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April 26, 2012 Gary Stearman and Islamic Forces Update

It is my contention ever since the beginning of the Arab Spring that the results of these revolutions and upheavals will be the imposition of Islamic radical dictatorship in all these countries and that this would lead to the end time scenario in the prophecies of the Bible. Little known to these people are the strings that are being pulled in the background without their knowledge. These strings are used to place all the Islamic world into a war against Israel.

From this war the manipulators behind the scenes are hoping that Israel will be debilitated or destroyed completely so that they can easily impose a one world government.

In the video by Mr. Stearman he starts with the role of the USA Obama administration in the recognition of the peaceful Muslim Brotherhood that must be supported and recognized. It is the ultimate affront that will be committed against Israel and the descendants of Ishmael that have align themselves against Israel and the God of Israel.

As in many articles before it is my believe that Obama will become the Antichrist of the Apocalypse and it is in this role that he is laying out the groundwork for his complete control of the World.

The prophecies read in the video tell of the complete destruction that will be meted to the forces of Islam at that time.