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Nov 6, 2014 Oil and the economic perils that it could bring

The price of oil and commodities like gold and silver have been going down for some time now. the reasons for this are complex, but deep down to the bottom line is that the economies of the world are in trouble and in Japan they fear deflation.

The entrance of USA shale oil in the supply market has put a glut in the market and driven oil prices down.

The book of Revelation chapter 6 gives us something to think about when it describes a scene of famine with food scarce and very expensive. The oil and the wine are also mentioned in it.

The Third Seal: Famine

5And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand. 6And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.


U.S. Returns Fire in Saudi Arabia’s Oil War

U.S. Returns Fire in Saudi Arabia’s Oil War thumbnail

One day after Saudi Arabia declared war on U.S. oil producers by lowering prices in an attempt to dump cheap crude in the United States (US) market, the White House and private oil companies responded.  White House spokesman Josh Earnest said that the U.S. is monitoring the global oil supply and demand situation but has no comment on whether it might look at replenishing the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Then, later in the day, the Wall Street Journal reported that BP is going to export ultra-light crude without the permission of the U.S. government in a move that not only starts to breakdown the US export ban, but also is a direct challenge to OPEC and other producers for market share.  Both of these developments temporarily gave support to the petroleum complex, but it still was not enough to overcome the perception of overwhelming supply and Bank of Japan Gov. Haruhiko Kuroda’ s prescription against the disease deflation.

Let us start with the White House comment on the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) that was obviously a thinly veiled message to Saudi Arabia. It was an attempt by the White House that they were not very happy with the Saudis price discounts and to remind them that there are steps that the U.S. can take to retaliate in the production war. Up until yesterday sources in SPR had said that the White House was actually looking into reducing the size of SPR, which currently holds about 690 million barrels by about 10 million barrels to about 590 million barrels. The need for SPR oil has been reduced because of the rise in US oil production. The Saudis feared that the U.S. dumping 10 million barrels of heavy crude into an oversupplied market would cut right into their bottom line.

Now what the U.S. may do is buy crude to offset a price collapse caused by Saudi dumping and support U.S. shale producers. It could also go further, tacking on a tax on Saudi oil, an issue that would at some point go before the world trade council. Of course, we are not there yet, but that was the message.

The Saudis other nightmare is the lifting on the U.S. oil export ban, which already is falling apart. How to define what is crude and what isn’t crude is harder as U.S. shale oil is so light in gravity it floats above the normal West Texas Intermediate scale. The Wall Street Journal reported that BHP Billiton cut a deal to sell about $50 million of ultralight oil from Texas to foreign buyers without formal government approval. The Journal says that this may “be only the first of many such moves as energy companies seek new  markets and higher prices for the surge of crude now pumped in the U.S.”

If the U.S. government remains silent and uses as a loophole the high quality of oil as not fitting the definition of crude oil it will open up the floodgates and unleash U.S. shale oil into the world. The Saudis have seen the writing on the wall and that is why we are seeing these acts of pumping desperation in an attempt to save some of their threatened market share.

Yet there are also other forces driving down oil that closed yesterday at the lowest level since June of 2011 and a RBOB future that closed at a 4 year low. Central Bank Medicine! Bank of Japan Gov. Haruhiko Kuroda sent the Yen tanking and the dollar to new heights after he said BOJ is determined to do whatever it takes to hit the inflation target in two years.  He went further by saying that  “In order to completely overcome the chronic disease of deflation, medicine should be taken until the end,” “Half-baked medical treatment will only worsen the symptoms.” So the markets are drinking the Kool-Aid and while he may be popping up Japans stocks but it is making many commodes look sick, especially gold and silver. So if it is a war against deflation then shouldn’t commodities go up if you have the right medicine? I mean tanking gold prices don’t really signal inflation, now does it. Of course many commodities will be more expensive in Yen terms yet the base is falling. Maybe I need some of that Japanese medicine or at least whatever Gov. Haruhiko is drinking.


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April 19, 2014 The shemitah year from Tishri 1, 2014 to Elul 29, 2015

In my previous post I mentioned about the mystery of the Shemitah video on the Prophecy Conference in Orlando Florida on March 28-29-30 of 2014 where Jonathan Chan gave a very powerful and convincing explanation of the law of the Shemitah given by God and its enforcement in the USA.

My question is why is God enforcing this law given to Israel to the USA. That he is is plain to see from his presentation. This question can also be asked of the Harbingers that were manifested with 9/11.

Is God alerting the church and the 6,000,000 million Jews living here or is he applying judgment to the world starting in the dominant power or all of the above and many more?



The Mystery of the Shemitah I by Jonathan Cahn














All the above video are from 2012 and before the video at the conference is the last he has made till that point. He may update the you tube videos bout the subject with the new information.

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Sept 24, 2013 The World is Falling Appart at the Same Time Prophecy is Coming Together. JD Farag Prophecy Update Sept 22, 2013

In this week prophecy update pastor JD Farag covers a wide range of subjects due to the magnitude of prophetic news happening every day.

So many things that were written thousands of years ago are coming to fulfillment that it is best to just sit back put the video and listen.

On one thing I want to comment and it is about Islam. It should be in the lips of every citizen of the US to require of our government to pass a law that would outlaw the religion of Islam as a form of government ideology that has as the objective the destruction of our constitution, democracy and systems of laws.

This I know full well is not going to happen as I know that Obama will require the world’s worship as god and that he will not tolerate any other deity or religion to exist.

The closeness of the Rapture is directly proportional to the number of mind blowing news that he has taken the time to enumerate and explain.

Islam is the first tool that Satan will use to try and wipe off Israel of the map, but Bible prophecies show us that the fate of Islam will be that of total ruin and destruction as the Antichrist goes about to conquer and possess the lands and territories of all these nations.


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“Quantatative Easing Explained – FUNNY, short videos…time for a LAUGH…FINALLY!!” Randy (15 Dec 2012)

Randy posted this article today and if you did not have a clear understanding of the apocalyptic economic trouble the whole is after viewing these videos you are blind.

The beginning of the Apocalypse starts with the four horses of the Apocalypse and the third horse the black horse is the collapse of the economic system and famine, see below.


Randy (15 Dec 2012)
Quantatative Easing Explained –    FUNNY, short videos…time for a LAUGH…FINALLY!!

Mortgage Backed Securities Explained
these 2 guys are hilarious!!  On Quantatative Easing !!


This link is a continuation of the Cartoon… FUNNY!

And this also is a must see video!!!!!!!!!!

2012 RON PAUL vs. BEN BERNANKE – 3 Brutal Rounds


Luis Vega writes about the Judgments of the book of Revelation Dec 6, 2012

Luis Vega has written many good articles that were submitted to for posting. This article is a very good explanation of the things that are described in the book of Revelations starting with the first seal.

A link is given for a chart that illustrates in great detail what is in the article. the 3rd to the 6th seal are not correct and the reader should check the Bible for the correct rendition. None the less this article is very good.


Luis Vega (6 Dec 2012)
The Coming Wrath of the Lamb – Judgments of Jesus Christ after the Rapture

The Coming Wrath of the Lamb
Judgments of Jesus Christ after the Rapture
A possible correlation of an impending Super Solar Flare, Pole Shift & Asteroids to come

By Luis B. Vega
Online Chart at:

And to wait for his Son from heaven, whom He raised from the dead, even Jesus, which delivered us from the wrath to come. -1 Thessalonians 1:10

This study seeks to highlight & illustrate 3 possible impending calamities that will occur on Earth according to some interpretations of the Book of Revelation. They are set to occur, in the not too distant future, after the Rapture. These events specifically have to do with intensifying Solar Flares, the increasing Near Earth Objects (NEO) headed toward Earth & the changing Magnetic Pole. What is alarming is that the current & observable patterns of what is happening now with the Sun, Earth & NEOs appear to give credence to such possible apocalyptic calamities. Given the Law of Probability, it is not only a matter of time; of not if but when one or all these events will occur.

This study suggests that these 3 events, in particular, appear to correlate to 3 divine Scroll Judgments from the Book of Revelation. The magnitude of such events leads one to theorize that perhaps such events could indeed constitute the ‘Wrath of the Lamb’ that the LORD will pour out on a rebellious ‘Last Generation’–according to what the Book of Revelation depicts. These astronomical scenarios presented are only suggesting a possible speculated Biblical correlation. Some interpret that the sequence of these Scroll Judgments of the ‘Lamb’ will happen nonetheless sometime in the Last Days but before Jesus’ Return to Earth to set up His Earthly Kingdom.

This rationale is also coming from the perspective that these divine & catastrophic judgments will happen in the natural world after the Rapture. The Bible clearly states that Christ promised that His Church would be spared from such type of ‘Wrath’. This illustration will thus focus on 3 of the primary Scroll Judgments of Revelation that will deal with the Sun, the Earth & the Oceans. It will be a time when the vengeance of the LORD will be brought about by Jesus to a Christ-rejecting world. Christ will execute Righteous Judgment upon a world that has rejected His love, forgiveness & authority.

Many End Times Biblical researchers believe that if these particular cataclysmic events will occur after the Rapture, then such catastrophic events are to occur during what will constitute the Tribulation Period at some point in time. The Book of Revelation speaks of people that will be saved during this Tribulation Period. The LORD will still extend this favor & grace during this horrific time despite the Righteous Judgments that will befall upon the world.

No doubt, Christians in that timeframe of the Tribulation Period will be targeted as the culprits of such divine judgments. It will be a very high price to pay to be associated or have allegiance to Jesus Christ; it will lead to inevitable persecution & death because the cataclysmic events will be attributed to the Christian ‘Lamb’, Jesus Christ. The Book of Revelation even specifically states that the people hiding in underground caves will realize & acknowledge that such calamities are coming from the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ & that they are part of His Wrath.

The Book of Revelation
According to the Book of Revelation, the Divine Wrath of Jesus Christ is coming to Earth; upon a Christ-rejecting humanity. These judgments, in their consummation are directed towards the last years of this current world age. This is the case because thereafter the Millennial Kingdom of Christ is to be established on Earth. As the Last Generation is coming into focus, we can ascertain the likelihood of the effects of such scenarios that are affecting the Sun, Earth & Oceans given what we know about science & statistical probability. A possible deciphering of the 1st century language & imagery used to describe the 3 scenarios can now be described and/or explained in modern scientific terms; these include:

1) a Super Solar Flare
2) Asteroids striking the Earth
3) a Pole Shift

Although the Seals were ‘broken’ in Glory devoid of time & space, the prophetic applications can be said to have an immediate, concurrent & futuristic fulfillments. The Scroll of Seals that is revealed in the Book of Revelation is a progressive unveiling of judgments. It is specifically comprised of multifaceted components of Christ’s Righteous Judgments.  In a general overview, the sequence of the Judgments are comprised into 7 Seals, that lead to 7 Trumpets & culminate in 7 Bowls; a 7-7-7 numerical combination. The 3 particular calamities or elements to be highlighted in this essay are but a part of the total & complete Wrath of the Lamb Scroll Judgments.

The Bible depicts that Jesus Christ as the Lamb of God will use these element, the Sun, Earth & Asteroids -among others for horrific judgments, ‘upon those that dwell on the Earth’ per Rev 3:10. In the metaphorical language of the Book of Revelation, it describes a future time when the Sun will be so intense, people will curse GOD because of the scorching heat & fire. It further describes a time when EVERY island, mountain & land will be shaken from its foundation. This is due to an earthquake so huge, it levels cities across the globe –all at once as the Earth’s plates are convulsing or shifting. The description goes on to declare that 2 ‘stars’ or Asteroids will impact the Earth; one is as big as a mountain like a ‘mill stone’ will be crashing into an Earth’s ocean & the other will be like a ‘blazing star’. The Blazing Star or ‘wormwood’ perhaps will strike land.

the Lamb of GOD
The Bible declares that there had to be a price paid for the human offense of sin against a Holy & Righteous Creator. Before Calvary, God instructed mankind to use unblemished & pure lambs & bulls as literal metaphorical sacrifices in place of a sinner. The blood of such animals did not -nor could wash away or ‘pay’ for a sin of a person. Such ordinances were used for example, in Israel’s divine service to illustrate an object lesson. The life’s blood was required to atone; such animal sacrifices could only ‘cover’ but not plot out the stain of sin, much less provide eternal salvation & security for a person. Such an object lesson was set to teach that ultimately, GOD’s standard & only acceptable method of plotting out the sins of humanity was for a perfect, pure & sinless human representative to be willing & available to be a substitutionary agent.

GOD worked out a divine plan to have such a pure, blameless & sinless human representative for the fallen human race available. It would be in the fusion of the hypostatic union, or the GOD-MAN. Jesus Christ was that person; 100% GOD & 100% Man & willing to be that substitutionary sacrifice for all of fallen Humanity. What died at the Cross was not GOD but, the Man, Christ Jesus. It was this ‘Man’ of whom John the Baptist proclaimed, ‘behold the Lamb of GOD that takes the sin of the world away.’ (John 1:29)

This ‘slaughter’ of the ‘Lamb’ actually happened in Eternity Past, ‘before the foundations of the World were set up’, the Bible declares. The slaughter of Jesus Christ provided a divine & eternal payment or ‘atonement’ for a fallen Humanity created in the likeness of GOD. This payment was however fulfilled at the Cross of Calvary in space & time. Those that have refused & refuse such a royal invitation for compensation will be found wanting of worthiness. This is in reference to GOD’s absolute & immutable standard of righteousness & holiness. The outstanding amount owed by each living human soul will have to be reconciled by a Righteous LORD if one is found not being covering or ‘atoned’ for sin by the Blood of the Lamb.

The Book of Revelation depicts this very same ‘Lamb’ is the One now that has the Keys & authority to unlock this Divine Judgment upon an unrepentant world. This ‘lamb’ is actually a human, the risen Jesus Christ. It will be from the Tribe of Judah no less, a Jew. Now forever more, the 2nd Person of the Godhead is to be a human for all Eternity.  Imagine that, in Heaven right now, there is a living, resurrected, glorified Man, a dual natured, human nonetheless representing a redeemed Humanity before the Throne of the Courts of Heaven.

It is uncharacteristic to have a depiction of a ‘Lamb’ with a ‘wrath’. Most lambs are known for their docility. Christ was slain as a lamb led to the slaughter at His 1st Advent; He will return to execute His vengeance upon His enemies as a Lion at His 2nd Advent. It will be the time when the ‘Humble Lamb’ that triumphed over the raging prideful ‘red dragon’ at the Cross will have His vengeance in the end.

The Wrath of the Lamb will be a prelude to the eternal condemnation & judgment to come as described in the White Throne Judgment. This Tribulation Period, that will experience the Wrath of Jesus Christ, will be a time when those remaining on the Earth/World not ‘sealed’ by the Mark of the LORD will suffer the Wrath of the Lamb. The last wicked generation right before Christ’s return will be the one held accountable for the treatment of Believers in Christ during the Church Age & during the Tribulation. It will also be that Last Generation that will see the Resurrection & Rapture of the Saints to Glory.

In a sense, Jesus Christ will be implementing an ‘evection’ notice to a Christ-rejecting Humanity & fallen angelic entities left on Earth to make way for the Millennial Kingdom Age. Prophetically, the Lamb of God does now possess the Title Deed to Humanity & the Physical Earth that was forfeited by Adam & Eve since the expulsion from the Garden of Eden. Christ purchased the Title Deed to the Earth on the Cross of Calvary as well. This was symbolized by the Crown of Thorns or the ‘curse of the Earth’ that Jesus took upon His very own head. Jesus took the ‘curse’ of the ground -the Earth that was a direct result of Adam’s disobedience that plummeted, not only Humanity into sin, but the whole of Creation as well.

The Lamb’s Scroll
The Wrath of the Lamb judgments follows the breaking of the successive Seals of the Scroll by the Lamb, Jesus Christ. A scroll in the ancient world also alluded to a title deed to a property. The Scroll of the Lamb is a sort of a ‘Last Will & Testament’ but in this case of the Risen Christ. In the ancient world or even now in to some extent for special occasions, a scroll was considered a ‘book’. The Greeks referred such scrolls as ‘biblion’; this is where we get the word Bible from. We also get the word ‘syllabus’ from the tag that was attached at the end of the scroll signifying who it was from, the ‘sillybos’.  It was made up of columns & was on a continuous roll. Most scrolls were made out of papyrus or parchment.

In legal terms, if a scroll was sealed, it usually meant that it was very important as the seals carried the ‘mark’ or signet icon of the personage giving the scroll its authority. The sealing of a scroll also served to secure its contents & integrity. The connotation of a ‘sealed scroll’ meant that it had irrevocable mandates to be carried out -without delay or impediments. In general, a typical royal scroll had the following components to it:

a) Parchment
The medium in which the lettering was inscribed on, usually in papyrus to any length required.

A tag that was pasted on the edge of the Scroll. It recorded the Author’s Title & Information.

c) Bullaes
These were the ‘seals’. Having a Bullae constituted the scroll as a Legal Document -as in a Will.

A sealed scroll also served to conceal the contents of the message or a will it contained until the seals were broken & at an allotted time. This is why the Book of Revelation in the Greek is called an ‘Apocalypse’ as in an un-raveling or unfolding verses an ‘Apocrypha’ that is a hiding. Christ chose to reveal the contents of His coming Wrath, if at least in metaphorical terms to all those that have ‘ears to listen’.

There is a scholarly debate as to when the seals are broken specifically. The argument is whether the Scroll Judgments have actually taken place already, are taking place or are to take place. The answer is probably all 3. Some believe that the Seals might have been metaphorically broken in the past but the contents will be fulfilled in real time or at some point in the future. Some speculate that they have occurred in GLORY -occurring since Christ’s ascension into Heaven. Others believe it will only occur literally to be fulfilled after the Rapture as the Church is promised not to endure such Wrath of the Lamb. Whether the physical seals are broken in the LORD’s presence or yet to be broken remains to be seen as it was a ‘vision’ given to the Apostle John.

1. A Super Solar Flare
The 1st angel sounded his trumpet, and there came hail and fire mixed with blood, and it was hurled down upon the Earth. A 1/3 of the Earth was burned up, a 1/3 of the trees were burned up, and all the green grass was burned up. –Revelation 8:7

The 4th angel poured out his bowl on the sun, and the sun was given power to scorch people with fire. They were seared by the intense heat and they cursed the name of God, who had control over these plagues, but they refused to repent and glorify him. –Revelation 16-8-9

The 1st century language did its best to describe what possibly will be understood to be such a case of a Super Solar Flare, Pole Shift & incoming Asteroid. The 1st Trumpet Judgment deals with the Sun. This possibly correlates to the 4th Bowl Judgment of the Wrath of the Lamb. There will be a degree of heat so intense that it will burn up 1/3 of all the Earth’s trees & grass. This clearly would describe a Super Solar Flare of such a magnitude as to possibly affect vegetation on at least the side the Earth is facing the Sun. At any given time, the continents make up about 1/3 of the Earth’s land surface when facing the Sun.

The Earth has already had some close encounters with massive Solar Flares. Some recent eruptions have spared the Earth so as the Flares have been on the opposite side of the Sun, away from the Earth. Currently the Sun is experiencing a Solar Maximum to peek in Spring of 2013. What is alarming is that the Sun has never been this active since recorded data has been collected. The latest massive Solar Eruption occurred on Nov. 16, 2012. This ‘prominence’ as it is referred to, was so huge, it was out of the rage of NASA’s measurable instrumentation.

It is only a matter of time & probability that the next major massive Solar Flare will face the Earth directly. Given that the Earth’s Magnetic Shields have holes & is at a weakened stage, it makes for the ‘perfect solar storm’ to occur as described in the Book of Revelation. This is not to allude that a super Solar Flare will occur on DEC 21, 2012 either as some predict.

With such a worst-case scenario possible, it would be plausible to conceive scientifically that a ‘Super Solar Flare’ would penetrate the weakened Magnetic Shield of Earth to cause such horrific damage upon the land facing the Sun -at that time that 1/3 of the grass, trees, crops & vegetation would be scored and/or burned to a certain degree. The heat would be so intense that it would case massive death of humanity as well, not to mention the ramification of a year’s loss of world-wide crops. Massive food shortages & starvation would ensue. The price of elementary food stuffs would skyrocket due to demand & inflation. It would therefore not be that far-fetched to image a loaf of bread costing a whole day’s wage -as described from the Book of Revelation, if a person could even have a job.

2. Asteroids
The 2nd angel sounded his trumpet, and something like a huge mountain, all ablaze, was thrown into the sea. A 1/3 of the sea turned into blood, a 1/3 of the living creatures in the sea died, and a 1/3 of the ships were destroyed. –Revelation 8:8-9

The 3rd angel sounded his trumpet, and a great star, blazing like a torch, fell from the sky on a 1/3 of the rivers and on the springs of water—the name of the star is Wormwood. A 1/3 of the waters turned bitter, and many people died from the waters that had become bitter. –Revelation 10:11

It is not a matter of IF but WHEN a Near Earth Object (NEO) will hit the Earth. It may be an Asteroid or a Meteorite -they have before. There are 100s of well recognized & confirmed impact creators all over the world. At any given time, there are 100s of Near Earth Objects that are tracked by NASA for example that appear to be headed toward Earth. Yet not all 100% of Asteroids that do exist in space can be possibly identified by world governments and/or space agencies to warn citizens of an impending danger or catastrophe. Or can they?

In the past few years alone, there have been several ‘near misses’ of Asteroids cruising by the Earth. There have also been some recent spectacular Meteorites recorded or caught on film that have screeched across the Earth’s skies. Such an object like a ‘mountain’ sized asteroid would be equal to 1000s of atomic bombs going off all at the same time. The plumes alone would cover the atmosphere of the Earth to the point that the Sun would be turned into ‘sackcloth’ & day would turn to night as a result for days. This too would affect the temperature as it would plummet in some areas & negatively affect the growing seasons & crops.

The Book of Revelation clearly suggests that there will actually be 2 separate occasions in which an object from space will come crashing down on Earth. The 1st object from space is described to be as big as a ‘mountain’ –this could only be an inference to an Asteroid. This first one will definitely hit an ocean. According to this Trumpet Judgment cataclysm, 1/3 of the Earth’s oceans will turn bitter. This includes the third part of the life therein & the destroyed shipping fleets. At any given time, the oceans facing the Sun make up approximately 1/3 of the Earth’s ocean surface.

The 2nd occurrence of an object coming down from space appears to be a Meteorite. The 2nd event that most likely describes a Meteorite may very well fall on land as opposed to the ocean. It appears that the description speaks of the springs of water & rivers that only land masses have & empty out into the ocean. According to this Trumpet Judgment cataclysm, 1/3 of the Earth’s springs & rivers will turn bitter. It has also been scientifically verified that Meteorites are made of a composite elements that when fused together with Earth’s elements make for a toxic mix that would likely contaminate that which it is exposed to.

3. Earth Pole Shift
The 7th angel poured out his bowl into the air, and out of the temple came a loud voice from the throne, saying, “It is done!” Then there came flashes of lightning, rumblings, peals of thunder and a severe earthquake. No earthquake like it has ever occurred since man has been on earth, so tremendous was the quake.The great city split into three parts, and the cities of the nations collapsed. God remembered Babylon the Great and gave her the cup filled with the wine of the fury of his wrath. Every island fled away and the mountains could not be found. –Revelation 6:17-20

A current fact is that the Earth has been experiencing a surge in volcanic eruptions & increased frequency of sizable earthquakes. In some instances, earthquakes are occurring in areas not formally known for such activity. Many hold to a belief that in part, such geothermal activities are a direct result of an impending Pole-Shift. It is an undeniable fact now that the Earth’s magnetic poles are moving, and are accelerating in speed.

Over the last 420 years of recorded observations of the Magnetic North, the surge or the greatest change has occurred since 2000. What can cause a Pole-Shift, is for another body like the Earth of equal or greater weight/volume to be in such proximity that a reversal of polarity would ensue. Another theory is that a Pole-Shirt may be induced when the Earth may possible cross some galactic debris pocket of space or a Super Solar Flare. These are only suggestive speculations.

The 6th Seal of the Lamb’s Wrath has to do with the whole Earth or globe, perhaps as a direct result of a Pole-Shift. This description from the Book of Revelation would be in line with modern scientific models if such a calamity were to occur. The Book of Revelation speaks of an occurrence that will have all the foundations of the Earth shaken at the very core & at the same time. It will not be a localized event. This ‘event’ will be triggered by a Mega-Global Earthquake or as a result of it. The passage states that an earthquake will occur as none other since man has been on Earth. It will engulf the whole of the Planet. It thereafter depicts a horrible array of events that seem to allude to the consequences of a Pole Shirt in that ALL the islands & mountains will be moved from their very foundation.

Perhaps as part of a cause & effect, the prior Super Solar Flare could have induced this world mega-earthquake that in turn induces the Pole Shift due to the radiation & agitation of matter in part, i.e. Earth’s crust & magma compensations. A Pole Shift would cause the Earth’s crust & ocean floors to shift as the Earth’s Magnetic Field would rotate. According to the Book of Revelation, the world-wide effect of such a Pole-Shirt will be terrifying in terms of the consequences; major cities will be leveled, sea levels & coast re-orientated etc.

Judgment Outline of Revelation
The 7 SEALS (33rd Part)
1st  SEAL-White Horse False Peace through Anti-Christ
2nd SEAL -Red Horse  World War
3rd  SEAL-Pale Horse  Death by , famine & pestilences
4th SEAL-Martyrdom of Believers under Alter
6th SEAL-Sun Moon Stars

-‘Elites’ seek underground shelter from Wrath of Lamb

5th SEAL-Rapture of Martyrs  to Heaven
7th SEAL-Silence in Heaven .5 Hours
7 TRUMPETS (33rd Part)
1st TRUMPET-33% of Trees & Grass burnt up (SUN)
2nd TRUMPET-33% of Sea turned to ‘Blood’ (Ocean-Asteroid)
3rd TRUMPET-33% of Fresh Water turned bitter (Land-Meteor)
4th TRUMPET-33% of Sun/Moon/Star loose light
5th TRUMPET-3 Woes Warning (Woe, Woe, Woe)
6th TRUMPET-Star Falls w/ Key to Abyss, 5 Months

It is not clear if the first 3 Trumpet Judgments are the same as the 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Bowl Judgments. The separate descriptions of the Trumpet & Bowl Judgments appear similar in scope & effect. Many researchers argue that it has to do with being a point of perspective; as the Trumpet Judgments may be presented from a ‘heavenly’ view point & the Bowl Judgments may be from an Earthly reference point. This rationale would only apply if it were the case that the separate descriptions are actually one in the same. One aspect is striking in that the 3 highlighted events do appear to mirror each other in terms of sequence; the first 3 Trumpets start off with the Sun & the 2nd,3rd, & 4th Bowls end with the Sun.     

7 BOWLS (33rd Part)
1st  BOWL On LAND: painful soars on those who took MARK
2nd BOWL On SEA: turned to ‘blood’ (Ocean)
3rd  BOWL On RIVERS: turned to ‘blood’ (Land)
4th  BOWL On SUN: scorching with fire & intense heat (Sun)
5th BOWL On BEAST THRONE: Darkness
6th BOWL On Euphrates: Dried up for Kings of EAST (China)
7th BOWL On AIR: Severe Earthquake; 100lbs hailstones

To reiterate, the descriptions of what is happening now to the Earth & in the Earth with increasing Solar Flares, Pole-Shift & earthquakes seem to line up to the prophetic cataclysms of the Book of Revelation. These highlighted cataclysms seem to correlate to the impending divine judgments of Jesus Christ that are referred to as being the ‘Wrath of the Lamb’ to come. Even now there are some spectacular current world trends going on before our very eyes that appear to be ‘apocalyptic’ in scope: mass death of animals, birds, a ramping up of the occult, demonism, earthquakes, volcanoes, lawlessness, violence & threat of nuclear war, etc. These are but a few of the alarming trends that the world is currently experiencing.

If indeed such astronomical cataclysms are to be part of the Wrath of the Lamb judgments, they are designed & enacted to cause repentance & reconciliation. Sadly, the Humanity of the world in the Last Days, specifically during the Tribulation Period will be far removed from the precepts of the Gospel & repentance. Humanity as a whole will on the contrary, will shake their fists & curse at GOD for all the calamities befalling them.

The Escape

If you think the current world conditions are bad now, the world will see a far worse reality & condition after the Rapture according to Jesus Christ. The coming Wrath of the Lamb will be so frightening that Christ Himself said that ‘unless those Days are cut short, no flesh would be left alive.’ Whether the ‘shortening’ refers to a literal alteration in time originally degreed or changed to a lesser amount of days, is not known 100%. Those that hold to a Pre-Tribulation or Pre-Wrath Rapture could nonetheless agree that the ‘Wrath of the Lamb’ or of Jesus’ judgment of the world will commence once the Body of Christ is removed.

This speculative Escape scenario followers much like the example of what happened during the taking out or ‘snatching away’ of Lot & family out of Sodom & Gomorrah. The Rapture is The Escape that the LORD is providing His Redeemed from universal judgment; much like the Ark of Noah & Rehab. Rehab was spared the judgment of Jericho as the Walls fell down & the Israelites under Joshua’s command went up. If the destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah is a type of the Rapture & Sudden Destruction sequence, then perhaps the Rapture will seemingly have a direct correlation to the probable cataclysmic scenarios that are said to occur on Earth per the Book of Revelation.

After the Rapture of the Body of Christ, judgment will be reigning down from Heaven but it cannot begin until the Redeemed are out of harms-way. Christians can be confident that when such cataclysmic scenarios begin to occur, it will only be signals of just how close the Rapture is. The Apostle Paul stipulated that the Bride of Christ will be removed because the Church is promised not to suffer ‘Wrath’ but will be provided an Escape, a door. In the Book of Revelation, the Risen Christ Himself addressed the Church of Philadelphia specifically in regards to this prophetically. Jesus Christ specifically promised that those of like-minded faith that ‘overcome’ are to be kept from the ‘hour of trail’ that is about to come to test the whole world.  If that ‘testing’ is referring to the ‘Wrath of the Lamb’ then it would appear that the cataclysmic scenarios –as described in the Book of Revelation are post-Rapture.

Aside from the dispute of how long the Tribulation Period will be, it will be a specific period of time in which cataclysmic events are said to occur on Earth that will boggle the mind. It will be worse than a scripted science-fiction horror block buster; there will be billions that will die. You don’t want to be here for the darkest chapter & episode of Humanity’s history; do all you can to escape this. This Escape can only be secured through the Faith & Trust in Christ Jesus, the Lamb of God that has taken the sin of the World upon Himself, otherwise prepare to suffer the Wrath of the Lamb.


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Clay E (3 Jan 2012) “Sharia Law, Pole Shift, Cashless Society, In a ‘Simpsons’ Episode?!”

The post below has a very well done video.


Clay E (3 Jan 2012)
Sharia Law, Pole Shift, Cashless Society, In a ‘Simpsons’ Episode?!

God bless you Brother John and all my fellow Doves. This was a crazy experience putting this video together about
the Simpsons and what they are saying the near future holds for the US. They hide some truth among their jokes,
may we be wise as serpents and gentle as doves.

Here is the link to my YouTube video on this episode:

Come Lord Jesus!
Clay E.
Welcome to the Doves, Clay!


Oct 11 2011 A vision of destructive judgment coming

A vision of sever judgment coming to the world is described in vivid detail by the Messianic Jew that received it.

Please read and take to heart the admonition that is given.

If you are in habitual and unrepentant sin consider the consequences and seek Jesus forgiveness and help in overcoming the sin you are in. Some live long habitual sins are only defeated with the surrender to the Holy Spirit for his destruction.

Yes the Rapture has not happened, but we are very close as Jim Bramlet has expressed.


Jim Bramlett (11 Oct 2011)
BREAKING NEWS: The rapture hasn’t happened — YET

Dear friends:

The other day I forwarded a Web link with an article from a lady making a biblical case that the rapture would be on the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur), which was October 8, 2011.  I wish to inform you that it didn’t happen!  We are still here.

But don’t get complacent.  It could happen any day.  The Feast of Tabernacles is coming up October 12/13 through 20, and other significant days follow.

Don’t be like the cynics and the ignorant who are oblivious and mock efforts to discern the times, as Jesus commanded us to do.  They will someday be surprised.

Scholars refer to Israel as “God’s time clock.”  What happens to Israel helps us understand where we are on God’s calendar and clock.  After almost 2,000 years, the nation of Israel was miraculously reborn in 1948.  Even the original Hebrew language was restored.  Jerusalem and the Temple Mount were recaptured in the Miracle Six-Day War of 1967.  The clock is ticking.  Some other reasons why we know the time is near are at .

Today I received a vision experienced by Israeli Jerry Golden, a Messianic Jew.  The vision described an aspect of the perilous times in which we live.  I have copied it below:


The Golden Report
Oct 9th 2011 1:42am

A Vision The Morning After Yom Kippur

It’s the morning after Yom Kippur and it’s 3:A.M. here in Israel (Sunday), I couldn’t sleep, the same vision kept occurring over and over, it was the presence of someone Holy had His hand on my shoulder and would not allow me to turn my head or speak.

There was what looked like millions of people all shouting and screaming in the streets, at first it was the streets of Tel-Aviv, and then it was New York, it kept changing locations but the people all had the same blank and evil appearance not knowing what it was they wanted but seemed to be obsessed and unable to control themselves.

I wanted to ask what is this and why are you showing me these things, I knew of them already I see the news and know the world is facing horrible times to come. But was unable to speak or ask any questions.

Then everything changed, and I was looking at the great suffering and I believed it was in Africa for most were black people and like the pictures often shown on TV they were covered with flies and many were dying before my very eyes, the smell was so horrible that I couldn’t breath, the sounds of torment and suffering was beyond words to describe. As I looked into the eyes of children there seemed to be emptiness and hopelessness. The mothers looked at me as if it was because of me and others like me that brought this terrible suffering on them. In their eyes I could see the sins of the whole world that had somehow fallen on them. There was a shame that swelled up inside me, I felt helpless to help these people. The One who stood beside me with His hand on my shoulder knew my every feeling and thought said there is much more for you to see.

He begin to speak to me saying, once again there is greed, fornications and adultery in the Church and in My Jewish people and the time of repentance is here but not coming forth from the people, judgment will now fall on them around the world. Once again the people of the world see a horrible evil killing millions and they still are unwilling to show any mercy. I have great patience and forgiveness but even this has limits and it is now time for judgment, and a great suffering will fall on the earth.

A time now forgotten by most when the evil spirit of the Nazis killed millions of my precious Jewish people has returned and has raised its ugly head to kill millions more. Fires like have never been seen will cover the world and millions will die, not by My hand but by the hand of the evil that has gripped the soul of mankind. For I have no part in evil, it only occurs when I am absent and I have been rejected by the Church and replaced with greed that feeds the bellies of many who call themselves Christians.

There is salvation only in My Word and My Truth, this must be found and sought after by all, it is available for those who truly love Me more than life itself. As for my Jewish people I will not forsake them, and Israel will be saved, and those who know my Word know to stand with her. The world has failed to recognize the many blessing I have sent to them through my Jewish people, instead they hate them out of jealousy. They also hate the righteousness of my Word that I also sent to them and they have perverted it in their Churches and Synagogues.

There was much more shown to me, but I know that what I am to share is only what you have now read. Possibly at a later date, I will be able to release the rest.

I am now praying for a season, to gain the courage to send this out, for it is a very hard vision and one many will reject. If you get this it means God has made it clear to me to send it out. I do so with fear and trembling.

I just re-read this vision, and had the feeling I should make some changes, but once again I dare not, and I will send it out as is.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this Ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, jerry golden

Jerry Golden


MC (18 Apr 2011) “The Financial Meltdown is Here Obama and the Classic Cloward Piven”

The articles that I am posting here clearly say what is to happen economically to this country in the next short months.

I have posted other economic news today and one is the effect of the japan earthquake in their economy and that of the world and these two articles are related to the destructive spending that has been part of the Obama administration and is about to sink the USA ship.

To Understand the first article I looked for an article to explain what QE2 and QE3 means.

Bottom line is the fed is printing a lot of money to pay for depths and it makes the value of the dollar disappear. It is a sad thing to see and the article implies that something can be done to avert this economic holocaust that is coming to this land by the people that want us a s slaves and in ruins.

The actual economics of the thing is not printing $100.00 dollar bills, but because all money is electronic in todays economy and very little is transacted in bills, even in our daily mundane lives the Fed is doing the equivalent of printing money back when credit transactions did not exist. It soon became worthless!!!!

The only way out is up in the Rapture. If you remain in here the tidal flood that is coming will surely catch up to you.


What is Fed’s QE2, and what will it do? Experts explain in everyday English


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By Cheryl Hall

Published 10 November 2010 02:00 AM

Related item

QE2 sounds like a luxury ocean liner. But many wonder if the Federal Reserve’s second round of “quantitative easing” would be more aptly named the Titanic.

A week ago, the nation’s central bank announced that it would buy $600 billion in long-term U.S. Treasury bonds, ostensibly to push down long-term interest rates.

This comes on top of $1.25 trillion in mortgage-backed securities that the Fed has sucked up in the last couple of years. Despite its enormity, this intervention has done little to kick the economy back into action.

I’d be staggered by the numbers if they weren’t so numbingly huge.

One of the great things about my job is that I can get private tutorials from people who actually understand this esoteric stuff. So I asked some of the sharpest minds on Federal Reserve weaponry to give me a QE2 primer.

I was surprised when a few declined the opportunity, saying they need help, too.

“I have no idea how to make a chart of this,” said Michael Poss, the economist responsible for all of Ross Perot’s famous presidential campaign graphics.

Three former high-ranking Fed insiders, two university business school deans and three investment fund managers answered the call.

“The book has not been written whether QE2 is a good idea or a bad idea,” said Sam Manning, general partner of the Blagden Fund in Dallas. “There are many highly educated, brilliant minds on both sides of the argument.”

But here are some basics about quantitative easing that just about everybody I talked with agreed on:

• Turning government bonds into circulating money is called monetizing the national debt.

• Quantitative easing is a euphemism for creating money out of thin air. In the vernacular, we call it “printing money,” even though it really has nothing to do with the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

• The way it’s supposed to work is that the Fed buys securities in the open market, paying with a government “check.” (That’s how the money is created.) The sellers deposit those checks into their banks. The banks redeploy those deposits as loans to consumers and business. The money supply expands and, in turn, so does the economy.

Or so the theory goes.

• The money supply hasn’t increased over the last two years from the first round of quantitative easing. The trillion-plus the Fed paid for mortgage-backed securities is still sitting in vaults as bank reserves.

“The system is clogged” is how Bob McTeer, former president of Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, described it.

• Loan demand from creditworthy borrowers remains weak. Banks are still smarting from previous bad loans. And they are leery of lending money so cheaply when higher rates may be in the offing.

• Almost no one thinks QE2 will send folks scurrying to the banks to borrow.

“It is not as though you read the headline ‘Fed to do $600 billion of QE2’ and think, ‘Oh, good, this will be good for our business,’ ” says Cece Smith, a retired venture capitalist and former chairman of the Dallas Fed bank.

“They are not going to add jobs based upon interest rates being lower. They will add jobs based upon increased demand for their products or services.”

• The likely – and intended – effect is inflation.

The Fed is worried about deflation and the psychological effect of our seeing assets such as 401(k)s, houses and stocks devalue. It’s the “wealth effect” in reverse. That’s where we’ve been since the crash of 2008.

“We’ve been flirting with deflation for two years,” says Michael Cox, former chief economist at the Dallas Fed bank. “That’s really bad for the economy. This is a carefully engineered yet somewhat desperate attempt to get money supply to rise so that prices will rise.”

The Fed’s saying that it wants to hold down long-term rates is more palatable than saying it wants to use inflation as medicine. But some fear that the cure could be worse than the disease.

Dallas investment fund manager Kyle Bass describes the policy is a sleight of hand with the soaring national debt.

“We’re trying to counter-cyclically spend. Push our problems down the road. And never face the fact that we were too leveraged as an economy,” said Bass, who expects the dollar to take a whacking. “I don’t know how many of your problems that you’ve kicked down the road ended up getting better later on. But in my life, it’s almost none of them.”

Frankly, McTeer, who is now with the National Center for Policy Analysis, thinks all this gnashing of teeth is overblown.

“Everybody’s treating this as a very unusual, draconian thing that’s extremely risky, probably won’t work and likely to have adverse consequences. I think they’re overdoing it.”

But everyone agreed that the federal government is walking a tightrope over an economic chasm.

If successful, the action will create a manageable inflation rate that could push the stock market and housing prices higher, entice businesses to go ahead with projects and banks to lend to them.

If QE2 is too successful at unleashing money, inflation could shift into hyperdrive. Then the Fed will have to engage a completely different set of steering mechanisms.

Here’s what the experts had to say.

Sam Manning, general partner, Blagden Fund

“The book has not been written whether QE2 is a good idea or a bad idea. There are many highly educated, brilliant minds on both sides of the argument.

“But if I were running the Federal Reserve of the United States of America, I would err on the side of being cautious. What we do not want more than anything else is to turn into Japan and have a deflationary spiral.”

How is buying back $600 billion in U.S. bonds being cautionary? “There is a demand for fixed-debt instruments. You’re able to print money and keep interests rates low. Supply and demand. The federal government will be able to sell its Treasury bonds every week, every month, because the Fed is going to be there to buy them. That creates demand for the bonds, keeps interest rates down low, for now, until those bonds come due.

“It could create inflation, OK?

“But that could be a good problem to have. If we have a little bit of inflation, hopefully that means the economy is growing again. People are making money. Businesses are expanding. The economy starts overheating a little bit.

“You would much rather have that problem to deal with than deflation.

“In the ’30s, people stopped spending money. There were plenty of people in the world who still had money but they wouldn’t spend it, because they were so uncertain and they thought prices were going down.

“If you put people in the position where they have no confidence and don’t want to spend money, then you create a deflationary spiral, which is much worse than having to worry about a little bit of inflation.

“If we do get inflation down the road, the Federal Reserve can always raise interest rates and slow things down.

“So [Federal Reserve chairman Ben] Bernanke is erring on the side of being cautious: Let’s have a little insurance policy to prevent a deflationary spiral, which happened in Japan. That’s turned into a disaster for the Japanese people.”

Al Niemi, dean, SMU Cox School of Business

“The Fed is trying to put downward pressure on long-term interest rates. I do not think this will be very effective in the next six months or the next year. Long-term interest rates are already at historic lows. The cost of capital is not what is holding the economy back from a vigorous expansion.

“American households lost $14 trillion in their net worth in this recession because of the drastic fall in home prices and the decline in the value of their 401(k)s. Households are not spending because they are scared and trying to replenish some of their losses. Companies are not hiring because people are not spending.

“In addition, companies do not know what is going to happen to taxes next year, and they are not sure of what the changes in health care will do to the cost of labor.

“Tinkering with long-term rates does not address the real issues that are holding the economy down, so I think quantitative easing is much ado about nothing.”

But could it become much ado about something in terms of inflation later on? “Absolutely – which is why I think we would probably be better off if the Fed did nothing at this time.”

Shad Rowe, general partner, Greenbrier Partners Ltd.

“Let’s say you had some disease that you were trying to avoid. So you took an extra dose of chemotherapy if you had cancer or extra dose of quinine if you had typhoid. You’re creating another risk, but you’re insuring that you’ve dealt with the previous problem.

“QE2 is an insurance policy.

“As my son Adam points out, the one constant theme in American history is that politicians do not deal with future problems. They deal with current problems and leave future problems to future politicians.

“The current problem is there’s money everywhere, but no one is doing anything.

“People are like quail sitting in their covey. They aren’t moving. Bernanke is trying to shake them out of the covey and fly. And they will. They can’t sit there forever getting no return on their money.

“QE2 is like a big troop of hunters and dogs coming through the fields. The covey of quail is going to flush.

“Wall Street is no longer a buy-and-hold kind of place. It’s a hedge-fund kind of place.

“If this works, I’ll tell you the direction that stocks are going. It’s up. People who are short [in the stock market] are not going to like it.”

Kyle Bass, chief investment officer, Hayman Advisors LP

“The reason they call it quantitative easing and not printing money is to obfuscate the truth as to what really is happening. The more you call it what it is, the more problematic it becomes.

“We don’t want deflation to happen. We’d like to create asset price inflation. We want home values to move up again. And then the debt write-down to the banks will be less. And we’ll go on our merry way.

“We’re trying to counter-cyclically spend. Push our problems down the road. And never face the fact that we were too leveraged as an economy.

“Unfortunately, the debt of the United States is going to grow north of 90 percent of GDP this year. The interest expense is growing exponentially. We’re going to have a much, much greater problem down the road. And unfortunately down the road is not that far away.

“I don’t know how many of your problems that you’ve kicked down the road end up getting better later on, but in my life, it’s almost none of them.

“In my household, when I spend twice what I make, I have to dial my spending back. But in this crazy world that we live in, when the U.S. is spending $3.6 trillion a year and we’re only bringing in $2.2 [trillion], we decide to spend more and fund it by printing money.”

So you think this is dangerous for the dollar? “Let’s assume my partners and I here at Hayman were Nobel Laureate chemists, and we’ve figured out a way to convert any base metal in the world into gold.

“And we make that press release. What happens to the price of gold the next day? There’s got to be some skeptics because we haven’t demonstrated that we can actually do it. But gold probably drops $100 to $200 on the announcement.

“Then we start turning lead into gold and tell everyone we’ve turned 10,000 ounces of lead into gold and say we’re going to convert more. Now what happens to the price of gold?

“That’s what the Federal Reserve is doing. They’re printing money, and a lot of it. So the dollar drops.

“If you had a hundred dollars of currency in the system, and you printed $10, you didn’t just devalue the dollar by 10 percent, you devalued it by 18 percent. There is the linear number or quantitative 10 percent. But then there’s the qualitative aspect – the market’s belief or disbelief in whether the system is working properly.

“When you look at the history of hyper-inflation, it’s not the quantitative aspect that tends to tip the scale. It’s when people start believing it’s a problem.

“You’re seeing very educated market participants having a fair amount of resentment toward the Fed for the enormity of its purchasing [of U.S. treasuries]. That’s the qualitative slip that you have to worry about.

“You’re going to see on the front page of newspapers here in the next 50 to 60 days that reads: ‘The Federal Reserve Bank of the United States becomes the largest U.S. Treasury owner, ahead of Japan and China.’

“I don’t know how the world is going to take that headline.

Where will we be a year from now? “That’s the proverbial trillion-dollar question.”

Michael Cox, director of the William J. O’Neil Center for Global Markets and Freedom, SMU

“The Fed is trying to create some inflation. That’s what the economy needs right now.

“Despite the fact that the Fed increased the base money from $825 billion to $2.3 trillion over the past couple of years, the money supply still did not rise. When the banks got that money, they did not loan it out.

“The bank reserve-to-deposit ratio jumped way up from what had been two-thirds of one percent to more than 14 percent. The bank reserve-to-deposit ratio had never been above 4.5 percent in the last 50 years.

“When the Fed ‘prints currency,’ they use that currency to buy securities typically held by commercial banks and then those commercial banks have more currency, so they have more reserves in their vaults.

“Then banks loan that money to businesses. Businesses take the money and invest in projects. Then they spend the money, and the money comes back into the bank. The money supply grows by multiples of what the Fed’s injected.

“But none of that happened over the past two and a half years.

“When the Fed printed all this currency from $825 billion to $2.3 trillion, it did not result in any increase in the money supply. In fact, it fell a little bit.

“We’ve been flirting with deflation for two years. That’s really bad for the economy. This is a carefully engineered yet somewhat desperate attempt to get money supply to rise so that prices will rise.

“It’s not that the Fed is trying to get long-term interest rates down. It sells to say, ‘We’re going into the long-term market and hold down long-term rates.’ But the real objective is to create some inflation.

“I think we’re looking at 4 to 5 percent. I told the Fed when I left a year and a half ago to create some inflation.

“If the overall price level (as measured by the consumer price index) falls by 5 to 10 percent, prices of real estate will fall 10 to 20 percent.

“When the Fed let prices fall in this recession, they essentially helped drive down real estate price throughout the country. That turned people upside-down on their mortgages, caused bankruptcies and a lot of problems.

“There’s a wealth effect on spending: The wealthier people feel, the more they tend to spend. When you reduce their wealth, you reduce their spending. You get a negative wealth effect.

“The Fed has to reverse both of those things that deflation caused. The solution is inflation.

“When interest rates get really, really low like they have recently, you get into a liquidity trap. It’s like pushing on a string. You can push the front of a string, but you can’t get the back part to move. The Fed can push currency into the economy, but they can’t get the overall money supply to rise.

“Banks won’t make loans because who wants to loan at such low rates?

“If you know rates are going up, you wait to loan money until they do. You don’t want to have money loaned out at 3 or 4 percent interest when you think next year you might get 7 or 8 percent interest.

“This is exactly the right thing to do. The solution is higher interest rates. How you get higher interest rates is inflation.

“Once the Fed pushes enough base currency into the economy, eventually you’re going to have inflation.

“It’s a slippery slope. Once you get over the hump, you have the potential for a rapid increase in money supply. Then they’ll have to pull the money back out of the economy to keep it from becoming rampant inflation.

“The $600 [billion] is a cautionary step. They can always do more later if they need to.

“Don’t get me wrong. This is the least painful but not a painless solution. It’s going to hurt people, particularly those on fixed-income pensions.

“Two years of 4 [percent] to 5 percent inflation will reduce the value of people’s pensions by 10 percent in real terms. So at most, you want this kind of policy for two years to make sure you’ve done it long enough to be firmly out of this recession.

“Then you want to cut inflation back to the 2 [percent] to 3 percent range.

“Over the 87 years, from 1939 to 2009, we had about 3.8 percent inflation coming from the Fed. If you look historically at what effect that had on the business cycle, the number of business-cycle downturns got cut by more than in half.

“The message is: A little bit of inflation cures a lot of recession. And if we’ve ever needed a cure, we need it right now.”

Norm Bagwell, chairman and chief executive, Bank of Texas

“$600 billion is not as large as the last round of easing – that was $1 trillion. But this may not be the end of this program. There could possibly be a similar move down the road if necessary.

“It looks like the Fed is trying to purposely increase inflation. The Fed is balancing the short-term risk of a double dip vs. the longer-term risk of inflation. They have chosen to risk the latter to prevent the former.

“This action can be viewed as a positive move in the short run.

“In theory, this type of move helps asset values that benefit from inflation (risk assets, commodities, etc.). Rising asset prices can actually have a positive impact on consumer confidence. The consumer is the key ingredient to getting the economy moving again.

“The lower dollar may possibly spark new business activity and exports.

“Inflation up to 1 percent is no big deal. Inflation from 1 percent to 2 percent is probably the warning zone.

“Most people believe the current economy needs some minimal level of inflation. Even with easing, the Fed appears confident that it can keep inflation in check. The Fed will need to be prepared to take aggressive action to prevent inflation from getting out of control.

“A year from now, unmanageable inflation would not have been worth the easing in my opinion.”

Cece Smith, retired venture capitalist

“First, what is it? The Fed is going to buy up to $600 billion in government bonds to further reduce interest rates and increase liquidity in the system – in other words, print more money.

“Since interest rates are already essentially at zero, they can’t use the usual methods in their tool box, so they are taking this more unorthodox approach.

“They are concerned about deflation and hope that these actions will increase inflation.

“Second, what will it do? While it will undoubtedly reduce interest rates somewhat further, I am not sure that it will have much impact.

“They also run the risk that they cannot calibrate inflation precisely, and it may end up higher than their 2 percent goal, which will cause other problems.

“If all of that will stimulate the economy and get growth going, I think it will only be at the very margin. Mortgage rates or car-loan rates may come down a little more and spur some housing or auto activity.

“Companies that are in a position to issue bonds or refinance debt will be able to do it at a slightly lower rate, which is always good, but many companies have already taken advantage of the current low rates to do that.

“There is no shortage of liquidity right now. When I think about the companies I work with, the Fed’s decision to do this is not going to be useful as a planning tool.

“It is not as though you read the headline: ‘Fed to do $600 billion of QEII,’ and think ‘Oh, good, this will be good for our business.’ I don’t think they will make decisions based upon additional easing. They are not going to add jobs based upon interest rates being lower. They will add jobs based upon increased demand for their products or services.

“The hope is that one leads to the other, but it is very indirect and more long-term. In addition, it continues to hurt savers, which no one ever thinks about.”

Hasan Pirkul, dean, UTD School of Management

“However you measure it, $600 billion is a significant amount. It will have both short- and long-term effects, particularly when you consider it as a strong signal from the Federal Reserve that they will fight the ‘double dip’ with everything they have.

“Short-term effects are more predictable than the long-term effects.

“In the short run, it will help boost the economy that is already starting to show signs of improved recovery.

“Predicting long-run effects is more complicated because it depends on what will the government as well as the Federal Reserve do. If the Federal Reserve removes excess liquidity in a reasonable manner, and if budget deficits can be controlled, we might get away with this move. Otherwise the likely long-term effect is higher inflation.”

Bob McTeer, distinguished fellow, National Center for Policy Analysis

“If you watch cable TV, you’ll hear people talk about the Fed pushing down interest rates. I don’t think that’s their main goal. Their main goal is to stimulate the economy.

“They have stated that the inflation rate has gotten too low, and they’re worried about deflation. The unemployment rate is too high. They’re worried if they get too close to zero, they’ll lose control and it will go below zero.

“I really regret them talking about getting the inflation rate up. To me, zero inflation is the ideal target.

“I don’t agree with everything they are doing. I wish they had kept their mouth shut. If they needed to pump more reserves into the system, just do it. Don’t talk about it. I don’t think they should have announced an amount like $600 billion or a timetable like the middle of next year. I sort of understand why they did.

“There are two sides on inflation. Some people have been predicting for the past two years that the Fed is creating inflation. And what has inflation done? It keeps coming down. So that side has a proven record, and it isn’t very pretty.

“When people hear about quantitative easing, they say, ‘Oh my God! The Fed’s printing money!’ Well, yeah they are, but that’s what they do. It’s not that they’re doing something so different. It’s just a matter of degree.

“They say, ‘Oh, my God! The Fed is debasing the currency! The dollar is going to weaken.’ Well maybe, maybe not.

“My big gripe is everybody’s treating this as a very unusual, draconian thing that’s extremely risky, probably won’t work and likely to have adverse consequences.

“I think they’re overdoing it. There’s nothing to fear.

“The difference today is the system is clogged. The reserves are getting into the banks, but the banks aren’t able to convert it into money for two reasons. Number one: loan demand by really credit-worthy borrowers is weak. Number two: banks are still trying to protect their capital. They are very reluctant to turn loose of their reserves.”

But it still might not shake the money loose, right? “Yeah, it’s a horse to the water thing.”


MC (18 Apr 2011)
The Financial Meltdown is Here Obama and the Classic Cloward Piven

Dear Doves,

I find it hard to bring such a depressing mood to the board at a time when so very many of us expect to see Jesus face-to-face soon. Terror lurks around this world seeking to trip up, catch and destroy everyone not fixing their gaze upon Jesus and His fiscal policy.

Congress has to cut spending immediately, massively, and yet using judgement. If the Debt Ceiling is increased, the Fed will just do QE3 because they don’t have any choice. They don’t have a choice because no one is going to lend them $100 Billion per month because QE2 already poisoned the well. The results of QE2 will create Hyper-Inflation this year and it cannot be stopped. See the Chart below. This is the Commodities Future Index and the first of the 6 month futures from September 2010 are just coming due, so April will start showing this in the month to month inflation numbers, of which we just had a taste in the shocking March numbers.

CRB Index for the last 6 months.. (Future Freepers Sorry, this is a snapshot URL) this post won’t make sense a month after the current date.)

The last 40 years have nothing to do with the current situation because folks had the good sense to go Ape Sh%$t when Nixon gave up the Gold Standard. What they are doing now.. the BASELESS STANDARD, the NOT EVEN GREEN ANYMORE.. standard.. heck.. it isn’t even paper. Just electrons representing lies that our children have to make real by living in bondage.

If the Debt Ceiling is increased, the Fed will do QE3 to keep Treasury auctions from failing. Something immediate and substantial needs to be done, and Congress just punted.

Some say, “If interest rates on Treasuries skyrocket then everyone, including China and Saudi will jump back into dollars with wild abandon.” But, more likely, there will be no takers for $100 Billion per month.. but the interest rates may rise anyway.. rather… it is much more likely that QE3 occurs for the same reasons as QE2 but the situation is more desperate.

The problem with that.. is that the US is deep into short term borrowing which means that the Deficit will balloon insanely the minute interest rates begin to rise..

You get into a trap, there is no interest rate high enough that overcomes the real likelihood of loss of the original principle. Equity works because it based on the analysis of the risk vs reward of appreciation or loss of the capital investment. Bond work on the assurance that the capital invested is safe, over a certain level of risk, they are considered junk because they are inherently not safe.

What foreign companies will do is use the fake dollars we have given them to purchase real US assets leaving us in an inflationary spiral and vassals in our own land. They will at some point soon, months, insist that all of our borrowing be done in their currency rather than ours and this is when our goose is cooked.

This is a story as old as Joseph, the Pharaoh and the 7 years of famine. It ended with all of Egypt in Slavery including the Israelites whom only God could save.

What is sick is that Beck warned of this 6 months ago and we just couldn’t see it back then.. but now it is obvious.. and yet we are not doing anything to stop it.

There comes a point in every PONZIE scheme where the new members cannot sustain the deal and it all comes tumbling down. Social Security is the Ponzie scheme and we all know it. It has failed we are selling our very lives and putting our children into the fire of slavery and death and oppression. This has to end worse than Greece and Obama and crowd know it and are cheering with the torches in their hands. This is the Clovin-Pevin crisis they have been working for, but we don’t have to go there willingly.

In case you have any doubt in your heart..

Goodbye, AmeriCorps. Hello, FoodStampCorps.
By Michelle Malkin • April 15, 2011 10:14 AM

So much for the new era of fiscal responsibility. The federal government’s dependency drones have been spared the chopping block. After vowing to eliminate funding for President Obama’s bloated $6 billion AmeriCorps social justice army, House Republicans retreated — and will shrink the AmeriCorps budget by a minuscule 6.7 percent.

Yes, across the Internet, the feds are recruiting AmeriCorps VISTA (“Volunteers in Service to America”) workers to apply for jobs as publicists for the welfare state. Their mission: to sign up as many people to federal food stamp rolls as possible. Because, you know, the record-breaking 12 million that have been added since Obama took office is apparently not good enough.

These people are serious and using Cloward-Piven like a Bible and they are on a mission.

First and foremost, people have been lied to and they are not ready for dealing with the reality of this. Beck and Palin see Trump’s big mouth as a distraction but people are sick of lies. I am.

It starts here first. We quit lying to ourselves. I saw the charts that I posted here this weekend and they made me sick. The guy at has seen this for a while.. and unfortunately decided to make this a sales pitch with a 20 minute clouded presentation at the beginning.

The crisis doesn’t come from “Bankruptcy” as Hannity keeps saying.. but the loss of “Reserve Currency Status” and the meetings are going on around the world to get this accomplished. I am sure they would like to do this without destroying the value of the dollars they already have.. but QE3 will destroy this value anyway.. so after June 2011, a crisis is assured soon no matter what if the DEBT CEILING IS INCREASED without substantial immediate and draconian cutting and a mechanism to absolutely end the deficit borrowing in 24 months.

Go outside, look around, do we love this country? If we do, we have only about 2 months to do something.

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April 18, 2011 at 10:37 pm

April 18, 2011 Is Japan 9.0 earthquake the cause for a future collapse of the world economy?

This video is from an organization called Colapsenet. The whole presentation is about the economic consequences that will result from the effects to Japan of the March 11 9.0 earthquake and tsunami that the country experienced and the nuclear disasters that are one of the resulting consequences.

It is obvious to see that Japan is a key player in the world economy providing machinery and electronics that are used in all modern computers equipment and machinery.

The finding of alternate sources of equipment and supplies is not possible on the short term.


We Have Until July at Latest Even a Caveman Can See It COLLAPSENET

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April 18, 2011 at 3:26 pm

Dru (2 March 2011) “To MICHAEL COLUNGA Re: Planet X / Nibiru / Wormwood”

The current article links to the one before.


Dru (2 March 2011)
To MICHAEL COLUNGA Re: Planet X / Nibiru / Wormwood

Dear Michael and Doves,
Thank you for providing that excellent and very informative link to “Coup Media” covering Planet X / Nibiru / Wormwood (whatever people wish to call it); and I also found another headline from “Coup Media” that will be of particular interest to you, and others following and studying the truth regarding this inbound planet – which lists dates that could affect Earth as early as March 4, 2011.
The link below lists the aforementioned date, along with other important dates to be aware of and to add to one’s watch list – including THREE planetary conjunctions scheduled to occur in 2011; the first one occurring on March 15, the second conjunction is on September 26, and the third conjunction is on November 22: