out conflict breaking out that will leave no border between Lebanon and Syria is valid and in effect.” Al-Akhbar, Lebanon, May 27, 2013.

[10]  Brigadier Yadollah Javani, an advisor to Khamenei’s representative in the IRGC, said in a February 15, 2015 interview on Iran’s Al-Alam TV: “Nasrallah announced they [Hizbullah]  would respond to the [January 18] attack, and we saw how this response was carried out. The beauty of it is that the Zionists, for their part, did not respond at all. The reason is their intense fear of the outbreak of an all-out war.”

[11] Recently, many Iran and Hizbullah cells across the world planning attacks against Israeli and Jewish targets were discovered. For example, Uruguay in early January 2015 expelled a top diplomat at the Iranian Embassy in Montevideo on suspicion of his involvement in placing a bomb near the Israeli Embassy in the city; see:, February 6, 2015. Likewise, in April 2014, two Hizbullah operatives planning an attack against Israeli tourists were arrested in Thailand; see:, April 18, 2014. In May 2013, Nigerian security forces uncovered a Hizbullah terror cell that planned to carry out attacks against Israeli targets in the country and in other parts of West Africa. In February 2013, Nigerian security forces uncovered a terror squad operated by the IRGC’s Qods Force that was planning attacks against Chabad House and against offices of the Israeli Zim shipping lines in the city of Lagos. See: Haaretz, IBA, May 30, 2013.

[12] Reports on Iranian forces participating in the fighting in Syria appeared in Iran as early as 2013. See MEMRI Inquiry & Analysis No. 1040, “Despite Denials By Iranian Regime, Statements By Majlis Member And Reports In Iran Indicate Involvement Of Iranian Troops In Syria Fighting,” December 4, 2013.

Recently, Al-Sharq Al-Awsat reported, citing Ahmad Ramadan, a member of the National Coalition for Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces, that Iran  was airlifting Shi’ite warriors, especially Iraqis and Afghans, to Latakia, Syria, where they are trained by the IRGC before being dispatched to Dar’a. Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, London, February 13, 2015.

[13] See MEMRI Special Dispatch No. 5877, Iranian Campaign Touts IRGC Qods Force Commander Qassem Soleimani As ‘Savior Of Iraq’; Soleimani: Iran Has Thousands Of Organizations Like Hizbullah; I Pray To Die A Martyr, November 10, 2014.

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[24] Recently, former Lebanese prime minister Sa’d Al-Hariri, chairman of the Al-Mustaqbal faction, expressed harsh criticism of Hizbullah’s involvement in Syria. In a speech marking the 10th anniversary of the assassination of his father, Rafiq Al-Hariri, he said: “[In the past] we said to Hizbullah: entering the Syrian war is lunacy in itself. It has brought the terrorist insanity into our country. Today we say to it that connecting the Golan with the South [of Lebanon] is also lunacy, and another reason for us to say to it: Get out of Syria. Stop importing Syrian conflagrations into our country, first a terrorist conflagration, then a conflagration from the Golan, and tomorrow who knows where [the conflagration] will come from.” See, February 14, 2015.

On earlier criticism inside Lebanon on Hizbullah’s involvement in Syria, see MEMRI Inquiry & Analysis No. 980, Lebanon Openly Enters Fighting In Syria, June 13, 2013. The Lebanese press close to Hizbullah  has since May 2013 mentioned numerous times the notion of abolishing the Lebanon-Syria border and the expansion of the resistance front from Lebanon to Syria in the framework of all-out conflict with Israel. For example, Ibrahim Al-Amin wrote in Al-Akhbar: “Everyone must act based on the expansion in practice of [Israel’s] northern front, [which now stretches from  Lebanon to Syria]. In the near future, we may see the border with Lebanon remaining calm, while the most active front will be on the Palestine-Syria border [in the Golan]… We are simply facing a new level of unity between the resistance in Lebanon and [that in] Syria… such that the possibility of an all-out conflict breaking out that will leave no border between Lebanon and Syria is valid and in effect.” Al-Akhbar, Lebanon, May 27, 2013. Columnist Nahed Hattar wrote in Al-Akhbar recently that the Golan was “a pan-Arab arena shared by the Lebanese, the Syrian, the Jordanian, and the Iraqi [people]. From today onwards, there is no longer room for partial resistance and for partial national plans.” Al-Akhbar, Lebanon, January 23, 2015. See also  MEMRI Inquiry & Analysis No. 1138, Following Killing Of Hizbullah Operative Jihad Mughniyah, New Information Comes To Light Regarding Hizbullah, Iranian Activity In Syrian Golan On Israeli Border, January 28, 2015.

[25] Al-Safir (Lebanon), January 31, 2015. The previous day, similar statements were made by IRGC commander Jafari: “Iran and Hizbullah are one, and everywhere the blood of our martyrs on the front is spilled together, and our response will be the same.” Fars, Iran, January 30, 2015.

[26] Fars (Iran), May 4, 2014. See MEMRI Special Dispatch No. 5848, Iranian Media Reports Deleted Following Publication (1): Senior IRGC Official Speaking On Iran’s Military Involvement In Syria Says Iran Has Established ‘Second Hizbullah’ There, September 25, 2014.

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[56] Iran has made numerous threats to this effect.  IRGC Qods Force deputy commander Esmail Qaani said after the Quneitra attack: “We will not rest until Israel is eliminated,” Mehr (Iran), January 22, 2015. IRGC commander ‘Ali Jafari threatened a response by means of Hizbullah’s cells across the world: “They [Israel] are surely familiar with the capabilities of the Hizbullah cells that have been established  around the  world [to fight] the enemies of Islam, and they fear them. If  they expect Hizbullah to respond to their action, they must expect a firm and crushing response not only in the region of their border but in any part of the world where there are Zionist Israelis or their supporters” Fars (Iran), January 30, 2015.

[57] On this, see note 9.

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Nando end

Feb 23, 2015 Arguments for a Pentecost May 14, 2015 Rapture

Luis Vega has presented another well researched and though rough study of the church age starting and ending in Pentecost. In his study he sees also the possibility of a Rosh Hashanah Rapture.


Luis Vega (22 Feb 2015)
“FINAL COMMISSION OF THE CHURCH – The Pentecostal Intermission”

Eclipse Patterns Signaling the End of the Age of Grace
By Luis B. Vega for online illustration if Charts section

‘Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and see, I am with you always, even to the end of the Age.’ – Matthew 28:19-20


The purpose of this study is to consider the prophetic pattern of the Church Age in how it appears that it is coming to a close in this last generation based on 2 particular astronomical cycles. The New Testament teaches that there will be a conclusion to this Commission and Jesus Christ promised to be with His Church until the end of the Age or dispensation. This study does make a delineation between the Church universal and the Bride that will be extracted from it. Once the Bride is Raptured, the suspension of Israel’s commission will resume by way of the 144,000 Witnesses and the 2 Witnesses in particular. It will involve the conclusion of Israel’s discipline as some interpret the prophecy of Daniel and the scenario based on the book of Revelation. This subsequent time for Israel’s discipline is referred to as the Time of Jacob’s Trouble. This time is also attributed by some to be coinciding to be what is called the Tribulation period.

This study also holds to the interpretation that the Tribulation period is a compressive 7 year prophetic week of years. It is divided into 2 equal lengths of times that is referred to as the ‘Time, Times and Half a Time’. Moreover, this period correlates to the commencement of the breaking of the Seal judgments by the Lamb, Jesus Christ in Heaven. These Seal judgments are all-encompassing that includes within it the Tribulation, the Great Tribulation, the Wrath of the Lamb, GOD, Satan, etc. What is noteworthy is that the type of ‘First Fruits’ of the Rapture, that is the Apostle John is there in Heaven to witness the breaking of these Seals as a euphemism for the Bride. In the ‘reading of the will’, the sentencing is being proclaimed against Lucifer and his Fallen Ones, and the world that will be in tandem with the final discipline of Israel.

This study does not agree that the Church will overlap in any way with the Seal Judgments or Wrath of the Lamb or Satan for that matter. The Church Age must end before the Time of Jacob’s Trouble can commence. It will be a time remaining to complete Israel’s redemption and transformation, not of the Church because that is what the Pentecostal Intermission, the Church Age has been all about. Only then at the end of the Great Tribulation will Israel finally be able to see and say ‘Blessed is He that comes in the Name of the LORD’ to Jesus’ at His 2nd Coming based on Zachariah 12-14. This is proof that Israel is not the Church as the Church is not in a position to be refined to the point that it says the same about the true Messiahship of Jesus. The Church sees Jesus now as Paul taught and the Church is yielded to the headship of Messiah; Israel is not because it was Israel who ‘pierced Him’, not the Church.

Who is the Church?
One of the main points of this study is that the Church is a particular living organism that transcends a chosen racial bloodline and/or a covenant land, i.e., Israel. It is not a man-made religion or organization such as the Catholic Church. This study is in agreement in that the Church is the spiritual hybrid of the ‘New Man in Christ’ that includes both Jew and Gentile in Christ Jesus. It has been during this Pentecostal Intermission that the LORD has seen fit to build His peculiar Temple, a spiritual house, i.e., the ‘Bride’, a gentile mostly at that, as a type of Ruth and Boaz prophetic metaphor. The mere fact that this spiritual Temple is where the LORD’s glory resides is testimony that the Church is not Israel, as national Israel is without at physical Temple required to honor the LORD with. This speaks of the discipline Israel has had to endure in tandem during this Pentecostal Intermission as it has been set aside prophetically, for the time being until the Time of the Gentiles fully come in. This not to say or teach that the Law and the Prophets have been done away with in Christ but that they have been fulfilled in Jesus.

There are many Christian denominations that emphatically teach that the Church should obverse the ‘whole Law’. If this is the case, then stoning of rebellious children is warranted; then the need to sacrifice at the physical Temple in Jerusalem is demanded, etc. This is the quandary, such can’t because there is no physical Temple in Jerusalem. This is the dilemma currently for the observant Jews that can’t answer the question of why YHVH has not allowed a House to His Name be erected at this time in Jerusalem for 1,983 years so far. It is because the Messiah came and was rejected by national Israel. As a consequence and discipline, Jesus at the Olivet Discourse foretold that the Temple would be destroyed in His generation at His 1st coming but yet would exist in the Terminal Generation at His 2nd coming. It was Jesus who despite national Israel’s rejection initiated the New Covenant composed of the ‘New Man in Christ’.

The true Church since the 1st Pentecost has operated under this constitution and will until the Commission the Church is completed and the issue with Israel’s disciple resumes; for which a 3rd Temple will be provided for such a time to complete Israel’s discipline. There is much confusion in the Body of Christ as to who is the Church. Many Christians erroneously also believe that the Church will ‘spill over’ into to the Tribulation period because of certain aspects of the books of Daniel and Revelation that are either taken out of context or are misinterpreted. In certain references, there is language that speaks of the ‘Saints’ being worn out and overcome by the power of the AntiChrist.

Yet in such a time Israel is protected even from the horrors of the AntiChrist. The false Prince and Messiah will turn to hunt down the People of YHVH during the Tribulation, especially toward the 2nd half. The reason why the Church cannot be present during the Tribulation, much less the Great Tribulation is because Jesus promised that His Church would not be subject to such a commission and witness. The LORD Jesus promised that the Church would not be, could not be overcome nor worn out as the Gates of Hell. Such would attempt to destroy this Witness throughout the Pentecostal Intermission. For the Church Age, many types of AntiChrists have arisen for that very purpose. Such minions of Lucifer have not prevailed despite horrific atrocities done against the Saints, the Church comprising of both Jew and Gentile even to this present day.

The Pentecostal Intermission
Such Satanic assaults cannot prevail over the Church and its Royal Commission because like the encampment or ‘church’ in the wilderness, the false prophets of Balaam could not curse the assembly. Why? Because there was a ‘shout of the King’ amongst them. Jesus was in the midst and no power in Heaven or on Earth is greater than that of Jesus, as all authority in Heaven and Earth belongs to Jesus alone due to His atoning substitutionary work on the Cross. The authority of the resurrected LORD Jesus has been the power of the Church during the Pentecostal Intermission for nearly the 2000 years. Why so many AntiChrist types have attempted without success to destroy the Church throughout this Intermission with their Gates of Hell is because the shout of the King, of Jesus is in her midst. The only way Lucifer can prevail over a local ‘encampment’ is if Jesus is not their King and/or there is compromise.

This has been what has plagued the Churches throughout the Church Age as it was the case for Israel. It has primarily been the doctrines of the Nicolaitanes and the Jezebels that have been allowed in the Church that have compromised such a testimony. To reiterate the ‘Church’ are all those that call upon the Name of Jesus and is the Head and Sovereign over the Body. It is not the Protestant Church nor other ‘organized’ ecclesiastical denominations. Sadly the last facet of the Church Age is that of Laodicea that is generally characterized by gross apostasy. Ironically this last stewardship or ‘chapter’ of the Church will see the Bride of Christ be completed; her cloths made white by the Blood of the Lamb and washed in the Word ready for the Rapture presentation.

The divine purpose and plan for the Church has been that this divine authority of Jesus as King has been bestowed by the LORD Jesus to proclaim this witness to every generation within the Pentecostal Intermission. This invincible power of an indestructible life of a risen King is why the ‘Saints’ in this dispensation cannot be ‘worn out’ or overcome despite unrelenting persecutions by Lucifer in an attempt to if at least compromise the witness because he knows he cannot destroy nor curse it like Balaam. This divine power and authority was bestowed for the very purpose of fulfilling the Royal Commission to testify of the resurrection and new creation found only in the Son of GOD. These specifics protocols given by Jesus are prophetic only within the parameter of the Church Age or peculiar Intermission. It has been specifically for His followers in which the Rapture will signal the Bride’s Commission completed as a type of harvest.

Another reason why the Church is not Israel is that after the Rapture, national Israel will make a ‘New Covenant’ with the AntiChrist, or ‘Death’ as Isaiah calls it. During this subsequent time, the LORD will commission other witnesses. If there has been any spill over or overlap of the Commission of the Church with Israel, it has been in the context that that national Israel has been brought back in the land, although in unbelief. Also Jerusalem has been established as its capital. More prophetic is that the Temple Mount has been secured by Israel although no Temple has been erected. These are the 3 prophetic keys that will signal the countdown to the end of the Bride’s Commission. If the Church Age Believers with their Royal Commission ‘spill over’ into the ‘Tribulation’ in any form, it would violate the purpose for the Pentecostal Intermission. In a typology of the Divine Feasts, Pentecost cannot suddenly become a time of Rosh HaShana.

The Tribulation
The prophetic types of the Feast of YHVH would follow that after the prophetic Pentecostal Intermission, what comes next is the Fall Feasts that deal with introspection, repentance and atonement. This is what the Tribulation will be all about, for Israel, not the Church. The Church, the Bride has had this process occur all throughout the Pentecostal Intermission as she has washed away all sin and wrinkle, spiritually speaking. For the Church, the Body of Christ, it has been a time of introspection, growing pains and repentance, a type of ’40 days’ in the wilderness for testing, not disciple. The point is that the Church has been going through tribulation since the very start of her Commission but it has not been judgment. The ‘Saints’ that will be found during the Tribulation period will be allowed to be overcome because they are not the Church and the Church will not be there at that time.
Moreover, one could take this thought further in insinuating that ‘Jesus’ is not there. How can this be? Because prophetically, Jesus will be mainly preoccupied with the Bema Seat evaluation of this Bride, and will be setting court to break the Seals of the Scroll having the Bride as the primary Witness. It is likened to a reading of a will. In practice, the reading of a will is done upon the death of the agent for the cause of his or her beneficiaries. In this case, Jesus having died but risen nonetheless qualifies to read His own will in this unique case. This will is the judgment of Lucifer and world that will be in tandem with the tribulation that will be used for the disciple of Israel. This is not to say that ‘Jesus’ cannot be anywhere at any time. It is just a prophetic reference point in why the ‘Saints’, will be allowed to be overcome.

As some interpret, the final prophetic ‘week of years’ is pertaining to national Israel and those that will subsequently come to faith in Jesus due to the efforts of the 144,000 Jewish evangelists and the 2 Witnesses. The point is that the Pentecostal Intermission period has been an amazing time in which the King, GOD the SON has indwelled a Believer by the power of the Holy Spirit, sealed forever. During the Tribulation period the People of YHVH will only be ‘marked’. Consider the following contrasts. The LORD Jesus in the Olivet Discourse prescribed that the Remnant of that generation flee to the mountains when they would see a type of the AntiChrist desecrate the Temple. The context was Jesus giving direction to His Disciples pertaining to national Israel.
This was a 2 fold prophetic entendre in that the 2nd Temple existed before the Pentecostal Intermission commenced and a 3rd Temple would be built after. To the Disciples, it was one continuous unbroken prophetic line of thought, events and time, unawares of the Pentecostal Intermission. The Disciples as the Prophets of old did not really grasp the Pentecostal Intermission of the New Man in Christ as there was to be no Temple for a long time although it was foretold in Hosea 3:4. As it pertained to the Disciples in the 1st Century, it is documented that none of the LORD’s Church perished in the subsequent Roman campaigns against Jerusalem leading up to the destruction of the 2nd Temple in 70 AD; they ‘escaped’ up to the hills. Perhaps this was even a type of the Rapture to come when Sudden Destruction will befall the world in these Last Days. The Disciples had taken Jesus’ words of warning and fled or escaped. It will be no different during the Tribulation for Israel, not the Church.

For Israel, the end will be no different as once again the prophet Daniel alludes that the same people of the Prince that shall come will be from where the AntiChrist is to arise. It will be in those days that Jesus’ Disciples, i.e., national Israel as a type of His Church thereafter, will be taken to Petra to escape as the AntiChrist is given full power for the last half of the Tribulation. The point is that if the LORD provided His ‘Earthly’ Disciples a warning and way of escape from the persecution to come to national Israel before the Pentecostal Intermission and after such a time during the Tribulation Period, the Time of Jacob’s Troubles…the question is thus, how can He not, would He not also do this for His spiritual people, the Church, His Bride?

It would be in keeping with the pattern and promise of providing the Church a similar way of escape at the end of her most Royal and privileged Commission. Thus this study strongly suggests that the Bride of Christ cannot overlap the Commission of the 144,000 and that of the 2 Witnesses. “For it will come upon all those who dwell on the face of all the Earth. “But keep on the alert at all times, praying that you may have strength to escape all these things that are about to take place, and to stand before the Son of Man.” Now during the day He was teaching in the temple, but at evening He would go out and spend the night on the mount that is called Olivet. – Luke 21:36-37

To reiterate, the ‘escape’ for the Bride will be the Blessed Hope that is peculiar amongst all types of Raptures because it includes the promise of the resurrection of the dead in Christ Jesus. This cannot be said of national Israel as a whole. Again, if this is the case for national Israel during the Time of Jacob’s Trouble that will encompass the Tribulation period, how can there not be a similar escape made for His spiritual Israel? More so in that this ‘spiritual Israel’ is comprising His crown, His prized possession as Isaiah states, His Bride. Will the Bride that has been forged out of the tribulation and trials that has constituted the 7-fold dispensation of prophetic Pentecostal Intermission since the 1st Pentecost be still lacking in disciple to have her partake of Israel’s disciple? No.

‘Then those who feared the LORD spoke to one another, and the LORD gave attention and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before Him for those who fear the LORD and who esteem His name. “They will be Mine,” says the LORD of hosts, “on the day that I prepare My own possession, and I will spare them as a man spares his own son who serves him.” So you will again distinguish between the righteous and the wicked, between one who serves God and one who does not serve Him. – Malachi 3:16-17

Of course there are those that hold to the interpretation that the Church will overlap in the Tribulation, either the first half or especially the 2nd half. Many Christians erroneously presume the Church is to go through and be ‘raptured’ at the end of the wrath or pre-wrath, perhaps. The point is that even in the Olivet Discourse, the LORD prescribed an ‘escape’ for His Followers to take note of.

National Israel (Remnant) à    The Church (Remnant) à         National Israel (Remnant)
Roman Prince Titus                   AntiChrist’s unveiling                  AntiChrist’s Prince
Time of the 2nd Temple               Beginning of the 3rd Temple        When sacrifices are ceased
Flee from Mt. Zion                     Flees to Heavenly Mt. Zion         Flees to the mountains of Petra


The Conclusive Tetrad
The LORD deals in patterns of 7s as with the 7-fold faceted timeframe of the Church Age that can be seen as a Menorah pattern. This is visualized in the book of Revelation by the LORD Himself depicted as the High Priest in the Heavenly Temple ministering in the midst to the 7 Churches of Lights, even to the end of the Age as He promised. Moreover the prophetic pattern of the ‘Church’ in the wilderness’ can be extrapolated to the Church Age in the following. There were 40 years of wandering before the Assembly could enter the Promised Land. In a typology, the natural self, the flesh and the carnal mind as the Bible metaphorically describes the condition and process of sanctification have to die first before the ‘Church’ can cross over to the Promised Land. A ‘new creation’ is required as much as flesh and bones cannot inherit the Kingdom of YHVH.

To cross over into the ‘Kingdom’, it requires a renewed generation or to be born anew. The number 40 speaks of testing, not judgment. Thus if one applies the Jubilee principle of the 120 years based on the Flood judgment pronounced by the LORD, the following prophetic mathematical equation alludes to how long the Church Age or the Pentecostal Intermission is to last approximately. One interpretation of the 120 year factor is not that it was how long Humanity’s lifespan was to degenerate to but that these were the amount of Jubilees Humanity was to be allotted on the prophetic time clock. A Jubilee count is 50 that in fact corresponds to the Pentecostal count from the First Fruits resurrection of the LORD to the gathering of the 120 Disciples in the Upper Room. Here again 120 is seen as the ‘code’ of the prophetic numerical coefficient used. Also 120 is the coefficient of the time, 1 month 20 days and 1,200 minutes of time or  weeks, a complete reflection of the 7-fold age of churches within the Pentecostal Intermission.
40 year Testing x 50 Jubilee count = 2000 years (Church Age)
APR 14, 32 AD – APR 14, 2014 = 1982 year difference
1982 years to 2000 = difference of 18 years (6-6-6)
2014-15 Tetrad – 1982 year coefficient = 32 years (crucifixion year and age of AntiChrist?)

Thus this study presents the case that the Church Age is about to conclude in this generation. This is based on 2 possible confirming sign validating this time-span that is based on an astronomical Blood Moon and solar eclipse correlation. The 1st correlation is from the midnight Blood Moon of 32 AD that this study suggests is in fact when the crucifixion day occurred, to the start of the 1st Blood Moon of the 2014-15 Tetrad, exactly 1983 years. The 2nd correlation is that no other Tetrad before or after has a total solar eclipse exactly on the Spring Equinox that is also a Jewish New Year. What the point is that the Tetrad of 2014-15 might very well be the one that is to precede the Day of the LORD as foretold by the prophet Joel as a partial solar eclipse occurs on the Rosh HaShana. This is in essence a ‘code’ for a beginning and end duration of time; perhaps that of the Pentecostal Intermission?

There are other Tetrads that occur after 2014-15 as the ones in 2032, 2043, 2061, etc., none but the 2061-62 Tetrad have the consecutive 4 Feast days of YHVH, yet it does not have a total solar eclipse occurring in between the Blood Moons on a New Year nor Equinox. Thus the point is that the subsequent Tetrads in the future are a mixed-bag of that do not ‘fit’ the Joel prophecy as does the one exclusively in 2014-15. Erroneously many also have come to believe based on drawing renditions of the 2014-15 Tetrad that only 1 total solar eclipse occurs in the ‘middle’ of the Tetrad. This is not the case.

The Solar Eclipse Signature of the Tetrads
Again, what is unique about the 2014-15 Tetrad is that it has a Jewish New Year to New Year correspondence. The unique total solar eclipse on the Spring Equinox and Jewish New Year on March 20, 2015 is marking off a prophetic conclusion of a matter or Age perhaps with the partial solar eclipse of September 13, 2015, on Rosh HaShana. Could this allude to the end of the Pentecostal Intermission? The following shows that based on the NASA calculations of the 8 Tetrads since Christ none but the 2014-15 Tetrad has both a total solar eclipse occurring on the Equinox and Jewish religious New Year.
05172  0162 May 02  05:26:00   8958 -22729   89   P   t-   1.1337  0.7359  62N  15E   0

05173  0162 Oct 25    22:13:52   8953 -22723   94   P   t-  -1.0839  0.8525  61S 127E   0

05174  0163 Mar 22  14:48:14   8950 -22718   61   As -t  -0.9922  0.9409  60S  75E   6   –   04m11s

05175  0163 Sep 16   02:50:40   8945 -22712   66   H   -t   0.9101  1.0053  55N 136W  24   43  00m21s


06663  0795 Apr 23  21:24:56   2976 -14900  109   Tn  t-   0.9863  1.0587  65N 131E   9   –   02m58s

06664  0795 Oct 17  18:17:55   2973 -14894  114   P   t-  -1.1468  0.7065  61S 164E   0

06665  0796 Mar 14  05:11:10  2969 -14889    81   T   -t  -0.8830  1.0181  51S 160E  28  129  01m16s

06666  0796 Sep 06  06:51:48   2965 -14883    86   P   -t   1.0242  0.9435  61N 172W   0


06769  0842 Apr 14  15:47:20   2606 -14319  110   P   t-  -1.1039  0.7950  71S   9E   0

06770  0842 Oct 07  20:58:30   2602 -14313  115   T   t-   0.9787  1.0229  65N  84W  11  403  01m30s

06771  0843 Mar 05  02:29:36   2599 -14308   82   P   -t   1.0404  0.8856  72N  81E   0            

06772  0843 Aug 29  04:09:48   2595 -14302   87   T   -t  -0.9582  1.0442  61S  94E  16  526  02m56s


06809  0860 Apr 24  22:52:40   2470 -14096  110   P   t-  -1.0414  0.9057  70S 111W   0

06810  0860 Oct 18  05:25:01   2467 -14090  115   T   t-   0.9565  1.0241  59N 134E  16  286  01m42s

06811  0861 Mar 15  09:40:04  2464 -14085    82   P   -t   1.0873  0.8079  72N  42W   0            

06812  0861 Sep 08  12:08:25   2460 -14079    87   T-  -t  -1.0032  1.0053  72S  70W   0


08296  1493 Apr 16  06:10:20    203  -6267  130   T   t-  -0.9042  1.0391  50S 107E  25  308  03m00s

08297  1493 Oct 10  13:43:35    202  -6261  135   P   t-   1.0334  0.8969  71N  29E   0

08298  1494 Mar 07  14:04:20   202  -6256  102   Tn  -t   0.9940  1.0368  71N  99W   4   –   02m06s

08299  1494 Aug 30  21:44:35    201  -6250  107   P   -t  -1.1821  0.6529  72S 141E   0


09396  1949 Apr 28  07:48:53     29   -627     147   P   t-   1.2068  0.6092  62N  56W   0

09397  1949 Oct 21  21:13:01     29   -621     152   P   t-  -1.0270  0.9638  62S 107E   0

09398  1950 Mar 18  15:32:01    29   -616    119   A-  -t  -0.9988  0.9620  61S  41E   0            

09399  1950 Sep 12  03:38:47     29   -610    124   T   -t   0.8903  1.0182  55N 172E  27  134  01m14s


09436  1967 May 09  14:42:48     38   -404  147   P   t-   1.1422  0.7201  63N 168W   0

09437  1967 Nov 02  05:38:56     38   -398  152   T-  t-  -1.0007  1.0126  62S  28W   0

09438  1968 Mar 28  23:00:30     38   -393  119   P   -t  -1.0370  0.8990  61S  80W   0            

09439  1968 Sep 22  11:18:46      39   -387  124   T   -t   0.9451  1.0099  56N  64E  19  104  00m40s


09539  2014 Apr 29  06:04:33     69    177  148   A-  t-  -1.0000  0.9868  71S 131E   0

09540  2014 Oct 23  21:45:39     69    183  153   P   t-   1.0908  0.8114  71N  97W   0

09541  2015 Mar 20  09:46:47    69    188  120   T   -t   0.9454  1.0445  64N   7W  18  463  02m47s ß ß

09542  2015 Sep 13  06:55:19     69    194  125   P   -t  -1.1004  0.7875  72S   2W   0

Blood Moon Pattern
Thus could the 2014-15 Tetrad be the prophetic time-marker that is to converge the ending of the Commission of the Church to that of the commissioning of the 144k and the 2 Witnesses based on the Equinox solar eclipse New Year’s code? Perhaps the end of the Church Age is to be somehow related to the Tetrad that ends in the Fall of 2015 or soon thereafter. From this time forward, no such Tetrads will have the 4 corresponding Feasts synchronized in a row with a total solar eclipse in the midst. The following is a speculative timeline based on this assertion that the Commission of the Church is about to end based on the 2 particular Blood Moons and New Year’s solar eclipse pattern. This study is supposing that the bench mark for the Church Age timeline could very well be pegged to the crucifixion year and the subsequent Pentecost. Specifically the Blood Moon near midnight of April 14, 32 AD will be pegged to the 1st Blood Moon of the 2014-15 Tetrad that also started amazingly on April 14 of 2014.


The April 14, 32 AD is a theory among many. Interesting, Isaac Newton rejected this date because he was highly influenced by the prevailing Roman Catholic dogma that Good Friday had to be the day of the crucifixion. Even great minds overlook the obvious. This study nonetheless holds to the belief that the year of the crucifixion was on 32 AD as some calculate it. The point is that the Pentecostal Intermission has been a special time interval between the 2nd and 3rd Temples, between the 1st Pentecost and perhaps a last one that remains to be determined. The calculations are not emphatically stating that the Rapture will occur on a Pentecost or that it has to be a specific year or fall on a Feast of YHVH. Based on these celestial parameters, several mathematical year calculations will nonetheless be presented for observation purposes only.


To reiterate, one day, the Church Age will end. This is predicated on the having the full measure of the Gentiles grafted in to the Plan of Salvation found in the Messiah of Israel, Jesus Christ. The Church Age or Intermission has been about the Royal Commission of taking the Good News of the King of the Universe, Jesus to the nations. It is about His redemptive work that is available to all the nations. This privilege was forfeited by national Israel as they rejected Jesus as their Messiah. Since that time, there has been a prophetic ‘Intermission’ of the Church that has primarily been made up of the nations to have taken the Gospel message to the Nations as national Israel has been side aside and has come under discipline and blindness. It will not be until Israel passes through the Time of Jacob’s Troubles that the disciple will be completed.

This final redemption or purification of national Israel will commence once the Church’s Commission is completed and is removed by the Rapture event. The end of the Pentecostal Intermission will allow the subsequent commissioning of the 144,000 to be particularly anointed to carry on the Gospel as well as the 2 Witnesses during the time of Jacob’s Trouble because the LORD will not leave Himself without a Witness. The Church was a mystery, a secret not revealed to the Prophets in full, although glimpses were alluded to as the multitudes in the wilderness during the Exodus as it was referred to as the ‘church’. In actuality, the word is just referencing a called out gathering.


The Commissioning of the Church
Amazingly, in Ephesians it declares that during the Church Age, the LORD has been teaching in the Heavenlies the Manifold Wisdom of GOD through the pattern of the true Church order on Earth. What is this Wisdom? In part it is that during this Pentecostal Intermission, a ‘picture’ of the divine character of order, humility and majesty is seen of who and what the GOD-Head is. The Head of the Church is Jesus as Jesus’s Head is the Father. GOD the Holy Spirit has submitted to the Headship of Christ Jesus as it has sealed and infused itself with the Church amazingly during the Pentecostal Intermission. The Church of Christ Jesus that is a euphemism also for ‘His Body’ has been given the Great Commission. This Commission is a Royal Commission based on the authority of the resurrected Jesus Christ, the New Covenant.


The indwelling of the Holy Spirit has been given for such a task as the Gospel of repentance and the Kingdom to come to the whole world has been handled in each of the 7-fold prophetic generations by the true and faithful Church, i.e., His Bride. This is the divine pattern of godly humility that should also be reflective in the local true Churches, in godly marriages and the family unit. This is one facet of what the Church teaches or should. The point is that the true Church has not only become a school room for the Believers during this Pentecostal Intermission but for the Angels and Principalities on High and even the Fallen Ones who seek to destroy her are instructed and taught by her. As far as the Fallen Angels, their opposition comes from the fact that their heavenly thrones or seats of power shall be vacated and the Bride is to take their thrones of power after the Rapture.
What does the ‘Church’ also teach? It teaches that the Dispensation of Grace has allowed for the Gospel message of ‘whosoever calls on the Name of LORD Jesus will be saved’ based on unmerited favor to graft in non-Jews into the Plan of Redemption. In another part, the ‘manifold wisdom of GOD’ is that Christ has procured a Bride from redeemed sinners to co-rule what all is to come. This privilege is not based on works or the righteousness that the Law could impart but on the work of believing and implementing faith in Jesus Christ’s substitutionary work. According to the Bible’s teaching a substitutionary atonement was allowed for the fallen human race of Adam to pay the requirement and fulfil the work the Law; perfection as in complete holiness before the LORD. Jesus became this on behalf of Adam’s race, the 2nd Adam.

This New Creation commenced on Pentecost with the representative of the Bride, the prophetic 120 Disciples in the Upper Room and perhaps it will be consummated at such a similar time. The point being is that the Church during this Pentecostal Intermission has coincided with national Israel’s suspension as a prophetic witness. The witness of the Church is fast coming to a close. This study suggests that the Commission of the Church which is foretold to end cannot overlap once the LORD commissions the 144,000 Jewish evangelists and the 2 Witnesses. Now will the Tribulation period commence immediately following the Blessed Hope? That remains to be seen. One probability is certain that the 2 witnesses will center their testimony around the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem on the Temple Mount. There is currently a new theory that asserts that perhaps the 3rd Temple will be actually located in the City of David.

A Spiritual Temple
As to the 3rd Temple being in the City of David, perhaps it is being mistaken for one of the fortresses of David or Solomon as in the Hall of Justice. Realize that Mt. Moriah was a threshing floor and became an altar that the LORD instructed King David to build as that was the place the LORD stayed the plague due to David’s sin of counting his army. An atonement thereafter was made on the very altar made at the place that would later become the Holy of Holies. The Ark would rest upon this precise spot where the blood of lambs and ultimately the Blood of The Lamb, Jesus would stay off the plague of sin for all Humanity.

Of course a Temple in the City of David could be a possibility but in the Middle East as in all ancient cultures the temples of the ‘gods’ were always at the highest point of the city or area. In Old Jerusalem, the Temple Mount is the highest point. Interestingly, it was the Psalms 113-118 that would be sung as worshipers of YHVH ascended up ‘to the mountain of the Lord, to the House of Jacob’….that cannot be said of the City of David as it is at a lower elevation. Another observation that lends credence to the Temple being on the Temple platform is based on the study of the Gates of Orion. Based on this theory, Jerusalem is configured astronomically upon the dimensions of the constellation Orion.

Many believe that is the actual location of the Heavenly Zion and House of YHVH. Amazingly the gates of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount exactly correlate to the star layout. What is prominent is that Orion’s 3 star belt corresponds to the al-Aqsa mosque, the Dome of the Rock and the Temple. The al-Aqsa is silver, corresponding to the Moon, the Dome is gold, corresponding to the Sun and the Holy of Holies corresponds to the ‘stars’ as the Shekinah Glory was as brilliant as the stars. Thus the Temple Mount is a picture of the witness of the majesty of YHVH in how the ‘Sun, Moon and Stars’ testify of the dimensions of YHVH’s Throne in the Heavenlies as they do on Earth.

Synchronization of Prophetic Time
To reiterate, one theory of the actual day of the crucifixion and subsequently the Church being birthed in 32 AD lends to some unique mathematical calculations. From April 14, 32 AD to Pentecost of that year is June 7th. This is reminiscent of the exact month and day that the Temple Mount would be liberated by the Jews in the 6-Day War of 1967, a Jubilee year as calculated by some. It would be exactly 1935 years since 32 AD. This 1935 numerical coefficient if correlated to the year 1935 would be 13 years from 1948 when Israel was birthed as a nation since 70 AD.

Another amazing mathematical relationship related to time is that the Blood Moons of both April 14, 32 AD and April 14, 2015 are mathematically in approximate relationship to the phi ratio to the Day of the LORD’s ascension and to the Feast of Pentecost 10 days later. It is a picture of precision and divine mathematics during this prophetic Intermission called the Church Age also that is about to end mathematically based on astronomical correlations then.

Passover Eclipses
APR 14, 32 AD to APR 14, 2014 the last of the 7th Biblical Tetrad = 1982 years exactly
APR 14, 32 AD crucifixion to end of Tetrad SEP 28, 2015 = 1983 years 6 months 14 days

Start of Church Age
APR 18, 32 AD Resurrection + 50th Day Pentecost = June 7, 32 AD
JUN 07, 32 AD Pentecost to May 24, 2015 Pentecost = ~1983 years
MCMLXXXII = 1982 and 82rd year of the 20th Century

70 AD – 32 AD when the crucifixion took place and the Church began = 38 years
38 years is the time after the crucifixion and resurrection and Church at Pentecost that the 2nd Temple was destroyed on the 9th of Av.


As it pertains to Pentecost in 2015, it will amazingly be aligned with the 3rd Blood Moon of the Tetrad, April 4, 2015 in a phi ratio of time. This Blood Moon in turn is synchronized to the 50th day which is Pentecost on May 24th. Most noticeably, it converges on the same day as observed by the Jewish calendar and the Western calendar. It will also be 10 days prior is a convergence of both Ascension Day that is the day of the Rapture of Jesus Christ to Heaven which coincides with Israel’s Independence Day on May 14. And again, the Spring Equinox total solar eclipse of March 20, 2015 is extremely unique in that it spans the time from the Jewish religious New Year to the Jewish civil New Year. The following are some time factor for observation purposes only.

Eclipse on New Year MAR 20, 2015 to Rosh HaShana New Year SEP 13, 2015 = 177 days

APR 4 Blood Moon
Nissan Passover

Blood Moon + 50th Day = May 24, 2015 Pentecost (both Jewish and Western)

May 24 Pentecost – 10 days = May 14 Ascension and Israel’s Independence Day

JUN 07, 32 AD Pentecost + 1949 years = 1917 Liberation of Jerusalem
1917 – 1948 = 30th year (duration of astronomical/geometric season)
1917 + 49th Year = 1967 Liberation of Jerusalem Temple Mount
JUN 07, 32 AD + 1967 Temple Mount = June 7, 1999

Tetrad Blood Moons
2014 on Apr 14 – Nissan 5774 on Passover
2014 on Oct 08 – Tishri   5775 on Sukkot
2015 on Apr 04 – Nissan 5775 on Passover
2015 on Sep 28 – Tishri   5776 on Sukkot

Cycles of Time

If the Church Age is divided in equal times of prophetic 30 years = 30° of a circle.
30 x 12 = 360°

Then 360 prophetic cycles of time / by the 7 Church dispositions = 51 prophetic years.
Of note, 51.4° = Great Pyramid angle. In numerology, the number 51 is associated with baptism and a ladder. This is what the Pentecostal Intermission has been all about.

Israel’s Independence 1948 + 51 year cycle = 1999
Same year as JUN 07, 32 AD + 1967 Temple Mount = June 7, 1999.

Temple Mount acquired 1967 + 51 year cycle = 2018
Central Blood Moon in Triad over Jerusalem pegged to 2011, a 7 year cycle.
This year of 2018 will also correlate to Israel’s 70th year.

This study has only speculated the possible timing of the Rapture sequence based off the parody of what has constituted the Church Age. It has been pegged to the Passover Blood Moons that both occurred on April 14 and the New Year’s solar eclipses within the last Biblical Tetrad of 2014-15. Such Blood Moons on Passover occur but are somewhat rare when they are possibly narrowed down to a sequence of when the Rapture is to take place based on these astronomical patterns. As many correctly say, the Rapture does not need to take place on a Feast of YHVH but the Church was ‘born and commissioned on Pentecost. It is proper then to possibly contemplate if whether the end of the Commission of the Church could likewise take place on a Pentecost feast day. Nonetheless, the Pentecostal Intermission is all about a harvest, of souls and the Barley harvest does not occur at Pentecost but at Rosh HaShana.

Thus the Rapture could be an interface of both the conclusion of the Pentecostal Barley harvest that coincides with the beginning of the Wheat harvest in Rosh HaShana, which is an ‘in-gathering’ of the Barley. This could be a prophetic type as wheat is harder to separate from the chaff; it requires a tribulum, or a ‘tribulation’ to separate the unbelief and blindness of Israel. It is the Barley harvest that is brought in on Rosh HaShana that is also the start of the new economic year cycle where all debts are cleared. Prophetically it might well correspond to the Church in that at that point the Bride will have no ‘debt’ owed to the world nor Lucifer that is outstanding; tetelestai it has been all paid forward in full by the Blood of Jesus at the Cross. Thus prophetically, it is after the Pentecostal Intermission that the wheat harvest commences with national Israel in which a different protocol or procedure is required to harvest. Harvest is just really another term for separation, or sanctification where Israel will finally complete its ‘holiness unto the LORD’ as its name infers, a Prince before Elohim.

There are some presumed facts that are valid regarding Pentecost, Jesus ascended or was Raptured 10 days prior to Pentecost. Jesus did commission the Church and promised that He would be in her midst and that there would be an end date to His Royal Commission. The Church that was gathered in the Upper Room represented the ‘First Fruits of the Bride being 120 in number. This was the exact number of the Priests at the Temple required for full service and that were commissioned for the House sacrificial ordinances. Here is a splendid picture of how the LORD Jesus took the 120 lowly fisherman and commoners and made them a Royal Priesthood of Believers to be commissioned it the building of the LORD Spiritual House i.e., His bride. This study calls this mystery time the Pentecostal Intermission of the Church Age. Based on the 2 astronomical eclipse patterns, this Age could possibly be seeing the prophetic timelines converge at the ending of the last Biblical Tetrad since Christ that is marked exclusively by an Equinox and New Year’s prophetic ‘beginning and end’ time marker.

Any significant time beyond the 2014-15 Tetrad does away with the 49 year Jubilee pattern, the 50 and 70 year pattern since Israel became a nation in 1948 and when the Temple Mount was back in Jewish control in 1967. One thing is for sure, the Church Age is at its closing stages. As most can attest to, the prevailing morality of the mainline churches is that of Laodicea, the Apostate Church. In general, the Church is full of Nicholas’ and Jezebels, wolves in sheep’s clothing. Yet the LORD of the Church, the Head has preserved His Elect as in the time of Israel’s apostasy when 7,000 did not bow the knee to Ba’al. This doesn’t mean that every local church is in such a state. The prior 6 facets of the Church Age interface or overlap onto the subsequent ones, so there can be and there is a mixture of types because not all are at the same spiritual level of maturity as a Barley field does not all ripen at the same time. It is a mystery and a dichotomy in that the last phase of the Church that would be apostate would coincide to when the Bride would be made ready for the presentation to the King at the point of the Rapture.

It is a true testimony of how the LORD allowed the tares and the wheat to grow side by side until the very end of the Age, that of the conclusion to the Pentecostal Intermission. What is the remedy for apostasy? The Water and the Blood. Technically, the Bride of Christ was ’birthed’ at the side of Jesus as the spear wound pierced His heart and opened His side as the King  was hanging on the Cross. It was the Water and Blood that came out form His side like Adam was opened up on his side. It was from there that Eve was ‘built’. This would prophetically signal the type of elements that where to be used as cleansing agents throughout the Pentecostal Intermission to construct His ‘Eve’ with and keep her from apostasy. These holy elements from the King were divinely prescribed to one day present the Bride washed by the Blood of the Lamb and cleansed of mind by the renewing of the Word as washing with water done by the power of the Holy Spirit.

To reiterate, this study of the Pentecostal Intermission has only suggested a prophetic pattern that could be a possibility of when the Church Age is to conclude. If the April 14, 32 AD date is the actual date of the crucifixion, and subsequent Pentecost year, then perhaps the April 14 is a direct ‘code’ or correlation that is marked or pegged to the 2014-15 Tetrad that started also on April 14. This peculiar Tetrad of 2014-15 specifically has a total solar eclipse not only occurring in the midst of the pair of Blood Moons but on the beginning of the Jewish religious New Year that in turn is pegged to the subsequent civil New Year.

The point of this study has been that if the 2014-15 Tetrad that started in April 14 is pegged to the Blood Moon of April 14, 32 AD, then it would possibly be connected in some mysterious way to the ending of the Church’s Commissioning soon thereafter. This study does acknowledge though that the Church Age did overlap with about 38 years of Temple sacrifices still in practice. Could there also be such a similar overlap as the 3d Temple is constructed and perhaps the Church Age is to likewise overlap even the same amount to years? It remains to be seen. Why was this allowed by the LORD? The key is the 40 year pattern of ‘testing’.

This countdown to the destruction of the Temple and the ceasing of the sacrificial ordinances commenced with the public ministry of Jesus. Jesus as the Messiah and King of Israel rightful put Israel to the test as they were with Moses in the wilderness. It was a test to see what was in their hearts. Sadly as in the wilderness test of 40 years, the hearts were not right and the birthright and privilege of the Kingdom, the Promised Land was given to a new generation, i.e., a new birth as in the Church.

~30 AD around start of Jesus’ ministry + 40 year ‘testing’ period for Israel = 70 AD


Again if 32 AD is the year of the crucifixion and start of Church Age, 38 years from that date, the Temple was destroyed in 70 AD. This is well within the 40 year time prophetic Trial period for Israel as it was in the wilderness that this study suggests was pegged to Jesus’ start of ministry as the One greater than Moses had arrived. This study thus suggests that perhaps the 40 year countdown to the testing of Israel started with the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist. It was not Israel that was ‘testing’ Jesus although the Pharisees did but it was the King, the Lord of the Vineyard that tested the ‘fruit’ of Israel, it failed to produce any fruit and subsequently the land was given to another and this allowed the Gentiles to be grafted in. As the false religious leaders of Israel cursed Jesus and to this day, it was Jesus who ‘cursed’ Israel in the event of the fig tree that withered for baring no fruits as Jesus passed and sought some.

What this study has sought to bring out is that in no other year in the decade except 2015 is there such a synchronization of the timelines that incorporates the coefficient of the 40 years of testing. In this year, Shavuot is synchronized with the western observance of Pentecost, Ascension Day with Israel’s birthday. Also consider that if as many are purporting that the 2015-2022 timeline might start with the Fall Feasts of YHVH to correspond with Daniel’s last prophetic week, then 2022 minus the 40 year pattern of ‘testing’ would be a difference of 1982 years. This is the exact number of years from when Pentecost occurred in 32 AD to the start of the final Biblical Tetrad of 2014-25.


2022 – 40 year ‘test’ pattern = 1982 compared to 32 AD to 2014 Tetrad = 1982 years


This assertion of when the Church Age is to conclude is subject to debate but the eclipse Pentecostal Intermission patterns presented in this study are nonetheless amazing to consider and contemplate.


Some Sources

Nando end

Feb 23, 2015 A prophetic calendar of 2015

There is a convergence of prophetic signs on this year 2015. the author of the calendar below has compiled all these signs and articles relating to the year and place them in a very well referenced calendar.

The Gregorian and Hebrew dates are shown.

a reference to the Bible passage that applies is also shown. Very good work Watchman.


Watchman (22 Feb 2015)
“A Watchman’s View of the 2015 Prophetic Calendar”

A Watchman’s View of the 2015 Prophetic Calendar

Potential Key & Significant Events
(click through the link to view)
At the link is a progressive calendar, which will continue to develop over the coming months, and one watchman’s view of events, which could occur throughout the 2015 year, which may be of prophetic significance.   As events of prophetic significance occur, they will be marked with “!” and comments and/or commentary linked in the sidebar.

“But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, and the people are not warned, and the sword comes and takes any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand.”  Ezekiel 33:6

~ A Watchman’s View

Nando end

Feb 22, 2015 Obama hand signals he is a Muslim

This article is the latest well documented proof of the evil intentions of this nefarious man. More than enough proof has been shown of this man who has used deceit to the perfection in masquerading his true identity.

Behind the scenes he uses all the actions he can put his hands on to advance his agenda of world domination. His political base of power has been so completely deceived that there is no evidence or logic that can sway their position. Jesus well said that He was going to send them a great deception that they would believe the lie.

Well the Antichrist is about to take control of the earth and his name is president Barack Hussein Obama.

Thanks John C for the link


Obama and the Muslim Gang Sign

Is President Obama a Muslim?  A lot has been written about this, but if photographs speak louder than words, then a photo taken at last August’s U.S.-African Leaders’ Summit in Washington D.C. might shed considerable light.

It shows Barack Hussein Obama flashing the one-finger affirmation of Islamic faith to dozens of African delegates.


Barack Hussein Obama flashes the Muslim shahada to delegates of the US-African Leaders Conference in Washington DC in August 2014.

The Associated Press took this astonishing photo as the African dignitaries joined Obama, who hosted the event, in a State Department auditorium for a group photograph.  It was published in an article in Britain’s Daily Mail, and it was the only use ever of the photo.

The one-finger display is the distinctive Muslim gang sign: The index finger points straight up while the thumb wraps underneath and presses against the digital phalange of the middle finger.  The remaining fingers are squeezed against the palm in order to highlight the extended forefinger.  The extended finger is symbolic of the one-God concept of Muhammad and is understood by all believers to be a symbolic shahada, the Muslim affirmation of faith: There is but one God and Muhammad is his messenger.

Thus when believers stick their index finger in the air, they demonstrate they are partisans of Muhammad’s God concept.  And they also affirm their belief in Muhammad’s claim he was the interface between God and man. They also demonstrate they are part of the umma, the exclusive transtribal supertribe of believers that Muhammad started 1,400 years ago.

With his forefinger in the air, Obama affirmed his membership in this tribe.

ISIS fighter displays the gang sign. To Muslims, the extended forefinger is symbolic of the fundamental belief of Islam: There is but one God and Muhammad is his messenger.

The Daily Mail editors did not understand what they were looking at.  They captioned it “finger wagging” by Obama.  But the African dignitaries understood, and a range of reactions can be detected among the ones who observed the gesture: amusement, surprise, curiosity, disapproval, contempt.  Note the reactions of Abdelilah Berkirane, the prime minister of Morroco pictured just behind Obama’s left shoulder, and Ibrahim Boubacas Keita, the president of Mali in white garb and hat. They are Muslims through and through, and they are all smiles. They knew what Obama’s upright forefinger meant.

The reaction of Togo president Faure Gnassingbe, at the top row second to the left, is less approving.  Through his face you can read the mind of this Sorbonne- and George Washington University educated leader. His mind is screaming, “You gotta be kidding!”

Gnassingbe’s country is squeezed between Benin and the Ivory Coast and is not far from Nigeria and its Boko Haram plague — perhaps a two-hour flight in a slow Cessna from Togo’s capital to the Nigerian capital, less than an hour in something faster.  At the time of the Washington conference, Boko Haram’s leader Abubakar Shekau had just declared Borno State in northeastern Nigeria as the seat of his caliphate.  Massacres of entire villages were taking place; only a few months earlier nearly three hundred girls were abducted from a Borno secondary school.

Togo has seven million people, 50 percent animists, 30 percent Christian.  The remainder are Muslims, part of the umma. Gnassingbe and all other non-Muslims of Togo have reason to worry about radicalization of some of these members of the transtribal supertribe of Muhammad who reside among them. And so his look of disdain. “You gotta be kidding.”

Maybe it was Obama’s idea of a joke, but that is unlikely.  The finger in the air was a position statement brazenly stated.  His entire administration has been a promotion of Islam at home and abroad, and just cataloging the evidence would fill a book.  He has made this country cozy for Islam, from ordering NASA to make Muslims feel good about themselves to calling ISIS beheading victim Peter Kassig by the Muslim name that he had adopted in the vain hope of saving his life.

If only Obama’s coziness were limited to such gestures, but from the very beginning of his administration, he labored to topple the strongman governments that had kept a lid on Islamic extremism:  Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen.  Overthrowing the Syrian government was also part the program, not yet achieved but still possible. The methodology of each was a tactic from old-school radicalism: stir up domestic trouble that triggers a crackdown, then use the reaction to discredit the government and as a pretext for stirring up greater cycles of trouble until the targeted regime is replaced.

Obama is comfortable with Islam’s extreme.  He arms such people throughout the Middle East.  He has let them into our government.  He supported the Muslim Brotherhood’s Muhammad Morsi as the replacement for Hosni Mubarak, a staunch US ally and enemy of the Muslim Brotherhood, and threatened and bullied Egypt when a massive revolt replaced Morsi with a religious moderate.

The thread of all of these efforts was the reestablishment of the Islamic caliphate, the line of successors of Muhammad that ended nearly a century ago with the collapse of the Ottoman Empire.  This has always been a Muslim Brotherhood objective.  In their grandiose plans, the reestablished caliphate would stretch across the Middle East with Jerusalem as its capital.  The glory of Islam resurrected!  These people aspire to world domination, and the caliphate would serve as the base for an ever-expanding war on the world until domination is achieved.  That was always the goal of their role model.  Muhammad ordered his followers to make Islam the only religion — to create a universal umma.  As with Obama, they are just following orders.

The caliphate was resurrected last year, only it is not in the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood — not yet anyway.  However it came about, the caliphate was Obama’s creation, and he has only half-heartedly pushed back against it.  Now he has asked the U.S. Congress for authorization for use of military force against what he created.  What is Obama up to with this? In everything he does, mischief is the purpose.  What mischief does he intend now?

There is nothing in Obama’s head that is American.  He is an antithetical American, a polar opposite of its values that he is routinely undermining.  He is an unabashed member of the transtribal supertribe that Muhammad created 1,400 years ago; he is of the umma, not of America.  His finger in the air at the African Leaders’ Conference is unambiguous evidence.

And it is evidence that you have been had America.  God, have you ever been had.

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Feb 17, 2015 Aliens, UFO’s, should Christians be warning people about it? Gary Stearman interviews LA Marzuli

Prophecy watchers as well as are Christian sites that their objective is the awakening of the Christian church to the times we are in.

One of these signs is the subject of aliens which our modern day era has devoted so much Hollywood film to it that barely a day goes by without making its appearance in TV, movies, the news or newspapers and magazines. What is being fed to us daily is a barrage of psychological indoctrination to prepare the human masses for the near coming future.

Most of the Christians that I interact with live in a fantasy world where they purposely ignore what is happening around them and those that do not, try to explain it from a strictly human perspective ignoring the overwhelming supernatural evidence to the contrary.  Well that is going to change very soon and the supernatural will invade big time into our dimensional reality.

Well the world is at the cusp of a major reality jump where everybody will have their reality believe system shocked to the core. Evil is abut to materialize big time on this planet and God is going to allow it to bring about its  complete fulfillment so that Judgment can be netted and the wicked destroyed.

Pay close attention to the dialog between these two dedicated and knowledgeable Christians when they inform you of a subject they have devoted many hours to. A very good discussion of a very important subject.


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